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Name                             RankBranchHometownUnits &
Jabalde, John, LyleSGTMarine - 2014Joint Task Force 10 ElectricianBagram Air Force Base, AfghanistanActive
Jaboori, KhalidMAJOR - SurgeonArmy - 2013555 Engineerin Brigade Headquarters CompanyBagram Air Field Parwan Province AfghanistanActive
Jackson, Bernard SSGTUS ARMY Fort Wayne, INARMY Recruiter
Jackson, Charity A.NavyFort Wayne, IndianaRecruit Training Command, Great Lakes, ILCONUS
Jackson, Charity A.SeamanNavyFort Wayne, IndianaRecruit Training CommandGreat Lakes, Illionis
Jackson, Dajour PVTUS ARMY IND ANGFort Wayne, INFort Jackson, South Carolina
Jackson, Deborah J.Constructionman ApprenticeNavyWoodburn, IndianaNaval Mobile Construction Battalion 133CONUS Gulfport, Mississippi
Jackson, Debroah J. SEA APPUS NAVY Woodburn, INNAV CONS BN, Mississippi; Naval Mobile Construt BN133OKINAWA
Jackson, Janine R. PO 3rd CUS NAVY Fort Wayne, INUSS Kearsarge; Maritime Security Ops Training; Norfolk, VADUBAI
Jackson, Terance L. PVTUS ARMY RESEVEFort Wayne, INFort Benning, GA
Jacobs, Amanda AmnUSAF Fort Wayne, INLackland AFB, TX
Jacobs, JustinTSGT - AirmanAir Force - 2017West Jefferson, Ohio455th Air Expeditionary Wing Public AffairsActive
Jacobs, Matthew A. SGTUSMC AIR RESERVEFort Wayne, INGrissom AFB, Peru, Indiana; 434th Air Refueling WingIRAQ
Jacobson, GabrielLance CorporalMarine CorpsFort Wayne, Indiana
Jacquey, Timothy SPECUS ARMY IND ANGHuntington, IN1st BN 293rd INF 76th BDE Co D; Fort Stewart, GA; Stout Field, Indianapolis, IN; Camp Atterbury, INIRAQ, KUW.
Jagger, Melinda S. SSGTUS ARMY IND ANG Columbia City, IN855th Quartermaster Company; Fort McCoy Sparta, WisconsinIRAQ
Jagoda, Kelsey R.PFCArmyAuburn - Butler, IndianaBasic Combat TrainingCONUS - Fort Jackson, South Caroilina
Jakacki, Christopher P.AirmanIndiana Air National GuardBasic Training, Lackland AFB, Texas 122nd Fighter WingCONUS
James, Brandon L. AmnUSAF Fort Wayne, INLackland AFB, TX
James, Brittany A.L/CPLMarine - 2014Antwerp, OhioIII MEFCamp Kinser, JapanActive
James, Justin L. PVTUS ARMY Fort Wayne, IN
James, KristaCPLMarine - 2015II MEF 2nd Marine DIV 2nd Combat Engineer BattalionCamp LeJune, North CarolinaActive
James, KristaL/CPLMarine - 2013Harlan, IndianaMarine Corps Forces Europe & Africa 812th Mechanize INF BRGDBuistrita, RomaniaActive
James, RebeccaTSGT - AirmanAir Force - 2015Fort Wayne, Indiana100th Security Forces SquardronRAF Mendenhall Air Base, EnglandActive
James, Rebecca K. A1CUSAF Fort Wayne, INSW Asia
Jamison, Luke A. SPECUS ARMY Fort Wayne, INFort Benning, GA
Janck, Swaim E. Fort Wayne, INIRAQ
Jandorf, BryanLt. COLIndiana Air National GuardFort Wayne, Indiana122 nd Fighter WingActive
Jansen, John M.BGMarine - 2015Marion, IndianaIII MEF BattalionCamp Courtney, OkinawaActive
Janssens, Jacques AmnUSAF IND ANGFort Wayne, IN122nd Fighter Wing; Lackland AFB, TX
Jarboe, Jamie D.SSGTArmyFRANKFORT, INDIANA - AFGHANISTANKilled in Action March 21st 2012 Purple Heart
Jarkewics, Maita, MDCAPTUS ARMY OHIO ANGWilloughby, OH
Jarkewicz, James PFCUS ARMY OHIO ANGWilloughby, OH
Jarrett, Austin M. AmnUSAF Columbia City, INLackland AFB, TX
Jarvis, Barry E. SFCUS ARMY 101st Airborne Division; 61st CAV, 4th BCTTELL CITY, INDIANA - NANGARHAR PROVINCE, AFGHANISTANKille in Action November 29th 2010, Purple Heart
Jarvis, Billy S. PVTUS ARMY Fort Wayne, IN
Jayne, Erin 1LTUS ARMY RESERVE 138th QM Support CompanyIRAQ
Jeffries, William Andrew SPECArmyEVANSVILLE, INDIANA - SPAIN - KUWAITDeceased March 31st 2003
Jemison, Edmond J. PVTUS ARMY Fort Wayne, INFort Leonard Wood, MO
Jenkins, AimmiePrivateKansas Army National Guard - 2007Wichita, KansasFort Jackson, South Carolina - KansasActive, Manager of Shepherd House Married to Andrew Jenkins
Jenkins, AndrewSSGTArmy 2002 - 2016Fort Wayne, IndianaInfantry - Cavalry ScoutIraq - 3 Deployments - Afghanistan - 1 DeploymentInjured - Wife is Aimmie Jackson
Jenkins, Cody D. US ARMY IND ANGFort Wayne, INRecruiter
Jenkins, Kevin PVT 2US ARMY Fort Wayne, IN
Jenkins, Phillip Chad SSGTUS ARMY 25th Infantry Division; 27th Infantry Regiment; 1st BN 25th Stryker Advise; Recruiter , Indianapolis; Scholfield BarracksDECATUR, IN - AFGHANISTAN - HAWAII - BAGHDAD, IRAQKilled in Action September 7th 2010, Purple Heart
Jenkins, Terry L. SGTUS ARMY IND ANGAuburn, IN219th Air Support GroupAFG.
Jenks, Robert SPECUS ARMY Floyds Knob, IN101 Airborne Div 4th BCT; Fort Campbell, KYAFG.
Jetton, Joshua L. PFCUS ARMY 2nd Battalion 27th Infantry; Regiment 3rd BCT 25 INF DIVMOORESVILLE, INDIANA - HAWAII - KUMAR PROVINCE, AFGHANISTANKilled in Action June 20th 2011, Purple Heart
Jimenez, Bryan SGTUS ARMY IND ANGHuntington, IN1st BN 293rd INF 76th BDE; COMPANY D TeamIRAQ, KUW.
Jimenez, David SGTUS ARMY IND ANGHuntington, IN1st BN 293rd INF 76th BDE; COMPANY D Team; RecruiterIRAQ, KUW.
Jimenez, Jake F. LCPLUSMC Fort Wayne, IN29 Palms, CA; Machine GunnerPHL.
Jimenez, RitaSenior AirmanIndiana Air National Guard - 2018122nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs Guardian Blitz IIBaer Field, Indiana - Avon Park, Florida - McDill AFB, FloridaActive
Jinks, Jon SSGTUSAF IND AIRNGMuncie, INSheppard AFB; 434th Air Refueling Wing; 122nd Fighter WingTUR.
Jinks, Michelle PVTUS ARMY Fort Wayne, INFort Jackson, SC
Johansen, Michelle L. SSGTUSAF IND AIR NGElkhart, IN122nd Fighter WingIRAQ
Johns, CJ SPECUS ARMY IND ANG Evansville, IN3rd Platoon 38th MP Company; 38th INF Division - GunnerIRAQ
Johns, ClintonSSGTArmy - 2013Delphos, Ohio148th Infantry Battalion Headquarters CompanyCamp Perry, OhioActive
Johns, ErinsSSGTIndiana Army National Guard - 201776th Infantry Regimetal Combat Team Public AffairsFort Polk, LousianaActive
Johns, Jason D. PFCUS ARMY FRANKTON, INDIANA - AFGHANISTAN.Non Combat Killed February 21st 2007
Johnson, Aaron SPECUS ARMY Fort Wayne, IN
Johnson, Anthony E. SSGTUS ARMY IND ANGRichmond, IN1st BN 293rd INF 76th BDEIRAQ, KUW., GER., BIH.
Johnson, BrandieAirman 1st ClassAir Force - 201027th Public Affairs DetachmentCamp Arifjan, KuwaitActive
Johnson, Curtis A.COLArmy - 20131st Sustainment Brigade CommanderAfghanistan Active
Johnson, Elizabeth S. CAPT, MAJUSAF IND AIR NGNew Haven, IN122nd Fighter WingIRAQ
Johnson, Jason P. SEA RCTUS NAVY Fort Wayne, INGreat Lakes Training Center
Johnson, Jeremiah M.SSGTArmy RecruiterFort Wayne, IndianaFort Wayne, Indiana4122 Lima Rd., Suite A8, 46805
Johnson, Jeremiah M.SSGTArmy -2017Fort Wayne, IndianaArmy RecruiterContinental United states
Johnson, Jeremy D. PVTUS ARMY RESERVEFremont, INFort Jackson, SC
Johnson, JustinAviation Structual Mechanic 2nd Class - AirmanNavy Air - 2014Strike Fighter Squardron VFA 113Active
Johnson, Kacey L.AirmanAir ForceFort Wayne - Knightstown, IndianaBasic Training Lackland AFB, TexasCONUS - San Antonio, Texas
Johnson, Leroy A., Jr.PO 2nd CUS NAVY Fort Wayne, INUSS Carl VinsonPERSIAN GULF
Johnson, MatthewPrivateArmy - 2000'sFort Wayne, IndianaWar on Terrorism
Johnson, MelPFCMarine - 2014II MEF 2nd Marine DIV 2nd Tank BN Company BCamp LeJune, North CarolinaActive
Johnson, Nicholas PVTUSMC Fort Wayne, IN6th Civil Affair Group
Johnson, QuentinSGTArmy - 20141st Cavalry Division 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team Public AffairsFort Hood, TexasActive
Johnson, RonSGT - AirmanIndian Army National Guard - 2012Topeka, Indiana2-238th General Support Aviation BN Flight MedicArmy Aviation Flight Facility, Shelbyville, IndianaActive
Johnson, RonSGT - AirmanIndiana Army National Guard - 2013Topeka, Indiana38th Combat AV BRGD 238th General Support Aviation BN CO CCamp Powell, IndianaActive
Johnson, RonaldSGT - AirmanIndiana Army National Guard - 2013Columbia City, Indiana38th Aviation Sustainment BrigadeCamp Arifjan, KuwaitActive
Johnson, ShoshaPrivateArmyFort Wayne, IndianaCookIRAQPrisioner of War - Bronze Star
Johnson, Tyler C. A1CUSAF IND AIR NGOssian, IN122nd Fighter Wing; Lackland AFB, TX
Johnston, Anthony MSGTUSAF IND AIR NGHoagland, IN122nd Fighter WingIRAQ
Jones, Aaron A. LCPLUSMC Fort Wayne, INIRAQ
Jones, Alyssa M. AmnUSAF IND AIR NGOssian, IN122nd Fighter Wing; Lackland AFB, TX
Jones, Andrew S. USAF Huntington, INLackland AFB, TX; Whitman AFB, MO; 509th Aircraft Maint Squadron
Jones, BahjaSenior AirmanAir Force - 2013Fort Wayne, Indiana379th Air Expeditonaray Wing Public AffairsSouthwest AsiaActive
Jones, Bob COLUS ARMY IND ANGFort Wayne, IN1st BN 293rd INF 76th BDEAFG.
Jones, Brandon L.AirmanAir ForceBasic Training,Lackland AFB, TexasCONUS
Jones, DaleMajorArmy - 2014US Army AfricaAfricaActive
Jones, DariusRecruitMarine - 2013Fort Wayne, Indiana1st Recruit Traioning Battalion Platoon 1098 Company DParris Island, Souoth CarolinaActive
Jones, Franklin, Jr.SR CHIEFUS NAVY Fort Wayne, INUSS Guam; USS Dwight D. Eisenhower; USS Gonzalez; Norfolk, VA; Maritime Security Ops TrainingDESERT SHIELD, DESERT STORM, SOM., GIBRALTAR, ENG.
Jones, Jade Z. A1CUSAF IND AIR NGFort Wayne, INLackland AFB, TX
Jones, James W. IIAirmanAir Force - 2019Lackalnd Air Force Base Basic TrainingContniental United StatesActive - Journal Gazette, 7-20-2019
Jones, MartinDrill SGTArmyFort Wayne, Indiana108th Trainin BaseFort McCoy, WisconsinActive
Jones, Menique L. AmnUSAF Fort Wayne, INLackland AFB, TX
Jones, Mileska D. AmnUSAF Fort Wayne, INLackland AFB, TX
Jones, Rickey E. SGTUS ARMY 101st Airborne DivisionKOKOMO, INDIANA - BAGHDAD, IRAQKilled in Action February 22nd 2006, Purple Heart
Jones, Sarah E. E-5, 2LTUSAF IND ANGFort Wayne, IN122nd Fighter WingQAT., IRAQ
Jones, Steohanie L. PVTUS ARMY IND ANGFort Wayne, IN1st BN 293rd INF 76th BDE; Fort Jackson, SC
Jones, TerricaTSGT - AirmanAir Force - 2016379th Air Expeditionary WingAl Gharhfa Air Base, Doha QatarActive
Jones, Tyler M. AmnUSAF Fort Wayne, INLackland AFB, TX
Jones, Vicky SGTUS ARMY IND ANGEvansville, IN3rd Platoon 38th MP Company; 38th INF Division - PhotographerIRAQ
Jones-Coleman, Wyatte B. LCDRNAVY Fort Wayne, INUSNS COMFORT
Jordan, Trent L. PVTUS ARMY Angola, INRedstone Arsenal; Multiple Rocket Lauch Repair
Joswick, HanlingMAJ - AirmanAir Force - 2011Joint Hometown News ServiceIncirlik Air Base, TurkeyActive
Joyce, Richard SGTUS ARMY IND ANGBloomington, IN1-19th Agribusiness; Development TeamAFG.
Jozwiak, Christopher M,LT.Navy - 2016Fort Wayne, IndianaContential United States
Judy, ChrisCombat MedicIndiana Army Nationa Guard - 2000 - 2008Senior Combat MedicIraqActive - Indiana House Representative Fort Wayne
Jump, Clinton Edward PVTUSMC Fort Wayne, INSan Diego, CA
Junkins, Stacey1st SGTArmy - 2013101st Airborne Division [AA] 101st Sustainment BrigadeKandahar Air Field, AfghanistanActive
Justice, Willie SPECUS ARMY IND ANGNorth Manchester, IN1st BN 293rd INF 76th BDE Co A; Fort Stewart, GA; Stout Field, Indianapolis, IN; Camp Atterbury, INpolis, IndIRAQ, KUW.

* In the status field, D=Deceased, K=killed or died in service, NC=Non-combat death, PH=Purple Heart, POW=Prisoner of War, W=wounded in service

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