Frederick Bonjour

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Tuesday, November 4, 1901


Loaded Shot Gun in the Hands of His Brother, Eugene, Severs the Jugular Vein-His Parents in This City at the Time.

Frederick Bonjour, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bonjour, of near Zulu, was shot and instantly killed at his home Saturday morning, about 6:30 by the accidental discharge of a shot gun in the hands of his brother, Eugene. His death was instantaneous, as he uttered no sound after the terrible accident, the only sign of life manifested afterward being the opening and shutting of his eyes as he lay weltering in his own blood.

Mr. and Mrs. Bonjour had risen early in the morning and came to this city to market. About 6 o'clock the sons arose, the sisters being still in bed. Upon the porch stood two guns, both of which were supposed to be empty, as they had not been used in a long time, and no one knows when or by whom one of them was loaded. One of the boys made the proposition that the guns be carried up stairs, and in compliance with this, Eugene went to the porch, picked up the two guns, and putting both under one arm, with the muzzles pointing in front oh him, started to carry them up stairs. As he passed through the door into the kitchen, In some manner the hammer of one of them struck against the door jamb, or caught upon something, and was discharged.

It so happened that the brother Frederick, was in range of the weapon, and the entire charge of buck shot entered his neck, shattering it and severing the jugular vein, and then lodged in the wall. The injured man fell to the floor without a groan, and was dead before the terrified members of his family could realize what had happened.

The parents were informed by telegraph of what had happened, and hastened home. The family is one of the most highly respected of Allen county, and the entire neighborhood greatly deplores the tragedy by which the young man was brought to an untimely end.

Coroner Barnett was notified of the accident and went at once to the scene. The brother in whose hand the gun was discharged was almost crazed with sorrow, but no possible blame can attach to him, as the discharge was manifestly accidental.


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