Isabel McConahey

1824 Nov 28 Born to John McConahey in County Antrim, Ireland 1846 May 1846 Married James English in Ireland 1847 Margaret born in Ireland 1847 Immigrated Ireland to America 1848 John born in Ohio 1852 Lisa born in OHio 1853 Mary born in Ohio Moved to Indiana 1855 James born in Indiana 1857 Calvin born in Indiana 1859 Janella born in Indiana 1860 Census, Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana 1862 Kate born 25 Apr 1863 James Guardian to Mary Hill 1864 Minie born 24 Mar 1867 Husband visited father in Philadelphia to raise money for a new church in Indiana 1870 Census, Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana 17 Jan 1876 James Guardian to Mary Bashop 24 May 1876 Nephew John McKeeman drowned and James bought casket for family 1880 Census, Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana, Magie McConahey from Ireland living with family           1890 James Paid taxes Allen County, Indiana Member Third Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN 1890 Mar 22 Died in Allen County, IN 1897 Owned Section 19, Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana

CHILDREN OF ISABEL ELIZABETH MCCONAHEY & JAMES H. ENGLISH: 1. JOHN ENGLISH b. 1848 d. 1848 2. JOHN W. ENGLISH b. 1849 d. 2 Jul 1924 3. MARGARET JANE ENGLISH b. 1847 d. 1925 m. 8 Feb 1881 Solomon Gresley 4. ROSEANNA ENGLISH b. 1851 d. 1931 5. MARY ISABEL ENGLISH b. 1853 6. JAMES P. ENGLISH b. 1854 d. 18 Jun 1880 7. CALVIN H. ENGLISH b. 1858 d. 1948 m. Desdemona Heaton 18 Jun 1885 m. Mary A. Tower 8. JEANETTE ENGLISH b. 1859 d. 1950 m. Frank Carter Hubler 2 May 1882 9. KATHERINE ENGLISH b. 1862 m. Mason Merrian 10. NANCY MINNIE ENGLISH b. 1864 d. 1931 m. Ira L. Barkley 5 May 1885

CHURCH Third Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN English, Mrs. Isabelle 9  27  1889  Died 3 23 1890 English, Mr. James     9  27  1889  Died 8 23 1902 Rejoicing in faith

1860 FEDERAL CENSUS 1860 Census Allen County, Madison Twp., Indiana James English E524

1870 FEDERAL CENSUS 1870 Census Allen County, Madison Twp., Indiana James English 47 M Farmer         Ireland Isabel        44 F Keeping house  Ireland Maggie J.     29 F School teacher Ireland John W.       30 M School teacher Ireland Mary I.       16 F                OH James P.      15 M                IN Calvin        12 M                IN Janella       10 F                IN Katy S.        8 F                IN Nancy M.       6 F                IN

1880 FEDERAL CENSUS 1880 Census Allen County, Indiana James English   57  Farmer  Ire Ire Ire Isabell         55          Ire Ire Ire James P.        24  Teacher IN  Ire Ire Calvin H.       22  On farm IN  Ire Ire tie           20  Teacher IN  Ire Ire Kate            18  Teacher IN  Ire Ire Minie           16          IN  Ire Ire Henry Bishop    16  On farm IN Magie McConaghy 20  Niece   Ire Ire Ire

LETTER Letter written James H. English to Isabel, his wife, from Phil. 21 March 1867 My Dearly Beloved Wife & Child. I am well thanks be to God for His great kindness.  I hope you are enjoying the same blessing.  I am very anxious and uneasy about a letter the day I arrived here.  I wrote you telling you of my safe arrival & I expected a letter from you this week.  Some day but no.  No letter yet last night I dreamed I Meet the letter carrier and that he handed me a letter from be hind his back and when I began to open it I awake & so doomed to disappointment.  I hope you recevied mine if not I am sure you are very uneasy if you did not get the last & get this one.  Wrote and post the same day.  I may get one tomarrow if I do I will write another as soon as I ge it.  I am occupied in the day time visiting and begging but at night my thoughts concentrate upon my dear family true it is when we are deprived of the society of those near and Dear to us.  We appricatethe value of it more highly, I hope you are not uneasy about me I am enjoying myself as well as I could expect in your absence.  My friends & acquaintances are doing all in their power to make me happy during my sojourn among them.  This is the first night I have here in Father's house since I came (excepting Sabbath evenings)  This night Father is a member of Session visiting some of the members of the congregation.  Mr Baer & Father now comes in at this moment so it must stop.  Good night the Lord Preserve you. 26 March 1867 now my Dear Wife you will Think it strange I did not finish my letter next morning but I waited from day to day expecting a letter & yesterday so Father and I were in West Philadelphia begging  we went down to the postoffice & through curiosity I walked to the list of advrtised letters Remaining unclaimed among hundreds of others I observed English, James  I walked up enquired of the clerk, as there are perhaps 40 to 50 in the office, for the letter I examined & found it he gave it to me he asked me where I lived I told him & where I stopped at present I told him he said the letter was not addressed to that Place.  I asked premission to see it.  I told him it was my sons handwriting and explained the mistake in the address so I took possession of it (as it would have been troublesome to take it out of my hand again)  I walked over to a vacant coner of the room opened & read with tears flowing freely. it was providential occurances  Thanks God for it.  As I was reading Mr. Barr came in.  I handed the letter (as he excels in Sympathy & kindness) it has been particularly shown to me since I came. he has a good congregation of nearly 300 members.  First Sabbath after I came no preaching by Rev. Barr he being assisting & Brother Minister prayer meeting in the church house full. After singing I was first called upon to lead in Prayer, (being previously Introduced to the Congregation) I merely cite this as an instance of the many tokens of high regard shown me since I came here.  I have to cut off.  I cannot compley with the many invitations given Father, Mother & I.  I must make up my mind about going home. it is more laborious to solicit aid through this City. The bounds are so extended.  Father & I has walked from 6 to 7 miles per day in a straight line from where Father lives besides circling around afterwards. The Lord has given me favor beyound my anticipation at this date I have collected (keep this to yourself) $117.00 and has not went into Mr. Barrs congregation yet.  The first I ask it was James P Smyth he gave me $10.00 if I am spared to get home I will give you a full history of all the way which the Lord has led me.  I will not say when I will leave for home as I wish to do all I can for the church while I am here.  I may be home next week & I may not do not be uneasy.  I am in good health.  Yesterday attended the Philada Presbyterian was cordially received by the ministery & Eldership invited to visit their different Congregations but of course take time.  give Little Nancy a kiss for me and all the children.  The choicest of my wishes you are never forgotten in our prayers even by strangers in the Congregation." Along the top of page My Dear John I will answer your's again as I must now start out.  Father has "wrought" none since I came here in great kindness Cousin J.J. Pollock & S. Smith lets him go with me & continuing his wages. Farewell Dear Isobell for my sake be easy of mind. The Lord will bring us together again Your affectionate husband, Tell Death (signed) James English K----ss Notes by abstractor: The Nancy is Minnie English Barkley.  She changed her name when she was in her teens.  Mr. Polock could be either J or P and Mr. Smith a S or J. Copied by L B. C The church referred to in the letter is the United Presbyterian, Eighth Presbyterian Church, NE corner 15th & Christian, Rev. W.W. Barr D.D.

Jane Hunter Hodgson Tucson, Arizona

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