Maria Catherine McKeeman

1853 July 20 Born to David & Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman in New York 1870 Census, Allen County, Madison Township, IN with parents, age 17 1875 Jul 1 Married William T. Wybourn in Allen County, Indiana, age 22 1876 May 10 John A. born, Allen County, IN, age 23 1876 Mar 23 Brother John drowned 1876 May 24 Father died 1878 Nov 4 David Charles born, Allen County, IN, age 25 1880 Census Allen County, Madison Twp, IN 1890 Adopted Mary Peters when her parents died Lutheran Church 1893 Mar 12 Joined Monroeville Methodist Church with Mary Peters 1894 Sep 9 Mother died 1896 Son David graduated High School in Monroeville, IN 1900 Census Monroeville, Allen County, IN 1902 Mar 30 Son John married Rose E. Barkley 1902 Son David graduated Fort Wayne Medical School and set up practice in Yoder, IN 1903 Aug 4 Son David married Catherine Sheehan 1903 City Directory Monroeville, Allen County, IN 1904 May 27 Baptized as an adult, age 51 1904 City Directory Monroeville, Allen County, IN 1906 City Directory Monroeville, Allen County, IN 1907 City Directory Monroeville, Allen County, IN 1909 Moved to Fort Wayne, age 56 1910 Census, Fort Wayne, 3201 S. Harrison St, age 56 1916 or 1918 Died, buried in Ossian, Indiana

Descendants of Maria Catherine MCKEEMAN Generation No. 1 1. MARIA CATHERINE4 MCKEEMAN (DAVID CHARLES *3, WILLIAM *2, ARCHIBALD? *1) was born 20 July 1853 in Albany, Albany County, New York, and died 1918 in Ossian, Indiana. She married WILLIAM T. WYBOURN 01 July 1875 in Allen County, Indiana, son of WYBOURN WYBOURN. Children of MARIA MCKEEMAN and WILLIAM WYBOURN are: i. JOHN A.5 WYBOURN, b. 10 May 1876, Allen County, Madison Township, Indiana; m. ROSE E. BARKLEY, 30 March 1902. ii. DAVID CHARLES WYBOURN, b. 04 November 1878, Monroeville, Madison Township, Allen County, Indiana; d. 23 March 1935, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana; m. CATHERINE SHEEHAN, 04 August 1903. iii. MARY PETERS, b. April 1885; Foster child.

Maria Catherine McKeeman was born on July 20, 1853 in the Albany area. We know that Catherine married William Wybourn on July 1, 1875 in Indiana and had two sons, John A. Wybourn, born in Madison township on May 10, 1876 and David C. Wybourn, born on the homestead farm on November 4, 1878. The Wybourns took Mary Peters into their home to raise when her mother died in 1890. Catherine, William and Mary joined the Methodist Church in Monroeville on March 12, 1893. Catherine transferred from the Lutheran Church. Mary was baptized in the church as an adult on March 27, 1904. In 1909 they moved to Fort Wayne. She died in 1916 and is buried in Ossian, Indiana.

CHILDREN OF MARIA CATHERINE MCKEEMAN & WILLIAM T. WYBOURN: 1. JOHN A. WYBOURN b. 10 May 1876 m. Rose Barkley 30 Mar 1902 2. DAVID CHARLES WYBOURN, M.D. b. 4 Nov 1878 d. 23 Mar 1935 m. Catherine Sheehan 4 Aug 1903 3. MARY PETERS (ADOPTED)

MARRIAGE (age 22) 1 Jul 1875 Married William T. Wybourn, Allen County, IN Marriage Records Robert Gray, VDM

MARRIAGE LICENSE THE STATE OF INDIANA, TO-WIT: ALLEN COUNTY. To wit who shall in these Presents, Greeting: Kow Ye, That any person legally authorized to solemnize Matrimony, is hereby licensed to join in Marriage William T. Wybourn and Maria C. McKeeman as Husband and Wife, and so in doing this shall be by sufficient authority. In Testimony Whereof, G.H. Welke, Clerk of the Superior County Court, do sign and write my name and office the seal of said Court, this 14 day of June 1875 F.H. Welke Clerk State of Indiana, to-wit: Allen County: This Certifies That I joined in Marriage as Husband and Wife Wm T Whyborn and Maria McKeeman on the 1st day of July 1875 R Gray N H

CHURCH (age 40) Records of Monroeville Methodist Church, Monroeville, Indiana Wybourn, Catherine, married, residence Monroeville, received by certificate 12 March 1893 from Lutheran Church, disposed of by certificate 22 February 1909, remarks: received elsewhere: Fort Wayne

ESTATE OF DAVID MCKEEMAN DIED 1876 (age 23) State of Indiana File Box 301 Allen County Jennie Dauer Jennie A. McKeeman Administratrix of the Estate of David McKeeman, Deceased Margaret S. McKeeman, Sr. Jennie McKeeman now Jennie Dower Maria C. Whyburn Allen Circuit Margaret McKeeman Court Nancy Mercer James McKeeman William McKeeman Isabel B. McKeeman Alexander McKeeman Eliza E. McKeeman April 1882 Trus David C. McKeeman Robert B. McKeeman

1860 FEDERAL CENSUS (age 7)

1870 FEDERAL CENSUS 1870 Census Allen County, Madison Township, IN David MCKEEMAN 49 Farmer Ireland Margaret 37 Ireland John 19 NY Catherine 16 IN (age 16) Margaret 14 IN Jane 11 IN Nancy 9 IN James 7 IN William 6 IN Isobel 5 IN W.M. 4 IN Eliza 1 IN

1880 FEDERAL CENSUS 1880 Census, Allen County, Madison Township, IN William Wyburn 31 Farmer NY Eng Eng Catherine 26 NY Ire Ire (age 26) John A. 4 IN Eng Ire David C. 1 IN Eng Ire

CITY DIRECTORY (age 37) 1890 Madison Township, Allen County, IN Whyburn, Maria C. Whyburn, William F.

1900 FEDERAL CENSUS ALLEN COUNTY, MADISON TOWNSHIP, IN V 2 ED 10 SH 2 LN 39 Wybourn, William Head W M Sep 1848 51 M 24 NY Eng Eng Farmer 0 Yes Yes Maria C. Wife W F July 1855 46 M 24 3 2 NY Ire Ire Yes Yes Yes John Son W M May 1876 34 S IN NY NY Salesman 0 Y Y Y Charly Son W M Nov 1878 22 S IN NY NY Medical Student 1 7 Y Y Y Martha Sister W F Sep 1837 62 S NY ENG ENG Housekeeper 0 Y Y Y Peters, Mary Boarder W F Apr 1885 15 S IN IN IN At school 8 Y Y Y

CITY DIRECTORY 1902 Fort Wayne City Directory (age 49) Whyburn, William Madison Monroeville

1903 Fort Wayne City Directory Whybourn, William Madison Monroeville (age 50)

1904 Fort Wayne City Directory Whybourn, William Madison Monroeville (age 51)

1906 Fort Wayne City Directory Whybourn, Wm F, f Madison, Monroeville (age 53)

1907 Fort Wayne City Directory Whybourne, Wm F Madison, Monroeville (age 54)

1910 Census Allen County, Fort Wayne, Indiana 3201 S. Harrison St. Wybourn, William T. Head M W 61 M 34 NY ENG ENG English Laborer Catherine M. wife F W 56 M 34 3 2 NY IRE IRE English (age 56) Peters, Mary A. stepdaughter F W 22 IN IN IN English stenographer plumber shop Wybourn, Martha M. Sister F W 78 W ? Eng Eng

1920 SOUNDEX INDIANA W165 VOL 110 ED 185 SH 4 LN 100 W 41 Indiana Wells Ossian S. Jefferson Wybourn, Katherine W 41 Indiana William S 12 Indiana Robert S 9 Indiana William T. Father 70 New York

Jane Hunter Hodgson Tucson, Arizona

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