William Sheik - Shiek - Schick

Some information is at Ancestry.com in their collection of family trees. The name changes frequently. One birth certificate says Shiek, but most of the family records have been Sheik. Most recently found information is under Schick which may be the correct spelling from Germany. 

The Sheik family migrated from Germany about 1833 to Hocking County, Ohio and then moved to Paulding County, Ohio.  Bertha Kline wife of William Sheik was the granddaughter of John Tanner who sold them his farm in Paulding County, Ohio and then he moved into Haviland, Ohio when he retired from farming. Upon the death of William Sheik, the farm was sold and Bertha moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Elmer Short and family migrated to Van Wert County, Ohio from Foosland, Illinois where my father was born. Grandfather Elmer Short son of John Short and Maria Phillip Alexander began in Salem, Washington County, Indiana and migrated to Leroy, Illinois.  My grandfather Elmer Short married Iva Wolf and they lived in Foosland, Illinois.  Upon the death of my grandmother, Iva, my grandfather remarried and the family moved to Van Wert County, Ohio to farm. I'm not sure if the original farm land remains in the family, but a descendent of the family is still farming there.  I have found that the Short family name was originally Schwartz and that they came to America from Germany aboard the "Friendship" in 1727.  Have not been able to confirm when the name changed.

Some information was sent to Decatur, Illinois ... mostly on the Short Family and is on file there only.

William Shiek was my grandfather on my mothers side and Elmer Short was my grandfather on my fathers side of the family tree.  The Shiek family farmed in Paulding County, Ohio and the Short family farmed in VanWert Count, Ohio.

If anyone would like to contact me for more information I always love to hear from people, please email me.
Debi Short Baney debi@locl.net

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