Cemeteries in Allen County, Indiana

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Most of our cemeteries started out over 100 years ago as family plots on rural isolated farms or associated with long gone rural churches. Family members often moved away or lost connections with their family history so often know nothing of the past beyond their grandparents. Only a handful of the largest cemeteries have modern staffed offices with computerized records, phones, web sites, or even a mailing address. If they have a web site or are associated with a church an identified link will be found in the alphabetized tables on the tabs above. Fortunately most of our cemeteries are visible from the road, at a crossroad of 2 or more roads, or even satellite photos on Google maps shown on the Cemetery Locations tab above.

There are around 140 known cemetery locations in Allen County, some have multiple names so we have 190 known names. Their locations are shown on this Google map. A few locations are no longer known. Cemetery status is shown on the township pages.

Click Cemetery Name Tabs above to find information. Clicking Township takes you to that Township list of cemeteries. Larger cemeteries may have their own web site so the Status field is their link. DAR contains the Mary Penrose Chapter of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution links. Ph - means the DAR has photographs of the cemetery tombstones. Tr - is just the transcription of names on tombstones from the ACGSI readings in the 1980's, or 1932 if the cemetery was moved or lost. Find links to Find-A-Grave and whatever volunteered information is available there.

Cemetery Maintenance

December 9, 2012 a newspaper article Forgotten Hoagland cemetery ‘disgrace’ Responsibility for upkeep uncertain by Jeff Wiehe of The Journal Gazette discusses the badly neglected Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Madison Township pointing out the uncertainty over who is responsible for cemetery maintenance. As the article points out State law mandates that township trustees – who are usually in charge of providing fire protection, relief for the poor and weed assessments among other duties – must care for such cemeteries.

Troy McDonald the Madison Township Trustee left a comment on our ACGSI Facebook page stating we are now in the process of coming up with a plan as to how to address the clean-up of this cemetery. If you would like to help or have ideas please contact Troy McDonald at 260-639-6052.

The Allen County, Indiana web site for Township Trustees states:

Cemetery Maintenance
According to IC Code 23-14 the trustee is to provide and maintain cemeteries located in the township. This includes those cemeteries which have been abandoned.

Further research finds the United Township Association of Indiana under their Cemeteries heading in December 2012 states Indiana law gives the responsibility for maintaining abandoned cemeteries in the state to the township trustee. It then lists three laws IC 23-14-64 Chapter 64. Conveyance of Cemetery Association Land to Townships, IC 23-14-68  Chapter 68. Care of Cemeteries by Townships, and IC 23-14-69 Chapter 69. Establishment of Public Cemeteries by Townships, all apparently passed in 1997, confirming the newspaper quote. The State of Indiana Cemetery & Burial Ground Mandates & Laws lists over a dozen statutes that apply. Indiana INPCRP (Indiana Pioneer Cemeteries Restoration Project) Review of Current Indiana Statutes regarding Cemeteries as of 2007 explains the practical aspects of the wording of the various cemetery laws as to who is responsible for cemetery maintenance and why it may not occur.

Veteran tombstones can be replaced free of charge by the government if requested by descendants according to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. They do not cover cost of placement in the cemetery. Local verteran groups like the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and others might provide the labor or know what groups would if asked.

It would make a nice local boy scout, girl scout, 4H, or other youth groups project to make cemetery cleanup and 4th of July veteran flag placement as history education and merit badge projects as done in some areas. The Indiana Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project has a November 12, 2012 Girl Scouts example and their Girls Scouts in a Pioneer Cemetery photo album of these history appreciation projects on their Facebook page. Boy Scouts have done such cemetery maintenance on my ancestors Fallis Pioneer Cemetery near Dayton, Ohio for nearly 40 years.

The following quote from the Indiana DNR web site indicates you need to thoroughly research the law and best practices before attempting cemetery maintenance on your own.

Indiana Cemetery Questions and Answers from IN.gov Cemeteries FAQ
Compiled by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology

If I want to clean up a cemetery I’m concerned about, may I go ahead and do so? No. Members of the public should not attempt to clean up or maintain cemeteries until they have clearly determined who the legal landowner is, and obtained that person’s permission to go onto the land. Unsolicited voluntary clean-up efforts might be viewed by the landowner as trespassing. In addition, there are proper ways, as well as harmful ways, to clean and repair stones, and anyone attempting to conduct such activities should be acquainted with the proper techniques.

The DNR - Department of Natural Resources has a Cemeteries web page with information and links to more cemetery information. The Indiana Pioneer Cemetery Restoration Project is a good source of information on Indiana pioneer cemeteries. They have an active INPCRP Facebook group page too.

In the ACGSI Members Only Section The December 2007 Allen County Lines newsletter on page 35 by Alyce J. Morow has an article "The Silent Cities" discussing the history of early burial grounds in Fort Wayne. Some early burial grounds are now covered by houses, buildings, parks, roads, and parking lots. Sometimes bodies and tombstones were moved, sometimes not. Many of the earliest small cemeteries were moved to larger cemeteries like Lindenwood or the Catholic Cemetery.

The Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution read most cemeteries in the 1930's, then the Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana (ACGSI) updated and transcribed tombstone names into publications in the 1980's which they have been selling as fund raising for the society. Once the books are sold out they will not be reprinted. Instead they are available in the Members Only Section of the ACGSI web site. The NSDAR recently started the Allen County Indiana Cemetery Project using the ACGSI transcripts, Indiana DNR GPS coordinates, and volunteers photographing upwards of 150,000 tombstones in all Allen County cemeteries to be completed sometime in 2010. Those photographs are posted online and linked in the Tabs above as they come online.

Links to Cemetery Indexes and Other Web Sites

  Cemetery Township Earliest Status DAR Find
1 Adams 1825 1875 moved to I.O.O.F.    
2 Adams 1861 Abandoned Ph  
3 Lafayette 1855 Inactive Ph FG
4 Perry   No stones    
5 Wayne   No records no stones    
Amish - Cedar Creek Amish
Cedar Creek 2005 Active - unmarked tombstones Ph  
Amish - East Allen County Amish - Maumee Amish
Maumee 2005 Active - unmarked tombstones Ph  
Amish - Doty Road - same or different than Schwartz?
Milan 1984 Active - unmarked tombstones Ph  
Amish - Roth Road Amish
Springfield 1871 Active - unmarked tombstones Ph FG
Amish - Spencerville Amish
Springfield 1991 Active - unmarked tombstones Ph  
11 Marion 1852 Active Ph FG
12 Washington 1837   Ph FG
13 Lake   Alternate name  


14 Milan 1875   Ph FG
15 Marion 1836 Inactive - IGS Index Ph FG
16 Washington 1833 Inactive Ph FG
17 St. Joseph 1830 Active A-H
Branstrator Family - incorrectly listed in Lafayette Township
Aboite 1837 Not in use Ph FG
19 Pleasant 1851 Inactive Ph FG
Broadway aka McCulloch, all but Governor Bigger moved to Lindenwood
Wayne   McCulloch Park Ph FG
21 Monroe 1849 Inactive Ph FG
22 Aboite 1841 Not in use Ph FG
23 St. Joseph   Alternate name    
24 Wayne 1859 Diocese Bishops Ph  
25 Wayne 1830s Miami Indian Burial Site Ph  
  Cemetery Township Earliest Status DAR Find
26 Adams 1873 Active has Office
ACPL Name Search - Map
27 Cedar Creek   No longer exists Tr  
28 Maumee 1905 Active A-H
29 Washington   Alternate name   FG
30 Marion 1852   Ph  
31 Adams 1960 Active has Office Ph FG
32 Adams 1850 Inactive - records at New- ACPL Index Ph FG
33 Adams   No longer exists    
34 Perry   Alternate name    
35 Pleasant   Alternate name   FG
36 Aboite 1953 Active has Office Ph FG
37 St. Joseph 1942 No longer exists - moved to Catholic Cemetery Ph  
38 Maumee 1840   Ph FG
39 Jefferson   No records    
40 Perry 1865 Inactive 1952 Ph FG
41 Wayne   No longer exists    
42 Wayne   Now County Jail    
43 Eel River 1840 Early records destroyed - ACPL Index Ph FG
44 Jefferson 1853 Active Ph FG
45 Marion 1863 Active Ph FG
46 Eel River 1847 Active Ph FG
47 Pleasant   Alternate name   FG
48 Monroe 1833 Inactive Ph FG
49 Lafayette 1847 Inactive Ph FG
  Cemetery Township Earliest Status DAR Find
Fort Wayne Jewish - see Orthodox
Wayne   Alternate name   FG
51 Wayne        
52 St. Joseph 1901-1967 One stone Ph FG
53 Madison   Alternate name   FG
54 Milan 1884   Ph FG
55 Adams 1866 No records Tr FG
56 Madison   Alternate name   FG
57 St. Joseph   Alternate name   FG
58 Aboite 1932 Active has Office Ph FG
59 Lake 1833 Inactive Ph FG
60 Marion   No records no stones    
61 Aboite 1867 1895 moved to Lindenwood    
62 Springfield 1838 Active Tr
63 Springfield 1841 Inactive A-H
64 Washington 1816 Active Ph FG
65 Wayne   No records    
66 Marion   Alternate name   FG
67 St. Joseph   Active - office Ph FG
Hitzeman Lutheran - moved to St. John, Bingen, Adams Township
69 Marion   Alternate name   FG
70 Cedar Creek   No longer exists Tr  
71 Perry   Active Ph FG
72 Perry 1812 Inactive Ph FG
73 Lafayette   No markers    
74 Wayne   No Information    
75 St. Joseph   ACPL Index 447 names
Location no tombstones
  Cemetery Township Earliest Status DAR Find
76 Monroe 1860 Active Ph FG
77 Adams 1834 Active has Office - ACPL Index - over 6,000 DAR photos Ph FG
78 Milan 1847   Ph  
79 Washington 1837   Ph FG
80 Eel River   Alternate name Ph FG
81 Lafayette 1847 Inactive Ph FG
82 St. Joseph 1834 Alternate name Ph  
83 Monroe 1847, 1858 two stones Tr  
84 Adams   No longer exists    
85 St. Joseph   Alternate name - moved    
86 Lake 1816 Inactive Ph FG
87 Wayne   Alternate name   FG
88 Cedar Creek   Active Ph FG
89 Cedar Creek 1844 New is across the street Ph FG
Lindenwood - LARGEST in Allen County
Wayne 1859 Active - Office - ACPL Index Ph FG
91 Pleasant 1851 Inactive - SHAARD Photo Ph FG
Little Turtle Miami Indian Chief aka Lawton Place
Wayne 1812   Ph FG
93 Washington   Alternate name   FG
94 Wayne   All Burials Removed    
95 Pleasant   Alternate name   FG
96 Jefferson 1861 No records Ph FG
97 Madison 1882 Inactive Ph FG
98 Adams 1853 Active - ACPL Index Ph FG
99 Monroe 1858 Inactive - some moved to I.O.O.F. Monroeville Ph FG
100 Madison 1856 Inactive Ph FG
  Cemetery Township Earliest Status DAR Find
101 Springfield   Alternate name   FG
102 Wayne   Alternate name   FG
103 Maumee   Alternate name   FG
104 Monroe   Alternate name Ph FG
105 Marion 1826   Ph  
106 Jefferson   Alternate name   FG
107 Pleasant 1856 Alternate name A-H
108 Cedar Creek 1831 No longer in use - SHAARD Photo Ph FG
109 Aboite   Alternate name   FG
110 Monroe   Alternate name   FG
111 Monroe 1860 Not in use Ph FG
112 Wayne 1912 Private Ph FG
113 St. Joseph 1850 Active - ACPL Index   FG
114 Wayne   No longer exists Tr  
Pierre Settlement aka Saint Michaels Roman Catholic
St. Joseph 1871 Inactive Ph FG
116 Jefferson 1823 No longer exists Tr FG
117 Milan 1852 one stone Ph  
118 Madison 1863 Abandoned Ph FG
119 Marion 1836 Active - ACPL Index -
IGS Index
120 Wayne 1834 Active - ACPL Index - Maps Ph FG
121 Cedar Creek 1857, 1861 Not located, only two stones Tr  
122 St. Joseph   Alternate name    
123 Eel River 1910 Active - ACPL Index Ph FG
124 Pleasant   Alternate name   FG
125 Perry 1848   Ph FG
126 Lafayette 1868 Inactive Ph FG
  Cemetery Township Earliest Status DAR Find
127 Washington 1854 Inactive Ph  
128 Washington 1950 Active   FG
129 Pleasant 1855 Active - ACPL Index A-H
130 Wayne 1872 ACPL Index -
IGS Index
131 Adams   Active Ph FG
132 Marion 1833 Inactive Ph  
133 Madison 1852 Active A-F
134 Marion 1848 Active -
ACPL Index
135 Cedar Creek 1848 No longer in use Ph FG
136 Jefferson 1930 Active Ph FG
137 Jefferson   Inactive Ph FG
138 Pleasant 1870 Active A-H
139 Pleasant 1858 Abandoned Ph FG
140 St. Joseph   Alternate name   FG
141 Lake 1854 Active -
ACPL Index
142 Marion 1844 Abandoned Ph  
143 Washington 1858 Inactive Ph FG
144 Milan 1884   Ph FG
145 St. Joseph 1905 Active A-H
146 St. Joseph 1840 Inactive A-H
147 Monroe 1871 Active - no records Tr FG
148 St. Joseph   Alternate name    
149 Washington   Alternate name Ph FG
  Cemetery Township Earliest Status DAR Find
150 Springfield 1845 Alternate name Ph FG
151 Maumee 1861 Inactive Ph FG
152 Cedar Creek 1854 Active Ph FG
153 Monroe 1843 Inactive - no records Ph FG
Schwartz Family - Milan Center Amish
Milan   No tombstones   FG
155 Monroe   Alternate name Ph  
156 Scipio 1840 Active Ph FG
157 Scipio 1842 Inactive Ph  
158 Scipio   Alternate name    
159 Springfield   Alternate name   FG
160 Marion   Alternate name   FG
161 Scipio   Alternate name Ph  
162 Monroe 1855 Active - no records Ph FG
163 Washington 1870 Active Ph FG
164 Monroe   Alternate name   FG
165 Monroe   Alternate name   FG
166 Cedar Creek 1873 Moved to back of Leo Memorial Park    
167 Marion 1834 Inactive Ph FG
168 Adams 1852 1979 one face down stone Ph FG
169 Adams 1842 No longer exists Tr  
170 Adams 1864 Active Ph FG
171 Aboite 1834 Now is Bittersweet Moors housing Tr  
  Cemetery Township Earliest Status DAR Find
172 Aboite   No longer exists    
173 Perry 1848   Ph FG
174 Pleasant   Alternate name   FG
175 Jefferson   No records no stones    
176 Aboite 1833 Moved to Lindenwood    
177 Cedar Creek 1833 Abandoned - SHAARD Photo Ph FG
178 Lafayette   Alternate name   FG
179 Springfield   No stones    
180 Washington   Alternate name   FG
181 Washington 1850 Inactive - private Ph FG
182 Eel River 1835 No longer in use Ph FG
183 Eel River   Alternate name Ph FG
184 Jefferson 1838 No longer in use Ph FG
185 Monroe   Relocated    
186 Marion   IGS Index   FG
187 Maumee   Alternate name   FG
188 Maumee 1905 Active Ph FG
189 Cedar Creek 1833 Active Ph FG
190 Maumee 1840 many in German Ph FG

All individuals indexed in the 1980's cemetery readings will appear in the results page using the search box at the top of any page or using the Name Only Index on the ACGSI site. The larger cemeteries like Lindenwood, Catholic, and others have separate cemetery indexes.

There are 20 townships in Allen County, Indiana. 190 known cemetery names, 127 cemetery locations, and some additional information may be listed. Cemeteries are organized by township. No cemeteries are known in Jackson Township. Indiana SHAARD - State Historic Architectural and Archaeological Research Database allows guest access and provides detailed information such as GPS coordinates and maps on locations of Indiana Historical Structures including 145 cemeteries.

Mark Davis, owner of Stone Saver Cemetery Restoration gave a cemetery restoration presentation at the Allen County Public library in January 2009. He also gave a November 2011 "Hallowed Stones: Tombstone Restoration" program. Mark pointed out the possible damage to tombstones that can occur from chalk rubbings and other chemicals applied to old tombstones. I show on my personal web site that you can get much better tombstone photos by manipulating the angle of the sunlight based on the time of year and day the photos are taken. Mirrors and reflectors can be used when the sun does not provide the correct angle of lighting to create shadows as shown on Andrew W. Griffith's web page.

Grave Secrets is a 2009 newspaper article about local cemeteries.

The Second Correction Line passes through northern Allen County, Indiana which accounts for the offset of the northern townships and the tiny Scipio Township. It can be seen by zooming in on this 1866 General Land Office map in the Dave Ramsey Collection of antique maps.

Dick Eastman's Newsletter discusses converting addresses to Latitude and Longitude for easy GPS use.

Cemetery Preservation is a discussion by the Indiana DNR.

Indiana Cemetery Heritage Initiative

Indiana Cemetery Code Title 23 Article 14 Table of Contents

Allen County, Indiana Cemeteries

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Allen County, Indiana Cemetery Links

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Allen County, Indiana Township map
Eel River Township Perry Township Cedar Creek Township Springfield Township Scipio Township Lake Township Washington Township St. Joseph Township Milan Township Maumee Township Jackson Township Jefferson Township Adams Township Wayne Township Aboite Township Lafayette Township Pleasant Township Marion Township Madison Township Monroe Township

Locations of Allen County, Indiana Municipalities and Townships

Allen County, Indiana Muncipalities

Infamous Burials

Funeral Homes and Online Obituaries

Allen County, Indiana Obituary Information

Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana newspaper obituaries can be searched on the Obituary Index of the The Genealogy Center online databases from over 500,000 entries from the Allen County Public Library starting in 1841 through the present time. Researchers can find microfilm of all of the Fort Wayne newspapers in the Allen County Public Library's Genealogy Center.

Copies of specific obituaries may be ordered by emailing Genealogy@ACPL.Info with the complete citation as found in the index. Cost is $2.50 per obituary, billed at the time of mailing. Response time is typically 4-6 weeks. Your complete name and mailing address must be included with your request. Most of the newspapers through 1920 are also accessible online through the Allen County Public Library computers and by subscription through Ancestry.com's online Historical Newspaper Collection.

Recent obituaries are online at Fort Wayne Newspapers using Legacy.com for archiving their obituaries and some local funeral homes have web sites. The online newspapers go back to 2003, but a year after publication expect to pay $2.95 per obituary for access to archived obituaries.

Richard Berkheiser used to post obituary abstracts from 2006 and 2007 for his Newspaper Tidbits Project on the Allen County, Indiana Rootsweb Mailing List

Old time obituaires were often quite blunt about cause of death, but today they rarely include death details. We have come to rely on cause of death on government certificates recorded in the county courthouse since they became the law in most states starting in the 1880's. A number of recent studies indicate that as many as a third of today's death certificates list the most likely cause of death rather than the actual medical cause of death making their value questionable. Unless a medical autopsy was performed, knowing human nature in todays society, we must wonder how accurate death certificates have ever been.