Maumee Township Cemeteries

Organized in March 1836

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Woodburn is the main town in rural Maumee Township.

The Allen County Genealogical Society has a name only index to all county cemeteries through the 1980's publishing date. Check the Allen County Lookup page for a volunteer willing to do lookups from the cemetery books, which are published and for sale by the Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana.

The Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter NSDAR, (National Society Daughter's of the American Revolution) Allen County Indiana Cemetery Project contains transcribed names from the DAR readings in 1932 and ACGSI readings in the 1980's and will eventually have photographs of all tombstones in all Allen County, Indiana cemeteries.

Find-A-Grave may have names, dates, similar tombstone photos, some newspaper obituaries and occasionally additional family information. Obituaries can be found in the Genealogy Center Obituary Index where volunteers will find, photocopy and mail the copies when ordered for a small copying fee. Recent obituaries will often be found online on the Funeral Home web sites or within one year of publication on the local Fort Wayne newspapers site.

Some Google maps on main streets and roads will allow street level viewing if you View the Larger Map and click the little orange person icon. It opens in a new window which you close by clicking the X in the upper right of the window to Exit Street View and return to the map.

Township Trustees are responsible for cemetery maintenance. The Allen County, Indiana government web site has a list of Township Trustees and their contact information. Links to Indiana State laws related to county and township cemeteries are found on our Cemetery page.

Amish Cemetery - East Allen County Amish Cemetery

Rural cemetery located on the north side of East Notestine Road (State Route 101) less than 0.1 mile from Fahlsing Road, it is on the left side of the road at the second ā€œSā€ curve in State Route 101.

Started in 2005. Fenced with a small storage shed on the property. It is in good condition. DAR information on the burials in this cemetery was supplied by the cemetery caretaker in May 2010.

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
Woodburn German Lutheran Cemetery.

Rural cemetery located near 5400 State Road 101, 0.7 mile north of Main Street in Woodburn, where the church is located.

Earliest date on stone, 1905. In use. Google map has Street Level View of the cemetery. has only 15 internments. IN DNR Latitude 41.1367 Longitude 84.8486.

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Diehl Cemetery

Rural cemetery located east of the golf course, on the south side of River Road, eastern edge is just a few feet west of the Ohio state line.

Earliest date June 19, 1840. Still in use. IN DNR Latitude 41.1722 Longitude 84.805.

Missionary Cemetery

See Woodburn Mennonite Cemetery.

Saylor Cemetery

Rural cemetery located near 7790 Scipio Road, 0.2 mile north of U.S. 24 and the old Wabash-Erie Canal. Road no longer crosses the Maumee River.

Earliest date 1861. Not in use. IN DNR Latitude 41.1619 Longitude 84.8117 puts you in the field just south of the tombstones. This cemetery's connection to the Wabash and Erie Canal was discussed in the Journal-Gazette newspaper article Grave Secrets July 19, 2009. Grave Book on Facebook has location photos.

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Woodburn German Lutheran Cemetery

See Christ Lutheran Cemetery

Woodburn Mennonite Cemetery

Rural cemetery located on the south bank of the Maumee River, on the north side of 20650 U.S. 24, 0.2 mile west of the Bull Rapids Road.

Earliest date March 31, 1905. In use. Also known as Missionary Cemetery. Google map shows Street Level View photos. IN DNR Latitude 41.1478 Longitude 84.8767. Grave Book on Facebook has a few location photos.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery At Bull Rapids

Rural cemetery located just east of the church, along the north bank of the Maumee River, near 7700 Bull Rapids Road.

Earliest date 1840. Many in German. IN DNR Latitude 41.1567 Longitude 84.8786. Grave Book has general location photos.

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