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The Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana Computer Interest Group meeting starts at 7 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month September through May at the main Allen County Public Library usually in Meeting Room B. Generally a round-robin type discussion of computer issues, problems, and current events. Occasionally a 15 minute presentation may precede the meeting on a computer genealogy related topic. The Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana is now on Facebook. Click the Computer image on the left to see upcoming ACGSI Events.


The digital revolution shows no sign of slowing down. Social networking has taken the world by storm. If you don't believe it, view this powerful YouTube video made using Adobe After Effects. The Information Age is going where we've never been before.

A similar YouTube video Did You Know 4.0 talks about TMI - Too Much Information, it's coming faster than we can absorb it!

The trend for the foreseeable future is Microsoft will be releasing new versions of Office and their operating systems on a 3 year cycle. Apple is constantly pushing the technology barriers. Genealogy, imaging, and many other programs release new versions that fix problems almost yearly, but mostly take advantage of new hardware and internet capabilities that revolve around video, imaging, mapping, and broadband speed improvements. It is easy to feel like you are being left behind. Join us at our meetings, become a Fan on Facebook, and visit here to see our updates.

Gizmo Freeware is a community based site that reviews and links to FREEWARE downloads. FREEWARE is FREE Software - Caveat Emptor "Buyer Beware". Let us know if you have any experience with this community, good or bad.

Several members follow Kim Komando for computer advice and use her favorite online backup software Carbonite., formerly a magazine now online only, and CNET are good online sources for reviews and more detailed technical information.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Operating Systems

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Web Browsers

Web Browsers should be kept up to date for security and performance purposes to utilize the latest features. Certain Windows applications and operating system updates may only work with Internet Explorer. Some browsers use less resources and use current state of the art technology better than others. Portable devices like cell phones and music players may work better with particular browsers.


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Genealogy Software

Most genealogy programs offer a 30 day trial and cost around $30

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Office Software

Photo Editing Software

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General Recommendations

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Recycle Your Technology

You can recycle old technology to non-profit groups that refurbish and provide free equipment to needy students and families for internet and email use.

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Other Software and News

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