Allen County, Indiana Surname Queries

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Query - in genealogy a query is a form of questioning, to ask or inquire about someone or something related to family history research.

To submit a Surname Query for Allen County, Indiana GenWeb, your query should have an Allen County, Indiana connection. You can Add A New Surname Query or search the Surname Query Index.

Surname searches and Queries were suspended after 1998 in favor of Rootsweb Mailing Lists then restarted as a combined Surname Query in September 2009.

If you change your contact information in the future, please remember to notify us of your new information.

If you used an email on various surname query pages that is now obsolete. You can "Google" search for it, find all the web pages that reference it, then ask the web master to update with your current email. Also, don't forget to tell your children or whoever inherits your genealogy research to go online and occasionally look for your old queries to see if anyone responded since your last comment. I have left comments to original queries since the late 1990's and am still waiting for some responses.

January 24, 2012 a Journal-Gazette newspaper article "Siblings learn of each other via Web" by Frank Gray discussed a local Fort Wayne woman whose interest in genealogy helped her find a 1997 query a genealogist placed on behalf of a man who she learns was her brother, a brother she did not know she had! I cannot find the 1997 query, but did find a January 17, 2011 query on GenForum and Message Board. So be sure to leave surname queries in various locations, because we never know when or where the "right" person will find them.

The Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center maintains a surname list of every visitor who has submitted their family surname information since 1998 that is searchable in their Index.

Queries can also be submitted to the Allen County Lines quarterly newsletter of ACGSI - Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana, sponsor of this web site. Surnames researched and submitted by Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana members are posted on the Members Only Section of ACGSI. Consider becoming a member to access these and other member only files.

If you have a family web site or online gedcom please provide the site url address in the Query Link box so we can include your family on our Family Web Site page.

Before submitting a Surname Query make sure you have looked at what is already on this web site. A Search Box is at the top of every page which searches this site and the Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana web site. As an Example: before asking a query about cemetery burials, look at our cemetery page which has links to the Mary Penrose DAR Tombstone Project which since 2009 is photographing all Allen County Cemeteries. Notice that all cemeteries not previously published were read in the 1980's and all burials are recorded in ACGSI books that are for sale. An online Cemetery Index was created from these books. Some larger cemetery records are current to the present with separate online indexes on the Friends of Allen County web site. We add new links as needed to these resources so periodically recheck our site. LookUp Volunteers will answer specific requests to look in ACGSI and other Allen County books.

Allen County Query Archive

Allen County Surname Archive

These are archived pages to 1997 surnames before automated Message Boards like our aforementioned Rootsweb Mailing Lists made submissions and searches the standard method for genealogy searching of surnames and localities.