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DONAHUE, LONG, NORRIS, SHEEHAN, TOMPKINS posted by Phil Anderson on Monday, December 29, 1997

Levi T. and Julia Ann (LONG) NORRIS lived in Monroeville (Allen) IN from 1870 to circa 1902. Children were: 1. Lizzie E. NORRIS, m Charles S. SHEEHAN 5 Aug 1889. 2. Sarah E. NORRIS b circa 1868 in OH, was living in Monroeville (Allen) IN 1890, d before 1900 [inferred from 1900 census for Monroeville (Allen) IN]. 3. Elias S. "Dude" NORRIS, b 13 Feb 1871, living in Monroeville (Allen) IN 1889/90. 4. Rose C. NORRIS, b 1874 in OH, had son, Lloyd NORRIS (Lloyd b 1894 in OH), m. J. F. DONAHUE 19 May 1898 5. Earl Connelly NORRIS b 18 Nov 1881 in Monroeville (Allen) IN, living in Monroeville (Allen) IN 1900, m Nina Mae TOMPKINS 28 Sep 1902, d 22 Apr 1932 in Ann Arbor (Washtenaw) MI. Am seeking: birth date & place for Lizzie E. NORRIS birth date & place for Sarah E. NORRIS - and info regarding possible marriage birth date & place for Elias S. NORRIS birth date & place for Rose C. NORRIS any information on Levi Tummins NORRIS Levi T. and Julia Ann (LONG) NORRIS were divorced 10 December 1902 - Julia cited abandonment as reason for divorce. 3 Jan 1905 she married Henry Smith, a cabinetmaker from (Allen) IN. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Phil Anderson
posted by Phil Anderson on Monday, December 29, 1997

Elias C. and Mary (MAKER) LONG were married 8 Aug 1844 in (Clermont) OH. It appears they only had 1 daughter, Julia Ann LONG, b 1 Oct 1849 (Franklin) OH. Julia m Levi T. NORRIS Jul 1867. The NORRIS family lived in Monroeville (Allen) IN 1880-1900. Levi & Julia NORRIS sold land circa 1900 in Monroeville (Allen) IN which Julia had received from her parent(s), Elias C. and Mary (MAKER) LONG. So I'm assuming the LONG family had lived in Monroeville (Allen) IN at one time. Any info on Elia C. and Mary (MAKER) LONG will be appreciated.
CLEM, CLEVENGER posted by Vicki Bradley on Monday, December 29, 1997

Please add Daniel J CLEM and Queen Victoria Clem , Iam searching for information on them for our family tree. They lived in Fort Wayne Indiana, Allen County as last known.Their childrens names are Howard, Daniel, Phillis,and William Henry Clem. The only information we have is on William Henry Clem, born January 15,1915 and married to Dorothy O CLEVENGER in 1945. My e-mail address is Vicki Bradley.
EWERT, GARVERICK posted by Martin L. Wogaman on Wednesday, December 31, 1997

Elizabeth EWERT, daughter of Samuel and Susanna EWERT resided in Indiana circa 1855 - 1876. She was married to Aaron GARVERICK 14 Jan 1866. Believe they resided near Nine Mile, Indiana.
FREELAND, MARTIN posted by Peter Freeland on Thursday, January 1, 1998

FREELAND MARTIN I'm looking for any info on these names .The are relations of mine. I have some info but of course I WANT IT ALL.. THANKS
CLEM, CLEVENGER posted by Vicki Bradley on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Hi, I would like to enter Raymond H CLEVENGER, born feb.13,1902 lived in Fort Wayne Indiana , lived in Larwell Indiana before. Was Married to Alice leona Shirely, born Nov.25,1906, family was from woodburn, Ohio. Also would like to add Daniel Clem and Queenie CLEM, lived in Fort Wayne Indiana ,childrens names Phyllis,Howard,Daniel,Gertrude and Beulah. This is the only information we have and we are trying to go back farther .
MILLER, ROBERT posted by Lew Moore on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Hi, I would like to add the name of David ROBERT(s) to your database and also ask whether there is any information there about him or his family. His father was Alexis Robert (b. 5 Aug 1818; d. 21 May 1901); his mother was Phoebe Nephrisine MILLER (b.7 July 1820;d.29 Nov 1915). David is listed as having been born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 13 Nov 1851). Lew Moore Tasmania, Australia
YOUNGLOVE posted by Grace HUDSON on Thursday, January 1, 1998

I am looking for information on the HANSON YOUNGLOVE family who live in Allen, Co, Springfield twp in 1860. Hanson who is a farmer b. NY abt. 1813 m. Mary, maiden name unknown. b. NYabt. 1829; Children: Henryetta b. OH; Julia b. OH; LaFayette b. OH; William b. IN; Lydia b. IN; Nelson or Wilson b. IN., Elizabeth who was b in NY and is 63 yr old in 1860 may be Hansons mother. Any Younglove information would be appreciated. Grace Younglove Hudson
ALBERT, CHARLES, FOULKS, GEORGE, MORGAN posted by Thom Foulks on Thursday, January 1, 1998

I am seeking information on the descendants of CHARLES S. FOULKS, who died in Sept. 8, 1895, in Pleasant Township, Allen County. He was survived by sons ALBERT G., J. MORGAN and GEORGE E. I am a grandson of ALBERT, and have considerable information on the FOULKS family ancestors in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
RAUSIS, ROSE posted by Joyce J. Crowl on Thursday, January 1, 1998

I am looking for any information on MAURICE NICHOLAS RAUSIS b: Oct 26, 1816 in Switzerland, lived in Stark Co., Ohio about 1850. Settled in Allen Co around 1860. Married to ANNA URSUAL JAURIS b: 1805 in Switzerland. Children were: MORRIS FELIX, MARY ALEXANDRIA, MARY LOUISE FRANCIS NICHOLAS, another child died in infancy. The surname RAUSIS was Americanized to ROSE. Morris Felix was my ggrandfather. THANKS
DELLINGER, LATOURRETTE posted by Katherine G. Sullivan on Thursday, January 1, 1998

I am searching for Joseph LATOURRETTE (born c1827 Ohio or NJ). Spouse was Lucinda DELLINGER born c1827 Ohio. Vague, undocumented information is that they settled in Allen Co. by c1870. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Katherine (North Carolina)
ROBISON posted by John Spencer on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Meldin James ROBISON B.1900 Wilshire,Van Wert Co. Ohio (Fa:James,Mo: Almina Major) D. 06 Nov. 1942 Fort Wayne, Buried GreenLawn Memorial Pk. Lived at 2021 Kenmore Ave at his death. @nd. Marriage to Helen Scott (b. 1904 Decatur, Ind. Fa:Albert Mo: Bessie Billman) They had 2 children Dennis & Patricia. Worked for Journal Gazette & Steigmeyer Adv. Agency. He was a telegrapher, commercial artist & salesman. Member: Trinity Episcopal Ch. Meldin was my grandfather and I would love to know more about this second family! Thanks Colleen Robison-Spencer
DODANE, LOMONT, MOUREY, PEPE posted by Tamara Karel on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sat Oct 11 15:38:27 1997 I am looking for information about ELLEN EARNESTINE LOMONT born jan 11, 1872. She married RAYMOND JULIAN MOUREY in 1868. i believe her parents came from France. Any info about her ancestors would be appreciated. I am looking for ancestors of JOSEPH CHARLES DODANE(1860-1933) and FLORA PEPE(1871-1936). They were married in 1933.
CULVER, MISNER posted by Carolyn Morris on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Tue Oct 14 21:41:39 1997 Researching the surnames CULVER, George and Anna Catherine MISNER. He was born in Allen Co IN in 1860. She was born in Germany. They moved to MI and died there. I have some ifo on George CULVER but nothing on MISNER,Anna Catherine(Kathrine). Thanks for any help.
posted by Susan Fortenberry on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Oct 15 12:07:13 1997 I'm looking for someone who can do genealogy research for me at the Allen Co. Public Library in exchange for research that I can do for them in the Clayton Genealogy Library in Houston, TX. The Clayton is not as large as the Allen Co. library but probably still ranks in the top 5. It has an extensive microfilm and book collection and surely has at least one book that isn't available in Fort Wayne! The Clayton Library has an online catalog, search the web for: Clayton Library Houston TX or Houston-Area Online Library Catalogs . I am a stay-at-home Mama with more time than money and would prefer to trade research. I visit Clayton Library at least twice a month. Hope to hear from someone soon, Susan email at:
SWANK posted by Angi St. Clair on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Oct 1 19:37:55 1997 SWANK family in Allen county IN. Any informaton on the SWANK family? First in Ohio, then Indiana.
FENNIG, YAEGER posted by Rose Alexander on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sat Oct 4 08:33:09 1997 I am doing research on the family of Friedrich and Magdalena YAEGER. He was born in Alsace and they immigrated to America with several children (George, Magdalena and Fredrick) in 1855. George was my great- grandfather. He married a Barbara Catharine FENNIG of Mercer Co., Ohio. I am interested in any information about the family that George's sisters may have handed down. His sister Magdalena married a Thomas Sommers from Jay Co., IN. I do know that Magdalena had two daughters, Emma and Anna, and that she lived in Ft. Wayne with Emma and her family. I'll be glad to exchange what information I have found.
KLUG, LANG posted by Debbie Wade on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Mon Oct 6 10:45:31 1997 Looking for information on Joseph LANG and Margaret KLUG m. 11,Oct.,1857 in Ft.Wayne. Joseph was b. 1833 and Anna Margretha was b. 1839. They had 5 children. Thanks.
STANTON, SWANK posted by Angi St.Clair on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Fri Sep 26 08:05:53 1997 SWANK family Looking for any information on the SWANK family of Allen County. Before Allen County they were in Ohio, and before that I believe Pennsylvania. Daniel SWANK (born abt 1836) married Annie or Anna STANTON(?). Who was Daniel's father? One source says Daniel another Philip. Who were Anna/Annie's parents? And any information on a Goldia/Goldie SWANK? She married Grover SWANK 1920-1928.
CAMPBELL, MACKAY posted by vicki pollock on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sun Sep 28 13:24:07 1997 William CAMPBELL and Janet MACKAY from Sutherland Scotland in the year 1865-1886. They were married November 06,1865. They moved to the Indiana area where my Great-Great Grandfather William Paul Campbell was born. His birth date is around 1889. He lived in Baziel Indiana where he inlisted in the service in 1-2-1906. He has brothers and sisters but to me they are unknown. Janet Mackay Campbell remarried a John Bertan who had childern also. He lived in Illinois somewhere. I can not find any information at all on these familys. Anyone know anything? please e-mail me if you do. thank you vicki
MERICA posted by Sheri Williams on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sun Sep 28 20:42:41 1997 Seeking information of any kind on surname MERICA. Specifically looking for Silvanus and/or Jeremiah but any leads on Merica would be greatly appreciated.
ECKLES posted by Terry Eckles on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Tue Sep 30 22:17:16 1997 I am looking for information concerning ancestors of James Albert ECKLES. He was married to Cora Belle Starrett and lived in Allen county, IN near Maysville circa 1870. They had four children; Guy, Nathan, Claude and Grace. The family moved to Merrick county, NE circa 1889. His father was Albert ECKLES, who lived in Mercer, PA. I do not know if he ever lived in IN. I would appreciate any information to help in my search for the ancestors of Albert ECKLES. He was married to Margaret Sterling. Thanks so much!
MOSIER posted by B Thomas on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sun Sep 21 22:37:14 1997 Researching the MOSIER family, resided Cedarville, Allen Co, Indiana at some point between 1840 and 1850. William MOSIER and wife Nancy and children: Mary E, Charles W, and Minerva Jane. Minerva Jane was reportedly born in Cedarville).
SHAPIRO posted by Deb Farber on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Tue Sep 23 15:35:09 1997 I am looking for any information on DR. LYDIA SHAPIRO. She delivered a friend of mine in January of 1953 in Fort Wayne and we are trying to locate her birth records. Would like to know if Dr. Shapiro is living and/or where her records are kept. It would also be helpful to know in which hospital she delivered her babies. Would appreciate any input ........even if it seems insignificant. If she happened to be your doctor please state what year and where her office was. Thanks
WEHR posted by Robert Norris on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Fri Sep 19 20:47:29 1997 Searching for information on WEHR family, which came to Allen County about 1850 from Ohio. Some time after 1853 husband, MICHAEL WEHR, a canal boat builder, and wife CHRISTIANN (or CHRISTINA) both died, leaving some eight minor children to be bound out to families in the area. One of the children, CHARLES WEHR, is my ggrandfather. Searching for other descendants who might know date and circumstances of their deaths and origins of the family in Pennsylvania.
ROSE posted by Joyce Lomont Crowl on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Sep 17 03:37:38 1997 Looking for information about Morris F. ROSE (1853-1873) and Elizabeth Snyder Rose (1845-1900). Ten (10) children. They were Lucy, Ada, James, Sarah Amanda, Susan M., William M., Maud A., Amy, Grace B., and Maggie. Sarah Amanda Rose was my Father's Mother. Lived in the Monroeville area. Thank You Very Much.
CASTOR, HULLSON posted by Linda Thompson on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sat Sep 6 21:31:17 1997 Looking for information on William CASTOR and his wife Mary Ann HULLSON. They had a son, John William CASTOR, born 23 Oct 1838 in New Haven, Allen County.
BARONE, BARRON, BARRONE, BROWN, CLARK, GLASS, JOHNSON, TAYLOR posted by Adam J Barrone on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Tue Sep 2 13:59:48 1997 I am researching Michael BARRONE (1821-1894, son of George & Susanna BARRON of Somerset Co., Pennsylvania. He and some of his family moved to Adams Co., IN around 1844. He married Polly BROWN in 1847 in Allen Co., IN. He resided from that time until his death in Monroe Twp., Allen Co., IN. He bought his farm NW of Monroeville in 1850. He fought in the Civil War, 74 IN INF CO C. His children were: Henry Samuel BARRONE (Monroeville), Levi BARRONE (Payne OH), George Washington Ritter BARRONE (Monroeville), Isaac F. BARRONE (New Haven & Fort Wayne), William BARRONE (Decatur), Mary (BARRONE) CLARK, Amos Stuard BARRONE (MN & WI), Ida BARRONE, Charlotte (BARRONE) JOHNSON (Columbia City), and others. Michael's siblings include: Levi BARRONE (Adams Co), Sarah (BARRONE) TAYLOR (Adams Co), Susannah (BARRONE) GLASS (Adams Co), Isaac BARONE (Dakota Terr), Abraham BARRON, and others. Our German surname BARRON has known variations BARRONE and BARONE.
JACOBS, POOL, POOLE, SWIFT posted by Robert G. Wilson on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sat Sep 6 18:12:28 1997 POOL(E), SWIFT: Allen Co., IN Anyone familiar with these folks from Monroeville, Allen Co., Indiana, previously from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Vermont? I would like to swap info. Samuel POOLE 1818-1890 PA>IN, m 1840 Dracilla___1820-1900 OH>IN; Joseph T. POOLE 1842 OH>IN (Civil War), Horacio POOLE 1844-1910 OH>? John G. POOLE 1846-1910 OH>IN; Thomas D. POOLE 1849-1895 OH>IN>CA; John F. SWIFT 1805-1870, VT>IN m Melissia JACOBS 1822-1900 Ger>IN>CA>IN; Alphus SWIFT 1842-1913 OH>IN; Bayless SWIFT 1846-1915 IA>IN; Florence SWIFT 1852-1936 CA>IN>CA. Robert G. Wilson or 24361 Timothy Dr., Dana Pt., CA92629
CARVER posted by Robin Ridder on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Mon Sep 1 18:12:28 1997 Looking for death info on Samuel D CARVER IV. Died abt mid to late 1800s. in Ft Wayne Ind.
BONEWITZ, STECHER posted by Carol Immel Nelson on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Aug 27 20:25:01 1997 Searching for info concerning Solomon BONEWITZ and Mary STECHER BONEWITZwho moved to Allen County about 1860 from Wayne County, Ohio. I would like to find living descendants of this couple.
SCHILLY, SCHNELKER posted by Charles Venable on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Thu Aug 14 15:47:52 1997 Looking for parents of Herman J. SCHNELKER b. 10-28-1875 Ft. Wayne Ind. died 4-23-1913 St. Louis, MO Married Anna Bertha SCHILLY in 1905.
AKE posted by Michele Kemp Shockley on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Aug 13 22:51:42 1997 ELIJAH Ake b Apr 16, 1811 in Steubenville, OH, d June 11, 1884 in Praire Grove Church, Ft. Wayne, IN. wife JULIANN married 1839. Children : WILLIAM AKE, b. August 10, 1840, Seneca Co., OH; SUSAN AKE, b. 1841, m. LOUIS HATCH; JOSEPH AKE, b 1843, JESSIE AKE, b 1844, JOHN AKE, b 1846, LIZA AKE, b 1848, m. WILLIAM DAFFIN, ANNA AKE, b October 09, 1850, IND, FRANKIE AKE, b 1854, LUCINDA J AKE, b 1856; MARTHA AKE, b January 01, 1859, Allen Co, IN; SAMUEL QUINCY AKE, b July 03, 1861, Ft Wayne, IN.
GEYER posted by warren woodruff on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Tue Aug 12 13:28:47 1997 I am trying to locate information about my great grandfather Charles Philip GEYER. He was born Jan. 15, 1878 in Fort Wayne Indiana. All the info I have so far is that he was an orphan and was brought to South Dakota afterwards. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
TUCKER posted by John R. Rohde II on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Tue Aug 12 09:38:08 1997 TUCKER - Desire info on William TUCKER of Perry Twp., Allen Co., Ind. and his descendants. Wm.TUCKER died on 30 Sept. 1846 and is buried in Old Huntertown Cem.. Prior to settling in Allen Co., Ind., Wm. TUCKER resided in Sugar Creek Twp., Greene Co., Oh.. Wm. TUCKER may have resided for a time in Berkeley/Jefferson Co., W.Vir. and Adams Co., Oh.. He was apparently born in Maryland. Am anxious to establish whether or not Wm. TUCKER is the eldest child of my ancestor Walter TUCKER (ca. 1742-ca. 1827). Did Wm. TUCKER have a son named Rezin/Reason TUCKER? Did Wm. TUCKER have other children? What was the name of Wm. TUCKER's wife? Have discovered that info purporting Wm. Tucker's service in Revolutionay War from North Carolina is inaccurate. Wm. Tucker of Perry Twp., Allen Co., Ind. is not the same Wm. Tucker who served in the War of Independence.
BASTRESS posted by Pauline Shunk on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Thu Aug 7 18:55:54 1997 I'm searching for Robert BASTRESS and his wife Cora or Clara. It is believe that he moved to Ft. Wayne, Indianna from Juniata Co., PA. I would like to hear from someone who may be working on the Bastress surname. Thanks much!!
BENDER, CHASE, KRUGLER, MYERS, WARNER posted by Burna K. Jamieson on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Aug 6 19:44:49 1997 WARNER, CHASE, MYERS, BENDER, KRUGLER - Allen County, IN - I am looking for others researching the Joseph and Elizabeth WARNER family of Perry Township. Joseph & Elizabeth settled in Allen County in 1842 with children: John, Samuel, Joseph, George, Mary, Amos Hyrum, Sophia, and Alexander. Joseph and Elizabeth were married in Cumberland Co., PA, ca 1821, and the first five children were born there. The next three were born in Richland Co., Ohio. Joseph's father, George, (b.1758 in MD) came to IN with them. I have Indiana info about the family to share, and hope someone has information about the earlier years. I would also like to find the descendants of the oldest son John who died in Nashville during the Civil War. John WARNER married Salome CHASE in 1845; they had four children: John, George, Salome, and Rebecca Elizabeth (my great grandmother, b. 1856). John, jr. married Eliza BENDER, Salome married Nathan MYERS, and Rebecca married Lewis KRUGLER. John, jr. and George and their families were still living in Perry Twp. (Section 11) in the early 1900's.
DELGRANGE, KRUGLER, KRUGLERS, MARTIN posted by Burna K. Jamieson on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Aug 6 19:27:22 1997 KRUGLER, MARTIN - Allen County, IN I am researching the KRUGLER family. Nicholas & Catherine KRUGLER are listed in Perry Twp. in the 1860 census with six sons: Tiewald 17, b. "Elsas"; Nicholas 13 b. "Elsas"; Francis 11, Alphens 9, and Edward 7 all b. OH; and Charles 1 b. IN. There may have been a daughter, Catherine age 15, who married Delphus MARTIN in 1864. I have been unable to find the KRUGLER family in the 1870 census. Nicholas purchased land in 1873 in Section 12 in Perry Township. In the 1880 Census Nicholas is listed as a widower boarding with DELGRANGE family in Eel River Twp. near where my great-grandfather Lewis, who I believe to be the Alphens in the 1860 Census, and his family lived. The oldest son, Tiewald, is probably the Civil War veteran buried at St. Vincent's Cemetery, Fort Wayne. The second son, Wm. Nicholas, settled in the Anderson, IN, area; Francis (Frank) and Edward both settled in Van Buren County, MI. I have no idea what became of Charles. Does anyone have any information on these KRUGLERS?
BECK, LUTZ posted by Frances Beck Reynolds on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Aug 6 18:41:52 1997 BECK Would like to correspond with descendants of RICHARD BECK, b 15 Oct 1796, prob in Md, and d 23 May 1861 in Wayne Tp, Allen Co; buried in Prairie Grove Cem. One of his sons, WILLIAM BECK, md to SUSANNAH C. LUTZ. A daughter, HULDAH, md to JOHN L. LUTZ.
BECK posted by Frances Beck Reynolds on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Aug 6 18:16:20 1997 BECK Need family of BARNEY B. BECK, born 18 Oct 1878 in Ft. Wayne and probably remained there the rest of his life.
SMITH posted by Allen Evans on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Wed Aug 6 13:10:58 1997 Any Information On Codelia SMITH Of Ft. Wayne, Allen Co., Indiana Born
BECK, SCARLETT posted by Frances Beck Reynolds on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Tue Aug 5 13:28:25 1997 BECK/SCARLETT. Need descendants of LEANDER BECK who md. PHOEBE OPHELIA SCARLETT on 15 Dec 1870 in Ft. Wayne. Leander died 26 Jan 1916 and is buried in Ft. Wayne. Would like newspaper obit.
BUSSE, HANSEN, MILLER, MONTGOMERY posted by James Hansen on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sun Jul 27 15:25:24 1997 I would like to receive information on the HANSEN, MILLER, BUSSE, and MONTGOMERY families. If you have any information, please help me.
FISCHER, SCHMIDT posted by Carol Zabel Conner on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sat Jul 26 14:23:25 1997 I am looking for any information I can find on Godfrey SCHMIDT, wife Louisa Zabel Schmidt, born Harrison Co. 1845. Children Lula, Emma born @1877, Edwin. Children believed to have been born in Allen County. Emma married ____FISCHER and continued to reside in Allen County until her death in the late 1900's. Trying to locate descendants. Would greatly appreciate any help.
DREW, HERBERT posted by Dick Herbert on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sun Jul 27 15:25:24 1997 My Gret-grandmother Foud in 1850 and 1860 census, Cedar Creek Twp., Allen Co., July 1860 age 19 born in N.Y. ...father Watler DREW age 61 born in Ireland. His wife Ann died between 1850 and 1860. Mary A. Drew married John V. HERBERT about 1869??? ...Tradition tells us he changed surname from something sounding like Harbour just prior to Marriage...Believed to have died in Fort Wayne after 1910.
COFFEE, WELLMAN posted by Marcia Wellman MacMullan on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Greetings, all. Just joined this list in hope of contacting descendants of SAMUEL WELLMAN b. 1802, VA,d.1870, IN. He married JANE COFFEE. b. 1806 d. 1867. Their six children were born in Ohio before 1850. They moved to Indiana, Ft. Wayne area before 1860. One of their descendants, Bertha Wellman Welch,(Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter, DAR) researched the Wellman line and filed her DAR application #228883 based on ancestor RUDOLPH WELLMAN'S revolutionary war service. Would like to exchange information with anyone who connects with these lines. Marcia Wellman MacMullan, Ann Arbor MI.
MOHLER, WELCH posted by Jamey Wimer on Thursday, January 1, 1998

I am searching for information on Washington(?) MOHLER who was married to Elizabeth WELCH. They lived in Allen Co. some time around 1860-70. Their son, William Ezra MOHLER is my g-grandfather. Any info about these MOHLERs would be greatly appreciated. Jamey Wimer
CORDUA, GARAD, HOWER, ROOP, SPICHIGER, THORNHILL posted by Margie Roop Pearce on Thursday, January 1, 1998

ROOP: Looking for information on Daniel B. Roop (1849-1928) m. to Rebecca HOWER in 1872. Couple lived in Allen Co. Children include Lula B. m. Harry CORDUA, Sadie m. m. James GARAD, Bertha N. m. Will CORDUA, Harvey A. and Harry Don. Also, nephew, Miles Roop m. Izora THORNHILL in 1919, and had 3 children: Thomas, Betty m. Robert SPICHIGER and Robert. Happy to exchange information.
BYROAD, COPE, MARTIN posted by on Thursday, January 1, 1998

We are looking for any descendants of Georgia Cope MARTIN, who may have in their possession, or have knowledge of, "the family record of George W. BYROAD." Georgia used this record to prepare an affidavit (dated January 31, 1917 in Fort Wayne, IN) for her uncle's (Otho W. BYROAD) Ohio military record. Georgia was born in Fort Wayne, IN, the daughter of Daniel C. COPE and Ann BYROAD, and was the wife of Nestor L. MARTIN, a fireman at Central Station in Fort Wayne. In 1917 they were residing at 520 Wagner, Fort Wayne, IN. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
DENNY posted by Michael A. Denny on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Fri Jul 25 1997 Looking for Genealogy of 2 brothers and 2 sisters of John S. DENNY - Born July 22nd 1859 Ohio perhaps Clinton Co. Died 01/03/1900. John S Dennys decendants Are: (Married to Missouri E. Bunch) Earl S. Denny (deceased) died Adams Co. Decatur IN Willie Denny - unknown William D. Denny (deceased) - died Ingham Co -Lansing MI Michael A. Denny (myself) - living in Grand Rapids MI Allen M. Denny Scott Allen Denny Gabriel Joseph Denny Patrick L. Denny Timothy S. Denny Matthew Shawn Denny Christopher C. Denny Christina S. Denny Christina S. Yates Aubry A. Yates Michael A. Yates (deceased) Stephen E. Denny Cinthia A. Denny Nancy E Denny. Please respond - would love to here from Dennys thanks Mike Denny
BENWARD posted by Craig Baird on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Looking for descendants of the BENWARD family. Living in the Allen County area during the 1700 and 1800's
BURDETT, BURDETTE, HOPKINS, POWELL posted by Donna L. Fischer on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Thu Jul 3 11:34:13 1997 BURDETT/POWELL: Looking for relations of Elizabeth Almira BURDETTE (b. Ft. Wayne 6 Dec 1871; d. OR 12 Oct 1937), d/o James and Elizabeth (Powell) BURDETTE. Elizabeth married Albert Leslie HOPKINS c1895. Any info regarding this family is greatly appreciated.
KLOTZ, MILLER, ORMISTON posted by Jane Smithenry Klotz on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Fri Jul 4 07:42:42 1997 KLOTZ - Searching for descendants of Herman KLOTZ and wife Barbara Wannamaker. Herman and Barbara immigrated from Germany in 1881 to Ft. Wayne, IN, and had the following children: Daniel b. 5 Apr 1870 d. 1908, Mary Marie b. 25 Sep 1879 m. Rufus ORMISTON and d. 29 June 1936, Edward b. Dec. 1881 d. 1 Apr 1945, George F. b. 29 Jan 1888 m. Dessa V. MILLER of Wells Co., IN, and d. 21 July 1969.
GRAYLESS, WAUGH posted by Donald Gradeless on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Sat Jul 5 09:19:38 1997 Searching for all members and descendants of the GRAYLESS Family. Descendants of William & Rebecca (WAUGH) Grayless.
BURRY, GOTFRIED, GOTTFRIED, WELTY posted by Karen Lint on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Mon May 26 08:52:01 1997 Am looking for information about my great grandmother, ALBERTA A BURRY and her ancestors. I know that she was born February 12, 1871 in Subo/Souboz/Sonceboz, Switzerland, and that she came over to the US with her parents and siblings in about 1883. She married CHRISTIAN C. WELTY 12-2-1892, probably in Fort Wayne, IN, but they were living in or near Pandora, OH at the time, so that is unsure. ALBERTA A. BURRY and CHRISTIAN C. WELTY lived in Fort Wayne and both died there; he is 1941, and she in 1961. Her older brother, GOTFRIED married Christian's older sister, MARY. I believe that her parents' names were GOTTFRIED and ANNA BURRY, but I do not know Anna's maiden name or Gottfried and Anna's dates and places of birth, death, marriage, or those of her siblings. If anyone can help or would like to trade information, please contact me.
KNIGHT, PETERS posted by Carol Nielson on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Mon May 26 23:29:59 1997 Searching for Allen County families PETERS and KNIGHT. Frederic Peters who married Elizabeth Knight and had Jane Alice Peters(Carole Lombard), Frederic, Jr. and Stuart. I'd like to know more about the J.C. Peters Hardware Company, why the J.C. Peters house is a historical monument, the names of Frederic Peters' sisters and brothers. I believe Frederic's father was John but I don't know his mother's name. I understand Elizabeth's parents were Charles and Alice but I don't know more about them. I think Elizabeth had sisters. Any information appreciated about the Knights or Peters family. Thanks.
DELONG, DOLE posted by Kristina Krause on Thursday, January 1, 1998

Thu May 29 16:18:20 1997 Looking for others interested in sharing information on John Henry DOLE, b. Jun 1886 in Fort Wayne, Allen, IN. He married Vera Ling (b. 28 Jan 1895), the daughter of William Henry Ling of Eng and Ida Elzada Allred of Chester, Sanpete, UT. The parents of John Henry Dole are Lewis Dole (b. Sep 1861) of MI and Mary Celina DELONG (b. 16 Aug 1859 in or around Fort Wayne, Allen, IN).
ROBSON posted by J L Rising on Wednesday, January 7, 1998

I am searching for birth and death dates for Maria Robson and if possible, a maiden name, husband's name and information on any children. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
HESS, VANHORN posted by Delores Ellis on Wednesday, January 7, 1998

: Searching for info on Jacob Hess and wife Hariett Smith whose dtr. Sarah C. married Wm. Van Horn. I have considerable info on Wm and Sarah but nothing but pictures of her parents. She had 2 sisters, Mollie and Annie and brothers Arnold and P.G. (?), The Hess family came to Allen County in 1850 frome OH and settled near Poe or Hoagland and the Wm VanHorn lived on Monroeville Road near Monroeville when they died. They had 3 children, James, Charles and Mary.
MEEKER, PERRY, RANDALL, RANDEL posted by Colleen Flannery on Wednesday, January 7, 1998

PERRY, Levi Oliver PERRY, HENRY E. Seeking information on early pioneer and settler circa 1825 of Kosciusko, Allen and Noble Cos., Levi O. PERRY and particularly his son, Henry E. PERRY. Levi O. PERRY b. abt 1790 Wales, emigrated to the US in 1803 with his father and family, and was one of first settlers in Delaware Co., Ohio. He married Elizabeth MEEKER there and had first son, Benjamin Francis PERRY in 1818. (No solid death dates are available on any of these individuals -- only last known census appearance.) The family left Ohio for Indiana some time after that, and son Henry E. PERRY was b. Indiana in 1823. Henry E. PERRY returned to Delaware Co, Ohio, at some unknown time where he had many relatives, and married his widowed older first cousin, Jane PERRY RANDEL/RANDALL (b. 1817 in Delaware Co. Ohio to Robert PERRY, Levi's brother) in 1844. She had two children by her first marriage, Martha RANDALL and Eden RANDALL, and had a son by Henry E. PERRY, who was also called Henry or Harry PERRY. (All these Henrys are not to be confused with Jane PERRY's grandfather -- father of Levi and Robert -- Henry P. PERRY or with Jane's younger brother, Henry PERRY who married a LAVENDAR.) Written accounts claim that Henry E. PERRY and Jane PERRY RANDALL PERRY returned to northern Indiana. This may be where their son, Henry/Harry, is born. They may have lived there for 8-10 years, before moving to Iowa where dau. Martha RANDALL married in 1853. (Henry E. And Jane appear to have died in Iowa, his date unknown, hers in 1894). Am missing all information on Henry E. PERRY and his family during their years in Indiana. Colleen Flannery Alexandria, VA
AUER, BRAUN, KLENKE, ROLLBAUGH posted by Lynne Emmons on Wednesday, January 7, 1998

I am researching the AUER family of St. Joseph's Twp. Allen Co. Jacob Auer b. 23 July 1829 Wuerttemberg. Came to America in 1846 with his mother and siblings. Jacob m. Sophia Panne in 1852 and then moved to Whitley Co. They moved back to St. Joseph's Twp. sometime after 1861. Would like to contact any other Auer researchers. Thanks. I am looking for info. on the ROLLBAUGH,BRAUN,& KLENKE families of Marion Twp.,Allen Co. Heinrich Braun b. 18 July 1832 Prussia, m. Kathrina Rollbaugh 22 Apr. 1855 Allen Co. Kathrina d. 20 Jul. 1873 and is buried at Emmanuel Lutheran Ch. Heinrich 2nd m. Wilhelmina Klenke 23 Feb. 1874 at Emmanuel Lutheran Ch. Have lots to share on the Braun family but would really like to find Kathrina Rollbaugh's parents. Thanks.
BATES posted by Linda on Saturday, January 10, 1998

Parents of Albert Weldone BATES, dob 25th Nov. 1912 Fort Wayne, Indiana. (?3 sistersand 1 brother) In Navy 25th Oct. 1943 to 22nd Feb 1946. Chiefs Gunners mate (CB) Station in Camp Peary, Magruder VA, Camp Parks California, and Bremerton Washington. Died Sept. 1981, in Richmond, Henrico, VA. Got his SS# before 1951 in Washington State. 1st marriage to ? infant son died? 2nd wife Vernell two daughters with 2nd wife. His mothers name (i think) Easter Lillian ? (mad) 1st marriage Bates, 2nd ?, 3rd Moore.

I am looking for any info on the HATCH family, located in Allen County. Dean HATCH p; Thoburn Hatch, Martha GRAY. Thoburn HATCH p: William Edward HATCH, Jeanette FISHER. William HATCH F: Carleton Aylmer HATCH, F: Emmett Edwin HATCH, F: Thedore J HATCH, F: Newman Versil HATCH, F: Jason HATCH. Looking for any info on listed people or spouses. Jason HATCH d: 6/26/1841 pd: Perry Twp, Allen Co., IN buried in Huntertown cemetary. All Known listed HATCH's upon death buried in same Huntertown cemetary. Also Info on the following surnames; FISHER, BARRON, MACCALLISTER, SPICE, OVERMYER, PARKER, RICKETT, KETCHAM. Jason HATCH listed 1820 census Amhurst, Niagara Co., NY.
JOHNSTON, KNISELY, SWANDER posted by Susan Marr on Monday, January 12, 1998

I am looking for decendants of John wesley KNISELY b.1862 Allen Co.Ind and brother George Martin Knisely B.June 1864 d.Nov.1895 married Farley Jane SWANDER "Jennie". Their parents were Joseph Knisely and Catherine Elizabeth Renn of Allen Co. "Jennie's" parents were David Swander and Emily JOHNSTON.Please email me.Thank you all.
BROWN, CORDELL, GEISS, MITCHELL, SCHERER posted by Deborah S. Avelis on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

I am searching for additional information on the family that adopted my grandmother, Lelah Miller, about 1903 from the Allen County Orphans Home. She was adopted by Louis J. (Jacob, I think) GEISS and Mary Elizabeth CORDELL BROWN GEISS. Louis was the son of Jacob and Julia SCHERER GEISS. Family lore has that Louis was on the board of the Orphans Home. He either managed or owned (again, family lore) the Queen and Alaska Coal Companies in Ft. Wayne. Louis and Mary Elizabeth changed Lelah's birth name to Buena Lucille GEISS. I am interested in other members of the GEISS, CORDELL and SCHERER families. I do know that Louis had one sister, Laura who married John MITCHELL in Ft. Wayne. Julia SCHERER GEISS and Mary Elizabeth CORDELL GEISS are buried under the same headstone with Laura buried right near in Lindenwood Cemetery. Can anyone fill in some gaps in the SCHERER family? In the GEISS family, any additional members being researched? Do any of these names sound familiar to anyone? I am willing to share information.
BORDNER, DISLER, KRYDER, MAXFIELD posted by Katherine on Monday, January 19, 1998

KRYDER DISLER MAXFIELD Looking for missing links in these families from Cedarville, Leo, Ft. Wayne. BORDNER Need information regarding the relationship of these families in Allen County.
GALLMEIER, GALLMEYER posted by Scott Allen Gallmeier on Tuesday, January 20, 1998

GALLMEIER GALLMEYER Please provide me with any information you may have on these surnames.
BROWN, GROVER posted by Cheryl Armstrong on Tuesday, January 20, 1998

I am looking for information on a JOEL GROVER he was a missionary to the Indians. His daughter ELIZA GROVER married OBEDIAH BROWN in Allen Co. Indiana in 1832.


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