Allen County Surnames

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The Allen County Public Library maintains a surname list of every visitor who has submitted their family surname information since 1998 that is searchable in this Index. Surnames researched and submitted by Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana members are also posted on the Members Only Section of ACGSI. Consider becoming a member to access these and other member only files.

January 24, 2012 a Journal-Gazette newspaper article "Siblings learn of each other via Web" by Frank Gray discussed a local Fort Wayne woman whose interest in genealogy helped her find a 1997 query a genealogist place on behalf of a man who she learns was her brother, a brother she did not know she had! I cannot find the 1997 query, but did find a January 17, 2011 query on GenForum and Message Board. So be sure to leave surname queries in various locations, because we never know when or where the "right" person will find them.

This is an archived page to links of 1997 surnames before automated Message Boards made submissions and searches the standard method for genealogy searching of surnames and localities.

An alternative is to create a web page which can be as simple as a page of family information through Family Tree Maker or other genealogy software, or as elaborate as a complete web site through your internet service provider like Comcast and Earthlink, or ad supported free sites like Rootsweb Freepages, Yahoo GeoCities, Google and others. You can also buy a domain name and use a paid site like GoDaddy and others. You can also submit a genealogy as a Word document, pdf file or other format to appear on our Genealogies and Family Web site page.

Or you can post a query or question with your surname(s) on the Allen County, Indiana Message Boards which is the same as the Allen County Indiana Message Board. The Message Board postings are keyword searchable and why we no longer maintain our own queries. You may want to search the Message Board before posting your query. Make sure you change the search criteria from Radio button image All Boards to Radio  button checked Allen - Family History & Genealogy Message Board before your search or you will search all of their hundreds of message boards which might be a good thing.

To submit your query, use the Begin New Thread page, use your existing account or create a new account and follow their directions. One advantage to this system is if you change your email account, you can return to Rootsweb and with one change all your postings will be updated to your new email account.

There is also an Allen County Indiana Mailing List that is emailed to subscribers and is similar to, but not the same as the Message Board. You have to subscribe to this list in order to post your queries. You can search or browse the Mailing List Archives by year and month. So both the Message Board and Mailing List may be useful to your search.

To view Message Board Surnames from 1997 visit the Surname Archive links below.

You can also Search the Rootsweb Surnames by Location or look at their general Surname Message Boards.

The Indiana Genealogical Society has a searchable database for anyone who submits their Indiana Surnames.

Allen County Surname Archive