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Jefferson and Jackson Twp. excerpts from the Journal Gazette, 1905-1916

Fort Wayne, Indiana

CLUBS:Farmers, Larkin, Besancon, Red Men of Pocasset Tribe No. 304 of Monroeville. 2/3/06 FW Sentinel: French Reading Club (women), 3/30/15 sewing circle at Besancon.
SCHOOLS:Louis Emenizer taught in No.4 Jackson Twp 1/15/05
Nellie Park closed school in Maples 5/12/07
1/20/16 Only 5 students at No.4 school due to zero weather. Teacher: Miss Pearl Behrman. Miss Mildred Monnot was conveyed to school by her father. She has not been tardy or absent this term or last term, winning the roll of honor.

Fair at Hartford City 5/12/07. Fair at VanWert 9/12/14

Dinner at Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Gerardot's. The afternoon was music, card games, and refreshments.

6/10/10 Old-fashioned carpet rag sewing at C.F. Gladieux's of Tillman. Fine dinner and then lunch at 4pm.

1/17/14 Young folks at home of Mr and Mrs. John Ternet. Evening was spent in games and dancing.

7/10/16 Barn dance at Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin

12/10/05 Box social and entertainment at #9 school Jeff.Twp. Teacher: Myrtle Spaulding

1/25/13 Miss Lucy Jacquay- teacher at #4 school

2/22/06 FW Sentinel. Entertainment at Besancon school hall. Interurban stops at theater hall and a special rate of 30cents round trip for FW people. Orchestra will furnish music.

Zulu baseball, sleighing party, barn raising, motor to Robison Park, Church bazaar, plays by young people at Besancon, seeing plays at the Majestic

2/17/07 Louis Martin gave a progressive Pedro party (Peedro) variation of card game Pitch. 19th century game


Horse frightened by automobile and buggy was upset. 3 ladies injured.

5/13/14 John Lothamer has a new automobile.

1/30/14 Frank Oberley is building a garage for his auto.

12/10/05 August Jacquay called on Emanuel Lesh. Dutch played selections on his talking machine.

5/13/14 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reuille brought home a new rubber tire buggy.

1/20/16 Henry Girardot of Zulu and others cut ice on the Frank Oberley pond.

1/15/13 Charles Martin of Tillman's Station erected cement block ice house. Running and walking is becoming a sport around Tillman and Zulu.

Sawmill at Zulu

1/22/13 Sleet on telephone lines. Telephones out of commission.

3/27/13 High water caused several washouts along Ohio Electric Railway. A number of schools were closed-school yard was covered With water.

6/21/13 Abraham Levy was a huckster. (door to door salesman) Started by carrying goods in valise and on foot. Later driving. Selling groceries and dry goods.

The Holy Trinity Window over the main entrance to St. Louis Church in Besancon is seen at top left.