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St. Louis Besancon Catholic Church Parishioners in the World Wars

World War I

Bacon, Benny
Bacon, Harvey
Boitet, Eugene
Cheviolet, Julian
Comment, Chester
Girard, Joseph (died in service)
Giant, Lansing
Girardot, Simeon
Gladieux, Jesse
Gremaux, Clem
Henry, Felecian
Huguenard, Charles (died in service)
Kennerk, Frank
Lesh, Clarence
Lothamer, Carl
Lothamer, Oscar
Marthey, Raymond
McCormick, Samuel
Moorman, Rev. George
Mumper, Albert
Mumper, Charles
Mumper, John
Nalpret, Frank
Oberley, Elmer
Pepe, Raymond
Reuille, Ceril
Reuille, Clarence
Reuille, Henry
Reuille, Louis
Rorick, Frank
Rose, Frank
Rose, Jesse
Roussey, Ernest
Roussey, William
Roy, Francis
Ryan, Norbert (died in service)
Schearshel, Louis
Sordelet, Louis
Ternet, Clarence
Ternet, William
Venderley, Arthur
Venderley, Celestine
Voirol, Eugene
Voirol, Herman

World War II

Banet, Albert S
Beckstedt, Bernard
Bowers, Herman J
Bowers, Manfred
Bowers, Walter
Brown, Walter
Clevenger, Glenn
Converset, Julian W
Coonrod, Gilbert
Coonrod, Ross
Coulardot, Clifford
Dager, Edward
Dager, Walter C
Dehnert, David P
Dodane, Arthur
Dodane, Marion
Dodane, Walter
Frane, Virgil
Gerardot, Leonard
Gerardot, Ralph
Gerardot, Wilmer C
Giant, Joseph Jacob
Girardot, George Ray
Gomez, Jesse
Gremaux, Dorothy
Gremaux, Manfred
Gremaux, Walter
Hake, Robert S
Huguenard, Donald
Huguenard, Virgil
Jacquay, Robert
Kline, Paul
Lomont, Bernard
Lomont, Edward
Lomont, Monica
Lomont, Robert H
Lopshire, Charles E
Lortie, Dallas
Lortie, Dominic
Lothamer, Joseph
Louraine, Leonard
Lowden, Eugene
Martin, Frederick
Martin, Leonard
Martin, Norbert
Mourey, Edwin
Mourey, Joseph
Murfield, Clifford
Oberley, Donald
Oberley, Gerald
Oberley, Harold
Oberley, Richard
O’Shaughnessey, John
Ristau, Archie W
Rorick, Edna
Rorick, Richard
Roussel, Wilbur
Roussey, Merlin
Roy, Doris
Roy, Robert
Vachon, George
Voirol, Clarence
Voirol, Cletus C
Voirol, Laurent
Welling, August Edward

The Holy Trinity Window over the main entrance to St. Louis Church in Besancon is seen at top left.