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1870 Agricultural Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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Mc BradneyMargret40St. Joseph9
Mc BrideAbsolom20Milan1
Mc BrideJames40Eel River11
Mc BrideLydia160Eel River1
Mc BrideMitchell0Eel River11
Mc BrideWm.40Eel River11
Mc CahanGeorge50Madison7
Mc CardyAbsalom40Madison3
Mc CartneyAndrew248Eel River9
Mc CartneyJames90Cedar Creek3
Mc ClanehanAugustus126Aboite1
Mc ClaveJohn20Lafayette1
Mc ClureJosiah170St. Joseph5
Mc ClureWilliam215St. Joseph5
Mc CombJames200Perry5
Mc ConaughyDavid80Madison1
Mc ConaughyM. W.120Madison1
Mc ConnelJohn85Jackson1
Mc CormicJames1300Aboite3
Mc CormicM. N.104Lake5
Mc CormicW. H.40Lake5
Mc CormickElmer80St. Joseph5
Mc CormickMarthy60Cedar Creek9
Mc CormickMary A.100Adams5
Mc CormickPatk.80Jefferson1
Mc CormickThos.40Jefferson1
Mc CormickWilliam93Eel River5
Mc CoyGeorge W.337Adams3
Mc CoyJames H.80Lafayette3
Mc CraryJames320Cedar Creek3
Mc CraryJohn112Cedar Creek3
Mc CredmondMich.40Pleasant9
Mc CristyJohn249Eel River9
Mc CroneJohn48Washington9
Mc CullochJosiah135Jefferson9
Mc CuneHenry30Cedar Creek9
Mc CurdyGeorge0Eel River7
Mc CurdyMary80Eel River11
Mc CurdySamuel80Eel River9
Mc DanielsA. J.36Washington7
Mc DanielsDavid40Lake5
Mc DonaldE. H.84Adams5
Mc DougalRachel40Jefferson9
Mc DowelAlex100Pleasant1
Mc DuffeeJames112Eel River7
Mc FarlandB. B. 80Jefferson7
Mc GinnisFrank3Lafayette7
Mc GinnisHester A.80Lafayette9
Mc GloughlinBarnard40Lake9
Mc GooganWm.40Lafayette3
Mc IntoshB. J.120Madison3
Mc IntoshB. J. Jr.80Madison9
Mc IntoshJohn46Marion5
Mc IntoshThomas54Madison9
Mc IntoshWm.77Adams5
Mc KeeMary97Eel River5
Mc KeeWilliam119Eel River3
Mc KeemanDavid120Madison1
Mc KinleyAlex240Washington7
Mc KinleyMary24St. Joseph3
Mc KinneyJohn80Eel River5
Mc KinseyStephen80Milan3
Mc LainDavid160Marion7
Mc LainNelson225Marion7
Mc MahanDoratha160Adams3
Mc MahanE.160Lake3
Mc MahanH. C.80Adams3
Mc MillenJohn40Jackson1
Mc NabbJohn10Cedar Creek5
Mc NabbJohn80Cedar Creek3
Mc NabbRobert68Cedar Creek5
Mc NabbWilliam125Cedar Creek3
Mc NairSarah325Wayne3
Mc NallyJames40St. Joseph5
Mc QuistonDavid80Perry1
Mc QuistonJohn157Washington3
Mc TagneJames80Lake5
Mc TagneMary40Lake5
Mc WhirterGeorge3Monroe1
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