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1880 Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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Castle, RobertAdamsIdiot110
Cemesky, CharlesFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Chambers, JosephFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Chandler, JohnSpringfieldInsane104
Chapman, IdaFort WayneHomeless children125Crossed out
Charpenning, JuliaFort WaynePauper & Indigent122
Chatin, PeterJeffersonPauper & Indigent111
Clark, CatherineFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Clark, CatherineFort WayneIdiot117
Clark, JamesFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Clark, MaryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Clark, MaryFort WayneIdiot117
Clark, RebekahFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Clark, RebekahFort WayneIdiot117
Clinger, MaryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Clinger, MaryFort WayneIdiot117
Clossen, MatildaAdamsBlind110
Cone, CharlesPerryPauper & Indigent102
Cook, AnthonyAdamsIdiot110
Costello, MichaelFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Crawford, AndrewPerryInsane102
Crawford, MaryLafayetteInsane116
Crawford, Mary E.LafayetteIdiot116
Crippen, Asa B.AdamsBlind110
Dager, MagdaleneFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Dahmeyer, ChristianAdamsInsane110
Daily, PhebaLafayetteBlind116
Dance, AmandaFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Darst, CharlesFort WayneInsane125
Darst, CharlesFort WaynePauper & Indigent125
Devlin, MaryFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Devlin, MaryFort WayneInsane117
Didier, JohnFort WayneBlind120
Didier, John JosephFort WayneBlind120
Dignon, ElizabethFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Dignon, ElizabethFort WayneInsane117
Dinklager, AnnaFort WayneIdiot120
Duffy, GeorgeFort WayneBlind120
Ebbriger, GeorgeFort WayneInsane125
Eldridge, W. A.Fort WayneBlind126
Emmery, KatherineFort WayneBlind120
Eveland, PeterAdamsBlind110
Every, JamesFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Fal-ny, JohnFort WayneHomeless children117
Fauton, EdwardFort WayneHomeless children117
Ferguson, MaryFort WayneIdiot117
Fitzgerald, EdwardMilanIdiot108
Flack, RobertFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Folum, JohnFort WaynePauper & Indigent117Asylum
Folum, JohnFort WayneIdiot117
Foot, CatherineSpringfieldBlind104
Fox, ManuelFort WaynePrison123County Jail
Fresch, LawrencePleasantInsane115
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