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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Baada, Caroline C. M.5INWayne Twp.
Baada, Christian51GERMWayne Twp.
Baada, Christina52GERMFort Wayne
Baada, Eliza26INFort Wayne
Baada, Elizabeth22INWayne Twp.
Baada, Fredrick16INFort Wayne
Baada, Fredrick D.12INWayne Twp.
Baada, Henry C.16INWayne Twp.
Baada, Martin12INFort Wayne
Baada, Martin W. C.2INWayne Twp.
Baada, Sophia47GERMWayne Twp.
Baada, Sophia9INWayne Twp.
Baada, William50GERMFort Wayne
Baada, William20INFort Wayne
Baade, Anna3INFort Wayne
Baade, Fredrick14INFort Wayne
Baade, Fredricka69GERMFort Wayne
Baade, Fredricka49GERMFort Wayne
Baade, Fredricka14INFort Wayne
Baade, Henry48GERMFort Wayne
Baade, Henry11INFort Wayne
Baade, Henry9INFort Wayne
Baade, Wilhelmina40GERMFort Wayne
Baade, Wilhelmina7INFort Wayne
Baade, Wm.25GERMFort Wayne
Baade, Wm.5INFort Wayne
Baals, August30INFort Wayne
Baals, Barbara60GERMFort Wayne
Baals, Clara3INFort Wayne
Baals, Emma20INFort Wayne
Baals, Frank6INFort Wayne
Baals, John65GERMFort Wayne
Baals, John61GERMWayne Twp.
Baals, Julia54GERMWayne Twp.
Baals, Lowisa I.21INWayne Twp.
Baals, Maggie27INFort Wayne
Baals, Meta1INFort Wayne
Baals, Mina16INFort Wayne
Baals, Rosanna54GERMFort Wayne
Baals, Sarah12INFort Wayne
Baals, William J.19INWayne Twp.
Baas, Simon77NCFort Wayne
Baats, Aurnts40GERMFort Wayne
Baats, Wilhemina39GERMFort Wayne
Baats, William4INFort Wayne
Baba, Cristene9INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baba, Frank16INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baba, John45FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Baba, John5INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baba, Joseph13INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baba, Julie38FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Baba, Mary2INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baba, Poline11INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baba, Victor7INSt. Joseph Twp.
Babard, Apolonia12INFort Wayne
Babard, Elenora8INFort Wayne
Babard, Luchion50OHFort Wayne
Babard, Mary34OHFort Wayne
Babcock, A. M.35INFort Wayne
Babcock, Edward B.27NYSt. Joseph Twp.
Babcock, Ellen20OHFort Wayne
Babcock, J. H.28OHFort Wayne
Babcock, Maria37OHFort Wayne
Babcock, Mary50SCOTFort Wayne
Babcock, Mary A.59NYSt. Joseph Twp.
Babcock, Oliver L.12NYSt. Joseph Twp.
Babcock, W. H.57NYSt. Joseph Twp.
Baberet, Atine35FRANFort Wayne
Baberet, Frank41FRANFort Wayne
Babilya, L. J.22INFort Wayne
Babington, Wm.23INFort Wayne
Bach, John A.72GERMFort Wayne
Bach, Mary69GERMFort Wayne
Bache, Bousnet47FRANWashington Twp.
Bacher, Joseph20FRANCedar Creek Twp.
Bachman, Saml.79GERMFort Wayne
Bachman, Sophia72GERMNew Haven
Backer, Henry53GERMFort Wayne
Backer, Rosie18INFort Wayne
Backer, Sophie54GERMFort Wayne
Backes, Annie15INFort Wayne
Backes, Frances29INFort Wayne
Backes, Jacob51GERMFort Wayne
Backes, John20INFort Wayne
Backes, Joseph13INFort Wayne
Backes, Mary M.18INFort Wayne
Backes, Mathias25INFort Wayne
Backes, Susan A.17INFort Wayne
Backes, Wm.11INFort Wayne
Backus, 55INFort Wayne
Backus, 28INFort Wayne
Backus, Allie18INFort Wayne
Backus, Carolina12INFort Wayne
Backus, Clara6INFort Wayne
Backus, Francis14INFort Wayne
Backus, Jacob21INFort Wayne
Backus, John55INFort Wayne
Backus, John53GERMFort Wayne
Backus, John17INFort Wayne
Backus, Rachel66PACedar Creek Twp.
Backus, Salome60NYFort Wayne
Backus, Walley74MACedar Creek Twp.
Backus, Wm.8INFort Wayne
Bacon, Adline E.37INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Albert6INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Annie10INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Charles25INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Clara V.5INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Edward1INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Eliza24INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Ella26OHHuntertown
Bacon, Ella Maud1INHuntertown
Bacon, Ephraim4INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Francis29INHuntertown
Bacon, Henry65NJCedar Creek Twp.
Bacon, John S.20INCedar Creek Twp.
Bacon, Josephine26OHJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Leonora J.3INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Louis21INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Lucy9INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Mary14INJefferson Twp.
Bacon, Nancy A.59INCedar Creek Twp.
Bacon, Samuel48OHJefferson Twp.
Bacon, William L.1INJefferson Twp.
Bada, Louisa19INFort Wayne
Badaiac, Charles8INWashington Twp.
Badaiac, Coly3INWashington Twp.
Badaiac, Joseph37INWashington Twp.
Badaiac, Margret1INWashington Twp.
Badaiac, Mary35PAWashington Twp.
Badaiac, William4INWashington Twp.
Bade, Annah4INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bade, C. E.49GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bade, Christin8INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bade, Elisabeth6INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bade, John10INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bade, Lisa2INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bade, Martha12INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bade, Mary16INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bade, Wilhelmine40GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bader, Joseph44GERMFort Wayne
Badey, William9INPerry Twp.
Badiac, Charles I.27INWashington Twp.
Badiac, Eva2INMilan Twp.
Badiac, Josephene4INMilan Twp.
Badiac, Louis29INMilan Twp.
Badiac, Mary23INMilan Twp.
Badiac, Mary A.24INWashington Twp.
Badner, Bertha4ILFort Wayne
Badner, Christina32GERMFort Wayne
Badyac, Amelia28INWashington Twp.
Badyac, Jane65FRANWashington Twp.
Badyac, Lucinda31INWashington Twp.
Baenger, Adolf17OHFort Wayne
Baer, Catherine9INFort Wayne
Baer, Celia0INFort Wayne
Baer, Geo. J.38MAFort Wayne
Baer, Johana F.13INFort Wayne
Baer, Joseph4INFort Wayne
Baer, Mary37INFort Wayne
Baer, Mary2INFort Wayne
Baer, William6INFort Wayne
Baetch, Herman29GERMFort Wayne
Baetel, John16CANFort Wayne
Bager, Enna11OHSt. Joseph Twp.
Bagley, Hugh67IRELFort Wayne
Bagley, Julia66IRELFort Wayne
Bahadt, Caroline17INNew Haven
Bahadt, Catharine6INNew Haven
Bahadt, Christopher60GERMNew Haven
Bahadt, Mary48GERMNew Haven
Bahadt, Phillip19INNew Haven
Bahale, Elisabeth58GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bahale, Elisabeth19INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bahale, Fred55GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bahale, Fred24GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bahele, Dortha52GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bahele, Henry61GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bahele, Henry27GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bahelier, Edward W.30INWashington Twp.
Bahelier, Georgie M.23INWashington Twp.
Bahret, Charles4INFort Wayne
Bahret, Emma6NYFort Wayne
Bahret, Jacob31GERMFort Wayne
Bahret, Louisa1INFort Wayne
Bahret, Margaret31GERMFort Wayne
Bahret, Wilhelm7NYFort Wayne
Baier, Emma6INFort Wayne
Baier, Georg27GERMFort Wayne
Baier, Georg1INFort Wayne
Baier, Helene28GERMFort Wayne
Bailess, A. H.42INFort Wayne
Bailess, Amelia H.0INFort Wayne
Bailess, Geo. W.6INFort Wayne
Bailess, Lillian9ILFort Wayne
Bailess, Matilda35INFort Wayne
Bailess, Wilson W.17INFort Wayne
Bailey, Alis1INCedar Creek Twp.
Bailey, John38INHuntertown
Bailey, John27INCedar Creek Twp.
Bailey, Josephine20INFort Wayne
Bailey, Lafayette3INCedar Creek Twp.
Bailey, Mary22INCedar Creek Twp.
Bailey, Morris24INFort Wayne
Baillie, Andrew8INFort Wayne
Baillie, Ann38SCOTFort Wayne
Baillie, Annie3INFort Wayne
Baillie, Emma10INFort Wayne
Baillie, George5INFort Wayne
Baillie, John40SCOTFort Wayne
Baillie, John13INFort Wayne
Baillie, Thos.17SCOTFort Wayne
Baily, Agnes14OHFort Wayne
Baily, James57OHWayne Twp.
Baily, Mary33OHFort Wayne
Bain, Abigal42OHMarion Twp.
Bain, Almira6INMarion Twp.
Bain, Biron22INMarion Twp.
Bain, John L.14INMarion Twp.
Bain, Roberd10INMarion Twp.
Bain, T. Erven19INMarion Twp.
Bain, William8INMarion Twp.
Bainbridge, Daniel30OHFort Wayne
Bair, Addie S.1INCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, Aron E.4INCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, Christopher31OHCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, Cora10OHFort Wayne
Bair, Hariet26INCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, John29OHCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, Louisa46OHCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, Mary28INCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, Mary E.3INCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, Rachel A.34OHFort Wayne
Bair, Rudolf60OHCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, Simon65OHCedar Creek Twp.
Bair, William0INCedar Creek Twp.
Baird, Clarendon6INCedar Creek Twp.
Baird, John67OHCedar Creek Twp.
Baird, Julius33INCedar Creek Twp.
Bairley, Erine6INFort Wayne
Bairley, Jesse2INFort Wayne
Bairley, Olive26INFort Wayne
Bairley, Wiliam29OHFort Wayne
Bais, Adaline16OHAboite Twp.
Bais, Charley A.5INAboite Twp.
Bais, Clarra F.7INAboite Twp.
Bais, Isaac53OHAboite Twp.
Bais, Susan20OHAboite Twp.
Baising, John24GERMFort Wayne
Baister, Lena50GERMFort Wayne
Baitter, Carl38GERMMarion Twp.
Baity, Samuel40PAFort Wayne
Baker, A. Mary1INZanesville
Baker, A. May22INLafayette Twp.
Baker, A. W.36OHFort Wayne
Baker, Ackerty50GERMWashington Twp.
Baker, Adam43GERMMonroe Twp.
Baker, Adam23INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Agnes13INFort Wayne
Baker, Albert50MEFort Wayne
Baker, Albert C.11INMilan Twp.
Baker, Albert G.11ENGLWayne Twp.
Baker, Alfred K.1INFort Wayne
Baker, Allen F.7INFort Wayne
Baker, Alonzo A.64NYMonroeville
Baker, Alvin17PASpringfield Twp.
Baker, Amanda43OHFort Wayne
Baker, Ambrose19INWashington Twp.
Baker, Amelia17INFort Wayne
Baker, Andrew21INWashington Twp.
Baker, Anna19INFort Wayne
Baker, Anna14INWashington Twp.
Baker, Anna R.44GERMFort Wayne
Baker, Annie40INFort Wayne
Baker, Anton3INFort Wayne
Baker, Arena17INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Arthie36OHFort Wayne
Baker, Balinda54MDLafayette Twp.
Baker, Barbara C.5INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Barbra45OHLafayette Twp.
Baker, Bernard23INFort Wayne
Baker, Bridget58IRELFort Wayne
Baker, C. A.7ILFort Wayne
Baker, C. John16INLafayette Twp.
Baker, C. Mary20INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Cain34OHMilan Twp.
Baker, Cain13INMilan Twp.
Baker, Caroline35GERMFort Wayne
Baker, Catharine29OHFort Wayne
Baker, Catharine3INFort Wayne
Baker, Catharine M.38OHMonroeville
Baker, Catherine50GERMFort Wayne
Baker, Cathern22INWashington Twp.
Baker, Cecilia18INFort Wayne
Baker, Celia O.17INFort Wayne
Baker, Charles8OHFort Wayne
Baker, Charles A.17OHMonroeville
Baker, Charles E.3INFort Wayne
Baker, Charles S.2INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Conrad58GERMFort Wayne
Baker, D. Ira3INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Daisy E.3INMonroe Twp.
Baker, David28INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Delila47OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Dorethea47GERMMonroe Twp.
Baker, E. Sarah18INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Editha36OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Edward32OHFort Wayne
Baker, Edward3INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Edward E.13INMonroeville
Baker, Edward M.4INFort Wayne
Baker, Elam22INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Elexander41OHMilan Twp.
Baker, Elexander6INMilan Twp.
Baker, Elgie11INZanesville
Baker, Eliza18INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Elizabeth I.12INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Ella10INWashington Twp.
Baker, Ellen27INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Ellen8INMilan Twp.
Baker, Emelie37OHMilan Twp.
Baker, Emma17INFort Wayne
Baker, Emma E.9INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Esau19INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Fayette19INMonroeville
Baker, Florence M.3OHMonroeville
Baker, Francis M.32OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Frank19INFort Wayne
Baker, Frank9INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Frank0INFort Wayne
Baker, Frank J.17INFort Wayne
Baker, Franklin32OHMonroeville
Baker, Franklin0INFort Wayne
Baker, Franky14OHFort Wayne
Baker, Fridrich22GERMFort Wayne
Baker, George44ENGLWayne Twp.
Baker, George A.7INMonroeville
Baker, George A.1INFort Wayne
Baker, George J.32INFort Wayne
Baker, George R.10INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Goldie8OHNew Haven
Baker, Grady8INWashington Twp.
Baker, H. William1INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Hannah34OHFort Wayne
Baker, Hannah9INWashington Twp.
Baker, Hannah6INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Harriet C.12INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Hattie12INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Henrette25GERMFort Wayne
Baker, Henry23INWashington Twp.
Baker, Henry J.17OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Henry M.13INMilan Twp.
Baker, Ira W.8INFort Wayne
Baker, Isaac36PAFort Wayne
Baker, Isaac W.47OHFort Wayne
Baker, J. A.40OHLafayette Twp.
Baker, Jacob60GERMWashington Twp.
Baker, Jacob35OHMilan Twp.
Baker, Jacob5INMilan Twp.
Baker, James45OHLafayette Twp.
Baker, James T.23INMonroeville
Baker, Jane44ENGLWayne Twp.
Baker, Jerome17OHZanesville
Baker, John84MDSpringfield Twp.
Baker, John63GERMFort Wayne
Baker, John59GERMFort Wayne
Baker, John57OHLafayette Twp.
Baker, John7INMilan Twp.
Baker, John2INMilan Twp.
Baker, John A.39GERMFort Wayne
Baker, John A.13INMonroe Twp.
Baker, John E.4INMonroeville
Baker, John Edward14INFort Wayne
Baker, John F.10INMonroe Twp.
Baker, John G.20INFort Wayne
Baker, John Geo.5INFort Wayne
Baker, John H.46VAMonroeville
Baker, John M.48NYFort Wayne
Baker, John M.17NYFort Wayne
Baker, John S.57PASpringfield Twp.
Baker, Jos.19INFort Wayne
Baker, Joseph65FRANMilan Twp.
Baker, Joseph19INWashington Twp.
Baker, Joseph9INMilan Twp.
Baker, Joseph K. E.17INMonroeville
Baker, Josephine30GERMFort Wayne
Baker, Katie E.20ENGLWayne Twp.
Baker, Kilian50GERMFort Wayne
Baker, Lala M.9INMonroeville
Baker, Laura E. F.7INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Lawrance12INWashington Twp.
Baker, Leola M.0INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Lilla2INMilan Twp.
Baker, Lorenz33GERMFort Wayne
Baker, M. Ollie0INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Mahala56OHMonroeville
Baker, Margaret8OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Margart A.10INFort Wayne
Baker, Margret15INWashington Twp.
Baker, Margret10INMilan Twp.
Baker, Margrey0INMilan Twp.
Baker, Marion30OHLafayette Twp.
Baker, Martin4INMilan Twp.
Baker, Mary42NYWashington Twp.
Baker, Mary26INFort Wayne
Baker, Mary19INFort Wayne
Baker, Mary15INFort Wayne
Baker, Mary5INFort Wayne
Baker, Mary A.56MDFort Wayne
Baker, Mary C.37OHMonroeville
Baker, Mary E.12INFort Wayne
Baker, Mary L.20INFort Wayne
Baker, Melcena6INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Melinda L.10INFort Wayne
Baker, Michael L.14INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Milton W.5OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Mollie35OHZanesville
Baker, Myrtle L.5INMonroeville
Baker, Nancy8INMilan Twp.
Baker, Nettie2INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Noah C.4INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Nora0INMilan Twp.
Baker, Oscar16OHZanesville
Baker, R. F.25OHFort Wayne
Baker, Raymund W.3INMonroeville
Baker, Rebecca58PASpringfield Twp.
Baker, Rosa9INFort Wayne
Baker, Rosana5INFort Wayne
Baker, Rosanna33OHMilan Twp.
Baker, Rozilla5INMilan Twp.
Baker, Samantha35OHMonroeville
Baker, Samuel33INLafayette Twp.
Baker, Sarah34OHLafayette Twp.
Baker, Sarah32VAMonroe Twp.
Baker, Sarah24INMonroe Twp.
Baker, Sarah H.13ENGLWayne Twp.
Baker, Simon S.42OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Sina25OHMonroeville
Baker, Susan60MDLafayette Twp.
Baker, Susanna38OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Sylvanus49OHMonroe Twp.
Baker, Therisa15GERMFort Wayne
Baker, Thomas J.21ENGLWayne Twp.
Baker, Vincent17INFort Wayne
Baker, Viola4INMilan Twp.
Baker, Warren H.24INMonroe Twp.
Baker, William36OHFort Wayne
Baker, William4NYFort Wayne
Baker, William D.44OHMonroeville
Baker, Willie D.12INMonroeville
Bakus, Barbara30GERMFort Wayne
Balcomb, Sarah L.43NYFort Wayne
Baldeker, William17INFort Wayne
Baldock, Elida18INFort Wayne
Baldock, Harry2INFort Wayne
Baldock, May21OHFort Wayne
Baldock, Wm.25INFort Wayne
Baldwin, Abel39INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baldwin, Agness26INFort Wayne
Baldwin, Agnus28INFort Wayne
Baldwin, Albert36OHFort Wayne
Baldwin, Albert35OHFort Wayne
Baldwin, Alva J.13INJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Anna A.50ENGLFort Wayne
Baldwin, Chancey J.9INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baldwin, D. P.31OHSpringfield Twp.
Baldwin, Elbert D.8MOWayne Twp.
Baldwin, Elisabeth42OHSpringfield Twp.
Baldwin, Elizabeth J.10MOWayne Twp.
Baldwin, Feddie5INFort Wayne
Baldwin, Frances C.35INWayne Twp.
Baldwin, Francis I.17INJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Frank8INFort Wayne
Baldwin, Frank7INFort Wayne
Baldwin, Fred5INFort Wayne
Baldwin, Georgina12INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baldwin, Hannah46OHJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Ida V.19INJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Jennie N.1INSpringfield Twp.
Baldwin, John24ILFort Wayne
Baldwin, Joseph50OHJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Joseph5INSpringfield Twp.
Baldwin, Joseph E.13INJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Laurance6INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baldwin, Lindlay16INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baldwin, Marget A.34INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baldwin, Maria E.31OHSpringfield Twp.
Baldwin, Mary C.3INSpringfield Twp.
Baldwin, Mary E.11INJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Merchant H.11MOWayne Twp.
Baldwin, Neil32OHSpringfield Twp.
Baldwin, Phebe E.38OHJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Rose E.9INJackson Twp.
Baldwin, Thomas3INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baldwin, Timothy41OHJackson Twp.
Bales, Mary20PAFort Wayne
Baley, Frank46FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Baley, Frank16INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baley, Frank14INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baley, John11INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baley, Josaphine47FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Baley, Louis7INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baley, Mary I.15INSt. Joseph Twp.
Baley, Mary P.42FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Baley, Paul13INSt. Joseph Twp.
Ball, Aurthur1INMonroeville
Ball, Edgert L.9INMonroeville
Ball, Edmond16PAFort Wayne
Ball, Emma10INFort Wayne
Ball, Franklin7INMonroeville
Ball, Lilly14INFort Wayne
Ball, Magdalen40GERMFort Wayne
Ball, Melissa35OHMonroeville
Ball, Nettie M.11INMonroeville
Ball, Rudolph17PAFort Wayne
Ball, Samuel L.36INMonroeville
Ballinan, Mary A.22PAWayne Twp.
Ballman, Caroline17INFort Wayne
Ballman, Emma19INFort Wayne
Ballman, Henry16INSt. Joseph Twp.
Ballman, Johanah41GERMFort Wayne
Ballman, Joseph60GERMFort Wayne
Ballman, Kate15INFort Wayne
Ballman, Rosa10INFort Wayne
Ballman, Thresa9INFort Wayne
Ballman, Veronica13INFort Wayne
Ballow, James E.34INHuntertown
Ballow, Lilla4MIHuntertown
Ballow, Mary E.30INHuntertown
Ballow, Willie4MIHuntertown
Balsall, Grant11INFort Wayne
Balsall, Mary42INFort Wayne
Balsall, Peter42OHFort Wayne
Baltes, Caroline33GERMFort Wayne
Baltes, Clara11INFort Wayne
Baltes, Edward7INFort Wayne
Baltes, Jacob25GERMFort Wayne
Baltes, Louisa25INFort Wayne
Baltes, Michael44GERMFort Wayne
Baltz, Alexander28PAPerry Twp.
Baltz, E. J.8INSpringfield Twp.
Baltz, Emma30PASpringfield Twp.
Baltz, Jacob33PASpringfield Twp.
Baltz, Jessie E.2INSpringfield Twp.
Baltz, Mary B.10INSpringfield Twp.
Baltz, Sarah21OHPerry Twp.
Baltzell, Bell28INFort Wayne
Baly, John20OHMarion Twp.
Balzell, Emly16INHoagland
Bandlier, Adline18SWITJefferson Twp.
Bandlier, Arnie22SWITJefferson Twp.
Bandlier, Chas.61SWITJefferson Twp.
Bandlier, Elizabeth49SWITJefferson Twp.
Bandlier, Ferdinand24SWITJefferson Twp.
Bandlier, Julia15SWITJefferson Twp.
Bandlier, Louis19SWITJefferson Twp.
Bandlier, Paul25SWITJefferson Twp.
Bane, Frank32OHFort Wayne
Bane, Mattie29OHFort Wayne
Baner, Fred.18MIFort Wayne
Banet, Clarice26INJefferson Twp.
Banet, Elexander22CASt. Joseph Twp.
Banet, Jeseph68FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Banet, Justin28INJefferson Twp.
Banet, Louis2INJefferson Twp.
Banet, Louisa18INSt. Joseph Twp.
Banet, Mary55FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Banet, Stephen1INJefferson Twp.
Banger, John45INFort Wayne
Bank, Eyra33NYSt. Joseph Twp.
Bank, Luthna O.12INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bank, Mary76ENGLSt. Joseph Twp.
Bank, Tamer36ENGLSt. Joseph Twp.
Bankert, Clara5INFort Wayne
Bankert, Joseph3INFort Wayne
Bankert, Monafacies35GERMFort Wayne
Banks, Catharine42INFort Wayne
Banks, Ester7INFort Wayne
Banks, Silas22INFort Wayne
Banks, Wm. J.17INFort Wayne
Banks, Wm. S.64INFort Wayne
Banline, Arthur A.1ILNew Haven
Banline, John H.34NYNew Haven
Banline, Mary C.5ILNew Haven
Banline, Rosalia A.4ILNew Haven
Banline, Sarah32INNew Haven
Bannester, Albert25NYFort Wayne
Bannester, Anna16MIFort Wayne
Bannester, Gerard26NYFort Wayne
Bannester, Kath.48NYFort Wayne
Bannet, Ellen23INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bannet, Jesph25OHSt. Joseph Twp.
Banter, Ella17INFort Wayne
Banter, Ferdinand1INFort Wayne
Banter, Georg27OHFort Wayne
Baptist, Jane62FRANWashington Twp.
Baptist, John56FRANWayne Twp.
Baras, Joseph81GERMFort Wayne
Barber, Caroline35INFort Wayne
Barber, Cristene21INMarion Twp.
Barber, Daisy4INFort Wayne
Barber, Ettie15INFort Wayne
Barber, George19INMarion Twp.
Barber, Henry25INFort Wayne
Barber, Henry23INMarion Twp.
Barber, Jacob25OHFort Wayne
Barber, Lilly11INFort Wayne
Barbier, Alfred13INFort Wayne
Barbier, Edward12INFort Wayne
Barbour, Jane62INFort Wayne
Barbour, Myron F.69NYFort Wayne
Barca, John20NYFort Wayne
Barcot, Adelia48SWITWayne Twp.
Barcot, Ella15INFort Wayne
Barcot, Emma V.18INWayne Twp.
Barcot, Frank L.20INWayne Twp.
Barcot, Louis48FRANWayne Twp.
Barcot, Louis C.16INWayne Twp.
Barcus, Albert E.28INFort Wayne
Barcus, Anzella33NYFort Wayne
Barcus, Beula68PAFort Wayne
Barcus, Beulah5INFort Wayne
Barcus, Daniel70OHFort Wayne
Barcus, Edith6INFort Wayne
Barcus, Emma31INFort Wayne
Barcus, George10INFort Wayne
Barcus, George4INFort Wayne
Barcus, H. H37INFort Wayne
Barcus, Hugh1INFort Wayne
Barcus, Isaac35INFort Wayne
Barcus, Phebe25INFort Wayne
Barden, Henry D.17NYFort Wayne
Barden, J. W.67NCFort Wayne
Barden, Jane C.49NYFort Wayne
Bardey, Felicia30OHJackson Twp.
Bardey, Francis C.51FRANJackson Twp.
Bardey, Francis C.7OHJackson Twp.
Bardey, Josephine0INJackson Twp.
Bardey, Mary C.9OHJackson Twp.
Bardey, Stephen12NYJackson Twp.
Bardht, Annie2INNew Haven
Bardht, Caroline1INNew Haven
Bardht, Catharine3INNew Haven
Bardht, Christopher28INNew Haven
Bardht, Marguretta30OHNew Haven
Bare, Anna0INFort Wayne
Bare, Christena42INFort Wayne
Bare, Christina5INFort Wayne
Bare, Conrad46INFort Wayne
Bare, Elizabeth3INFort Wayne
Bare, Frank7INFort Wayne
Bare, John12INFort Wayne
Bare, Lena18INFort Wayne
Bare, Louis20INFort Wayne
Bare, Matilda14INFort Wayne
Bare, Peter17INFort Wayne
Bareet, Chls.7OHFort Wayne
Barett, Frank14OHFort Wayne
Barett, Hatty50VTFort Wayne
Barett, Oliver16OHFort Wayne
Barfell, Naomi E.18OHMonroeville
Barfelt, Allen A.10INMadison Twp.
Barfelt, Benjaman F.11OHMadison Twp.
Barfelt, Ela A.17OHMadison Twp.
Barfelt, Ida M.7INMadison Twp.
Barfelt, Jeramiah46OHMadison Twp.
Barfelt, Mary E.39OHMadison Twp.
Barfelt, Sarah E.14OHMadison Twp.
Barhop, Henry16INMadison Twp.
Barkdall, Amanda9INAboite Twp.
Barkdall, Charlotte34INAboite Twp.
Barkdall, George2INAboite Twp.
Barkdall, Henry38OHAboite Twp.
Barkdall, James5INAboite Twp.
Barkdall, Josephene13INAboite Twp.
Barkdall, Rosie1INAboite Twp.
Barket, Henry17INSt. Joseph Twp.
Barket, Polin42FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Barkley, Daniel J.5INMarion Twp.
Barkley, Etty V.1INMarion Twp.
Barkley, Ira L.18INMarion Twp.
Barkley, Jacob46OHMarion Twp.
Barkley, Leah H.10INMarion Twp.
Barkley, Sarah Ann36INMarion Twp.
Barkley, Semantha L.13INMarion Twp.
Barkus, Joseph21INFort Wayne
Barkus, Martin64GERMFort Wayne
Barkus, Martin18INFort Wayne
Barkus, Phoebe67GERMFort Wayne
Barlow, Charles11INFort Wayne
Barlow, Dorotha3INFort Wayne
Barlow, Fridrich40GERMFort Wayne
Barlow, Fridrich13INFort Wayne
Barlow, Katherina7INFort Wayne
Barlow, Mary5INFort Wayne
Barlow, Minna38GERMFort Wayne
Barnes, Ann E.17INMonroe Twp.
Barnes, Dora10INFort Wayne
Barnes, Elmer E.14INMonroe Twp.
Barnes, Emma39NYFort Wayne
Barnes, Henry62VTMonroe Twp.
Barnes, J. B.41ENGLFort Wayne
Barnes, Mahlon27INMonroeville
Barnes, Mary56VTMonroe Twp.
Barnes, Mary29OHMonroe Twp.
Barnes, Musetta3INMonroe Twp.
Barnes, Sagishmael29INMonroe Twp.
Barnet, Abraham G.47INWashington Twp.
Barnet, Baron H.14INWashington Twp.
Barnet, Nany18INWashington Twp.
Barnet, Sarah E.39KYWashington Twp.
Barnet, Susie15INWashington Twp.
Barnet, William12INWashington Twp.
Barnett, Caroline48GERMZanesville
Barnett, Geo.22NYFort Wayne
Barnett, Jacob51OHZanesville
Barnett, Longe52GERMNew Haven
Barney, John25OHWayne Twp.
Barney, Lonson75NYNew Haven
Barney, Norah18IRELFort Wayne
Barnhard, A. Augusta30OHFort Wayne
Barnhard, Averline G.4MIFort Wayne
Barnhard, David30NYFort Wayne
Barnhard, Horace S.6MIFort Wayne
Barnhard, Pearl L.1INFort Wayne
Barnhard, Wm. M.37CANFort Wayne
Barnhart, Anna B.14INMonroe Twp.
Barnhart, Capitola20INMonroe Twp.
Barnhart, Christina61GERMNew Haven
Barnhart, Harriet46OHMonroe Twp.
Barnhart, John63NYMonroe Twp.
Barnhart, John19OHNew Haven
Barnhart, John18INNew Haven
Barnhart, Loueza12INMadison Twp.
Barnhart, Louis6INMadison Twp.
Barnhart, Mary23OHJefferson Twp.
Barnhart, Mary20OHNew Haven
Barnhart, Melchoir62GERMNew Haven
Barnhart, Peter40GERMMadison Twp.
Barnhart, Peter27GERMPerry Twp.
Barnhart, Peter9INMadison Twp.
Barnhart, Sarah40PAMadison Twp.
Barnidse, Catharine63GERMNew Haven
Barnidse, John61GERMNew Haven
Barnidse, Joseph45GERMNew Haven
Barning, Conrad52GERMFort Wayne
Barning, Conrad9INFort Wayne
Barning, Dora11INFort Wayne
Barning, Hammond1INFort Wayne
Barning, Henry13INFort Wayne
Barning, Lizza5INFort Wayne
Barning, Louisa37INFort Wayne
Barns, Adie S.6INFort Wayne
Barns, Ana17INMadison Twp.
Barns, Frank2INFort Wayne
Barns, James W.42PAFort Wayne
Barns, Lizza25NYFort Wayne
Barns, Robert22OHLake Twp.
Barnthal, John14MIFort Wayne
Barnum, G. P.49NYFort Wayne
Barnum, Salina33OHFort Wayne
Barone, Abigal26INMadison Twp.
Barone, Almira6INMadison Twp.
Barone, Amos S.12INMonroe Twp.
Barone, George W.25INMonroe Twp.
Barone, Isaac27INMadison Twp.
Barone, John F.0INMadison Twp.
Barone, Mary C.14INMonroe Twp.
Barone, Michael58PAMonroe Twp.
Barone, Ora A.4INMadison Twp.
Barone, Polly51PAMonroe Twp.
Barone, William I.20INMonroe Twp.
Barr, Frederick6INFort Wayne
Barr, James18OHFort Wayne
Barr, James S.48PAWayne Twp.
Barr, John57OHCedar Creek Twp.
Barr, Lucinda L.46PAWayne Twp.
Barr, Mary33INFort Wayne
Barr, Mary Ann41IRELFort Wayne
Barr, Robert35OHFort Wayne
Barr, William9INFort Wayne
Barr, Wm. J.20OHFort Wayne
Barrand, Adaline29INWashington Twp.
Barrand, Ann J.59FRANWashington Twp.
Barrand, Charles12INFort Wayne
Barrand, Eugene5INFort Wayne
Barrand, Francis E.40INWashington Twp.
Barrand, Frank42FRANFort Wayne
Barrand, Franky7INFort Wayne
Barrand, Hubert25INWashington Twp.
Barrand, Ida5INFort Wayne
Barrand, Jane15INFort Wayne
Barrand, Jessie10INFort Wayne
Barrand, John14INFort Wayne
Barrand, Joseph17INFort Wayne
Barrand, Joseph H.15INWashington Twp.
Barrand, Julian F.12INWashington Twp.
Barrand, Julius7INFort Wayne
Barrand, Margret29INWashington Twp.
Barrand, Mary3INFort Wayne
Barrand, Matilda36FRANFort Wayne
Barrand, Pauline37FRANFort Wayne
Barrand, Peter9INFort Wayne
Barrand, Peter F.76FRANWashington Twp.
Barrand, Victor43FRANFort Wayne
Barrand, William13INFort Wayne
Barrell, Aaron58PAFort Wayne
Barrell, Anthony25OHFort Wayne
Barrell, August13OHFort Wayne
Barrell, Charles19OHFort Wayne
Barrell, Emma21OHFort Wayne
Barrell, Franky26OHFort Wayne
Barrell, Joseph21INFort Wayne
Barrell, Josephine48OHFort Wayne
Barrell, Mary9OHFort Wayne
Barrell, Victor8OHFort Wayne
Barrell, William16OHFort Wayne
Barrend, Cathern29PAWashington Twp.
Barrend, John30INWashington Twp.
Barret, Anna1INFort Wayne
Barret, Clara4INFort Wayne
Barret, John10NYFort Wayne
Barret, Margaret33NYFort Wayne
Barret, Mathew35IRELFort Wayne
Barret, Nellie6NYFort Wayne
Barret, Thomas26INFort Wayne
Barrett, Albert13INFort Wayne
Barrett, Caroline23OHPerry Twp.
Barrett, Catharine58GERMPerry Twp.
Barrett, Erva8INFort Wayne
Barrett, Florance E.1INWayne Twp.
Barrett, Florence10INFort Wayne
Barrett, Fredrich37INFort Wayne
Barrett, George W.25INPerry Twp.
Barrett, James L.26INLake Twp.
Barrett, James M.27ILWayne Twp.
Barrett, John64PAPerry Twp.
Barrett, Margaret12IRELFort Wayne
Barrett, Marion M.23INWayne Twp.
Barrett, Martha34MIFort Wayne
Barrett, Mary35IRELFort Wayne
Barrett, Orphia E.1INPerry Twp.
Barrett, Rachael51OHLake Twp.
Barrett, Rachael F.20INLake Twp.
Barrett, W. H.50PALake Twp.
Barril, Catharine8GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Barril, Christin9GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Barril, Godlob7GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Barril, Henry5INSt. Joseph Twp.
Barril, Jacob34GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Barril, Jane36GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Barril, John0INSt. Joseph Twp.
Barril, William4INSt. Joseph Twp.
Barriller, Mary1INJefferson Twp.
Barriller, Phebe A.23INJefferson Twp.
Barrow, Henry28INMilan Twp.
Barrow, John35INMilan Twp.
Barrows, Abbie26MAFort Wayne
Barrows, Frank26MIFort Wayne
Barrows, Lulu2MIFort Wayne
Barry, Anna23ENGLFort Wayne
Barry, Annie22IRELFort Wayne
Barry, Daniel22INLake Twp.
Barry, David24IRELFort Wayne
Barry, Ellen19INLake Twp.
Barry, Eugene26IRELFort Wayne
Barry, Eugene2INFort Wayne
Barry, Honora20IRELFort Wayne
Barry, Johanna55IRELFort Wayne
Barson, Mary18INFort Wayne
Bart, Annie25INLake Twp.
Bart, Nelson30INLake Twp.
Bart, Willie3INLake Twp.
Bartals, Henry42GERMFort Wayne
Bartals, Lizzie4INFort Wayne
Bartals, Mary32GERMFort Wayne
Bartals, Mary2INFort Wayne
Bartals, Minnie12INFort Wayne
Bartals, Sophia9INFort Wayne
Bartals, William7INFort Wayne
Bartell, Laura24INFort Wayne
Bartels, Adelhaid4INFort Wayne
Bartels, Emma2INFort Wayne
Bartels, Fred29GERMFort Wayne
Bartels, Johan0INFort Wayne
Bartels, Johanna23INFort Wayne
Bartels, Johanna2INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bartels, John40NETHFort Wayne
Bartels, John33GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bartels, Mary38NETHFort Wayne
Barth, S.30VAFort Wayne
Barthald, Alexander H.47PAWashington Twp.
Barthald, Charles G.14INWashington Twp.
Barthald, Edward11INWashington Twp.
Barthald, Francis6INWashington Twp.
Barthald, Harry8INWashington Twp.
Barthald, Sophia D.38OHWashington Twp.
Barthing, George16ILFort Wayne
Barthley, Anna55IRELFort Wayne
Barthold, Fredrick L.53PAWashington Twp.
Bartholemew, Peter76PAFort Wayne
Bartholemew, Phoebe76NJFort Wayne
Bartholmas, Francis22INFort Wayne
Bartholomew, 32OHSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, Atallia S.6INSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, Caroline22INSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, Charles A.5INSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, Chloe K.37INSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, Geo.28INSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, Harriet67NYSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, J. H.39OHScipio Twp.
Bartholomew, Jane E.38INScipio Twp.
Bartholomew, John S.72NYSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, Sarah A.28INSpringfield Twp.
Bartholomew, William H.19INScipio Twp.
Bartine, Anna30OHFort Wayne
Bartine, Chas.34OHFort Wayne
Bartine, Chas.1INFort Wayne
Bartine, Maud8INFort Wayne
Bartine, Nellie33INFort Wayne
Bartlett, Murry25INFort Wayne
Bartling, August19ILFort Wayne
Bartly, Adela9INFort Wayne
Bartly, Annie26INFort Wayne
Bartly, Catharine50GERMFort Wayne
Bartly, Emma12INFort Wayne
Bartly, Katy21INFort Wayne
Bartly, M.53GERMFort Wayne
Bartly, Maggie24INFort Wayne
Bartmass, Louise14INLake Twp.
Barto, Daniel25PAMarion Twp.
Barto, Jenna30OHMadison Twp.
Barto, Milton30OHMadison Twp.
Barto, Samuel45INNew Haven
Barto, Sarah M.2INMadison Twp.
Barton, Augusta15INFort Wayne
Barton, Chs. M.47PAFort Wayne
Barton, E.25PAFort Wayne
Barton, Frank1INFort Wayne
Barton, Milinda32INFort Wayne
Barton, Paul22OHFort Wayne
Barts, Eliza A.16OHMonroeville
Barts, John D.5INMonroeville
Barts, Lettie18OHMonroeville
Barts, Marcus R.2INMonroeville
Barts, Samuel H.40INMonroeville
Barts, Samuel S.8INMonroeville
Baruer, Charles44GERMFort Wayne
Baruer, Emma13INFort Wayne
Baruer, Henrietta11INFort Wayne
Baruer, Henry15INFort Wayne
Baruer, Lilly7INFort Wayne
Baruer, Phillipine40GERMFort Wayne
Barva, Barnard68GERMCedar Creek Twp.
Barva, Barnard R.25INCedar Creek Twp.
Barva, Edward27INCedar Creek Twp.
Barva, Henry J.16INCedar Creek Twp.
Barva, Henryett16INCedar Creek Twp.
Barva, Joseph J.22INCedar Creek Twp.
Barva, Lewis18INCedar Creek Twp.
Barva, Susanna59GERMCedar Creek Twp.
Barvie, Barney18GERMPerry Twp.
Bary, Anna22IRELFort Wayne
Bary, Eugene28IRELFort Wayne
Bary, Eugene1INFort Wayne
Basancou, Frk.21INFort Wayne
Base, H. Joseph48GERMLafayette Twp.
Base, Lewis19INPleasant Twp.
Base, Lidda47OHLafayette Twp.
Base, Lolo3INLafayette Twp.
Base, Minnie18INNew Haven
Bash, Chs. S.27INFort Wayne
Bash, Harry E.9INFort Wayne
Bash, Rebecca46OHFort Wayne
Bash, Solon52OHFort Wayne
Bash, Willis B.16INFort Wayne
Bash, Winfred S.18INFort Wayne
Bashalia, Philip40INFort Wayne
Basheler, Daniel74GERMFort Wayne
Basheler, Edward27INFort Wayne
Basheler, Georgia22INFort Wayne
Basheler, Johanna73GERMFort Wayne
Bashlier, Susanna78GERMFort Wayne
Bashner, Catherine57GERMWashington Twp.
Bashner, Henry16INWashington Twp.
Bashner, Henry H.57GERMWashington Twp.
Bashner, Mary18INWashington Twp.
Basil, Ellie18INFort Wayne
Basil, Ida5INFort Wayne
Basil, Maggie15INFort Wayne
Basil, Margaret39INFort Wayne
Basil, Martin35OHFort Wayne
Basler, Emma11INFort Wayne
Basler, Francis56SWITFort Wayne
Basler, Joseph57FRANFort Wayne
Basler, Joseph13ILFort Wayne
Basler, Louise15ILFort Wayne
Barone, George N.1INMonroe Twp.
Barone, Henry S.32INMonroe Twp.
Barone, Nancy E.35OHMonroe Twp.
Bass, Alfred27INFort Wayne
Bass, Emma25INFort Wayne
Bass, John H.44KYFort Wayne
Bass, John H.0INFort Wayne
Bass, Laura G.8INFort Wayne
Bass, Laura H.33KYFort Wayne
Bass, Sion77NCWayne Twp.
Bassett, Elmor24OHCedar Creek Twp.
Bassett, Frank14INFort Wayne
Bassett, Mary E.43INFort Wayne
Bassett, Wm. H.51NYFort Wayne
Baster, Ernst3INFort Wayne
Baster, Frederick38GERMFort Wayne
Baster, Fredrika32INFort Wayne
Baster, Henry7INFort Wayne
Baster, John5INFort Wayne
Baster, Mary0INFort Wayne
Baster, Mina11INFort Wayne
Bastian, Catharine72NETHMarion Twp.
Bastian, Ida1INFort Wayne
Bastian, Maggie28INFort Wayne
Bastian, Tako C.29GERMFort Wayne
Bastus, 20INFort Wayne
Bastus, Michael22GERMFort Wayne
Batamyer, Andy12INSt. Joseph Twp.
Batamyer, Catharine9INSt. Joseph Twp.
Batamyer, Emma6INSt. Joseph Twp.
Batamyer, Ernst42GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Batamyer, Fredric1INSt. Joseph Twp.
Batamyer, Fredrica37GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Batamyer, Tilla4INSt. Joseph Twp.
Batch, Chas.24INFort Wayne
Batchelder, Ida19PAFort Wayne
Batchelder, Isaack10INFort Wayne
Batchelder, J. S.41PAFort Wayne
Batchelder, Jessy2INFort Wayne
Batchelder, Mary26INFort Wayne
Batchelder, Nicholas4INFort Wayne
Batchlor, Frank0INMaumee Twp.
Batchlor, Haney3INMaumee Twp.
Batchlor, Jamney22INMaumee Twp.
Batchlor, Lola6OHMaumee Twp.
Bates, Alphred H.43NYAboite Twp.
Bates, Annie11GERMNew Haven
Bates, Arther M.2INAboite Twp.
Bates, Christena4INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bates, Clemens14GERMNew Haven
Bates, Delila20INMonroeville
Bates, Eudora10INAboite Twp.
Bates, Frances4INNew Haven
Bates, Frank M.12INAboite Twp.
Bates, Jennie15INAboite Twp.
Bates, John26INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bates, Louisa19INFort Wayne
Bates, Louisa0INNew Haven
Bates, Minnie37GERMNew Haven
Bates, Minnie B.26NYFort Wayne
Bates, Rosa17INAboite Twp.
Bates, Sarah E.23INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bates, Sarah J.37OHAboite Twp.
Bates, Theodore18GERMNew Haven
Bates, William44GERMNew Haven
Bates, William2INNew Haven
Batey, Edward C.5INMonroe Twp.
Batey, Levi8INMonroe Twp.
Bath, Anna20NYFort Wayne
Bath, Wiliam27CANFort Wayne
Bathmann, Fredrick10INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bathmann, John18INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bathmann, Joseph12INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bathmann, Peter56GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bathmann, Peter15INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bathmann, Susan54GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bathurs, Lawrena34PASpringfield Twp.
Bathurst, Daisy2INSpringfield Twp.
Bathurst, Harriet12INSpringfield Twp.
Bathurst, Ida6INSpringfield Twp.
Bathurst, John40PASpringfield Twp.
Bathurst, Margaret35OHSpringfield Twp.
Bathurst, Mary4INSpringfield Twp.
Batson, Andrew W.34OHMonroe Twp.
Batson, Cora Alice9OHMonroe Twp.
Batson, George W.12OHMonroe Twp.
Batson, Mary E.2OHMonroe Twp.
Batson, Nancy C.30OHMonroe Twp.
Battenberg, Jacob53GERMFort Wayne
Battenberg, Lotta19NYFort Wayne
Battenberg, Otto18INFort Wayne
Battenburg, Daniel46OHMadison Twp.
Battenburg, Elizabith49OHMadison Twp.
Battenburg, Jason E.19INMadison Twp.
Battenburg, John17INMadison Twp.
Battenburg, May L.13INMadison Twp.
Battenburg, Nelly J.15INMadison Twp.
Battenburg, Zenas12INMadison Twp.
Batterom, Fredric66SWITSt. Joseph Twp.
Batterom, Henry7INSt. Joseph Twp.
Batterom, Sophia59SWITSt. Joseph Twp.
Batteron, Ammiel55SWITSt. Joseph Twp.
Batteron, Cecelie0INSt. Joseph Twp.
Batteron, Emmie B.27ILSt. Joseph Twp.
Batteron, Fredric7KSSt. Joseph Twp.
Battes, Gerry12INSpringfield Twp.
Battford, Charles18OHFort Wayne
Battie, Mary A.63MEFort Wayne
Battke, Mary29GERMFort Wayne
Batty, Sarah79PAFort Wayne
Baty, Mary M.21INFort Wayne
Baty, Mattie26INFort Wayne
Baty, Wm. E.24INFort Wayne
Baubet, Lillie10INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bauch, Eddie3INFort Wayne
Bauch, Edward Chas.27INFort Wayne
Bauch, Elizabeth27INFort Wayne
Bauch, Henry1INFort Wayne
Bauch, Sophia20INFort Wayne
Baude, Herrmann43GERMFort Wayne
Baude, John9INFort Wayne
Baude, Joseph38GERMFort Wayne
Baude, Magdalena33INFort Wayne
Baudha, Fred39GERMFort Wayne
Baudha, Henry3INFort Wayne
Baudha, Louisa39GERMFort Wayne
Baudha, Theodore6INFort Wayne
Bauer, Henery39GERMFort Wayne
Bauer, Louise35GERMFort Wayne
Bauer, Maggie14GERMFort Wayne
Bauers, Annie3INFort Wayne
Bauers, Jos. W.29SWITFort Wayne
Bauers, Joseph H.6INFort Wayne
Bauers, Katie2INFort Wayne
Bauers, Mary M.26INFort Wayne
Baughman, Anice38OHFort Wayne
Baughman, Birtha11INFort Wayne
Baughman, Ella14IAFort Wayne
Baughman, Jeremia57PAFort Wayne
Baughman, Johny21INFort Wayne
Baughman, Julia16INFort Wayne
Baughman, Mary50CANFort Wayne
Baughman, Millie16IAFort Wayne
Baughman, Newton49OHFort Wayne
Bauldrey, William30ILFort Wayne
Baulman, Elisabeth25INFort Wayne
Baulman, Frederick31INFort Wayne
Baulman, Nellie M.4INFort Wayne
Bauman, George9INSpringfield Twp.
Bauman, Jacob52GERMFort Wayne
Bauman, Kate20INFort Wayne
Bauman, Margarett42OHSpringfield Twp.
Bauman, Sophia54GERMFort Wayne
Bauman, Suzan20INSpringfield Twp.
Bauman, William50GERMSpringfield Twp.
Bauman, William22OHSpringfield Twp.
Baumgart, Fred.18MIFort Wayne
Baus, Anna0INFort Wayne
Baus, Bertha36GERMFort Wayne
Baus, Bertha2INFort Wayne
Baus, Ernst15GERMFort Wayne
Baus, Fred36GERMFort Wayne
Baus, Hulda5MIFort Wayne
Baus, John17GERMFort Wayne
Baus, Lizzie8IAFort Wayne
Baus, Mary12IAFort Wayne
Bauselier, Holzenberger60GERMFort Wayne
Bauselier, Mary50GERMFort Wayne
Bauserman, Albert5INSpringfield Twp.
Bauserman, Carrie0INMonroe Twp.
Bauserman, Delbert11INSpringfield Twp.
Bauserman, Henry63VAMonroe Twp.
Bauserman, J. E.18INSpringfield Twp.
Bauserman, Katie9INSpringfield Twp.
Bauserman, Leah56OHMonroe Twp.
Bauserman, Mary42OHSpringfield Twp.
Bauserman, Nancey I.17OHMonroe Twp.
Bauserman, Noel D.1INMonroe Twp.
Bauserman, Olive M.20INSpringfield Twp.
Bauserman, Pearlie7INSpringfield Twp.
Bauserman, S. A.43OHSpringfield Twp.
Bauserman, Sarah E.24INMonroe Twp.
Bausserman, Eliza B.30OHJackson Twp.
Bausserman, Ellen W.4INJackson Twp.
Bausserman, Mary L.16INJefferson Twp.
Bausserman, Nancy W.7INJackson Twp.
Bawmer, Annie20INFort Wayne
Baxter, Allen19ENGLFort Wayne
Baxter, Celestia11INFort Wayne
Baxter, Elizabeth52ENGLFort Wayne
Baxter, Ellen15INFort Wayne
Baxter, George W.1INWashington Twp.
Baxter, Isablla12INWashington Twp.
Baxter, James9ENGLWashington Twp.
Baxter, Jennie28NYFort Wayne
Baxter, John53ENGLFort Wayne
Baxter, Joseph7INWashington Twp.
Baxter, Joseph A.59ENGLWashington Twp.
Baxter, Marth18ENGLWashington Twp.
Baxter, Mary J.27ENGLWashington Twp.
Baxter, Pheby50ENGLWashington Twp.
Baxter, Rose11INFort Wayne
Baxter, Thomas20ENGLWashington Twp.
Baxtrum, Chas.25SWEDFort Wayne
Bayhouser, Ada19INWashington Twp.
Bayhouser, Alfred15INWashington Twp.
Bayhouser, Annie9INWashington Twp.
Bayhouser, Charles W.21INWashington Twp.
Bayhouser, Frank16INWashington Twp.
Bayhouser, Mary45ENGLWashington Twp.
Bayhouser, Rufus52PAWashington Twp.
Bayle, Nona21OHFort Wayne
Bayles, Ada45VAFort Wayne
Bayles, Alice B.15INFort Wayne
Bayles, Anna L.21OHFort Wayne
Bayles, Dazie10INFort Wayne
Bayles, Fannie L.3INFort Wayne
Bayles, Francis21INFort Wayne
Bayles, Gust S.42OHFort Wayne
Bayles, Gusta H.13INFort Wayne
Bayles, Henery13INFort Wayne
Bayles, Henry33ENGLFort Wayne
Bayles, James25ENGLFort Wayne
Bayles, Jennie11INFort Wayne
Bayles, Lachett39INFort Wayne
Bayles, Nancy74OHFort Wayne
Bayles, Pearl2INFort Wayne
Bayles, Robert15ENGLFort Wayne
Bayles, Sol S.30KYFort Wayne
Bayles, Thomas23ENGLFort Wayne
Bayles, Wiliam20INFort Wayne
Bayles, Wiliam H.45NYFort Wayne
Bayless, Absoln29INFort Wayne
Bayless, Anna13INFort Wayne
Bayless, Anna E.53MDFort Wayne
Bayless, August E.18INFort Wayne
Bayless, Cora7ILLafayette Twp.
Bayless, Courie30INFort Wayne
Bayless, Edelbert21INFort Wayne
Bayless, Elizabeth24OHFort Wayne
Bayless, Elmer1INFort Wayne
Bayless, Fannie51KYFort Wayne
Bayless, Frank13ILLafayette Twp.
Bayless, J. Emma9ILLafayette Twp.
Bayless, James T.54OHFort Wayne
Bayless, Louis A.25INFort Wayne
Bayless, Ora7INFort Wayne
Bayless, Riley43INLafayette Twp.
Bayless, Sopiah32OHLafayette Twp.
Bayless, William C.20INFort Wayne
Bazire, John24INFort Wayne

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