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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Bice, A. D.33OHScipio Twp.
Bice, Anna34PAScipio Twp.
Bice, David35OHSpringfield Twp.
Bice, Emma0INSpringfield Twp.
Bice, James28OHScipio Twp.
Bice, Johnie3OHScipio Twp.
Bice, Joseph1INScipio Twp.
Bice, Maggie6OHScipio Twp.
Bice, Margaret71PAScipio Twp.
Bice, Rilla20INSpringfield Twp.
Bice, William75PAScipio Twp.
Bichele, Magdele37NETHMarion Twp.
Bickel, Henry16INMilan Twp.
Bickel, John19INNew Haven
Bickhart, Amelia26INMaysville
Bickhart, Emma21INMaysville
Bickhart, Isaac53PAMaysville
Bickhart, James M.10INMaysville
Bickhart, John24INMaysville
Bickhart, Margarette A.51MDMaysville
Bicknell, Lida A.52NYFort Wayne
Bicknell, Thompson P.18INFort Wayne
Bickner, Charles16NYFort Wayne
Bicknere, Ferdinand8INFort Wayne
Bicknere, Fred44GERMFort Wayne
Bicknere, Herbert4INFort Wayne
Bicknere, Lulu15INFort Wayne
Bicknere, Sophia33INFort Wayne
Bicknes, Ernest40GERMFort Wayne
Bickstein, John19INPleasant Twp.
Bictsch, Andrew17GERMMilan Twp.
Bictsch, Henry13GERMMilan Twp.
Bictsch, John58GERMMilan Twp.
Bictsch, John22GERMMilan Twp.
Bictsch, Minnie21GERMMilan Twp.
Bictsch, Susan59GERMMilan Twp.
Biddel, Caroline40OHFort Wayne
Biddel, Caroline4INFort Wayne
Biddel, Edward F.12OHFort Wayne
Biddel, Frank M.6INFort Wayne
Biddel, Hellen1INFort Wayne
Biddel, Mary8INFort Wayne
Biddel, Thomas M.40OHFort Wayne
Biddle, Henry42OHZanesville
Biddle, Julia12INZanesville
Biddle, Mary40OHZanesville
Bidlack, Elija1INScipio Twp.
Bidlack, Lina5INScipio Twp.
Bidlack, M.31OHScipio Twp.
Bidlack, Sarah28OHScipio Twp.
Bieber, Allen17INMilan Twp.
Bieber, C. James9INFort Wayne
Bieber, Elias A.12INMilan Twp.
Bieber, Harvey19INMilan Twp.
Bieber, Jonathan44OHMilan Twp.
Bieber, Louisa22INMilan Twp.
Bieber, Martha35INFort Wayne
Bieber, Milton38PAFort Wayne
Bieber, S. Herbert4INFort Wayne
Bieber, William H.15INMilan Twp.
Biedermann, R.15MOFort Wayne
Biehl, Elizebeth19OHFort Wayne
Bieman, Edward J.5INFort Wayne
Bieman, Henry Wm.27GERMFort Wayne
Bieman, Johanna30GERMFort Wayne
Bieman, Rosina H.2INFort Wayne
Bienentag, Carolina38GERMFort Wayne
Bienentag, Emma9GERMFort Wayne
Bienentag, Gottfrid41GERMFort Wayne
Bienentag, Martha6INFort Wayne
Bienentag, Wiliam3INFort Wayne
Bierbaum, Fredrick6GERMFort Wayne
Bierbaum, Fredricka46GERMFort Wayne
Bierbaum, Fredricka30GERMFort Wayne
Bierbaum, Fredricka13GERMFort Wayne
Bierbaum, Henry2INFort Wayne
Bierbaum, Herman37GERMFort Wayne
Bierbaum, William42GERMFort Wayne
Bierbaum, William4INFort Wayne
Bierk, Anna51GERMFort Wayne
Bierk, Anna12INFort Wayne
Bierk, John George58GERMFort Wayne
Bierman, Emma1INFort Wayne
Bierman, Fredrick28Fort Wayne
Bierman, Louisa28GERMFort Wayne
Bierr, Anna7INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bierr, Catharine12INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bierr, Cristena35GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Bierr, Frank9INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bierr, John40FRANSt. Joseph Twp.
Bierr, John1INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bierr, Mary4INSt. Joseph Twp.
Bieston, Amy H22OHFort Wayne
Bieston, Harry H.0INFort Wayne
Bieston, Henry31NJFort Wayne
Bieston, Willard S.5INFort Wayne
Biewend, Sophia62SWITFort Wayne
Biggs, George5INMarion Twp.
Biggs, Geramia11INMarion Twp.
Biggs, Lewis8INMarion Twp.
Biggs, Martha40INMarion Twp.
Biggs, Samantha22INNew Haven
Bigness, Dory18INWashington Twp.
Bigness, Henry35GERMWashington Twp.
Bilderback, Eliza56OHNew Haven
Bilderback, Emma20INNew Haven
Bilderback, Eva May2INMaysville
Bilderback, J. W.36OHMaysville
Bilderback, James60OHNew Haven
Bilderback, James25OHNew Haven
Bilderback, Nettee31INMaysville
Bilger, Lizzie23Fort Wayne
Bilgerick, Andrew44SWITFort Wayne
Billman, Alice19INSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Amanda15INSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Charles16INMonroeville
Billman, Chas.20INSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Daniel29OHSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Elias60PASpringfield Twp.
Billman, Elias F.11INSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Henry24OHSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Isabell22OHSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Julia18OHSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Laura20INSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Rachel19INSpringfield Twp.
Billman, Rebecca49PASpringfield Twp.
Binckly, Abraham66PALake Twp.
Binckly, Alice22INLake Twp.
Binckly, Emma19INLake Twp.
Binckly, John27INLake Twp.
Binckly, Leran53PALake Twp.
Binkley, Annie E.7INPerry Twp.
Binkley, Bessie E.3INPerry Twp.
Binkley, Fanny M.8INPerry Twp.
Binkley, Frank10INFort Wayne
Binkley, Levi32OHPerry Twp.
Binkley, Mollie32INPerry Twp.
Binkley, Olive E.6INPerry Twp.
Binkley, Rebeka40OHFort Wayne
Binler, Jacob65PAMilan Twp.
Binler, Katie28INMilan Twp.
Binler, Michael30PAMilan Twp.
Binler, Pheby64VAMilan Twp.
Binler, Polly33PAMilan Twp.
Binler, William18INMilan Twp.
Binler, William1INMilan Twp.
Birch, Wm.66OHFort Wayne
Bird, Ann22INNew Haven
Bird, Ella M.20INAboite Twp.
Bird, James S.26INNew Haven
Bird, Mary Ann16PAPleasant Twp.
Bird, Mary E.18INFort Wayne
Bird, Oehmig31INAboite Twp.
Bird, Suza12INMarion Twp.
Bird, Thomas2INNew Haven
Bireley, Chas. E.6INFort Wayne
Bireley, Luther32OHFort Wayne
Bireley, Margaret A.36OHFort Wayne
Bireley, Oliver11INFort Wayne
Birkner, Chs.47GERMFort Wayne
Birkner, Frederika45GERMFort Wayne
Birkner, Lena19NYFort Wayne
Birmingham, Jno.65IRELFort Wayne
Birmingham, John23OHFort Wayne
Birmingham, Kate50ENGLFort Wayne
Bischoff, Emma1INFort Wayne
Bischoff, Fredrick23GERMMilan Twp.
Bischoff, George61GERMFort Wayne
Bischoff, Henerette16GERMMilan Twp.
Bischoff, Henry20GERMMilan Twp.
Bischoff, Hermon58GERMMilan Twp.
Bischoff, Margret57GERMMilan Twp.
Bischoff, Paul3INFort Wayne
Bischoff, Pauline26INFort Wayne
Bischoff, Rudolph33MOFort Wayne
Bischoff, Rudolph5INFort Wayne
Bishap, Jessie16MISt. Joseph Twp.
Bishing, Lena20GERMFort Wayne
Bishop, Agnes C.21OHWayne Twp.
Bishop, Alvin9INFort Wayne
Bishop, Charlott58PAWayne Twp.
Bishop, Charlotta42GERMFort Wayne
Bishop, Charlotta3INFort Wayne
Bishop, Earl3OHMaumee Twp.
Bishop, Elizebeth37OHCedar Creek Twp.
Bishop, Elmer13OHMaumee Twp.
Bishop, Emma11INFort Wayne
Bishop, Fredricka19INFort Wayne
Bishop, Hanna15INFort Wayne
Bishop, John61PAWayne Twp.
Bishop, John22ENGLFort Wayne
Bishop, John8OHMaumee Twp.
Bishop, Mary20INFort Wayne
Bishop, Mary C.20INCedar Creek Twp.
Bishop, Perciva39NYMaumee Twp.
Bishop, Samuel L.11OHMaumee Twp.
Bishop, Sarah E.37OHMaumee Twp.
Bishop, William28OHPleasant Twp.
Bishop, Wm.47GERMFort Wayne
Bishop, Wm.13INFort Wayne
Bisler, Elizabeth57PAFort Wayne
Bisler, Enoch67PAFort Wayne
Bisler, John H25INAboite Twp.
Bisler, Wm. L.18INFort Wayne
Bisling, Christian36GERMFort Wayne
Bisson, Mary22PAFort Wayne
Bistony, Maraney20INWashington Twp.
Bitler, Saml.33PAFort Wayne
Bitler, Samuel35PAFort Wayne
Bitner, Andrew J.60PAFort Wayne
Bitner, Clark A.26INFort Wayne
Bitner, Dasie E.11INFort Wayne
Bitner, Della M.19INFort Wayne
Bitner, Eliza N.53PAFort Wayne
Bitner, Eliza V.15INFort Wayne
Bitner, Ella M.19INFort Wayne
Bitner, Emma21OHFort Wayne
Bitner, James32INFort Wayne
Bitner, John R.29OHFort Wayne
Bitner, Katy8INFort Wayne
Bitner, Lulu Mary2INFort Wayne
Bitner, Margaret28SCOTFort Wayne
Bitner, Mattie A.7INFort Wayne
Bitner, Minnie6INFort Wayne
Bitner, Sadie C.25OHFort Wayne
Bitner, W. H.22INFort Wayne
Bittener, Fannie22PAWayne Twp.
Bittenger, Ada A.4INWayne Twp.
Bittenger, Augusta M.41NYWayne Twp.
Bittenger, Flora C.18INWayne Twp.
Bittenger, Frank D.15INWayne Twp.
Bittenger, George L.41PAWayne Twp.
Bittenger, George L.6INWayne Twp.
Bittenger, Lulu C.10INWayne Twp.
Bittenger, Maggie C.13INWayne Twp.
Bitter, Edman G.3INFort Wayne
Bitter, Johanah1INFort Wayne
Bitter, Mary25GERMFort Wayne
Bitter, William30PAFort Wayne
Bittinger, Ad. H.44PAFort Wayne
Bittinger, Adah12OHFort Wayne
Bittinger, Amanda P.45PAFort Wayne
Bittinger, J. R.46PAFort Wayne
Bittinger, Lawrence17INFort Wayne
Bittinger, Luella17INFort Wayne
Bittinger, Marcella14OHFort Wayne
Bittinger, Mary H.42OHFort Wayne
Bittle, Christ18INFort Wayne
Bittle, Dora56GERMFort Wayne
Bittle, Henry19INFort Wayne
Bittler, Samuel27PAFort Wayne
Bittsberger, Elsword17OHFort Wayne
Bittsberger, Emanuel42OHFort Wayne
Bittsberger, Grace11INFort Wayne
Bittsberger, Mary13INFort Wayne
Bittsberger, Sarah N.39OHFort Wayne
Bittsberger, William6INFort Wayne
Bitzenger, Henry20INFort Wayne
Bitzenger, John58GERMFort Wayne
Bitzenger, John23INFort Wayne
Bitzenger, Katherine48GERMFort Wayne
Bixler, Francis O.14OHFort Wayne
Bixler, Isaac T.6INFort Wayne
Bixler, John8INFort Wayne
Bixler, Levi S.15INJefferson Twp.
Bixler, Lillie1INFort Wayne
Bixler, M. M.37OHFort Wayne
Bixler, Margaret52VAJefferson Twp.
Bixler, Nancy Jane12INJefferson Twp.
Bixler, Regel36INFort Wayne
Bixler, Rosetta4INFort Wayne
Bixler, Samuel B.13INJefferson Twp.
Bixler, Wm.40OHFort Wayne
Bixler, Wm. A.11INFort Wayne

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