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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Edcel, Frank19INFort Wayne
Edcel, Louis15INFort Wayne
Edcel, Mary16INFort Wayne
Eddinger, George30GERMFort Wayne
Eddy, L. K.31INFort Wayne
Edgar, John34OHFort Wayne
Edgar, Lovina20OHSpringfield Twp.
Edgarly, J. W.35INFort Wayne
Edgarly, Jane30INFort Wayne
Edgerton, Alford P.63NYFort Wayne
Edgerton, Benjiman P.4OHFort Wayne
Edgerton, Charlotte59CTFort Wayne
Edgerton, Clarra30INFort Wayne
Edgerton, Clemmit W.25INFort Wayne
Edgerton, Dixon22OHFort Wayne
Edgerton, Edward C.34INFort Wayne
Edgerton, Grace21INFort Wayne
Edgerton, Hanna M.60NYFort Wayne
Edgerton, Henry H.38OHFort Wayne
Edgerton, Henry H.11OHFort Wayne
Edgerton, Joseph K.61VTFort Wayne
Edgerton, Junita36PAFort Wayne
Edgington, Amanda18INNew Haven
Edgington, Edward17INNew Haven
Edgington, James61OHNew Haven
Edgington, Sarah39INNew Haven
Edgington, Vinnie10INNew Haven
Edler, Angeline60CANFort Wayne
Edler, Frank54GERMFort Wayne
Edmond, Robert63SCOTMadison Twp.
Edmonds, Allva12INFort Wayne
Edmonds, Catherine35INWayne Twp.
Edmonds, Charlotte2INWayne Twp.
Edmonds, Ella L.9INWayne Twp.
Edmonds, Emiela32INFort Wayne
Edmonds, George36CANWayne Twp.
Edmonds, George A.0INWayne Twp.
Edmonds, Gerty4INFort Wayne
Edmonds, Mary L.8INWayne Twp.
Edmonds, Minie10INFort Wayne
Edmonds, Wm.36OHFort Wayne
Edsall, Clarance30INFort Wayne
Edsall, Cordelia25NYFort Wayne
Edsall, Effa3INFort Wayne
Edsall, Emma25NYFort Wayne
Edsall, Grace4INFort Wayne
Edsall, Joseph W.26INFort Wayne
Edsall, Manford4INFort Wayne
Edsall, Mary71NJNew Haven
Edsall, Simon71NYNew Haven
Edsall, William6INFort Wayne
Edsell, Amelia C.21INWayne Twp.
Edward, Allison15INLake Twp.
Edward, Ella44INLake Twp.
Edwards, Amanda J.17INFort Wayne
Edwards, Danl.54MDFort Wayne
Edwards, Ella11INLake Twp.
Edwards, Francis52PAFort Wayne
Edwards, Frank W.9INFort Wayne
Edwards, G. W.55MDFort Wayne
Edwards, George67OHMonroe Twp.
Edwards, George19INLake Twp.
Edwards, Harry M.11INFort Wayne
Edwards, Hiram33IRELMonroeville
Edwards, Jennie25INMonroeville
Edwards, John J.6INMonroeville
Edwards, Lena10NYFort Wayne
Edwards, Lewis E.1INMonroeville
Edwards, Louis H.20INMadison Twp.
Edwards, Lucinda48OHMadison Twp.
Edwards, Mary36OHFort Wayne
Edwards, Maude A.10INLake Twp.
Edwards, Orien M. G.17INMadison Twp.
Edwards, Samuel19INLake Twp.
Edwards, Thomas23INFort Wayne
Edwards, William H.28INMadison Twp.

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