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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Fibs, Della22OHFort Wayne
Fibs, John32OHFort Wayne
Fich, Conrad21OHFort Wayne
Ficher, Phillip27GERMFort Wayne
Fickel, George31OHFort Wayne
Fidler, William22INFort Wayne
Fiedler, Adam46GERMJefferson Twp.
Fiedler, Adam5INJefferson Twp.
Fiedler, Albert14INJefferson Twp.
Fiedler, Annie18OHJefferson Twp.
Fiedler, Christian2INJefferson Twp.
Fiedler, Clara12INJefferson Twp.
Fiedler, Emil16INJefferson Twp.
Fiedler, Ernestine40GERMJefferson Twp.
Fiedler, Joseph7INJefferson Twp.
Fiefstaffer, Simon21INFort Wayne
Fiegel, Anna16INFort Wayne
Fiegel, Charles61GERMFort Wayne
Fiegel, Fredricka14INFort Wayne
Fiegel, Fredricka3INFort Wayne
Fiegel, Gotfried30GERMFort Wayne
Fiegel, John20INFort Wayne
Fiegel, Margaretha46GERMFort Wayne
Fiegel, Mary22INFort Wayne
Fiegel, Wm.23INFort Wayne
Fielding, Fred21INFort Wayne
Fields, 0INWayne Twp.
Fields, Amos A.35INWayne Twp.
Fields, Catharine A.58OHPleasant Twp.
Fields, Delli B.11INWayne Twp.
Fields, Delpine39INFort Wayne
Fields, Emma28INPleasant Twp.
Fields, Florence Bell3INPleasant Twp.
Fields, Francis B.57OHPleasant Twp.
Fields, Frank B.5INWayne Twp.
Fields, G. William11INFort Wayne
Fields, George B.8INWayne Twp.
Fields, George T.30INPleasant Twp.
Fields, James37INFort Wayne
Fields, John T.4INWayne Twp.
Fields, Laura B.10INWayne Twp.
Fields, Lilly May8INPleasant Twp.
Fields, Mary E.39OHWayne Twp.
Fields, Willie B.4INWayne Twp.
Figart, Christopher28OHMonroeville
Figel, Albert12INFort Wayne
Figel, Charles F.6INFort Wayne
Figel, Charles G.34GERMFort Wayne
Figel, Clara8INFort Wayne
Figel, Dora3INFort Wayne
Figel, Fredrich36GERMFort Wayne
Figel, Fredrich10INFort Wayne
Figel, George R.4INFort Wayne
Figel, Margaretha25INFort Wayne
Figel, Mary34FRANFort Wayne
Figel, Mary6INFort Wayne
Figel, Robert32INFort Wayne
Fike, Burton7INFort Wayne
Fike, Cyrus40OHFort Wayne
Fike, Josiah11INFort Wayne
Fike, Margaret28OHFort Wayne
Fike, Martin4INFort Wayne
Fike, Mary E.56PANew Haven
Fike, Nettie10INFort Wayne
Fike, Tobias67PANew Haven
Filbury, Dora20INNew Haven
Filbury, Hannah76OHNew Haven
Filbury, Jasper34INNew Haven
Filbury, Scott28INNew Haven
Files, Alda2OHFort Wayne
Files, Augusta21OHFort Wayne
Files, Clara1OHFort Wayne
Files, Jacob28OHFort Wayne
Filger, Adolph4INLake Twp.
Filger, Annie28GERMLake Twp.
Filger, Christ48INLake Twp.
Filger, David37GERMLake Twp.
Filger, David3INLake Twp.
Filger, Eda3INLake Twp.
Filger, Etta0INLake Twp.
Filger, Henry7INLake Twp.
Filger, Kate25INLake Twp.
Filger, Mary5INLake Twp.
Filger, Otto1INLake Twp.
Filger, Sophia6INLake Twp.
Filger, Wm.35GERMLake Twp.
Filgor, Alfrid10INLake Twp.
Filgor, Charles39GERMLake Twp.
Filgor, Charles8INLake Twp.
Filgor, Clara7INLake Twp.
Filgor, Emma12INLake Twp.
Filgor, George3INLake Twp.
Filgor, Mary5INLake Twp.
Filgor, Rickey38GERMLake Twp.
Filley, Lizzie E.14INMonroeville
Fillinger, Christophir26INWashington Twp.
Fillinger, Elizabeth24INWashington Twp.
Fillinger, Mary22INWashington Twp.
Fillinger, Minny20INWashington Twp.
Fillinger, Philip65GERMWashington Twp.
Fillinger, Philip27INWashington Twp.
Fillinger, Sophia55GERMWashington Twp.
Fillinger, Sophia25INWashington Twp.
Filzgearld, Charles2INMilan Twp.
Filzgearld, Edward4INMilan Twp.
Filzgearld, Mary R.37INMilan Twp.
Filzgearld, William35INMilan Twp.
Fimbrook, Dellie6INSpringfield Twp.
Fimbrook, Elisabeth66VASpringfield Twp.
Fimbrook, J. M.28INSpringfield Twp.
Fimbrook, Lottie May1INSpringfield Twp.
Fimbrook, Martha J.25OHSpringfield Twp.
Finch, 26INFort Wayne
Finch, Jas.15INFort Wayne
Finderman, Friderich11INFort Wayne
Finderman, Gottlieb9INFort Wayne
Finderman, Henry18INFort Wayne
Finderman, J. Hy.42GERMFort Wayne
Finderman, Lizette42GERMFort Wayne
Finderman, Ludwig79GERMFort Wayne
Finderman, Maria16INFort Wayne
Finderman, Wm.13INFort Wayne
Findoff, Henry45GERMWayne Twp.
Finechtenicht, Caroline33GERMNew Haven
Finechtenicht, Francis18INNew Haven
Finechtenicht, John53GERMNew Haven
Finechtenicht, Rozina9INNew Haven
Finechtenicht, Sophia16INNew Haven
Finechtenicht, William12INNew Haven
Finechtenict, Amelia2INNew Haven
Finechtenict, Anna10INNew Haven
Finechtenict, Elizabeth16INNew Haven
Finechtenict, Emma13INNew Haven
Finechtenict, Francis57GERMNew Haven
Finechtenict, Frederick20INNew Haven
Finechtenict, Louisa40INNew Haven
Finechtenict, Minnie18INNew Haven
Finechtenict, Sophia43GERMNew Haven
Fink, Anna45GERMCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, Caroline9INFort Wayne
Fink, Charles66PAFort Wayne
Fink, Charles O.8INCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, Cordelia20INFort Wayne
Fink, Elanora6INFort Wayne
Fink, Elizabeth59OHFort Wayne
Fink, Elizabeth32GERMFort Wayne
Fink, Francis33INFort Wayne
Fink, Frank2INFort Wayne
Fink, George D.3INCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, Gertrud10INCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, Jacob47NYCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, Joanna18INCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, John J.23INCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, Josephine26INFort Wayne
Fink, Lucy14INCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, Lydia12INCedar Creek Twp.
Fink, Mary67GERMFort Wayne
Fink, Mary5INFort Wayne
Fink, William16INCedar Creek Twp.
Finley, Robert19CANFort Wayne
Finn, Ellen26IRELFort Wayne
Finn, Mary28IRELFort Wayne
Finn, Thomas68IRELFort Wayne
Finney, Austin10INFort Wayne
Finney, Celia6INFort Wayne
Finney, Harry1INFort Wayne
Finney, James4INFort Wayne
Finney, Maria45IRELFort Wayne
Finney, Michael59IRELFort Wayne
Finney, Micheal25INFort Wayne
Finney, Patrick12INFort Wayne
Finnie, James22ILFort Wayne
Firestine, Charles14INNew Haven
Firestine, Cryus1INNew Haven
Firestine, Fanny9INNew Haven
Firestine, George49PANew Haven
Firestine, Henry2INNew Haven
Firestine, Nora7INNew Haven
Firestine, Sarah J.38INNew Haven
Firestine, Simon18INNew Haven
Firestine, Warren5INNew Haven
First, Mary16INFort Wayne
Fischer, Joseph18MOFort Wayne
Fiser, Carrie40OHFort Wayne
Fiser, Chas. M.40OHFort Wayne
Fishbach, Elizabeth26GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, 0INPleasant Twp.
Fisher, A. Hannah45OHLafayette Twp.
Fisher, A. Ivester20INLafayette Twp.
Fisher, A. Lucinda16INLafayette Twp.
Fisher, Abel36PAFort Wayne
Fisher, Amelia23INFort Wayne
Fisher, Anna17INFort Wayne
Fisher, Anna C.55GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, Anna C.22INFort Wayne
Fisher, Anthony28INFort Wayne
Fisher, Anthony J.26INPleasant Twp.
Fisher, Anton68GERMWayne Twp.
Fisher, Bertha2INFort Wayne
Fisher, Bettie48GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, C. Ellen24INFort Wayne
Fisher, Carrie15INFort Wayne
Fisher, Catharine55GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, Charles12MOFort Wayne
Fisher, Charles2INPleasant Twp.
Fisher, Chas.28GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, Christ30GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, D. B.36OHFort Wayne
Fisher, D. Henry3INLafayette Twp.
Fisher, D. Leona8INLafayette Twp.
Fisher, David C.37NYFort Wayne
Fisher, Dora C.24INFort Wayne
Fisher, E. Ida13INLafayette Twp.
Fisher, Edward11INFort Wayne
Fisher, Elizabeth30OHWayne Twp.
Fisher, Ella May7INFort Wayne
Fisher, Emilie W.32INFort Wayne
Fisher, Emma6MOFort Wayne
Fisher, Emma V.18INFort Wayne
Fisher, F. M.30OHFort Wayne
Fisher, Francis F.17INPleasant Twp.
Fisher, Frank20Lake Twp.
Fisher, Frederick8MOFort Wayne
Fisher, Fredrick31INWayne Twp.
Fisher, G. Benjamin14INFort Wayne
Fisher, Geo.16GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, George56MDFort Wayne
Fisher, George22INPleasant Twp.
Fisher, George10MOFort Wayne
Fisher, George M. D.23INPleasant Twp.
Fisher, George W.54VAFort Wayne
Fisher, Gideon29PAFort Wayne
Fisher, H. E.33GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, H. George19INFort Wayne
Fisher, H. Henrietta22INFort Wayne
Fisher, Hanna17INFort Wayne
Fisher, Hellen9OHMilan Twp.
Fisher, Henry65PAHoagland
Fisher, Isac59GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, J. Sarah11INLafayette Twp.
Fisher, Jacob51PAPleasant Twp.
Fisher, Jacob22INFort Wayne
Fisher, Jenny28PAFort Wayne
Fisher, Jobst39GERMNew Haven
Fisher, John19INHoagland
Fisher, John2INNew Haven
Fisher, John E.70GERMJefferson Twp.
Fisher, Jonathan45OHFort Wayne
Fisher, Joseph43GERMLafayette Twp.
Fisher, Julia M.28KYFort Wayne
Fisher, Kate23INPleasant Twp.
Fisher, L. M.47NYFort Wayne
Fisher, L. Mary6INLafayette Twp.
Fisher, Lillie Bell16INFort Wayne
Fisher, Lizzie25MIFort Wayne
Fisher, Lorenzo24PAFort Wayne
Fisher, M. M.38OHFort Wayne
Fisher, Margaret54GERMWayne Twp.
Fisher, Margaret32INNew Haven
Fisher, Mary30INFort Wayne
Fisher, Mary E.25OHFort Wayne
Fisher, Mary Elizabeth15INFort Wayne
Fisher, Maud10INFort Wayne
Fisher, Maude L.11INFort Wayne
Fisher, Max24INFort Wayne
Fisher, Michael63GERMFort Wayne
Fisher, Moses10INFort Wayne
Fisher, Oliver James14INFort Wayne
Fisher, Rachal A.50OHHoagland
Fisher, Regina25INFort Wayne
Fisher, Robert J.35NYFort Wayne
Fisher, Samuel55OHLafayette Twp.
Fisher, Samuel21INFort Wayne
Fisher, Sarah56VAPleasant Twp.
Fisher, Silas19INNew Haven
Fisher, Silas18INHoagland
Fisher, Walter6INFort Wayne
Fisher, Willi Franklin5INFort Wayne
Fisher, William3INFort Wayne
Fisk, Amelia35NYFort Wayne
Fisk, Frank W.14INFort Wayne
Fisk, Grace4ILFort Wayne
Fisk, Mary L.6INFort Wayne
Fisk, W. W.50NYFort Wayne
Fisk, Walter2INFort Wayne
Fisk, Wilbur38NYFort Wayne
Fisk, Wm. D.9INFort Wayne
Fissel, Anna31GERMFort Wayne
Fissel, Charles3INFort Wayne
Fissel, George6INFort Wayne
Fissel, Gertruda1INFort Wayne
Fissel, Philip32GERMFort Wayne
Fitch, Aurelia63NYFort Wayne
Fitch, Bessie F.4INPerry Twp.
Fitch, Clarence9INJefferson Twp.
Fitch, David15INPerry Twp.
Fitch, Edson J.38NYNew Haven
Fitch, Emma A.22OHJefferson Twp.
Fitch, Etta21INPerry Twp.
Fitch, Frances37INPerry Twp.
Fitch, Harvey27INPerry Twp.
Fitch, Jessie1INFort Wayne
Fitch, John B.8INPerry Twp.
Fitch, John W.46MAJefferson Twp.
Fitch, Mathias37INPerry Twp.
Fitch, May E.39MAJefferson Twp.
Fitch, Nathaniel64MAJefferson Twp.
Fitch, O. B.27OHFort Wayne
Fitch, Sarah63OHPerry Twp.
Fitch, Sarah25INPerry Twp.
Fitch, Schuyler10INPerry Twp.
Fitch, Thankfull24MIFort Wayne
Fitch, Walter V.6INPerry Twp.
Fitsimmons, Arthur15CAPerry Twp.
Fitsimmons, Galena21CAPerry Twp.
Fitsimmons, George7INPerry Twp.
Fitsimmons, Luella11INPerry Twp.
Fitsimmons, Nathaniel52PAPerry Twp.
Fitsimmons, Rosina23CAPerry Twp.
Fitsimmons, Sarah42INPerry Twp.
Fitzerald, Bridget60IRELFort Wayne
Fitzerald, Michael22INFort Wayne
Fitzgearld, Alice2INFort Wayne
Fitzgearld, Elizabeth22INMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, Frances18INMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, Francis29INFort Wayne
Fitzgearld, Franklin3INMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, Henry31OHMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, John1INMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, Maggie4INFort Wayne
Fitzgearld, Mary28INFort Wayne
Fitzgearld, Mary18INMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, Mary6INMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, Maryann59ENGLMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, Michael20INMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, Peter55NYCedar Creek Twp.
Fitzgearld, Sarah32OHMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, William65IRELMilan Twp.
Fitzgearld, William6INFort Wayne
Fitzgerald, Bridget30INFort Wayne
Fitzgerald, J.25IRELFort Wayne
Fitzgerald, J.23IRELFort Wayne
Fitzgerald, W. J.30INFort Wayne
Fitzgerld, Ellen45MACedar Creek Twp.
Fitzgerld, Lilly N.5INCedar Creek Twp.
Fitzgerld, Numan10INCedar Creek Twp.
Fitzgerld, William15INCedar Creek Twp.
Fitzgibbens, Catherine26INFort Wayne
Fitzgibbens, Michael27INFort Wayne
Fitzgibbens, Nannie4INFort Wayne
Fitzgibbon, Margaret60IRELFort Wayne
Fitzgibbon, Michael39IRELFort Wayne
Fitzimmons, Arthur15CAFort Wayne
Fitzjerald, Florance19INMadison Twp.
Fitzjerald, James22INMadison Twp.
Fitzjerald, Silva L.0INMadison Twp.
Fitzjerold, Ela16INMadison Twp.
Fitzpatrick, Bartley66IRELFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth38INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Ellen21INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, James3INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Jas.38IRELFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, John52IRELFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, M.55IRELFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Margaret19INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Margaret15INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Mary52IRELFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Mary39INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Mary1INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Michael12INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Molley13INFort Wayne
Fitzpatrick, Thomas5INFort Wayne
Fitzsimonis, A.24INFort Wayne
Fizsimons, Patrik76IRELFort Wayne

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