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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Joast, Albert33GERMFort Wayne
Joast, Clara3CHINFort Wayne
Joast, Louise27CHINFort Wayne
Jobs, A. Julia54VALafayette Twp.
Jobs, E. Mary28INLafayette Twp.
Jobs, J. Clara32INLafayette Twp.
Jobs, Jefferson33INLafayette Twp.
Jobs, Mary29OHLafayette Twp.
Jobs, William62PALafayette Twp.
Jobst, Amand50GERMFort Wayne
Jobst, Dora12INFort Wayne
Jobst, Elizabeth39GERMFort Wayne
Jobst, Elizabeth18INFort Wayne
Jobst, Emilie14INFort Wayne
Jobst, John20INFort Wayne
Jobst, Joseph16INFort Wayne
Jobst, Louis21INFort Wayne
Jobst, Maggie8INFort Wayne
Jobst, William10INFort Wayne
Jodde, Auguste1INLake Twp.
Jodde, Christopher35GERMLake Twp.
Jodde, Johnny4INLake Twp.
Jodde, Magdalene28NYLake Twp.
Jodde, Mary6INLake Twp.
Jodde, Rose2INLake Twp.
Jodde, Willie8INLake Twp.
John, Gustav5INNew Haven
Johnell, Annie M.54PAAboite Twp.
Johnell, Benjamin12INAboite Twp.
Johnell, Clarry10INAboite Twp.
Johnell, Frank62FRANAboite Twp.
Johnell, Lawrence30INAboite Twp.
Johnell, Mary15INAboite Twp.
Johnell, William H.26MOAboite Twp.
Johns, Andrew50GERMFort Wayne
Johns, Andrew13INFort Wayne
Johns, Anna5INFort Wayne
Johns, Clara0INFort Wayne
Johns, Elizabeth35GERMFort Wayne
Johns, Elizabeth17INFort Wayne
Johns, Francis2INFort Wayne
Johns, George15INFort Wayne
Johns, Hermon35GERMFort Wayne
Johns, Katharine22OHFort Wayne
Johns, Katta8INFort Wayne
Johns, Lewis22INFort Wayne
Johns, Lizzie20OHFort Wayne
Johns, Margret19INFort Wayne
Johns, Martha J.48INAboite Twp.
Johns, Mary41GERMFort Wayne
Johns, Mary12INFort Wayne
Johns, Peter10INFort Wayne
Johns, Robert L.39MIAboite Twp.
Johns, Sophia4INFort Wayne
Johns, Tracey5INFort Wayne
Johnsen, 27SCOTFort Wayne
Johnsen, Charles32INFort Wayne
Johnsen, J. P.55INFort Wayne
Johnson, Adam9INPleasant Twp.
Johnson, Albert0INFort Wayne
Johnson, Allice C.20NYFort Wayne
Johnson, Allie6INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Almeda19INScipio Twp.
Johnson, Andie15INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Ann34INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Anna20IRELFort Wayne
Johnson, Anthony20INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Archibald67PALafayette Twp.
Johnson, Augustin49VTFort Wayne
Johnson, Benjaman23INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Benny7INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Bernhard24PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Bernhart38SWEDFort Wayne
Johnson, Bert R.3OHWayne Twp.
Johnson, Bertie0INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Callie M.1OHWayne Twp.
Johnson, Caroline3INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Cary A.20OHFort Wayne
Johnson, Charles52PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Charles44OHMilan Twp.
Johnson, Charles16INFort Wayne
Johnson, Charles10INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Charles Engere8OHJefferson Twp.
Johnson, Chas.35INFort Wayne
Johnson, Chas. W.11INScipio Twp.
Johnson, Cora E.7OHMonroeville
Johnson, Cyntha41OHMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Cyntha M.31INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, D. L.4INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Daniel1INMilan Twp.
Johnson, David57OHMilan Twp.
Johnson, Della2INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Dellia5INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Dory2INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Edith3INFort Wayne
Johnson, Edward17INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Effice15INFort Wayne
Johnson, Eliza E.36OHJefferson Twp.
Johnson, Elizabeth49OHPerry Twp.
Johnson, Ellen28OHMilan Twp.
Johnson, Elsworth17INScipio Twp.
Johnson, Embry4INFort Wayne
Johnson, Emitt8INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Enoch31OHMilan Twp.
Johnson, Estella8INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Eugnie V.24OHWayne Twp.
Johnson, Evie3INPleasant Twp.
Johnson, Flora Bell22PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Francis35INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Francis A.49NYScipio Twp.
Johnson, Frank19INJefferson Twp.
Johnson, Frank16INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Franklin W.2INMonroeville
Johnson, Frederick C.10INJefferson Twp.
Johnson, George14INScipio Twp.
Johnson, George13INFort Wayne
Johnson, Hannah39OHScipio Twp.
Johnson, Harmon42GERMFort Wayne
Johnson, Harry T.0INFort Wayne
Johnson, Harvey41OHPleasant Twp.
Johnson, Hatta32PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Hattie15INFort Wayne
Johnson, Hellen20OHFort Wayne
Johnson, Henry33INFort Wayne
Johnson, Henry31INFort Wayne
Johnson, Henry24INFort Wayne
Johnson, Henry F.2INMonroeville
Johnson, Icie35INFort Wayne
Johnson, Ida17INPerry Twp.
Johnson, Isaac50OHFort Wayne
Johnson, J. F.17INScipio Twp.
Johnson, James46OHScipio Twp.
Johnson, James28INFort Wayne
Johnson, James13INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, James11INFort Wayne
Johnson, James10INJefferson Twp.
Johnson, Jane68PAMonroeville
Johnson, Jane36SCOTFort Wayne
Johnson, Jane24NYFort Wayne
Johnson, Jane17INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Jennie39ENGLFort Wayne
Johnson, Jennie1INFort Wayne
Johnson, Jerry2INFort Wayne
Johnson, Jessie13INFort Wayne
Johnson, Jessie2INFort Wayne
Johnson, John36INFort Wayne
Johnson, John25INFort Wayne
Johnson, John25SCOTFort Wayne
Johnson, John22INPerry Twp.
Johnson, John12INFort Wayne
Johnson, John A.32OHMonroeville
Johnson, John B.43VAFort Wayne
Johnson, Joseph58OHMilan Twp.
Johnson, Josiah37OHFort Wayne
Johnson, Josiah12INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Julia D.48NYFort Wayne
Johnson, L.32OHFort Wayne
Johnson, Lauria2INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Leander18INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Lewis38OHZanesville
Johnson, Lewis7INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Liendel4INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Lillie11INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Lina21PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Lizzie30INFort Wayne
Johnson, Lizzie E.11INFort Wayne
Johnson, Loensia20INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Lottie14INFort Wayne
Johnson, Luella7INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Luetta5INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Lula19OHPerry Twp.
Johnson, Lydia25INPerry Twp.
Johnson, M. J.45OHScipio Twp.
Johnson, Maggie12INScipio Twp.
Johnson, Maggie10INFort Wayne
Johnson, Margaret48NYFort Wayne
Johnson, Margaret25INZanesville
Johnson, Margaretha24INFort Wayne
Johnson, Martha D.10INScipio Twp.
Johnson, Mary52OHMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Mary46OHLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Mary34MIMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Mary24OHMonroeville
Johnson, Mary4PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Mary A.32OHMonroeville
Johnson, Mary E.37INFort Wayne
Johnson, Mary J.33INFort Wayne
Johnson, Maurice M.3INJefferson Twp.
Johnson, Melissa41OHMilan Twp.
Johnson, Merte6INFort Wayne
Johnson, Minie6INFort Wayne
Johnson, Minnie7INFort Wayne
Johnson, Monroe30INFort Wayne
Johnson, Mrs. H.60INFort Wayne
Johnson, Myron E.14INScipio Twp.
Johnson, Nancy36OHZanesville
Johnson, Nellie23PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Nervie13INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Nettie27OHFort Wayne
Johnson, Ninna11INFort Wayne
Johnson, Olive25OHMilan Twp.
Johnson, Oscar6INPleasant Twp.
Johnson, Peter55PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Peter22INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Phoebe41OHPleasant Twp.
Johnson, Richard22INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Robert A.31OHWayne Twp.
Johnson, Robert L.3INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Rosa9INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Saml.30INFort Wayne
Johnson, Samuel J.8INFort Wayne
Johnson, Sarah18INLake Twp.
Johnson, Sarah9INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Sarah E.42NYFort Wayne
Johnson, Sarah E.5INScipio Twp.
Johnson, Sarah J.44PAFort Wayne
Johnson, Seldon0INMaumee Twp.
Johnson, Solamon2INMilan Twp.
Johnson, Sophia16INZanesville
Johnson, Theodore37INFort Wayne
Johnson, Uriah50OHPerry Twp.
Johnson, Wester.19INFort Wayne
Johnson, William55OHWayne Twp.
Johnson, William29INFort Wayne
Johnson, William26PAFort Wayne
Johnson, William25VANew Haven
Johnson, William C.58PAMonroeville
Johnson, William G.36OHJefferson Twp.
Johnson, William H.27NYHuntertown
Johnson, William T.32OHMonroeville
Johnson, Willie9INLafayette Twp.
Johnson, Wm.54NYFort Wayne
Johnson, Wm.35INFort Wayne
Johnson, Wm.19INFort Wayne
Johnston, Alvin14OHFort Wayne
Johnston, D. A.42OHFort Wayne
Johnston, Fridrich E.9OHFort Wayne
Johnston, Sarah36OHFort Wayne
Joker, Lillie E.4INAboite Twp.
Jokers, Bertha2INWashington Twp.
Jokers, Felicia25INWashington Twp.
Jokers, John S.27OHWashington Twp.
Jolley, Albert24OHFort Wayne
Joly, Abel C.5INJefferson Twp.
Joly, Augustine M.25INJefferson Twp.
Joly, Catharine58FRANPerry Twp.
Joly, Chas. J.16INJefferson Twp.
Joly, Chas. M.51FRANJefferson Twp.
Joly, Constine27FRANPerry Twp.
Joly, Cora Q.7INJefferson Twp.
Joly, Delilah22INPerry Twp.
Joly, Emma ...10INJefferson Twp.
Joly, Francis54FRANPerry Twp.
Joly, Frank17INPerry Twp.
Joly, Josephine M.46FRANJefferson Twp.
Joly, Lewis C. G.24INMonroeville
Joly, Louise M.14INJefferson Twp.
Joly, Mary E.27INJefferson Twp.
Joly, Mary F.22INMonroeville
Jones, A. S.68PAFort Wayne
Jones, Ada33OHFort Wayne
Jones, Alfred L.30INFort Wayne
Jones, Alice E.18INMonroe Twp.
Jones, Anna H.56IRELFort Wayne
Jones, Apholi8ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Belle M.24INFort Wayne
Jones, Benjamin60ENGLLake Twp.
Jones, Benjamin F.8INFort Wayne
Jones, Bessie L.3OHJackson Twp.
Jones, Beyton R.22OHJackson Twp.
Jones, Birkett32ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Bridgett42IRELFort Wayne
Jones, C. M.27NYFort Wayne
Jones, Carrie24PAFort Wayne
Jones, Catharine A.28SCOTMonroe Twp.
Jones, Charles13INFort Wayne
Jones, Charles E.2INFort Wayne
Jones, Chas.24INFort Wayne
Jones, Christiena69OHFort Wayne
Jones, Chs. E.26INFort Wayne
Jones, Cordalia27PAFort Wayne
Jones, Cordalia0INFort Wayne
Jones, Daisy5INFort Wayne
Jones, David W.58OHWayne Twp.
Jones, Edward3ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Elisabeth42IRELFort Wayne
Jones, Elizabeth1ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Ella24INFort Wayne
Jones, Emma42ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Emma36OHFort Wayne
Jones, Etta R.1OHJackson Twp.
Jones, Eva Jane11INFort Wayne
Jones, Eva M.19INWayne Twp.
Jones, Evaline9OHAboite Twp.
Jones, F. A.33INFort Wayne
Jones, Floid35ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Frank25INFort Wayne
Jones, Frank P.22INFort Wayne
Jones, Fred W.28NYFort Wayne
Jones, Fremont L.25INFort Wayne
Jones, Geo. M.32PAFort Wayne
Jones, Geo. W.47MDFort Wayne
Jones, George W.3INFort Wayne
Jones, H. F.22INFort Wayne
Jones, H. M.21PAFort Wayne
Jones, Harmer R.4INFort Wayne
Jones, Harriett42INFort Wayne
Jones, Harry35INFort Wayne
Jones, Harry A.8INFort Wayne
Jones, Harry G.14INFort Wayne
Jones, Harvey P.34INWayne Twp.
Jones, Hattie16INFort Wayne
Jones, Hattie1INFort Wayne
Jones, Jackson37OHMaumee Twp.
Jones, Jane A.59OHWayne Twp.
Jones, Jas. A.48OHFort Wayne
Jones, Jasper W.28INMonroe Twp.
Jones, Jennie18INFort Wayne
Jones, John42WALEFort Wayne
Jones, John30PAFort Wayne
Jones, John29PAFort Wayne
Jones, John19INLake Twp.
Jones, John A.28OHJackson Twp.
Jones, John J.4ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, John L.7INFort Wayne
Jones, Kittie C.16MOMonroeville
Jones, Levi M.39INFort Wayne
Jones, Lillie7ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Lottie J.23INFort Wayne
Jones, Lue L.27OHJackson Twp.
Jones, Lula D.16INFort Wayne
Jones, Lydia D.37OHFort Wayne
Jones, Mally J.20INFort Wayne
Jones, Margaret82PACedar Creek Twp.
Jones, Martha A.29INFort Wayne
Jones, Mary71WALEFort Wayne
Jones, Mary50NYFort Wayne
Jones, Mary40MIFort Wayne
Jones, Mary A.5OHLake Twp.
Jones, Mary A.0INMonroe Twp.
Jones, Mary E.29INFort Wayne
Jones, Mary E.26OHFort Wayne
Jones, Mary E.5INFort Wayne
Jones, Mary E.2INFort Wayne
Jones, Mary G.20INFort Wayne
Jones, Maurice L.32INFort Wayne
Jones, Nancy54NYFort Wayne
Jones, Neomy67VAWashington Twp.
Jones, Oliver S.13INFort Wayne
Jones, Orran G.11OHAboite Twp.
Jones, Rebecca27INFort Wayne
Jones, Robert M.20INFort Wayne
Jones, Sarah36OHMaumee Twp.
Jones, Sarah C.35OHLake Twp.
Jones, Seymour15INMonroe Twp.
Jones, Susanna60OHMonroe Twp.
Jones, Thomas23IRELFort Wayne
Jones, Thomas A.1INMonroe Twp.
Jones, Thomas S.23INMonroe Twp.
Jones, Thos.50ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Thos. J.11INFort Wayne
Jones, William19INFort Wayne
Jones, William H.61VAFort Wayne
Jones, Wm.5ENGLFort Wayne
Jones, Wm. F.48WALEFort Wayne
Jones, Wm. O.17INFort Wayne
Jones, Wm. R.6INFort Wayne
Jons, Edward32INFort Wayne
Jons, Edward17INFort Wayne
Jons, Henery12INFort Wayne
Jons, Robert10INFort Wayne
Jons, Silias45CTFort Wayne
Jonson, Elba12INSheldon
Jonson, Emit33OHSheldon
Jonson, Emma28OHSheldon
Jonson, Isora10INSheldon
Jonson, Lenora6INSheldon
Jonson, Melvin8INSheldon
Jonson, R. Richard27INFort Wayne
Jonson, Rebecca75PAPleasant Twp.
Jonson, Sarah22INFort Wayne
Joqual, Daniel J.22INFort Wayne
Joqual, John J.69FRANFort Wayne
Joqual, Louis30INFort Wayne
Joqual, Louis C.3INFort Wayne
Joqual, Lucy1INFort Wayne
Joqual, Philomene28INFort Wayne
Joquel, Daniel23INFort Wayne
Jordan, Allice19INWayne Twp.
Jordan, Anthona11INWayne Twp.
Jordan, Edward23INWayne Twp.
Jordan, Elizabeth M.4INWayne Twp.
Jordan, Francis13INWayne Twp.
Jordan, George58FRANWayne Twp.
Jordan, George25INWayne Twp.
Jordan, George21PAMilan Twp.
Jordan, Hannah63PAMilan Twp.
Jordan, Henry9INWayne Twp.
Jordan, John15INWayne Twp.
Jordan, John2INMilan Twp.
Jordan, Joseph22INWayne Twp.
Jordan, Marian47FRANWayne Twp.
Jordan, Marian17INWayne Twp.
Jordan, Mary J.29INHuntertown
Jordan, Samuel50PAMilan Twp.
Jordan, Sarah21INMilan Twp.
Jordan, William A.6INWayne Twp.
Jordon, Joseph19OHFort Wayne
Joseph, Barbara44INMadison Twp.
Joseph, Elijah C.22INMadison Twp.
Joseph, Irena18INMadison Twp.
Joseph, John50GERMPleasant Twp.
Joseph, Johnathan5INMadison Twp.
Joseph, Johnathan E.54OHMadison Twp.
Joseph, Lewis2INLake Twp.
Joseph, Louisa24INLake Twp.
Joseph, N. C.25SWITLake Twp.
Joseph, Nely8INMadison Twp.
Joseph, Theodore0INLake Twp.
Joslin, Gracie L.5INFort Wayne
Joslin, Herbert S.7INFort Wayne
Joslin, Lidia B.33INFort Wayne
Joslin, William H.39INFort Wayne
Jossie, Anna14INFort Wayne
Jossie, Charles17INFort Wayne
Jossie, Edward20INFort Wayne
Jossie, Elizabeth7INFort Wayne
Jossie, Francis10INFort Wayne
Jossie, Fred B.22INFort Wayne
Jossie, Louisa47GERMFort Wayne
Josworth, Adline75GERMFort Wayne
Jourdain, Celestier43FRANFort Wayne
Jourdain, Hannah0INFort Wayne
Jourdain, Louis3INFort Wayne
Jourdain, Mary38INFort Wayne
Jourdain, Mary6INFort Wayne
Jourdain, Millia12INFort Wayne
Jourdain, Sopha13INFort Wayne
Jourdian, Elizabeth55ENGLFort Wayne
Jourdian, George54ENGLFort Wayne
Jourdian, Hattie24MIFort Wayne
Jourdian, Isabella16MIFort Wayne
Jourdian, Lidda21MIFort Wayne
Jourdian, Wm.16MIFort Wayne
Joyce, James30NYFort Wayne
Joyce, James24OHFort Wayne
Joyhnson, George F.4OHWayne Twp.
Joynes, Henry52NYFort Wayne
Joynes, Joey20INFort Wayne
Joynes, Susan M.51NYFort Wayne

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