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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Kibbe, George P.18CTNew Haven
Kibbe, Harry F.3INNew Haven
Kibbe, James A.43CTNew Haven
Kibbe, James S.10WVNew Haven
Kibbe, Lillie15CTNew Haven
Kibbe, Mary L.36CTNew Haven
Kick, Alfred33OHLake Twp.
Kick, Mary E.34OHLake Twp.
Kickason, Benjamine46OHWashington Twp.
Kickason, Charles19INWashington Twp.
Kickason, Emy12INWashington Twp.
Kickason, James23INWashington Twp.
Kickason, John18INWashington Twp.
Kickason, Mary15INWashington Twp.
Kickason, Sady9INWashington Twp.
Kickason, Tresy7INWashington Twp.
Kickason, William20INWashington Twp.
Kickley, Charles13INFort Wayne
Kickley, Edward3INFort Wayne
Kickley, Elmore9INFort Wayne
Kickley, George28PAFort Wayne
Kickley, Iada6INFort Wayne
Kickley, Joseph39INFort Wayne
Kickley, Matilda40OHFort Wayne
Kickly, Cathern4INWashington Twp.
Kickly, Florance12INWashington Twp.
Kickly, Frank40INWashington Twp.
Kickly, Jane38PAWashington Twp.
Kickly, Joseph1INWashington Twp.
Kickly, Miny5INWashington Twp.
Kickly, Ruphus0INWashington Twp.
Kiddie, Agnes2INFort Wayne
Kiddie, Andrew15SCOTFort Wayne
Kiddie, Dunkin12SCOTFort Wayne
Kiddie, Geo.7PAFort Wayne
Kiddie, Henry38SCOTFort Wayne
Kiddie, James13SCOTFort Wayne
Kiddie, Jane8PAFort Wayne
Kiddie, Margaret38SCOTFort Wayne
Kiefer, Christopher35INFort Wayne
Kiefer, Edward3INFort Wayne
Kiefer, Emma7INFort Wayne
Kiefer, Louisa32INFort Wayne
Kieff, Essie26OHFort Wayne
Kiefhaber, Barbara54GERMFort Wayne
Kiefhaber, Frederick14INFort Wayne
Kiefhaber, Geo.57GERMFort Wayne
Kiefhaber, Paulina20INFort Wayne
Kiehl, Caroline23OHMonroe Twp.
Kiehl, Peter27OHMonroe Twp.
Kiehl, Rosena1OHMonroe Twp.
Kiel, Christiana26GERMFort Wayne
Kiel, Fred1INFort Wayne
Kiel, Henry31GERMFort Wayne
Kiel, Henry2INFort Wayne
Kiel, Mary7INFort Wayne
Kiel, William4INFort Wayne
Kiel, Willimana20INFort Wayne
Kiel, Wm.28GERMFort Wayne
Kiely, Ann20IRELFort Wayne
Kiely, Maggie18NYFort Wayne
Kierspe, Charles13INFort Wayne
Kierspe, Chas.54GERMFort Wayne
Kierspe, Ellen21PAFort Wayne
Kierspe, Fred16PAFort Wayne
Kierspe, George10INFort Wayne
Kierspe, Minnie49GERMFort Wayne
Kierstein, Magdalen25WIFort Wayne
Kiger, Jennie25OHFort Wayne
Kikley, Jay23OHFort Wayne
Kilague, Birt1INMadison Twp.
Kilague, Sarah22MIMadison Twp.
Kiley, Bridget29INFort Wayne
Kiley, Denis23INFort Wayne
Kiley, John27INFort Wayne
Kiley, Kattie18INFort Wayne
Kiley, Margaret25INFort Wayne
Kiley, Mary60IRELFort Wayne
Kiley, Mollie7INFort Wayne
Kilian, Henry20TXFort Wayne
Killen, Anna37OHFort Wayne
Killen, Anna B.4INFort Wayne
Killen, Georg12INFort Wayne
Killen, Maple M.1INFort Wayne
Killen, Wiliam38PAFort Wayne
Killen, Wiliam6INFort Wayne
Killian, Anna E.69OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Charles10INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Clarence S.1INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Cora J.4INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Edgar S.0INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Elisabeth43OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Elisabeth8INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Ellen16INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Eva17OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Francie Ellen25OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Frank19OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, George H.12INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Harriet21INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Henry L.2INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Isaac59PASpringfield Twp.
Killian, Israel46OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, J. I. V.24OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Jacob22OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, John66PASpringfield Twp.
Killian, John52OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, John J.4INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Joseph H.2INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Malinda47OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Malinda4INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Martain29OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Sarah36OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Sarah C.23OHSpringfield Twp.
Killian, Simon53PASpringfield Twp.
Killian, Viola A.7INSpringfield Twp.
Killian, William E.19OHSpringfield Twp.
Killion, Hanna20MAFort Wayne
Killpatrick, Edward16INLafayette Twp.
Killworth, John30OHJefferson Twp.
Killworth, Malinda H.25OHJefferson Twp.
Killworth, Newton E.2INJefferson Twp.
Killworth, Robert H.7INJefferson Twp.
Killworth, William N.4INJefferson Twp.
Kiloure, Annie43OHMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Annie12INMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Christ18OHMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Christian45FRANMilan Twp.
Kiloure, David8INMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Elizabeth15OHMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Joseph14INMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Katie6INMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Leah0INMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Levi28OHMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Mary10INMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Peter17OHMilan Twp.
Kiloure, Sarah4INMilan Twp.
Kilpatrick, Carolina39OHFort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Graceble5INFort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Henry E.18INFort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Oskar D.38OHFort Wayne
Kilpatrick, Pat23SWEDFort Wayne
Kimball, Benj. H.61MEFort Wayne
Kimball, Fred25INFort Wayne
Kimball, Laura A.36MAFort Wayne
Kimball, Mary E.30MAFort Wayne
Kimball, Sarah R.63MAFort Wayne
Kimble, Eliza M.53NHWashington Twp.
Kimble, Fredrick25INWashington Twp.
Kimble, Matty C.16INWashington Twp.
Kimble, Samuel W.56MEWashington Twp.
Kimmel, ---3INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Carrie6INFort Wayne
Kimmel, Charles M.2INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, D. T.54OHPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Edith5INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Harriett24INFort Wayne
Kimmel, Jacob C.16INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Jacob H.37INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Kinzey30INFort Wayne
Kimmel, Loren1INFort Wayne
Kimmel, Louisa32NYPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, M. G.28INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Mariah23OHPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Martin12INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Michael59GERMFort Wayne
Kimmel, Milan4INFort Wayne
Kimmel, Robert E.14INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Sarah12INPleasant Twp.
Kimmel, Sarah A.48VAPleasant Twp.
Kincade, C. Ann38INFort Wayne
Kincade, Francis A.21OHWashington Twp.
Kincade, Francis B.60PAWashington Twp.
Kincade, Frank14INFort Wayne
Kincade, John H.52PAWashington Twp.
Kincade, John J.19OHWashington Twp.
Kincade, Martha12INFort Wayne
Kincade, Mary A.50PAWashington Twp.
Kincade, Rebecka56PAWashington Twp.
Kindar, Mary Tracy55SWITPleasant Twp.
Kindar, Nick61GERMPleasant Twp.
Kinder, Annie20INPleasant Twp.
Kinder, Michael17INPleasant Twp.
Kindt, Carolina20FRANFort Wayne
Kindt, William22PAFort Wayne
Kinerk, Edward1INPleasant Twp.
Kinerk, Frisbee T.13INPleasant Twp.
Kinerk, George W.8INPleasant Twp.
Kinerk, Malinda36OHPleasant Twp.
Kinerk, Martha J.9INPleasant Twp.
Kinerk, Salena5INPleasant Twp.
Kinerk, Wm.36INPleasant Twp.
King, 0INPleasant Twp.
King, A. W.21INFort Wayne
King, Anna3INSpringfield Twp.
King, Asa35INPleasant Twp.
King, Carrie25INFort Wayne
King, Carry23OHFort Wayne
King, Catherine27INFort Wayne
King, Charles6INFort Wayne
King, Dimond69MEPleasant Twp.
King, Edward6INFort Wayne
King, Eliza Margaret39GERMFort Wayne
King, Elizabeth29INFort Wayne
King, Elizabeth25INPleasant Twp.
King, Emma20INFort Wayne
King, Florence28INFort Wayne
King, Francis66IRELPleasant Twp.
King, Frank D.3INPleasant Twp.
King, Freemon76MEPleasant Twp.
King, Hattie22INFort Wayne
King, Henry9INFort Wayne
King, Ida12INFort Wayne
King, Jacob21INFort Wayne
King, Joanna88CANPleasant Twp.
King, John51OHNew Haven
King, John32GERMSpringfield Twp.
King, John7INFort Wayne
King, John B.5INPleasant Twp.
King, Jonathan53OHFort Wayne
King, Lula10INFort Wayne
King, Mary45OHFort Wayne
King, Mary3INFort Wayne
King, Merica26INPleasant Twp.
King, O. F.28INFort Wayne
King, P. H.28CANFort Wayne
King, Rachel66GERMFort Wayne
King, Rosan29INSpringfield Twp.
King, Samuel H.19INFort Wayne
King, Sarah47OHNew Haven
King, Sarah23INFort Wayne
King, Sophia20INFort Wayne
King, Thomas32INPleasant Twp.
King, Thomas7INMonroe Twp.
King, Vicoten32FRANFort Wayne
King, W. F.20INScipio Twp.
King, William1INSpringfield Twp.
King, William F.14ILFort Wayne
Kingman, Julia30ENGLFort Wayne
Kingry, Isarue20OHFort Wayne
Kingry, Mildred C. M.0INFort Wayne
Kingry, Wm. F.27OHFort Wayne
Kinkade, Anna28INFort Wayne
Kinkade, Frank13INFort Wayne
Kinkade, Mertle10INFort Wayne
Kinkead, Tim11INFort Wayne
Kinley, Fredrick25OHWayne Twp.
Kinnaird, Alexander51SCOTFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Alexander18NYFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Annie25NYFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Edward13INFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Emma17NYFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Louis11INFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Margaret51SCOTFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Mary23NYFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Robert53SCOTFort Wayne
Kinnaird, Robert20NYFort Wayne
Kinnaird, William14INFort Wayne
Kinnan, J. M.74NJFort Wayne
Kinnan, J. W.9INFort Wayne
Kinnan, Mattie44OHFort Wayne
Kinneson, Ellisen13Springfield Twp.
Kinney, Burton21IALafayette Twp.
Kinnuel, Bishop S.4INWayne Twp.
Kinnuel, Ida M.1INWayne Twp.
Kinnuel, John46OHWayne Twp.
Kinnuel, Milo C.11INWayne Twp.
Kinnuel, Minerva40OHWayne Twp.
Kinnuel, Sarah C.8INWayne Twp.
Kinnuel, Stella J.18INWayne Twp.
Kinsey, Augusta30INSpringfield Twp.
Kinsey, Carl D.1INFort Wayne
Kinsey, Caroline58GERMSpringfield Twp.
Kinsey, Charles34NYSpringfield Twp.
Kinsey, Chs. L.18INFort Wayne
Kinsey, Clinton4INSpringfield Twp.
Kinsey, Eduard15INSpringfield Twp.
Kinsey, Edward6INFort Wayne
Kinsey, Emily22IAFort Wayne
Kinsey, Frank3INFort Wayne
Kinsey, Gertie7INSpringfield Twp.
Kinsey, J. F.28INFort Wayne
Kinsey, J. J.32INFort Wayne
Kinsey, Latisha30INFort Wayne
Kinsey, Maggie19INFort Wayne
Kinsey, Samuel67SWITSpringfield Twp.
Kinsley, Charly1INFort Wayne
Kinsley, Christ.37GERMFort Wayne
Kinsley, Mary26GERMFort Wayne
Kinty, Celia13INWayne Twp.
Kinty, Elizabeth15INWayne Twp.
Kinty, John7INWayne Twp.
Kinty, Mary40GERMWayne Twp.
Kinty, Mary A.0INWayne Twp.
Kinty, Trasa10INWayne Twp.
Kinty, Valentine43GERMWayne Twp.
Kinty, Valentine3INWayne Twp.
Kintz, Alexander63PAFort Wayne
Kintz, Allice18INFort Wayne
Kintz, Ambrose38OHFort Wayne
Kintz, Anna M.0INFort Wayne
Kintz, Charles29INFort Wayne
Kintz, Daniel W.4INFort Wayne
Kintz, Frank A.1INFort Wayne
Kintz, Henry24INFort Wayne
Kintz, John48OHFort Wayne
Kintz, John27INWayne Twp.
Kintz, John2INFort Wayne
Kintz, Lora M.5INFort Wayne
Kintz, Luca A.26MAFort Wayne
Kintz, Mary21INFort Wayne
Kintz, Mary A.30OHFort Wayne
Kintz, Phoebe60PAFort Wayne
Kintz, Rosallie2INFort Wayne
Kintz, Rosina26INFort Wayne
Kinz, J. R.22INFort Wayne
Kirbach, Anna4INFort Wayne
Kirbach, Elizabeth6INFort Wayne
Kirbach, Fridrich36GERMFort Wayne
Kirbach, Robert16GERMFort Wayne
Kirbach, Theresia31GERMFort Wayne
Kirbach, Wiliam7INFort Wayne
Kirchhoff, Mary27GERMFort Wayne
Kirchner, Albert23INFort Wayne
Kirchner, Etta21OHFort Wayne
Kirchner, Gotlieb40GERMFort Wayne
Kirchner, Kate2INFort Wayne
Kirchner, Lizzie8INFort Wayne
Kirchner, Mary26INFort Wayne
Kirchner, William6INFort Wayne
Kirkendale, Ella17OHMonroeville
Kirkham, Fanny9OHWashington Twp.
Kirkham, Ida11KYWashington Twp.
Kirkham, Leny15KYWashington Twp.
Kirkham, Lillie19INFort Wayne
Kirkham, Mary64ENGLFort Wayne
Kirkham, Samantha J.41OHWashington Twp.
Kirkham, William44ENGLWashington Twp.
Kirkham, William12KYWashington Twp.
Kirkhams, Lilly3INWashington Twp.
Kirkhoff, Sophie22INFort Wayne
Kirkhoof, Caroline42GERMFort Wayne
Kirkhoof, Elisabeth17INFort Wayne
Kirkhoof, Sophia23INFort Wayne
Kirkhoof, William20INFort Wayne
Kirkland, M. M.51OHFort Wayne
Kirks, John18INFort Wayne
Kirnerk, Catharine29INPleasant Twp.
Kirnerk, Edward39INPleasant Twp.
Kirnerk, Salina62ENGLPleasant Twp.
Kirtland, Ella C.25INFort Wayne
Kirwan, Thomas F.29CTWashington Twp.
Kiser, Adeline32OHLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Anga42OHFort Wayne
Kiser, Anthoney2INFort Wayne
Kiser, B. Jesse4INLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Byron30INFort Wayne
Kiser, Caroline37PAFort Wayne
Kiser, Caroline29GERMFort Wayne
Kiser, Carrie4OHFort Wayne
Kiser, Catharina20INFort Wayne
Kiser, Catharine64PALafayette Twp.
Kiser, Catharine25INWayne Twp.
Kiser, Charles19INWayne Twp.
Kiser, Charles4INFort Wayne
Kiser, Chas.35INFort Wayne
Kiser, Dora16PAFort Wayne
Kiser, Ellen9INFort Wayne
Kiser, Ellinor12PAFort Wayne
Kiser, Ellis32INFort Wayne
Kiser, Elma0INLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Elyie8INLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Emma24OHFort Wayne
Kiser, Evea14PAFort Wayne
Kiser, F. Rachel2INLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Fredrick37GERMFort Wayne
Kiser, Fredrick10INFort Wayne
Kiser, George2INFort Wayne
Kiser, H. Joseph5INLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Jacob34OHLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Jacob Y.38PAFort Wayne
Kiser, Lewis0INFort Wayne
Kiser, M. Cora10INLafayette Twp.
Kiser, May23ORFort Wayne
Kiser, N. Henry65PALafayette Twp.
Kiser, Peter70OHFort Wayne
Kiser, Peter F.27OHWayne Twp.
Kiser, Rachel29OHLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Rebecka60OHFort Wayne
Kiser, Richard8INWayne Twp.
Kiser, Russel20INFort Wayne
Kiser, Sallie7PAFort Wayne
Kiser, W. Ottis7INLafayette Twp.
Kiser, Wayne28INFort Wayne
Kiser, Wayne27INFort Wayne
Kiser, William7INFort Wayne
Kiser, William H.4INWayne Twp.
Kismmel, Frangott64GERMNew Haven
Kistler, Augustus E.16INPerry Twp.
Kistler, Ellen11INPerry Twp.
Kistler, Esther A.39OHPerry Twp.
Kistler, Julia A.18INPerry Twp.
Kistler, Moses J.47PAPerry Twp.
Kistler, Rosaline1INPerry Twp.
Kistler, Silas J.21INPerry Twp.
Kite, Archable70OHAboite Twp.
Kizer, Anna M.18INMadison Twp.
Kizer, Barbery32INMadison Twp.
Kizer, Catharine22INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Charls0INMadison Twp.
Kizer, Conrad24INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Edward11INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Elizabith2INMadison Twp.
Kizer, Elizabith M.20INMadison Twp.
Kizer, Emley19INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Ernist17INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Eve10INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Eve C.39GERMMadison Twp.
Kizer, Eve C.8INMadison Twp.
Kizer, George26GERMMadison Twp.
Kizer, Henry54NETHMarion Twp.
Kizer, Henry0INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Jacob18INMadison Twp.
Kizer, John F.39NETHMarion Twp.
Kizer, John F.10INMadison Twp.
Kizer, John G.45GERMMadison Twp.
Kizer, John G.3INMadison Twp.
Kizer, John H.15INMadison Twp.
Kizer, Lisceta13INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Margaret C.12INMadison Twp.
Kizer, Mariah C.5INMadison Twp.
Kizer, Sofiah2INMarion Twp.
Kizer, Sofy21INMarion Twp.
Kizer, William26INMarion Twp.

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