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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Koak, Arthir22INSt. Joseph Twp.
Koak, Ettie9INSt. Joseph Twp.
Koak, George J.14INSt. Joseph Twp.
Koak, Jacob52NYSt. Joseph Twp.
Koak, Jennie17INSt. Joseph Twp.
Koak, Mollie19INSt. Joseph Twp.
Koakler, Alfred J.11INWayne Twp.
Koakler, Annie C.25INWayne Twp.
Koakler, Fredrick5INWayne Twp.
Koakler, Harriet P.2INWayne Twp.
Koakler, Harriett32GERMWayne Twp.
Koakler, John A.29INWayne Twp.
Koakler, John M.7INWayne Twp.
Koakler, Michael31INWayne Twp.
Koakler, Michal A.7INWayne Twp.
Koakler, Minnie M.13INWayne Twp.
Koakler, Rhuben1INWayne Twp.
Kober, Kathrina42GERMFort Wayne
Koble, Barbria30OHCedar Creek Twp.
Koble, Ida D.1INCedar Creek Twp.
Koble, John26OHCedar Creek Twp.
Koble, Mary4INCedar Creek Twp.
Koble, Matilda3INCedar Creek Twp.
Koch, Adam47GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Alice Eva4INScipio Twp.
Koch, Anna14INFort Wayne
Koch, Anthony40GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Augusta12INFort Wayne
Koch, Benjamin5INFort Wayne
Koch, Caroline25INScipio Twp.
Koch, Chas.47GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Chas. W.5INScipio Twp.
Koch, Christian66GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Christian F.29INFort Wayne
Koch, Edward6INFort Wayne
Koch, Elisebeth62GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Elisebeth33INFort Wayne
Koch, Elisebeth12GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Elizabeth58GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Elizabeth0INFort Wayne
Koch, Elizebeth20INFort Wayne
Koch, Emma8INFort Wayne
Koch, Ferdinand16MIFort Wayne
Koch, Frank48GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Gotlieb2INFort Wayne
Koch, Ida4INFort Wayne
Koch, John5INFort Wayne
Koch, John2INFort Wayne
Koch, John B.30GERMFort Wayne
Koch, John W.56GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Jos.25OHFort Wayne
Koch, Kate45GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Katherina46GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Margaret65GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Margaret29INFort Wayne
Koch, Margarett28GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Mary9INFort Wayne
Koch, Matilda29INFort Wayne
Koch, Menie7INFort Wayne
Koch, Minnie4INFort Wayne
Koch, Robert1INFort Wayne
Koch, Sophia51GERMFort Wayne
Koch, Sophia13INFort Wayne
Koch, Theodore23INFort Wayne
Koch, Valtin11INFort Wayne
Koch, William28INScipio Twp.
Koch, William20INFort Wayne
Koch, William7INFort Wayne
Koch, William1INFort Wayne
Kocher, Amassa3INFort Wayne
Kocher, David8INFort Wayne
Kocher, George10INFort Wayne
Kocher, John33OHFort Wayne
Kocher, Lively6INFort Wayne
Kocher, Lula1INFort Wayne
Kocher, Maggie30INFort Wayne
Kochlinger, Carl W.8INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Catharine24GERMNew Haven
Kochlinger, Christain19INMarion Twp.
Kochlinger, Christian F.6INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Christina74GERMNew Haven
Kochlinger, Christina2INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Clara E.1INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Elizabeth4INMarion Twp.
Kochlinger, Emma C.12INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Frederick32GERMNew Haven
Kochlinger, Frederick0INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Frederick E.14INNew Haven
Kochlinger, George H.10INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Gustav A.16INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Henry20INMarion Twp.
Kochlinger, Jacob52NETHMarion Twp.
Kochlinger, Jacob5INMarion Twp.
Kochlinger, Johanna38GERMNew Haven
Kochlinger, John26GERMFort Wayne
Kochlinger, John H.43GERMNew Haven
Kochlinger, Mary15INMarion Twp.
Kochlinger, Phillip A.4INNew Haven
Kochlinger, Sophia44NETHMarion Twp.
Kochlinger, Sophia22INMarion Twp.
Kocks, Anna1INFort Wayne
Kocks, Elizabeth43GERMFort Wayne
Kocks, Frank48GERMFort Wayne
Kocks, Frank O.18INFort Wayne
Kocks, Henry21INFort Wayne
Kocks, John16INFort Wayne
Kocks, Mary12INFort Wayne
Koeble, Charles11INFort Wayne
Koeble, Edward15INFort Wayne
Koeble, Edward G.15INFort Wayne
Koeble, Emma15INFort Wayne
Koeble, Emma13INFort Wayne
Koeble, Evan40OHFort Wayne
Koeble, John George46GERMFort Wayne
Koeble, Mrs.40OHFort Wayne
Koeblinger, Hannah L.25INFort Wayne
Koeblinger, Henry C.1INFort Wayne
Koeblinger, Peter44GERMFort Wayne
Koef, Angeline23GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Koef, Fredric60GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Koef, Henry13GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Koef, Sophia56GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Koef, William20GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Koef, Willmenie16GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Koeff, Amelia14INWayne Twp.
Koeff, Catherine C.15INWayne Twp.
Koeff, Christana40GERMWayne Twp.
Koeff, Henry F.10INWayne Twp.
Koeff, Jacob48GERMWayne Twp.
Koeff, Jacob I.12INWayne Twp.
Koeff, John W.8INWayne Twp.
Koegel, Charles15INFort Wayne
Koegel, Christian55GERMFort Wayne
Koegel, Emma11INFort Wayne
Koegel, George13INFort Wayne
Koegel, John17INFort Wayne
Koegel, Julia22INFort Wayne
Koegel, Mary55GERMFort Wayne
Koegel, Mary24INFort Wayne
Koegel, Minnie19INFort Wayne
Koehler, Ada B.1INWayne Twp.
Koehler, Anna15INWayne Twp.
Koehler, Caroline14INWayne Twp.
Koehler, Catherine52OHWayne Twp.
Koehler, Emma11INWayne Twp.
Koehler, Fritz20INWayne Twp.
Koehler, Louis26INWayne Twp.
Koehler, Michal55GERMWayne Twp.
Koehler, Poulena18INWayne Twp.
Koehler, Powell22INWayne Twp.
Koehler, Thetis23INWayne Twp.
Koehn, August3INFort Wayne
Koehn, Bertha9INNew Haven
Koehn, Charlotte35GERMFort Wayne
Koehn, Clara1INNew Haven
Koehn, Edward11INNew Haven
Koehn, Ernest4INNew Haven
Koehn, Henry39GERMNew Haven
Koehn, Mary33GERMNew Haven
Koehn, Regina8INNew Haven
Koehn, William45GERMFort Wayne
Koelinger, Catharine38GERMNew Haven
Koelinger, Catharine16INNew Haven
Koelinger, George22INNew Haven
Koelinger, Mary17INNew Haven
Koelinger, Philip49GERMNew Haven
Koenig, Anna6INNew Haven
Koenig, Charles17GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, Charles12INNew Haven
Koenig, Christ20GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, Edward53GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, Elizabeth77GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, Elizabeth3INNew Haven
Koenig, Fred23GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, Frederick19INNew Haven
Koenig, Fredinck55GERMNew Haven
Koenig, George17OHFort Wayne
Koenig, Henry25GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, Henry1INNew Haven
Koenig, Lotta49GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, Louisa44GERMNew Haven
Koenig, Mary8INNew Haven
Koenig, Minnie15INNew Haven
Koenig, Otto16OHFort Wayne
Koenig, Theresa51GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, William51GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, William26GERMFort Wayne
Koenig, William9INNew Haven
Koephehen, William16ILFort Wayne
Koerdt, Clarra30GERMPleasant Twp.
Koerdt, Ferdinand27GERMPleasant Twp.
Koerdt, Kasper40GERMPleasant Twp.
Koerdt, Mary M.2INPleasant Twp.
Koester, Anna67GERMFort Wayne
Koester, Christian67GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Koester, Christian23INSt. Joseph Twp.
Koester, Frank25INFort Wayne
Koester, John77GERMFort Wayne
Koester, Louisa15GERMFort Wayne
Koester, Martin21INFort Wayne
Koester, Mary19INSt. Joseph Twp.
Koester, Wilhelmenah60GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Kogan, James35INFort Wayne
Kohe, Lizetta41GERMFort Wayne
Kohlback, Anna M.5INWayne Twp.
Kohlback, Gustav F.1INWayne Twp.
Kohlback, Henry F.7INWayne Twp.
Kohlback, John46GERMWayne Twp.
Kohlback, Louisa36GERMWayne Twp.
Kohlback, William12GERMWayne Twp.
Kohlbauher, Adam43GERMFort Wayne
Kohlbauher, Eva39GERMFort Wayne
Kohlbauher, John11INFort Wayne
Kohlein, Emma11INFort Wayne
Kohlein, Frederick14INFort Wayne
Kohlein, Fredricha6INFort Wayne
Kohlein, Henry19INFort Wayne
Kohlein, Julia8INFort Wayne
Kohlein, Mary13INFort Wayne
Kohlein, Michael48GERMFort Wayne
Kohlein, Pauline18INFort Wayne
Kohlenberg, William17INWayne Twp.
Kohlinberg, Armena22INNew Haven
Kohlinberg, August12INNew Haven
Kohlinberg, Caroline15INNew Haven
Kohlinberg, Conrad53GERMNew Haven
Kohlinberg, Conrad21INNew Haven
Kohlinberg, Frederick10INNew Haven
Kohlinberg, Fredrica43GERMNew Haven
Kohlinberg, Fredrica8INNew Haven
Kohlinberg, Henry19INNew Haven
Kohlinberg, Louisa5INNew Haven
Kohlinberg, William17INNew Haven
Kohlinger, Elizabeth20INNew Haven
Kohlinger, George34GERMMarion Twp.
Kohlinger, Henry3INMarion Twp.
Kohlinger, Lissa10INMarion Twp.
Kohlinger, Mary32INMarion Twp.
Kohlinger, Mary7INMarion Twp.
Kohlman, Augusta12INFort Wayne
Kohlman, Dora43GERMFort Wayne
Kohlman, Edward6INFort Wayne
Kohlman, Elizabeth42GERMFort Wayne
Kohlman, Emma14INFort Wayne
Kohlman, Henry19GERMFort Wayne
Kohlman, Jacob60GERMFort Wayne
Kohlman, Johan54GERMFort Wayne
Kohlman, John12INFort Wayne
Kohlman, Mary48GERMFort Wayne
Kohlman, Mary11INFort Wayne
Kohlman, Theodore16INFort Wayne
Kohlman, Valatine3INFort Wayne
Kohlman, Veronica9INFort Wayne
Kohn, Annie I.3INMonroeville
Kohn, Charles38GERMFort Wayne
Kohn, Eliza39OHMonroeville
Kohn, Fanny6GERMFort Wayne
Kohn, George10OHMonroeville
Kohn, Harvey T.6INMonroeville
Kohn, Louisa24INFort Wayne
Kohn, Mary34GERMFort Wayne
Kohn, Mary E.12OHMonroeville
Kohn, Nathan4INFort Wayne
Kohn, Rosa8GERMFort Wayne
Kohn, William40OHMonroeville
Kohn, William15GERMFort Wayne
Kohnlein, Adam45GERMFort Wayne
Kohnlein, Anna12INFort Wayne
Kohnlein, Bertha1INFort Wayne
Kohnlein, John8INFort Wayne
Kohnlein, Katrina35Fort Wayne
Kohnlein, Paulina15INFort Wayne
Kohnlein, William11INFort Wayne
Kohrman, Henry7INFort Wayne
Kohrman, John15INFort Wayne
Kohrman, Mariana42GERMFort Wayne
Kohrmann, Andrew40GERMFort Wayne
Kohrmann, Anna35GERMFort Wayne
Kohrmann, Henry11INFort Wayne
Kolb, Edward1INFort Wayne
Kolb, John A38GERMFort Wayne
Kolb, Mary28INFort Wayne
Kolb, Mary8INFort Wayne
Koller, Conrad16GERMFort Wayne
Koller, Frances25IRELFort Wayne
Kolm, Theodore19GERMFort Wayne
Kologg, Frank12INFort Wayne
Kologg, Ida16INFort Wayne
Kologg, John H.46NYFort Wayne
Kologg, Magaretha41CANFort Wayne
Konamams, August30INHoagland
Kondot, Amiele21INWashington Twp.
Kondot, August60FRANWashington Twp.
Kondot, Charles26INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Dory48CANWashington Twp.
Kondot, Francis14INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Franky4INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Gustus8INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Joseph28INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Josephene19INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Julia6INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Julius24INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Kely10INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Mary30FRANWashington Twp.
Kondot, Mary17INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Philomene16INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Pilican20INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Sophy12INWashington Twp.
Kondot, Ugane22INWashington Twp.
Kook, Clarance22INSt. Joseph Twp.
Koons, Andrew40OHFort Wayne
Koons, Carry5INFort Wayne
Koons, Ellanoura15INFort Wayne
Koons, Ellen M.46PAWayne Twp.
Koons, Henry52FRANWayne Twp.
Koons, Ida E.19INWayne Twp.
Koons, Ira F.24INWayne Twp.
Koons, Louisa30INFort Wayne
Koons, Manual3INFort Wayne
Koons, Mary E.14INWayne Twp.
Koontz, Adam24OHFort Wayne
Koontz, Charles2INFort Wayne
Koontz, Ella22INFort Wayne
Koontz, Frank21OHFort Wayne
Koontz, Hattie0INFort Wayne
Koop, Charlotte23INFort Wayne
Koop, Christian3INFort Wayne
Koop, Dorethea0INFort Wayne
Koop, Henery29GERMFort Wayne
Koopman, Charlotte63GERMFort Wayne
Koopman, Emma0INFort Wayne
Koopman, Fred28GERMFort Wayne
Koopman, Henry33GERMFort Wayne
Koopman, Louisa26GERMFort Wayne
Koopman, Maria27INFort Wayne
Koopman, Maria4INFort Wayne
Kope, Abena7INFort Wayne
Kope, Charles33GERMFort Wayne
Kope, Charles8INFort Wayne
Kope, Fred5INFort Wayne
Kopf, Annie28GERMFort Wayne
Kopf, Margart27IRELFort Wayne
Kopf, Mary1ILFort Wayne
Kopf, Mathew3ILFort Wayne
Kopf, Simon25GERMFort Wayne
Kopp, Henery19INFort Wayne
Kopp, Katherina43GERMFort Wayne
Kopp, Louis10INFort Wayne
Kopp, Mary22GERMFort Wayne
Kopp, Michael53GERMFort Wayne
Kopp, Wiliam7INFort Wayne
Koppel, Anna R.12INFort Wayne
Koppel, Barbra36GERMFort Wayne
Koppel, Clara A.2INFort Wayne
Koppel, Henry39GERMFort Wayne
Koppel, Henry C.7INFort Wayne
Koppel, John H.4INFort Wayne
Kopple, Catherine48GERMFort Wayne
Kopple, Henry14INFort Wayne
Kopple, Herman12INFort Wayne
Kopple, John34GERMFort Wayne
Kopple, John10INFort Wayne
Korda, Fredrick35GERMFort Wayne
Korda, Fredrick11INFort Wayne
Korda, Louisa5INFort Wayne
Korda, Minnie3INFort Wayne
Korda, Sophia31GERMFort Wayne
Korda, William8INFort Wayne
Kormeyer, Catharine2INFort Wayne
Kormeyer, Elizebeth28OHFort Wayne
Kormeyer, F.28INFort Wayne
Kormeyer, Henry5INFort Wayne
Korn, Albert9INFort Wayne
Korn, Anna8INFort Wayne
Korn, August31GERMFort Wayne
Korn, Dorathea25GERMFort Wayne
Korn, Dorathera3INFort Wayne
Korn, Elisabeth24INFort Wayne
Korn, George4INFort Wayne
Korn, Henry1INFort Wayne
Korn, John33GERMFort Wayne
Korn, John24GERMFort Wayne
Korn, John11INFort Wayne
Korn, Katrina31INFort Wayne
Korn, Katrina6INFort Wayne
Korn, Mary3INFort Wayne
Korn, Rosa12INFort Wayne
Korte, Conrod67GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Korte, Conrod30GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Korte, Fredric26GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Korte, Louisa58GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Kortriez, Kunigunda53GERMFort Wayne
Kosclow, Mary18INFort Wayne
Kose, Alivilda6INLafayette Twp.
Kose, Elias32OHLafayette Twp.
Kose, H. Francis3INLafayette Twp.
Kose, Nancy31OHLafayette Twp.
Kotter, Lewis38OHWashington Twp.
Koviansky, Barney28POLAFort Wayne
Koviansky, Isiral2INFort Wayne
Koviansky, Sarah22POLAFort Wayne
Kowinnsky, Abraham7NYFort Wayne
Kowinnsky, Hannah26POLAFort Wayne
Kowinnsky, Katta5NYFort Wayne
Kowinnsky, Max27POLAFort Wayne

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