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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Neal, Alice M.11MOJefferson Twp.
Neal, Annie21PAFort Wayne
Neal, Celia22MOFort Wayne
Neal, Charles25GAFort Wayne
Neal, Eli12INJefferson Twp.
Neal, Ida17MOFort Wayne
Neal, John A.17OHJefferson Twp.
Neal, Nancy J.44OHJefferson Twp.
Neal, Thomas48OHJefferson Twp.
Neal, Thomas16INNew Haven
Neamayer, Elizabeth20INNew Haven
Neamayer, Louis30INNew Haven
Neamayer, William28INNew Haven
Near, Jane76IRELFort Wayne
Neath, Charles4INLafayette Twp.
Neath, Cora6INLafayette Twp.
Neath, Joseph61GERMLafayette Twp.
Neath, Josephine26OHLafayette Twp.
Neath, Sarah50PALafayette Twp.
Need, Evans52OHWayne Twp.
Need, Frank27INMonroe Twp.
Need, John36OHMonroe Twp.
Need, Lucinda33INMonroe Twp.
Needham, Alma32NYFort Wayne
Needham, Chas.6INFort Wayne
Needham, Eliza2INFort Wayne
Needham, Geo.37MIFort Wayne
Needham, Geo.12MIFort Wayne
Needham, Sybil9MIFort Wayne
Neely, Ida20NYZanesville
Neely, T. H.26NYZanesville
Neerhood, Elizabeth26INFort Wayne
Nees, Agnas15OHFort Wayne
Nees, Albert6INFort Wayne
Nees, Bertha2INFort Wayne
Nees, Elise13OHFort Wayne
Nees, George8INFort Wayne
Nees, Henry46GERMFort Wayne
Nees, Henry16OHFort Wayne
Nees, Otlia42GERMFort Wayne
Nees, Otto2INFort Wayne
Neff, Alice22INFort Wayne
Neff, Alice C.28MDMonroeville
Neff, August23INFort Wayne
Neff, Daniel W.34OHMonroeville
Neff, Eaton W.10INMonroeville
Neff, Elizabith70GERMMadison Twp.
Neff, Ella B.10OHMonroe Twp.
Neff, Ernest V.5INMonroeville
Neff, Frana20INWayne Twp.
Neff, Jacob60GERMFort Wayne
Neff, Jacob30INMadison Twp.
Neff, Jay D.7INMonroeville
Neff, Josie18INFort Wayne
Neff, Mary35OHFort Wayne
Neff, Peter70GERMMadison Twp.
Neff, Phillip66GERMMadison Twp.
Neff, Phillip J.34INMadison Twp.
Neff, Sophia70GERMMadison Twp.
Neff, Sylvester38OHFort Wayne
Neff, William19INFort Wayne
Neher, Anna4INFort Wayne
Neher, Elizabeth12INFort Wayne
Neher, Frank9INFort Wayne
Neher, John15PAFort Wayne
Neher, Joseph55GERMFort Wayne
Neher, Julia19PAFort Wayne
Neher, Katta21PAFort Wayne
Neher, Mary50GERMFort Wayne
Nehmeyer, Annie73GERMNew Haven
Nehmeyer, Christian24INNew Haven
Neib, August11INFort Wayne
Neib, Cathrine48GERMFort Wayne
Neib, Emma7INFort Wayne
Neib, George53GERMFort Wayne
Neib, John17INFort Wayne
Neib, Lizzie13INFort Wayne
Neib, Louis4INFort Wayne
Neib, Willie17INFort Wayne
Neidhart, Joseph32GERMFort Wayne
Neidhart, Matilda26INFort Wayne
Neidhart, Rosa6INFort Wayne
Neidhart, Theresa1INFort Wayne
Neidhart, Ursula20GERMFort Wayne
Neighbour, Henry26GERMFort Wayne
Neighbour, Mary32GERMFort Wayne
Neighbour, Tilla2INFort Wayne
Neighinyre, Charles7INSt. Joseph Twp.
Neighinyre, Elisabeth2INSt. Joseph Twp.
Neighinyre, Gestina10INSt. Joseph Twp.
Neighinyre, Louis8INSt. Joseph Twp.
Neiman, Gotlieb38GERMFort Wayne
Neiman, Gotlieb13INFort Wayne
Neiman, Henry9INFort Wayne
Neiman, John1INFort Wayne
Neiman, Louisa38GERMFort Wayne
Neiman, Louisa12INFort Wayne
Neiman, William3INFort Wayne
Neircides, Annie22INMonroe Twp.
Neircides, George30INMonroe Twp.
Neircides, Henry27INMonroe Twp.
Neireider, Hartman16INNew Haven
Neireiter, Casper58NETHMarion Twp.
Neireiter, Catharine19INMarion Twp.
Neireiter, Charls W.11INHoagland
Neireiter, Christopher A.36GERMHoagland
Neireiter, Eliza35GERMHoagland
Neireiter, Elizabeth64PAMarion Twp.
Neireiter, Emma C.1INHoagland
Neireiter, Hata22INMarion Twp.
Neireiter, Henry C.6INHoagland
Neireiter, John C.10INHoagland
Neireiter, Lewis12INMarion Twp.
Neireiter, Mary69GERMFort Wayne
Neireiter, Solomon20INMarion Twp.
Neirerter, Henry13INMarion Twp.
Neiriter, Daniel29INMarion Twp.
Neiriter, Henry54NETHMarion Twp.
Neiriter, Marion M.1INMarion Twp.
Neiriter, Mary E.29OHMarion Twp.
Neiriter, Ora A.4INMarion Twp.
Neiriter, William S.5INMarion Twp.
Neiseiter, Sadie8INFort Wayne
Neiter, Eliza64GERMMilan Twp.
Neiter, Elizzie9GERMMilan Twp.
Neiter, Elizzie4INMilan Twp.
Neiter, Fredrick60GERMMilan Twp.
Neiter, Fredrick36GERMMilan Twp.
Neiter, Godlep1INMilan Twp.
Neiter, Hannah40GERMMilan Twp.
Neiter, Hellena2INFort Wayne
Neiter, Henry65GERMMilan Twp.
Neiter, Henry38GERMMilan Twp.
Neiter, Henry25INNew Haven
Neiter, Henry4INFort Wayne
Neiter, Henry3INMilan Twp.
Neiter, Mary28NYFort Wayne
Neiter, Minnie1INMilan Twp.
Neiter, Otto32GERMFort Wayne
Neiter, Sophia25INMilan Twp.
Neiter, Sophia23INNew Haven
Neiter, Sophiah7INMilan Twp.
Neizeider, July A.19INHoagland
Nellman, Sophia73MAFort Wayne
Nellson, Henry26INSpringfield Twp.
Nelson, 60LAFort Wayne
Nelson, Charles F.12INMonroe Twp.
Nelson, Charley L.14OHAboite Twp.
Nelson, Corintha A.10INMonroe Twp.
Nelson, David30INScipio Twp.
Nelson, De Groff40INFort Wayne
Nelson, Dora1INScipio Twp.
Nelson, Edwin W.9INFort Wayne
Nelson, Eli23MIFort Wayne
Nelson, Eliza68ENGLFort Wayne
Nelson, Elizabeth64NJFort Wayne
Nelson, Eva28INFort Wayne
Nelson, Eva6INSpringfield Twp.
Nelson, Eva T.13INFort Wayne
Nelson, George21MIFort Wayne
Nelson, Helen38INFort Wayne
Nelson, I. D. G.70NYFort Wayne
Nelson, James F.5INAboite Twp.
Nelson, James S.7INMonroe Twp.
Nelson, John H.27OHAboite Twp.
Nelson, Julia D.14INFort Wayne
Nelson, Levi M.42OHMonroe Twp.
Nelson, Mary A.23IAAboite Twp.
Nelson, Mary E.49PAFort Wayne
Nelson, Maud B.3INAboite Twp.
Nelson, Myrta A.1INAboite Twp.
Nelson, N. O.4INScipio Twp.
Nelson, Nathan53ALAboite Twp.
Nelson, Oliver A.14INMonroe Twp.
Nelson, Rhoda31INScipio Twp.
Nelson, Rosa L.5INMonroe Twp.
Nelson, Ruth42OHMonroe Twp.
Nelson, Thomas21SWEDFort Wayne
Nelson, William H.17INMonroe Twp.
Nelson, Wm. R.39INFort Wayne
Nemit, Powley65GERMMarion Twp.
Nemmite, Katie27INFort Wayne
Nemper, Minie5INSt. Joseph Twp.
Neob, Anna21INFort Wayne
Neob, Louisa17INFort Wayne
Nerhood, James J.5INFort Wayne
Nerhood, John64PAFort Wayne
Nerhood, Lilla F.10INFort Wayne
Nerhood, Lizzie33PAFort Wayne
Nerhood, Martha J.31OHFort Wayne
Nerhood, Mathias35PAFort Wayne
Nerhood, Norra M.0INFort Wayne
Neriter, Elizabeth23INMarion Twp.
Nerriler, Amanda0INWayne Twp.
Nerriler, Amelia11INWayne Twp.
Nerriler, John47GERMWayne Twp.
Nerriler, Lizetta W.8INWayne Twp.
Nerriler, Rebecca36OHWayne Twp.
Nerriler, William J.5INWayne Twp.
Nesbet, George L.18INJefferson Twp.
Nesbet, James70MDJefferson Twp.
Nesbet, John W.12INJefferson Twp.
Nesbet, Mary A.62OHJefferson Twp.
Nesbit, David7INFort Wayne
Nesbit, Delilah27INFort Wayne
Nesbit, Isaac30OHFort Wayne
Nesbitt, Almira29OHMadison Twp.
Nesbitt, Charls3INMadison Twp.
Nesbitt, Emma J.7INMadison Twp.
Nesbitt, George W.5INMadison Twp.
Nesbitt, Jeremiah35OHMadison Twp.
Nesbitt, Mary A.30PAMadison Twp.
Nesbitt, Mathias F.38OHMadison Twp.
Nesbod, Wiliam38IRELFort Wayne
Neshood, Fiatta38PALake Twp.
Neshood, Jacob76PALake Twp.
Neshood, Sarah76PALake Twp.
Neshood, Tillie25PALake Twp.
Nessel, Carolina16INFort Wayne
Nessel, Christina36GERMFort Wayne
Nessel, John15INFort Wayne
Nessel, Lillie3INFort Wayne
Nessel, Michael45GERMFort Wayne
Nessel, Minna6INFort Wayne
Nestel, Adolph21INFort Wayne
Nestel, Danl.26INFort Wayne
Nestel, Ed29INFort Wayne
Nestel, Elisabeth18INFort Wayne
Nestel, Henriette51GERMFort Wayne
Nestel, Maud32VTFort Wayne
Nestel, Philip60GERMFort Wayne
Nester, Christian43INNew Haven
Nestle, Daniel62GERMWayne Twp.
Nestle, Eliza S.23INWayne Twp.
Nestle, Henretta59GERMWayne Twp.
Nestle, Henretta C.34INWayne Twp.
Nestle, Oscar W.18INWayne Twp.
Netestine, Adilia25INSt. Joseph Twp.
Netestine, Aron35INSt. Joseph Twp.
Netestine, Leilile2INSt. Joseph Twp.
Netestine, Mariah L.56NYSt. Joseph Twp.
Netestine, Matilda E.16INSt. Joseph Twp.
Netestine, Uriah65OHSt. Joseph Twp.
Nettelhorst, Charles C.19INCedar Creek Twp.
Nettelhorst, Harriet O.12INCedar Creek Twp.
Nettelhorst, Lewis53GERMCedar Creek Twp.
Nettelhorst, Lewis W.15INCedar Creek Twp.
Nettelhorst, Marian45OHCedar Creek Twp.
Nettelhorst, Uphenia C.17INCedar Creek Twp.
Neuenschwander, Caroline43GERMFort Wayne
Neuenschwander, I. W.65SWITFort Wayne
Neueuschwander, Albert16INFort Wayne
Neueuschwander, Emma14INFort Wayne
Neueuschwander, Matilda18INFort Wayne
Neueuschwander, Rinchold20INFort Wayne
Neuhaus, Carolina54GERMFort Wayne
Neuhaus, Emma17INFort Wayne
Neuhaus, Frank56GERMFort Wayne
Neuhaus, Frank19INFort Wayne
Neuhaus, Henry29INFort Wayne
Neuhaus, Louisa12INFort Wayne
Neuland, Fanie3INFort Wayne
Neuland, Henery32NETHFort Wayne
Neuland, Johana32NETHFort Wayne
Neuland, John1INFort Wayne
Neumeyer, A. D.46PAFort Wayne
Neumeyer, Alvin A.9OHFort Wayne
Neumeyer, Carola18OHFort Wayne
Neumeyer, Charles L.14OHFort Wayne
Neumeyer, Mary42OHFort Wayne
Neumeyer, Wm. H.16OHFort Wayne
Neureiter, Ada A.14INFort Wayne
Neureiter, Casper41GERMFort Wayne
Neureiter, Clara B.12INFort Wayne
Neureiter, Eva Ann35OHFort Wayne
Neureiter, Jessie May10INFort Wayne
Neuroth, Charles1INFort Wayne
Neuroth, Elisa31SWITFort Wayne
Neuroth, Lewis32GERMFort Wayne
Neuroth, Mary21ILFort Wayne
Neuswander, E.25INFort Wayne
Newcomber, Amanda27OHFort Wayne
Newcomber, C.36OHFort Wayne
Newcomber, Claud5INFort Wayne
Newcomber, Hattie3INFort Wayne
Newel, Agnes21SCOTFort Wayne
Newel, Hans57IRELFort Wayne
Newel, Isabella19SCOTFort Wayne
Newel, Jane56IRELFort Wayne
Newell, Charles19INFort Wayne
Newell, Charles D.51MAFort Wayne
Newell, Cora21INFort Wayne
Newell, Emma22INFort Wayne
Newell, George17INFort Wayne
Newell, Grace11INFort Wayne
Newell, Minnie15INFort Wayne
Newell, Nellie8INFort Wayne
Newell, Sarah45MEFort Wayne
Newell, Sarah3INFort Wayne
Newenschwander, Anna7INCedar Creek Twp.
Newenschwander, Benjamin25INCedar Creek Twp.
Newenschwander, Mary M.23INCedar Creek Twp.
Newham, Jennie35SCOTFort Wayne
Newham, Thos.45SCOTFort Wayne
Newhart, Charles17INFort Wayne
Newhart, Louisa46PAFort Wayne
Newhaus, Franziska19INFort Wayne
Newhaus, Reinhard K.25GERMFort Wayne
Newland, Charley2INMaumee Twp.
Newland, Dora6INMaysville
Newland, Elisabeth30OHMaysville
Newland, Elizabeth68OHMaumee Twp.
Newland, John37OHMaumee Twp.
Newland, Lilley8INMaumee Twp.
Newland, Manervia35INMaumee Twp.
Newland, Minnie9INMaysville
Newland, Suann22INMaumee Twp.
Newland, Thomas35INMaumee Twp.
Newman, Anna6INFort Wayne
Newman, Bernhard30GERMFort Wayne
Newman, Emma31GERMFort Wayne
Newman, Siena9INFort Wayne
Newman, William45ASTRFort Wayne
Newton, Albert8INFort Wayne
Newton, Charlotte35INFort Wayne
Newton, Frederich38NJFort Wayne
Newton, Fredie9INPleasant Twp.
Newton, Nora21INPleasant Twp.
Newton, O. A.34OHPleasant Twp.
Newton, Reuben8INFort Wayne
Ney, Catherine46NYFort Wayne
Ney, Catherine15INFort Wayne
Ney, Edward56IRELFort Wayne
Ney, Edward20INFort Wayne
Ney, Mary Ann17INFort Wayne
Ney, Michael21INFort Wayne
Neye, Laura12INFort Wayne
Neystevan, Barnard80GERMNew Haven
Neystevan, Barnard29INNew Haven
Neystevan, Mary66GERMNew Haven
Neystevan, Mary25INNew Haven

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