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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Riblet, George28OHSpringfield Twp.
Rice, Barbara E.18OHSheldon
Rice, Benjamin F.62VAMilan Twp.
Rice, Franlin N.7INPleasant Twp.
Rice, George W.35OHPleasant Twp.
Rice, James22INPleasant Twp.
Rice, Jessie66MAPleasant Twp.
Rice, Jessie A.4INPleasant Twp.
Rice, John H.21OHSheldon
Rice, Joseph A.23OHSheldon
Rice, Mary60OHPleasant Twp.
Rice, Mary60OHMilan Twp.
Rice, Matilda32OHPleasant Twp.
Rice, Melissa29OHPleasant Twp.
Rice, Polly48PASheldon
Rice, Sadie21INFort Wayne
Rich, Amil22OHNew Haven
Rich, Catharine53FRANNew Haven
Rich, Christ17GERMFort Wayne
Rich, Flance28INFort Wayne
Rich, Joseph20OHNew Haven
Rich, Lydia6INFort Wayne
Rich, Mary17INNew Haven
Rich, Peter15INNew Haven
Rich, William29INFort Wayne
Richa, Mary46PAScipio Twp.
Richard, Alfred31OHMilan Twp.
Richard, Allen31OHMilan Twp.
Richard, Almira7INCedar Creek Twp.
Richard, Amanda18INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Austin36OHFort Wayne
Richard, Charles7INFort Wayne
Richard, Charles H.13INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Cora10INFort Wayne
Richard, David54SWITFort Wayne
Richard, Effie10INCedar Creek Twp.
Richard, Eli27INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Elizabeth53GERMJefferson Twp.
Richard, Elizabeth21INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Ellen27OHMilan Twp.
Richard, Elwood18OHFort Wayne
Richard, Emma E.6INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Eugene G.4INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Franklin12INCedar Creek Twp.
Richard, Frederick69GERMJefferson Twp.
Richard, Geo. C.31PAFort Wayne
Richard, Henry16INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Jacob32GERMFort Wayne
Richard, James14INFort Wayne
Richard, James L.41SWITJefferson Twp.
Richard, John38FRANCedar Creek Twp.
Richard, Joseph19INFort Wayne
Richard, Julia54SWITFort Wayne
Richard, Julia E.37PAJefferson Twp.
Richard, Kathrina47PAFort Wayne
Richard, Louis L.1INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Lyda A.9INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Mary28OHFort Wayne
Richard, Mary24GERMFort Wayne
Richard, Mary E.14INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Matilda70PAMilan Twp.
Richard, Orville G.9INJefferson Twp.
Richard, Phillip27GERMFort Wayne
Richard, Phillip8OHFort Wayne
Richard, Rebeca P.33INCedar Creek Twp.
Richard, Rosena55GERMJefferson Twp.
Richard, Susan G.17INJefferson Twp.
Richard, William21INJefferson Twp.
Richard, William5INFort Wayne
Richards, Adam M.7INHoagland
Richards, Albert D.2INHoagland
Richards, Charls E.36GERMMadison Twp.
Richards, Clara2INMadison Twp.
Richards, Daniel16INPerry Twp.
Richards, Eli N.4INHoagland
Richards, Elizabith31INHoagland
Richards, Ephram6INMadison Twp.
Richards, Henry17INNew Haven
Richards, James E.8INMadison Twp.
Richards, James R.65FRANPerry Twp.
Richards, Liley4INMadison Twp.
Richards, Louisa33OHMadison Twp.
Richards, Lydia12INPerry Twp.
Richards, Mary29USAWayne Twp.
Richards, Mary14INPerry Twp.
Richards, Mary Ann50FRANPerry Twp.
Richards, Rose E.10INMadison Twp.
Richards, Rush A.3INHoagland
Richards, Sarah8INPerry Twp.
Richards, Smith37OHSpringfield Twp.
Richards, Thoma32OHHoagland
Richardson, Austin28INLake Twp.
Richardson, Charlas Thos.3INLake Twp.
Richardson, Cynthia Ellen1INLake Twp.
Richardson, Eddie0INFort Wayne
Richardson, Emma Ellis4INLake Twp.
Richardson, Emy21INWashington Twp.
Richardson, F.26INFort Wayne
Richardson, Floyd28INFort Wayne
Richardson, Hanah50OHWashington Twp.
Richardson, Ida22OHFort Wayne
Richardson, James A.14INWashington Twp.
Richardson, M. E.24Lake Twp.
Richardson, Mary45INFort Wayne
Richardson, Newton24INFort Wayne
Richardson, Orlindo V.6INLake Twp.
Richardson, Paul20INFort Wayne
Richardson, Pierce23INFort Wayne
Richardson, Rose28INFort Wayne
Richardson, Sage30INFort Wayne
Richardson, Sallie35INFort Wayne
Richardson, Semantha31INWashington Twp.
Richardson, Thomas55ENGLWashington Twp.
Richardson, Thomas A.29INWashington Twp.
Richardson, Wm.50INFort Wayne
Richey, Alla L.8INFort Wayne
Richey, Amos40INFort Wayne
Richey, Amos8INFort Wayne
Richey, Effie B.10INFort Wayne
Richey, Elisabeth36INFort Wayne
Richey, Nellie M.12INFort Wayne
Richhart, Florence12INMilan Twp.
Richhart, Francis M.18INMilan Twp.
Richhart, George8INMilan Twp.
Richhart, Ira24INMilan Twp.
Richhart, Jenny0INMilan Twp.
Richhart, Joseph48OHMilan Twp.
Richhart, Joseph22INMilan Twp.
Richhart, Mary53OHMilan Twp.
Richhart, Willard S.20INMilan Twp.
Richhart, William15INMilan Twp.
Richmond, Laura30INFort Wayne
Rickelts, Chas.24INFort Wayne
Ricker, A.45NYFort Wayne
Ricker, Eddie G.17CAFort Wayne
Rickett, Bertie Viola6INHuntertown
Rickett, George Edward38INHuntertown
Rickett, Marsellus P.65NYHuntertown
Rickett, Marsellus P.25INHuntertown
Rickett, Mary60NYHuntertown
Rickett, Mary Frances29PAHuntertown
Rickey, Laura M.24INFort Wayne
Rickey, Wm. Jame20INFort Wayne
Rickoff, 26INFort Wayne
Rickoff, 23INFort Wayne
Rickoff, Annie2INFort Wayne
Riddenour, Jacob29PAFort Wayne
Riddenour, Jeremiah22PAFort Wayne
Riddenour, Margaret55PAFort Wayne
Ridenour, Adam15INMadison Twp.
Ridenour, Adam P.27INMonroe Twp.
Ridenour, Angeline23OHMonroe Twp.
Ridenour, Catharine18INMonroe Twp.
Ridenour, Elizabith6INMadison Twp.
Ridenour, Epraim21INMonroe Twp.
Ridenour, Esther58VAMonroe Twp.
Ridenour, Hester2INMadison Twp.
Ridenour, John C.2INMonroe Twp.
Ridenour, Marcus53VAMadison Twp.
Ridenour, Mary M.12INMadison Twp.
Ridenour, Nancy J.45OHMadison Twp.
Ridenour, Nellie J.1INMonroe Twp.
Ridenour, Rebeca J.9INMadison Twp.
Ridenour, Sarah15INMonroe Twp.
Ridenour, Suse Ann17INMadison Twp.
Rider, Charls12INHoagland
Rider, Dedrick50GERMHoagland
Rider, Fred14INHoagland
Rider, Lesetta47GERMHoagland
Rider, Louis10INHoagland
Rider, Mena22INHoagland
Rider, Sophy4INHoagland
Rider, William16INHoagland
Ridley, Dora23INFort Wayne
Ridley, J.25GERMFort Wayne
Ridley, John36TNFort Wayne
Rieckoff, Agness28INFort Wayne
Rieckoff, Agness3INFort Wayne
Rieckoff, Robert E.31INFort Wayne
Riedel, Amanda6INFort Wayne
Riedel, Christian6INFort Wayne
Riedel, Christian4INFort Wayne
Riedel, Emilie6INFort Wayne
Riedel, Friderika39GERMFort Wayne
Riedel, Georg44GERMFort Wayne
Riedel, Henry1INFort Wayne
Riedel, John46GERMFort Wayne
Riedel, John14GERMFort Wayne
Riedel, John14MOFort Wayne
Riedel, Kathe12GERMFort Wayne
Riedel, Katie12INFort Wayne
Riedel, Magaret36GERMFort Wayne
Riedel, Martha1INFort Wayne
Riedel, Mary1INFort Wayne
Riedel, Paulus9INFort Wayne
Riedel, William4INFort Wayne
Rieder, Chas.40GERMFort Wayne
Riedman, George M.17OHFort Wayne
Riedmiller, Cathrine42GERMFort Wayne
Riedmiller, Charles17INFort Wayne
Riedmiller, Jno. M.14INFort Wayne
Riedmiller, John M.44GERMFort Wayne
Riedmiller, Julia21INFort Wayne
Riehle, Cevesten73GERMMarion Twp.
Riehle, Clara5INMarion Twp.
Riehle, Cristena8INMarion Twp.
Riehle, Cristian39GERMMarion Twp.
Riehle, Luiza20GERMMarion Twp.
Riehle, Margaret21GERMFort Wayne
Riehle, Mary34INMarion Twp.
Riehle, Mena0INMarion Twp.
Riehle, William3INMarion Twp.
Rieke, Anna8INFort Wayne
Rieke, Bertha0INFort Wayne
Rieke, Catherine31INFort Wayne
Rieke, Edward5INFort Wayne
Rieke, Harry6INFort Wayne
Rieke, Henry32INFort Wayne
Rieke, Theodore2INFort Wayne
Rienewalt, Caroline14GERMFort Wayne
Rienewalt, Emma2INFort Wayne
Rienewalt, Henry36GERMFort Wayne
Rienewalt, Henry11INFort Wayne
Rienewalt, Lizza9INFort Wayne
Rienewalt, Louisa36GERMFort Wayne
Rienewalt, Willhelm16GERMFort Wayne
Ries, Anna2INFort Wayne
Ries, Fred W. M.7MIFort Wayne
Ries, John P. C.9MIFort Wayne
Ries, Maria4INFort Wayne
Ries, Paulus33SWITFort Wayne
Ries, Sophie C. C.30GERMFort Wayne
Rieter, Barbara11INFort Wayne
Rieter, Joseph12INFort Wayne
Rieter, Lewis1INFort Wayne
Rieter, Magdelaina35OHFort Wayne
Rieter, Margret14INFort Wayne
Rieter, Martin33FRANFort Wayne
Rieter, William M.3INFort Wayne
Riffle, William53PAMarion Twp.
Rigel, Ernst16GERMFort Wayne
Rigel, Ferd.23GERMFort Wayne
Rigel, Henry14GERMFort Wayne
Rigel, Herman18GERMFort Wayne
Rigel, Mary52GERMFort Wayne
Riggs, Emma27INNew Haven
Riggs, Lottie3INNew Haven
Riggs, Margaret1INNew Haven
Riley, Andrew23INFort Wayne
Riley, Edgar14OHMarion Twp.
Riley, Eveline34OHLafayette Twp.
Riley, Fidela15INMadison Twp.
Riley, Frank S.9INSheldon
Riley, George W.15INFort Wayne
Riley, Hattie19NYFort Wayne
Riley, Helen24IRELFort Wayne
Riley, Henry68OHLafayette Twp.
Riley, Jacob W.7INMadison Twp.
Riley, Jessee F.12INMadison Twp.
Riley, John43OHMadison Twp.
Riley, John40OHLafayette Twp.
Riley, John A.7INFort Wayne
Riley, John E.10INMadison Twp.
Riley, John M.2MAFort Wayne
Riley, Julia43OHFort Wayne
Riley, Julia27OHLafayette Twp.
Riley, Mary68PALafayette Twp.
Riley, Mary36PAMadison Twp.
Riley, Mary E.4INMadison Twp.
Riley, Mary I.10INFort Wayne
Riley, Mary M.4INLake Twp.
Riley, Michael30NYFort Wayne
Riley, Oscar12INFort Wayne
Riley, Owen35IRELFort Wayne
Riley, Peter32INFort Wayne
Riley, Peter W.17INMadison Twp.
Riley, Rosa29GERMLake Twp.
Riley, S. M.42ILLafayette Twp.
Riley, Sandy27SCOTFort Wayne
Riley, Thomas30OHLake Twp.
Riley, Thomas L.17INFort Wayne
Riley, William45OHFort Wayne
Riley, Wm. H.2INLake Twp.
Rillie, Birty6INFort Wayne
Rillie, Julia2INFort Wayne
Rillie, Marion31MIFort Wayne
Rillie, Robert34MIFort Wayne
Rily, Ivy17OHMadison Twp.
Rily, Jessee68OHMadison Twp.
Rily, Mary68OHMadison Twp.
Rimcey, Mary Jane0INFort Wayne
Rimcey, Patt.26ILFort Wayne
Rimcey, Sarah J18OHFort Wayne
Rimschnider, August22GERMNew Haven
Rimschnider, Augusta43GERMNew Haven
Rimschnider, Augusta20GERMNew Haven
Rimschnider, Frederick52GERMNew Haven
Rimschnider, George17GERMNew Haven
Rinehardt, Adam T.12INFort Wayne
Rinehardt, Henry15INFort Wayne
Rinehardt, John16OHFort Wayne
Rinehardt, John M.7INFort Wayne
Rinehardt, Laura1INFort Wayne
Rinehardt, Mary Anna43INFort Wayne
Rinehardt, Mary R.10INFort Wayne
Rinehardt, Mathias48GERMFort Wayne
Rinehart, Ada J.10INMilan Twp.
Rinehart, Andrew45OHMilan Twp.
Rinehart, Beers19INMilan Twp.
Rinehart, Dolores1INLafayette Twp.
Rinehart, Elisha28PALafayette Twp.
Rinehart, Florence13INMilan Twp.
Rinehart, Franklin8INMilan Twp.
Rinehart, G. Clida2INLafayette Twp.
Rinehart, Olive21INLafayette Twp.
Rinehart, Sarah23OHCedar Creek Twp.
Rinehold, Albert4INPerry Twp.
Rinehold, Edward22INPerry Twp.
Rinehold, Elizabeth27OHPerry Twp.
Rinehold, Elizabeth L.25INPerry Twp.
Rinehold, Ellen6INPerry Twp.
Rinehold, George27INPerry Twp.
Rinehold, Henry15INPerry Twp.
Rinehold, John53PAPerry Twp.
Rinehold, John L.29OHPerry Twp.
Rinehold, Kate45OHPerry Twp.
Rinehold, Sarah17INPerry Twp.
Rinekin, Ferdenan25INSt. Joseph Twp.
Rinekin, Frank8INSt. Joseph Twp.
Rinekin, Fredric58GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Rinekin, Mettie10INSt. Joseph Twp.
Rinesmeth, Elizabeth73OHFort Wayne
Rinesmeth, John47OHFort Wayne
Rinesmeth, Lizzie7INFort Wayne
Rinesmeth, Susan50OHFort Wayne
Rinewahl, Wm1880INFort Wayne
Ringenburg, Anna27SWITSpringfield Twp.
Ringenburg, Christain30SWITSpringfield Twp.
Ringenburg, Matilda1INSpringfield Twp.
Ringenburg, Peter34SWITSpringfield Twp.
Ringenburg, Peter12SWITSpringfield Twp.
Ringenburg, Susan3INSpringfield Twp.
Ringwalt, Albert18INMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, Ann A.9INMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, Anna M.26INSpringfield Twp.
Ringwalt, Arvilla May4INSpringfield Twp.
Ringwalt, Charles19INMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, Eli47PAMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, Ellen25INFort Wayne
Ringwalt, Emma J.5INMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, George B.15INMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, Joseph E.4INMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, Nellie M.2INMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, Orin A.2INSpringfield Twp.
Ringwalt, Rachel38OHMilan Twp.
Ringwalt, W. H.35INSpringfield Twp.
Ringwalt, William S.17INMilan Twp.
Ripa, Wm.2INFort Wayne
Riplet, Frank19PAFort Wayne
Rippa, Caroline38GERMFort Wayne
Rippa, Caroline15INFort Wayne
Rippa, Charles17INFort Wayne
Rippa, Doras6INFort Wayne
Rippa, Fred13INFort Wayne
Rippa, Louisa1INFort Wayne
Rippe, Adele28GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Anna4INFort Wayne
Rippe, Charles24GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Christian52GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Christian H.28GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Eliza5INFort Wayne
Rippe, Emma0INFort Wayne
Rippe, Fred4INFort Wayne
Rippe, Fritz35GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Fritz22GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Henry7INFort Wayne
Rippe, Henry6INFort Wayne
Rippe, Lizetta28INFort Wayne
Rippe, Lizetta2INFort Wayne
Rippe, Louis2INFort Wayne
Rippe, Louisa20GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Louisa3INFort Wayne
Rippe, Maria13GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Sophia51GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Sophie5INFort Wayne
Rippe, Sophie1INFort Wayne
Rippe, Wilhelmina28GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Wilhelmina14GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, William30GERMFort Wayne
Rippe, Wm.52GERMFort Wayne
Ripple, Charles25INFort Wayne
Ripple, Ida23INFort Wayne
Rirdan, Mandy15INMilan Twp.
Rishal, Hannah23OHFort Wayne
Rissing, August33GERMFort Wayne
Rissing, Cicilia T.0INFort Wayne
Rissing, Clara C.3INFort Wayne
Rissing, John H.33GERMFort Wayne
Rissing, Johny F.8INFort Wayne
Rissing, Magdalena65INFort Wayne
Rissing, Mary A.30SWITFort Wayne
Rissing, Mary A.5INFort Wayne
Rissing, Rebeca41PAFort Wayne
Ritcha, Charles5INSpringfield Twp.
Ritcha, Charles S.8INMaysville
Ritcha, Clara17INMaysville
Ritcha, Edward4INFort Wayne
Ritcha, Elisabeth53PAMaysville
Ritcha, Elisabeth28PAMaysville
Ritcha, Floid1INSpringfield Twp.
Ritcha, Frank6INSpringfield Twp.
Ritcha, Hattie10INMaysville
Ritcha, Henry34OHSpringfield Twp.
Ritcha, Jennie28OHFort Wayne
Ritcha, Otto O.2INMaysville
Ritcha, Polina34OHSpringfield Twp.
Ritcha, Samuel59PAMaysville
Ritcha, Silas30OHFort Wayne
Ritcha, Simon30OHMaysville
Ritcha, Van7INSpringfield Twp.
Ritcha, Willie12INSpringfield Twp.
Ritcheson, George54OHWayne Twp.
Ritcheson, Mary35OHWayne Twp.
Riter, Fredrick55GERMFort Wayne
Riter, John22INFort Wayne
Riter, Louisa17INFort Wayne
Riter, Minnie59GERMFort Wayne
Riter, Minnie15INFort Wayne
Rithart, John20INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, August27INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, August6INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Barbara52GERMFort Wayne
Rithmiller, George52GERMFort Wayne
Rithmiller, George30INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Helen18INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Helen2INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Lizzie8INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Louisa29GERMFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Louisa11INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Mary25INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Mary1INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Willie0INFort Wayne
Rithmiller, Wm.16INFort Wayne
Ritter, Alvada11INMonroeville
Ritter, Anna53GERMFort Wayne
Ritter, Anna11INFort Wayne
Ritter, Augusta20INFort Wayne
Ritter, Benjamin40OHJefferson Twp.
Ritter, Bertha15PAFort Wayne
Ritter, Carolina14INFort Wayne
Ritter, Charles4INJefferson Twp.
Ritter, Deborah10INJefferson Twp.
Ritter, Eliza64PAFort Wayne
Ritter, Ella16INJefferson Twp.
Ritter, Frank7INJefferson Twp.
Ritter, Gusta20INFort Wayne
Ritter, Jakob54GERMFort Wayne
Ritter, Jesse14INJefferson Twp.
Ritter, John12INJefferson Twp.
Ritter, Louisa18INFort Wayne
Ritter, Louisa16INFort Wayne
Ritter, Mary18INFort Wayne
Ritter, Mary J.37OHJefferson Twp.
Ritter, Philip J.20INFort Wayne
Ritter, Theresia57GERMFort Wayne
Ritzman, Anna21INFort Wayne
Rivers, Charles42FRANWayne Twp.
Rivers, Sarah29INWayne Twp.

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