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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Seabald, John25INFort Wayne
Seabald, Lizzie18INFort Wayne
Seabold, Adam71GERMFort Wayne
Seabold, Adam54GERMLake Twp.
Seabold, Amelia11INLake Twp.
Seabold, Carolina15INFort Wayne
Seabold, Caspar43GERMFort Wayne
Seabold, Catharina36NYFort Wayne
Seabold, Charles F.45GERMFort Wayne
Seabold, Christ Wm.12INFort Wayne
Seabold, Edward12INFort Wayne
Seabold, Edward5INFort Wayne
Seabold, Flora8INFort Wayne
Seabold, George H.14INFort Wayne
Seabold, Henry37GERMFort Wayne
Seabold, Jennie2INFort Wayne
Seabold, John25INWayne Twp.
Seabold, Jossie5INFort Wayne
Seabold, Lizzie16INFort Wayne
Seabold, Lozetta25INLake Twp.
Seabold, Maria38NYFort Wayne
Seabold, Rosa16INLake Twp.
Seabold, Samuel10INFort Wayne
Seabold, Sophia48GERMLake Twp.
Seabold, Sophia23INLake Twp.
Seabold, Sophia E.17INFort Wayne
Seabold, Veronicka62GERMFort Wayne
Seabold, William25INWayne Twp.
Seabold, Wm. C.19INFort Wayne
Seabolt, Andy24INLafayette Twp.
Seabolt, Charley36INPleasant Twp.
Seabolt, Daniel18INLafayette Twp.
Seabolt, George23INLafayette Twp.
Seabolt, Jacob64GERMLafayette Twp.
Seabolt, Lida14INLafayette Twp.
Seabolt, Samuel25INLafayette Twp.
Seabolt, Victora23INLafayette Twp.
Seares, Josephine4INPleasant Twp.
Seaton, John44PAFort Wayne
Seaton, Maggie H.43PAFort Wayne
Seaton, Sophia C.7INFort Wayne
Seaver, Allen W.38NYFort Wayne
Seaver, Mary S.38OHFort Wayne
Seaver, Maude E.6ILFort Wayne
Seavey, Amy26INFort Wayne
Seavey, G. W.32ILFort Wayne
Seavey, Irma3ILFort Wayne
Seavey, Walter R.5ILFort Wayne
Sechler, Catharine C.34INHuntertown
Sechler, Charles P.10INHuntertown
Sechler, Jacob D.44OHHuntertown
Sechler, Matilda G.8INHuntertown
Sechler, Milo H.13INHuntertown
Sechler, Nellie L.6INHuntertown
Seddelmeyer, Angeline34INNew Haven
Seddelmeyer, Annie3INNew Haven
Seddelmeyer, Harmon33INNew Haven
Seddelmeyer, Julia5INNew Haven
Seddelmeyer, Louis1INNew Haven
Sedgewick, Eliza46NYFort Wayne
Sedgewick, Jennie16INFort Wayne
Sedwick, John W.26MEFort Wayne
Sedwick, Mary24INFort Wayne
Seebert., Anny17GERMWashington Twp.
Seeds, Jane26VANew Haven
Seeds, Louis1INNew Haven
Seeds, Nettie6INNew Haven
Seeds, Thomas30OHNew Haven
Seeger, Adam57GERMLake Twp.
Seeger, George22INLake Twp.
Seeger, Katharine60GERMLake Twp.
Seeley, Albert6INFort Wayne
Seeley, Albert J.39NYFort Wayne
Seeley, Almond W.9INFort Wayne
Seeley, Edith39INFort Wayne
Seeley, Edith S.12INFort Wayne
Seeley, Etta4INFort Wayne
Seelig, Anna24GERMFort Wayne
Seelman, Jacob54GERMFort Wayne
Seeman, Conrad55GERMFort Wayne
Seeman, Louisa51GERMFort Wayne
Seger, Lila14INHuntertown
Seibel, Chas.29GERMFort Wayne
Seibel, Sophie20INFort Wayne
Seibert, Charles H.1INJefferson Twp.
Seibert, Earia A.24IAJefferson Twp.
Seibert, Frank S.33OHJefferson Twp.
Seibert, Henry W.29OHJefferson Twp.
Seibert, John C.4INJefferson Twp.
Seibold, Catharine14INFort Wayne
Seibold, Dora10INFort Wayne
Seibold, Elizabeth13INFort Wayne
Seibold, George69GERMFort Wayne
Seibold, George28INFort Wayne
Seibold, H. J.22INFort Wayne
Seibold, Henry24INFort Wayne
Seibold, Louisa20INFort Wayne
Seibold, Mary21OHFort Wayne
Seibold, Mary17INFort Wayne
Seibold, Mary M.45GERMFort Wayne
Seibold, W. C.1KSFort Wayne
Seibold, Wilhelmina6INFort Wayne
Seibolt, Georgie29INFort Wayne
Seidel, Annie43GERMFort Wayne
Seidel, Edward54GERMFort Wayne
Seidel, Edward15INFort Wayne
Seidel, Otto12INFort Wayne
Seidel, Rosa19INFort Wayne
Seifert, Adam27GERMFort Wayne
Seifert, Conrad25NYFort Wayne
Seifert, Georg21GERMFort Wayne
Seifert, John35GERMFort Wayne
Seiford, Maria22ILFort Wayne
Seigle, Annie20OHMonroe Twp.
Seigle, Catharine46GERMMonroe Twp.
Seigle, George13INMonroe Twp.
Seigle, Louisa18OHMonroe Twp.
Seigle, Mary16INMonroe Twp.
Seigle, Philip H.23OHMonroe Twp.
Seigle, Richard54GERMMonroe Twp.
Seigle, Richard7INMonroe Twp.
Seipt, Benjamin55GERMFort Wayne
Seipt, Charles12INFort Wayne
Seipt, Charles W.30GERMFort Wayne
Seipt, Louis14ILFort Wayne
Seipt, Mary49GERMFort Wayne
Seipt, Minna6INFort Wayne
Seipt, Rosa10INFort Wayne
Seisler, Elisabeth38INFort Wayne
Seisler, Hattie E.8INFort Wayne
Seisler, Ophelia M.19INFort Wayne
Seisler, Wm. H.39OHFort Wayne
Seitz, Emanuel28INLake Twp.
Seitz, Mary A.48PALake Twp.
Seitz, Mary Ann.22INLake Twp.
Seitz, Valentine53INLake Twp.
Seivers, Gottlieb15MIFort Wayne
Selby, H.24INFort Wayne
Self, Alice M.8INFort Wayne
Self, Catharina25MAFort Wayne
Self, Cora5INFort Wayne
Self, Dolla7INFort Wayne
Self, George A.2INFort Wayne
Self, Joseph35OHFort Wayne
Selle, Charles15ILFort Wayne
Selle, Phebe9INFort Wayne
Sellers, Charles23INFort Wayne
Sellover, S. H.49NYFort Wayne
Selmeyer, August19INFort Wayne
Selps, Cathern14GERMMadison Twp.
Selps, Jacob40GERMMadison Twp.
Selps, Josephine1INMadison Twp.
Selps, Mary46GERMMadison Twp.
Selps, Mary7INMadison Twp.
Seman, Carolina37GERMFort Wayne
Seman, Chs.43GERMFort Wayne
Seman, Conrad6INFort Wayne
Seman, Louisa3INFort Wayne
Senel, Edward15INFort Wayne
Senker, Hermann L.4INFort Wayne
Senker, Herrmann32GERMFort Wayne
Senker, John H.7INFort Wayne
Senker, Magaretha27GERMFort Wayne
Sennerman, John58GERMFort Wayne
Sennerman, Sophia52GERMFort Wayne
Senseny, Martin O.25PAPerry Twp.
Sephard, Fredrick23INWayne Twp.
Sephel, August8INAboite Twp.
Sephel, Charley53GERMAboite Twp.
Sephel, Charley12INAboite Twp.
Sephel, Lizzie5INAboite Twp.
Sephel, Mary39GERMAboite Twp.
Sephel, William10INAboite Twp.
Sephens, Priscilla2INLafayette Twp.
Seppe, Catharine26GERMNew Haven
Seppe, Charlotte6INNew Haven
Seppe, Henry1INNew Haven
Seppe, Mary4INNew Haven
Seppe, Theodore30INNew Haven
Sepper, Frederick24INNew Haven
Sepper, Fredrica58GERMNew Haven
Sepper, Henry57GERMNew Haven
Sepper, Henry14INNew Haven
Sepper, Louisa22INNew Haven
Sepper, Willimine1INNew Haven
Sereing, Dorethor72GERMFort Wayne
Sermiske, Veronica14POLAFort Wayne
Sesserman, David37OHLake Twp.
Sesserman, John W.4INLake Twp.
Sesserman, Martha J.2INLake Twp.
Sesserman, Mary65PALake Twp.
Sesserman, Mary L.9INLake Twp.
Sesserman, Sarah M.27OHLake Twp.
Sesserman, Wm.77PALake Twp.
Setter, Frederick11INFort Wayne
Setter, John17INFort Wayne
Setter, Lewis19INFort Wayne
Setter, Mary53GERMFort Wayne
Sevits, Henry33INMilan Twp.
Sevits, Mary26INMilan Twp.
Sevits, Sarah1INMilan Twp.
Sevits, Victor4INMilan Twp.
Sewell, Edwin29INLafayette Twp.
Seymour, Edna O.31OHFort Wayne
Seymour, Emma5MAFort Wayne
Seymour, J. M.37OHFort Wayne
Seymoure, Bertie B.1INSheldon
Seymoure, Calvin A.32INSheldon
Seymoure, Caroline B.29VASheldon
Seymoure, Horace A.9INSheldon
Seynor, Cora9INFort Wayne
Seynor, Emma28OHFort Wayne
Seynor, Henery38MOFort Wayne

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