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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Smalhaus, Rose19Fort Wayne
Small, Almsira58OHMarion Twp.
Small, Alvitia E.31MEJefferson Twp.
Small, Carrie L.2INMaysville
Small, Claria D.21INMarion Twp.
Small, Daniel23INMarion Twp.
Small, Della A.6INJefferson Twp.
Small, Edward10INMaysville
Small, Franklan14INMarion Twp.
Small, George P.53OHFort Wayne
Small, Isaac33MEJefferson Twp.
Small, Jefferson37NYMaumee Twp.
Small, John56OHMarion Twp.
Small, John37MEMaysville
Small, John11INMaumee Twp.
Small, John E.24INMarion Twp.
Small, Julia21NYMaysville
Small, Kosetta5INMaysville
Small, Lucy C.74OHJefferson Twp.
Small, Lucy M.25INMarion Twp.
Small, Lusinda54INMarion Twp.
Small, Manevery36INMaumee Twp.
Small, Maren21INMarion Twp.
Small, Mary80NYMarion Twp.
Small, Mason P.20INMarion Twp.
Small, Nancy M.11INJefferson Twp.
Small, Oliver H.2INJefferson Twp.
Small, Parrington66MEJefferson Twp.
Small, Ratchel39INFort Wayne
Small, Robert60OHMarion Twp.
Small, Roseta8INJefferson Twp.
Smallhouse, Lottie25MIFort Wayne
Smalts, Elizabeth53OHAboite Twp.
Smalts, George68OHAboite Twp.
Smalts, Lydia A.14INAboite Twp.
Smalts, Noah A.16INAboite Twp.
Smaltz, F. M.25INFort Wayne
Smaltz, Henry30OHAboite Twp.
Smaltz, John48OHFort Wayne
Smaltz, Libbie25OHFort Wayne
Smaltz, Martha50OHFort Wayne
Smaltz, Mary F.26INAboite Twp.
Smead, Albert47INFort Wayne
Smead, Margret47OHFort Wayne
Smeed, Cathern27OHWashington Twp.
Smeed, Charles G.8INWashington Twp.
Smeed, Charles L.2INWashington Twp.
Smeed, Henry A.6INWashington Twp.
Smeed, John F.6INWashington Twp.
Smeed, John H.29INWashington Twp.
Smeed, John M.70VTWashington Twp.
Smeed, Mary E.4OHWashington Twp.
Smeed, Rachel62OHWashington Twp.
Smeed, Thomas38INWashington Twp.
Smeimer, Cathrine50GERMFort Wayne
Smeimer, Charley10INFort Wayne
Smeimer, Emma17INFort Wayne
Smeimer, Otto P.22INFort Wayne
Smeimer, Sarah C.14INFort Wayne
Smeimer, Theodore20INFort Wayne
Smemer, Daniel30GERMFort Wayne
Smemer, Fredrich9INFort Wayne
Smemer, Lora E.23INFort Wayne
Smemer, Phoeby7INFort Wayne
Smemer, Robley2INFort Wayne
Smick, Fred36GERMFort Wayne
Smick, Manferd30OHFort Wayne
Smick, Margaret60MDFort Wayne
Smick, S. S.54OHFort Wayne
Smick, William27OHFort Wayne
Smickley, Albert14INFort Wayne
Smickley, Anna16INFort Wayne
Smickley, Fred41GERMFort Wayne
Smickley, Fred5INFort Wayne
Smickley, Louisa39GERMFort Wayne
Smiek, Adam70GERMSt. Joseph Twp.
Smith, 35OHFort Wayne
Smith, Abba43PAPerry Twp.
Smith, Addie E.3INHoagland
Smith, Adolph0INFort Wayne
Smith, Agness1INFort Wayne
Smith, Agusta49GERMWashington Twp.
Smith, Agusta7INWashington Twp.
Smith, Albert2INWayne Twp.
Smith, Alice29INFort Wayne
Smith, Alice22INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Alis6INMarion Twp.
Smith, Almeda27OHHoagland
Smith, Almira40OHPleasant Twp.
Smith, Almira24OHMadison Twp.
Smith, Alonza24OHSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Alonzo27INMaumee Twp.
Smith, Alphis20INMaumee Twp.
Smith, Altie2INPerry Twp.
Smith, Amanda19PAPerry Twp.
Smith, Amanda E.11INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Amberst F.13INMilan Twp.
Smith, Amelia53CTWashington Twp.
Smith, Amelia16INNew Haven
Smith, Andrew48NJLake Twp.
Smith, Andrew12INFort Wayne
Smith, Andrew J.50WVFort Wayne
Smith, Andrew J.28INFort Wayne
Smith, Angoline26INHoagland
Smith, Anna29INFort Wayne
Smith, Anna29OHFort Wayne
Smith, Anna21INNew Haven
Smith, Anna10INFort Wayne
Smith, Anna2INFort Wayne
Smith, Anna A.26INWayne Twp.
Smith, Annetta34PALafayette Twp.
Smith, Annie7INLake Twp.
Smith, Archie3INMilan Twp.
Smith, Armena78VTMilan Twp.
Smith, Arthur8INFort Wayne
Smith, Asa17INMilan Twp.
Smith, Ashland11INFort Wayne
Smith, Ashley11INFort Wayne
Smith, August38GERMMarion Twp.
Smith, Barbra59GERMLafayette Twp.
Smith, Barnard4INNew Haven
Smith, Bell M.27MIFort Wayne
Smith, Bessie8NJFort Wayne
Smith, Birty9INMilan Twp.
Smith, Boston2INLafayette Twp.
Smith, C. Joseph18INLafayette Twp.
Smith, C. Rebecca1INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Calvin L.47MIFort Wayne
Smith, Caroline55NYAboite Twp.
Smith, Caroline27GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Caroline22INWayne Twp.
Smith, Caroline2INMarion Twp.
Smith, Carrie34INFort Wayne
Smith, Carrie0INFort Wayne
Smith, Carrie A.18INFort Wayne
Smith, Casper38GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Cassius M.2INLake Twp.
Smith, Casterline35OHMilan Twp.
Smith, Catharine50GERMMarion Twp.
Smith, Catharine41OHMarion Twp.
Smith, Catharine35OHNew Haven
Smith, Catharine17INMarion Twp.
Smith, Catharine17INNew Haven
Smith, Catharine10INNew Haven
Smith, Catharine3INMarion Twp.
Smith, Catharine J.51PAMonroe Twp.
Smith, Catherine38GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Cathern67PAHoagland
Smith, Charity54ILFort Wayne
Smith, Charles22INFort Wayne
Smith, Charles14PALafayette Twp.
Smith, Charles13ILFort Wayne
Smith, Charles13INMonroe Twp.
Smith, Charles13PALafayette Twp.
Smith, Charles1INFort Wayne
Smith, Charles1INMilan Twp.
Smith, Charles A.21INFort Wayne
Smith, Charles H.61CTNew Haven
Smith, Charles H.17INLake Twp.
Smith, Charles J.31NYFort Wayne
Smith, Charles P.8INFort Wayne
Smith, Charley50NYFort Wayne
Smith, Charley B.16OHAboite Twp.
Smith, Charlotta59GERMNew Haven
Smith, Charls B.7INHoagland
Smith, Chas.24INFort Wayne
Smith, Chauncey8INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Christoper51GERMWashington Twp.
Smith, Clarence G.27OHFort Wayne
Smith, Clarence S.4INFort Wayne
Smith, Claria25OHFort Wayne
Smith, Claude1INFort Wayne
Smith, Clem B.23OHSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Clifford7INFort Wayne
Smith, Cora E.2OHSt. Joseph Twp.
Smith, Cornelius1INFort Wayne
Smith, Cornelius S.60PAFort Wayne
Smith, Daniel D.72PAFort Wayne
Smith, Daniel E.9INMonroe Twp.
Smith, David37OHMilan Twp.
Smith, David19INNew Haven
Smith, David1INMarion Twp.
Smith, David E.25INMarion Twp.
Smith, David P.43OHMilan Twp.
Smith, Della1INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Dellia10INMaumee Twp.
Smith, Dora1INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Dwight E.3INHoagland
Smith, E. Amanda29INLafayette Twp.
Smith, E. Sarah10INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Edith M.4INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Edward19INPerry Twp.
Smith, Edward9INFort Wayne
Smith, Edward6INFort Wayne
Smith, Edward B.30NYFort Wayne
Smith, Edward D.16INWayne Twp.
Smith, Edwin34MEFort Wayne
Smith, Egan H.23WIFort Wayne
Smith, Elga W.1INWayne Twp.
Smith, Elias59PAMonroe Twp.
Smith, Elisha58OHAboite Twp.
Smith, Eliza40PAFort Wayne
Smith, Eliza28INWayne Twp.
Smith, Eliza28OHFort Wayne
Smith, Eliza J.41OHLake Twp.
Smith, Elizabeth62OHPleasant Twp.
Smith, Elizabeth58PAMilan Twp.
Smith, Elizabeth47NETHMarion Twp.
Smith, Elizabeth31INMarion Twp.
Smith, Elizabeth21INFort Wayne
Smith, Elizabeth17INNew Haven
Smith, Elizabeth16INMarion Twp.
Smith, Elizabeth14INWayne Twp.
Smith, Elizabeth12INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Elizabeth7INMarion Twp.
Smith, Elizebeth60VAFort Wayne
Smith, Ella15INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Ella P.21INNew Haven
Smith, Ellen29OHFort Wayne
Smith, Ellen28OHMilan Twp.
Smith, Ellen2OHPleasant Twp.
Smith, Elliott82VTFort Wayne
Smith, Emiele66VAFort Wayne
Smith, Emily J.49KYWayne Twp.
Smith, Emma54GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Emma3INFort Wayne
Smith, Emma2INFort Wayne
Smith, Emma2INMarion Twp.
Smith, Emma2OHFort Wayne
Smith, Emma E.13INWayne Twp.
Smith, Emma F.4INFort Wayne
Smith, Emma J.13INFort Wayne
Smith, Emma J.11INLake Twp.
Smith, Emma Louisa20INFort Wayne
Smith, Emmeline28PAFort Wayne
Smith, Enoch11INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Ephriam28OHLafayette Twp.
Smith, Ester27ENGLFort Wayne
Smith, Esther62PAFort Wayne
Smith, Esther56OHSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Eugien B.33OHFort Wayne
Smith, Eva18INMarion Twp.
Smith, Eva D.13INCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Eva J.2INMilan Twp.
Smith, Ezra D.36OHFort Wayne
Smith, Fannie26INWayne Twp.
Smith, Fanny32NYFort Wayne
Smith, Finley41OHPleasant Twp.
Smith, Finly E.10INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Florence18INPerry Twp.
Smith, Florence M. S.4INMarion Twp.
Smith, Forrest50OHSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Francis5INFort Wayne
Smith, Francis2INMarion Twp.
Smith, Francis E.30MDPleasant Twp.
Smith, Frank38OHNew Haven
Smith, Frank30NJFort Wayne
Smith, Frank20OHFort Wayne
Smith, Frank18Springfield Twp.
Smith, Frank12INMarion Twp.
Smith, Frank7INNew Haven
Smith, Frank4INWayne Twp.
Smith, Frank W.4INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Fred30GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Fred W.20PAFort Wayne
Smith, Fred Wm.58FRANFort Wayne
Smith, Frederick28INNew Haven
Smith, Frederik51GERMWayne Twp.
Smith, Fredrick30INWayne Twp.
Smith, Fredrick4INMarion Twp.
Smith, Freeman24INMilan Twp.
Smith, G. A.58GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Geo. W.46OHFort Wayne
Smith, George69NETHMarion Twp.
Smith, George42OHWashington Twp.
Smith, George25INMarion Twp.
Smith, George20INMilan Twp.
Smith, George13INFort Wayne
Smith, George13PALafayette Twp.
Smith, George12OHPleasant Twp.
Smith, George10INFort Wayne
Smith, George4INFort Wayne
Smith, George H.29OHFort Wayne
Smith, George M.15INFort Wayne
Smith, George W.32INFort Wayne
Smith, George W.12INMonroe Twp.
Smith, George W.3INFort Wayne
Smith, Georgiana5INFort Wayne
Smith, Gideon58PAFort Wayne
Smith, Gilbert29OHFort Wayne
Smith, Gordon0INNew Haven
Smith, Gotfrie65GERMMarion Twp.
Smith, Gustus14INWashington Twp.
Smith, Hanna41INFort Wayne
Smith, Harman12INMarion Twp.
Smith, Harriet24INMilan Twp.
Smith, Harry36ENGLFort Wayne
Smith, Harry6INFort Wayne
Smith, Harry0INFort Wayne
Smith, Harry C.13IAFort Wayne
Smith, Harvey W.0INFort Wayne
Smith, Hattie22INMilan Twp.
Smith, Henrietta9INFort Wayne
Smith, Henry43INMarion Twp.
Smith, Henry35GERMMonroeville
Smith, Henry35INFort Wayne
Smith, Henry30FRANCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Henry30GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Henry26OHFort Wayne
Smith, Henry13INMilan Twp.
Smith, Henry13INNew Haven
Smith, Henry11INFort Wayne
Smith, Henry10PALafayette Twp.
Smith, Henry6INMarion Twp.
Smith, Henry I.15INMarion Twp.
Smith, Henry W.7INPerry Twp.
Smith, Henry W.6INFort Wayne
Smith, Hiram68VTCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Hiram W.33OHHoagland
Smith, Hiram W.7NEHoagland
Smith, Ira D.7INFort Wayne
Smith, Irene B.4INWayne Twp.
Smith, J. B.22INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, J. Mc Nutt50OHFort Wayne
Smith, J. Rhoda13INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Jacob65PAPleasant Twp.
Smith, Jacob43PACedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Jacob30OHFort Wayne
Smith, Jacob15INMarion Twp.
Smith, Jacob14INPleasant Twp.
Smith, James43INLafayette Twp.
Smith, James38IRELFort Wayne
Smith, James26NCFort Wayne
Smith, James H.28INFort Wayne
Smith, James M.18INFort Wayne
Smith, James W.29OHMonroeville
Smith, Jane47OHSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Jane24INFort Wayne
Smith, Jane14INPerry Twp.
Smith, Janie27NYFort Wayne
Smith, Jas. S.32KYFort Wayne
Smith, Jennie22OHNew Haven
Smith, Jennie B.0INFort Wayne
Smith, Jeremia30INFort Wayne
Smith, Jesse21INMonroe Twp.
Smith, Jesse4MIFort Wayne
Smith, Jessie36OHPleasant Twp.
Smith, Jessie A.8INFort Wayne
Smith, John61GERMLafayette Twp.
Smith, John40INNew Haven
Smith, John40IRELFort Wayne
Smith, John30OHHoagland
Smith, John19INMarion Twp.
Smith, John15INFort Wayne
Smith, John13INWayne Twp.
Smith, John12INWayne Twp.
Smith, John8INMarion Twp.
Smith, John4INWayne Twp.
Smith, John C.12INMarion Twp.
Smith, John M.64OHHoagland
Smith, John M.24OHFort Wayne
Smith, John W.32OHFort Wayne
Smith, Johny E.7INFort Wayne
Smith, Jonas31INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Joseph34INFort Wayne
Smith, Joseph33IRELFort Wayne
Smith, Joseph33Fort Wayne
Smith, Joseph31INMarion Twp.
Smith, Joseph13INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Joseph8INNew Haven
Smith, Joseph7INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Joseph6INFort Wayne
Smith, Joseph L.28OHHoagland
Smith, Josephena4INMarion Twp.
Smith, Josephine1INFort Wayne
Smith, Julia23INFort Wayne
Smith, Kate35GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Kate30OHFort Wayne
Smith, Kate28MDFort Wayne
Smith, Kate P.42MEFort Wayne
Smith, Katharine35IRELFort Wayne
Smith, Kathrine27OHMaumee Twp.
Smith, Katta8INFort Wayne
Smith, Kelley26OHMilan Twp.
Smith, Kitta2INFort Wayne
Smith, Lana25INMarion Twp.
Smith, Lana5INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Laura6INMarion Twp.
Smith, Laura G.14INWayne Twp.
Smith, Lena25ATSEFort Wayne
Smith, Lena12INPerry Twp.
Smith, Lena L.20WIFort Wayne
Smith, Leonard32OHFort Wayne
Smith, Lewis36GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Lewis10INLake Twp.
Smith, Lewis10INMarion Twp.
Smith, Lillie Dale22INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Lizza4INFort Wayne
Smith, Lodovick73GERMNew Haven
Smith, Lottie6INFort Wayne
Smith, Louisa14INFort Wayne
Smith, Lucy C.15INFort Wayne
Smith, Luella0INHoagland
Smith, Lulu7INCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Lulu M.3INMarion Twp.
Smith, Lusinda21INMarion Twp.
Smith, Lydia64NJCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Lydia10INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Mable5INFort Wayne
Smith, Malia5INFort Wayne
Smith, Malissa30OHHoagland
Smith, Mamie3INFort Wayne
Smith, Margaret66IRELWayne Twp.
Smith, Margaret60IRELNew Haven
Smith, Margaret23INNew Haven
Smith, Margaret19INNew Haven
Smith, Margaret15DCFort Wayne
Smith, Margaret5INNew Haven
Smith, Margaret J.11INFort Wayne
Smith, Margret37PAFort Wayne
Smith, Margret17INCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Maria1OHSt. Joseph Twp.
Smith, Mariah46OHHoagland
Smith, Mariah2INFort Wayne
Smith, Marion27INMarion Twp.
Smith, Martha62NETHMarion Twp.
Smith, Martha21INFort Wayne
Smith, Martha11INMarion Twp.
Smith, Martha9INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Martin40GERMFort Wayne
Smith, Martin3INFort Wayne
Smith, Mary71PAFort Wayne
Smith, Mary48GERMWayne Twp.
Smith, Mary38IRELFort Wayne
Smith, Mary38MDFort Wayne
Smith, Mary36INNew Haven
Smith, Mary35OHFort Wayne
Smith, Mary34Fort Wayne
Smith, Mary28INMaumee Twp.
Smith, Mary25OHAboite Twp.
Smith, Mary23INFort Wayne
Smith, Mary22OHSt. Joseph Twp.
Smith, Mary11INCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Mary7INFort Wayne
Smith, Mary7INNew Haven
Smith, Mary6INFort Wayne
Smith, Mary A.45NYFort Wayne
Smith, Mary A.37MDFort Wayne
Smith, Mary A.3INFort Wayne
Smith, Mary E.24OHFort Wayne
Smith, Mary E.23INMarion Twp.
Smith, Mary E.9INMarion Twp.
Smith, Mary F.24INNew Haven
Smith, Mary H.22INFort Wayne
Smith, Mary J.25OHFort Wayne
Smith, Mary K.23INMarion Twp.
Smith, Mary M.55OHSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Maryann32ENGLMilan Twp.
Smith, Mathias16INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Matilda12INFort Wayne
Smith, May23MIFort Wayne
Smith, Melwill31OHMaumee Twp.
Smith, Mena5INMarion Twp.
Smith, Milton A.12INHoagland
Smith, Mina R.1INMarion Twp.
Smith, Minerva73VTFort Wayne
Smith, Minnie3INWayne Twp.
Smith, Minnie1INMilan Twp.
Smith, Minnie P.5INFort Wayne
Smith, Miron22INMarion Twp.
Smith, Moses J.5INPerry Twp.
Smith, Murry W.13INFort Wayne
Smith, Myrtle2INMilan Twp.
Smith, Nancy33PAFort Wayne
Smith, Nancy A.34INMonroeville
Smith, Nannie27OHFort Wayne
Smith, Nellie20INFort Wayne
Smith, Nelly1INFort Wayne
Smith, O. Levi14INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Oliver E.6INHoagland
Smith, Oliver F.4INMonroeville
Smith, Oran3OHFort Wayne
Smith, Orson17INSt. Joseph Twp.
Smith, Orson C.19INPleasant Twp.
Smith, P. W.28INLake Twp.
Smith, Perry L.3INNew Haven
Smith, Peter59GERMNew Haven
Smith, Peter29PASt. Joseph Twp.
Smith, Peter28OHMonroe Twp.
Smith, Phillip22INMarion Twp.
Smith, Phillip19PAFort Wayne
Smith, Phillip17INFort Wayne
Smith, Phoeba46INLake Twp.
Smith, Polly A.38OHMilan Twp.
Smith, Rachel37INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Rebeca46OHFort Wayne
Smith, Rebecca46OHFort Wayne
Smith, Rebecca20NCFort Wayne
Smith, Reder P.17INFort Wayne
Smith, Rhoda49INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Rhoda47OHMilan Twp.
Smith, Richard39OHMaumee Twp.
Smith, Robert44MALafayette Twp.
Smith, Robert8INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Robert E.3INFort Wayne
Smith, Rosa3INFort Wayne
Smith, Rosana50OHSt. Joseph Twp.
Smith, Rose1INWayne Twp.
Smith, Roxy A.28INLake Twp.
Smith, Roy R.7MOFort Wayne
Smith, Roy W.3INFort Wayne
Smith, Sabinar4INLake Twp.
Smith, Sada5OHPleasant Twp.
Smith, Sadie22INFort Wayne
Smith, Sadie5NJFort Wayne
Smith, Sam45PAPerry Twp.
Smith, Sam15INPerry Twp.
Smith, Samuel58PAFort Wayne
Smith, Samuel44OHWayne Twp.
Smith, Samuel A.7INMilan Twp.
Smith, Sanford16INCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Sarah70NJWashington Twp.
Smith, Sarah60OHFort Wayne
Smith, Sarah37PAFort Wayne
Smith, Sarah28PAMonroe Twp.
Smith, Sarah12INMaumee Twp.
Smith, Sarah9INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Sarah8INFort Wayne
Smith, Sarah E.6INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Sherman14INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Sille1INMarion Twp.
Smith, Sophe62GERMMarion Twp.
Smith, Sophe28INMarion Twp.
Smith, Spencer A.1INNew Haven
Smith, Spencer R.22INFort Wayne
Smith, Sudo12INLake Twp.
Smith, Susan39PAFort Wayne
Smith, Susan35OHCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, Susan21OHNew Haven
Smith, Susana33MDPleasant Twp.
Smith, T. George20INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Thahmah31INFort Wayne
Smith, Theodere23INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Thomas55PAFort Wayne
Smith, Thomas48WVNew Haven
Smith, Thomas5INFort Wayne
Smith, Thoms. C.42PAFort Wayne
Smith, Tip35OHMaumee Twp.
Smith, V. Zacharia6INLafayette Twp.
Smith, Victor1INHoagland
Smith, Viola M.0INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, Walter C.32OHFort Wayne
Smith, Walton R.38INLake Twp.
Smith, Westley8INMonroe Twp.
Smith, Willard O.1INHoagland
Smith, William46OHWayne Twp.
Smith, William37IRELWayne Twp.
Smith, William31OHFort Wayne
Smith, William27GERMFort Wayne
Smith, William22INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, William19INLafayette Twp.
Smith, William19OHNew Haven
Smith, William16INCedar Creek Twp.
Smith, William16INNew Haven
Smith, William11INSpringfield Twp.
Smith, William9INPerry Twp.
Smith, William9INPleasant Twp.
Smith, William8INMarion Twp.
Smith, William8OHPleasant Twp.
Smith, William6INMarion Twp.
Smith, William6MINew Haven
Smith, William B.64VAWayne Twp.
Smith, William E.4INMonroe Twp.
Smith, William H.4OHSt. Joseph Twp.
Smith, William P.13INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Williametta6INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Wilson55OHMarion Twp.
Smith, Wm.49OHFort Wayne
Smith, Wm.43LAFort Wayne
Smith, Wm.23WVFort Wayne
Smith, Wm.10INPleasant Twp.
Smith, Wm. H.43NYFort Wayne
Smith, Zacheus8INPleasant Twp.
Smithley, Mary21INFort Wayne
Smitley, Casus C.5INMarion Twp.
Smitley, Earl3INMarion Twp.
Smitley, Enos43OHMarion Twp.
Smitley, Mable E.8INMarion Twp.
Smitley, Martha J.35OHMarion Twp.
Smitley, Paul F.1INMarion Twp.
Smitley, Viola M.10INMarion Twp.
Smittey, Ann64OHMarion Twp.
Smittey, Anny34OHWashington Twp.
Smittey, Chales15INMarion Twp.
Smittey, Eliza18INMarion Twp.
Smittey, Ellice8OHWashington Twp.
Smittey, Ema5INMarion Twp.
Smittey, Freddy4OHWashington Twp.
Smittey, George41OHMarion Twp.
Smittey, Homer16INMarion Twp.
Smittey, Horace23OHMarion Twp.
Smittey, Jacob29PAWashington Twp.
Smittey, Mary27INMarion Twp.
Smittey, Sarah Ann42OHMarion Twp.
Smittey, Warren20INMarion Twp.
Smittey, William P.2OHWashington Twp.
Smitty, Anny22INWashington Twp.
Smitty, Charles18INWashington Twp.
Smitty, Eliza53OHWashington Twp.
Smitty, Elizabeth15INWashington Twp.
Smitty, George29INWashington Twp.
Smitty, Oliver20INWashington Twp.
Smitty, Sarah2INWashington Twp.
Smitty, Sherman12INWashington Twp.
Smocker, Catherine25INFort Wayne
Smocker, Charles28INFort Wayne
Smokee, Mary24INFort Wayne
Smuthers, Amanda21INWashington Twp.
Smuthers, Cathern6INWashington Twp.
Smuthers, Charles25INWashington Twp.
Smuthers, Christeene1INWashington Twp.
Smuthers, George W.18INWashington Twp.
Smuthers, James29INWashington Twp.
Smuthers, John H.15INWashington Twp.
Smuthers, Julyann59OHWashington Twp.
Smuthers, Julyann5INWashington Twp.
Smuthers, Sarah25INWashington Twp.
Smuts, Ira7INZanesville
Smyser, Charlotte24OHFort Wayne
Smyser, Frank D.30OHFort Wayne
Smyser, Helen T.2INFort Wayne
Smyser, Julia1INFort Wayne
Smyser, Nathan S.4INFort Wayne
Smyser, Peter B.33OHFort Wayne
Smyser, Sarah E.32OHFort Wayne

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