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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Snare, 33OHFort Wayne
Snare, Oscar33INFort Wayne
Snearly, Catharine63GERMLafayette Twp.
Snearly, George22INLafayette Twp.
Snearly, Jacob21INLafayette Twp.
Snearly, John27INLafayette Twp.
Snelker, Adeline37GERMFort Wayne
Snelker, Anna A.14INFort Wayne
Snelker, Francais C.0INFort Wayne
Snelker, Harman8INFort Wayne
Snelker, Henry4INFort Wayne
Snelker, Jno B.40GERMFort Wayne
Snelker, John10INFort Wayne
Snelker, Mary A.6INFort Wayne
Snelker, Mary E.13INFort Wayne
Snider, Alberta L.14INWayne Twp.
Snider, Allen B.22INWayne Twp.
Snider, Anna29OHSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Anna S.7INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Anthony41FRANSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Benjamin33INJefferson Twp.
Snider, C. H.34OHFort Wayne
Snider, Catharine43OHSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Cathrine60GERMFort Wayne
Snider, Charles8INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Charles H.21Milan Twp.
Snider, Cora6OHFort Wayne
Snider, Dasie M.0INMilan Twp.
Snider, David B.26INJefferson Twp.
Snider, Duriel55MDMilan Twp.
Snider, Edgar8INPleasant Twp.
Snider, Edward7OHFort Wayne
Snider, Elisabeth31INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Elizabeth63OHJefferson Twp.
Snider, Elizabeth61OHMilan Twp.
Snider, Elizabeth29INPleasant Twp.
Snider, Elizabeth26OHJefferson Twp.
Snider, Emily M.14INWayne Twp.
Snider, Emma J.10INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Estella27INMaysville
Snider, Ferdinand42OHSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Frank25INMaysville
Snider, Geo.65PAJefferson Twp.
Snider, Geo. R.41PASpringfield Twp.
Snider, George19INFort Wayne
Snider, George10INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, George E.4INJefferson Twp.
Snider, George W.47OHPleasant Twp.
Snider, George W.24OHJefferson Twp.
Snider, Gerry2INMaysville
Snider, Hattie E.7INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Henry61PAMilan Twp.
Snider, Henry35GERMFort Wayne
Snider, Jacob78PASpringfield Twp.
Snider, Jacob77GERMPleasant Twp.
Snider, Jacob W.35OHPleasant Twp.
Snider, James W.26OHJefferson Twp.
Snider, Jesse0INFort Wayne
Snider, John66GERMFort Wayne
Snider, John A.12INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, John W.37INPleasant Twp.
Snider, Jonathan29OHMilan Twp.
Snider, Lois M.47OHWayne Twp.
Snider, Lydia55OHMilan Twp.
Snider, Maggie M.10INJefferson Twp.
Snider, Margaret E.23INScipio Twp.
Snider, Martha B.6INPleasant Twp.
Snider, Mary50GERMPleasant Twp.
Snider, Mary A.18INWayne Twp.
Snider, Mary L.32OHWayne Twp.
Snider, Maryette25INMilan Twp.
Snider, Methias30ASTRPleasant Twp.
Snider, Nellie26OHFort Wayne
Snider, Oliver B.2INJefferson Twp.
Snider, Rebecca2INPleasant Twp.
Snider, Rosa30OHPleasant Twp.
Snider, Rosalie14INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Safare33FRANSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Samuel39INWayne Twp.
Snider, Samuel M.3INJefferson Twp.
Snider, Sarah C.27OHJefferson Twp.
Snider, Sarah E.36OHSpringfield Twp.
Snider, Susan60PAJefferson Twp.
Snider, Susan J.21Milan Twp.
Snider, William7INSpringfield Twp.
Snider, William K.1INJefferson Twp.
Sniveley, C. J.46OHFort Wayne
Sniveley, Carrie A.9INFort Wayne
Snively, Henry55INFort Wayne
Snodgrass, John67PAFort Wayne
Snodgrass, John T.27IAFort Wayne
Snodgrass, Margret E.56INFort Wayne
Snolen, Silas65VAFort Wayne
Snurr, Agatha8INFort Wayne
Snurr, Anna11INFort Wayne
Snurr, David A.59PAFort Wayne
Snurr, John A.21OHFort Wayne
Snurr, Launde23OHFort Wayne
Snurr, Lena23SWITFort Wayne
Snurr, Perry D.15INFort Wayne
Snurr, Stephen43GERMFort Wayne
Snurr, Susan1880INFort Wayne
Snyder, Adaline21INNew Haven
Snyder, Albert18PALafayette Twp.
Snyder, Albert F.7INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Albert R.8INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Alice V.10INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Amelia29OHFort Wayne
Snyder, Amelia L.6INCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Arvilla J.15INCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Catharine39GERMNew Haven
Snyder, Charles30GERMNew Haven
Snyder, Charles16INNew Haven
Snyder, Charles6INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Christ8INNew Haven
Snyder, Clark43NYFort Wayne
Snyder, Clyde0INNew Haven
Snyder, Cora B.15INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Crolous45PACedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, E. L.28MIFort Wayne
Snyder, Edith15INFort Wayne
Snyder, Eli23INCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Eliza44INAboite Twp.
Snyder, Eliza M.22INCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Elizabeth47OHMarion Twp.
Snyder, Elizabeth2INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Emily38INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Emma27NYFort Wayne
Snyder, Emma17INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Emry C.13INCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Flora22INFort Wayne
Snyder, Frances C.3INNew Haven
Snyder, Frank28PAFort Wayne
Snyder, Franklin14INNew Haven
Snyder, Frederck5INNew Haven
Snyder, Fredrick11INFort Wayne
Snyder, George47OHAboite Twp.
Snyder, George2INNew Haven
Snyder, George D.58NYMilan Twp.
Snyder, Grace1INFort Wayne
Snyder, H. Henry25PALafayette Twp.
Snyder, Harriet42OHNew Haven
Snyder, Harry19INAboite Twp.
Snyder, Helen16NYNew Haven
Snyder, Henry77INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Henry5INFort Wayne
Snyder, Horatio12INNew Haven
Snyder, Ida M.16INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Jacob F.18OHCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, James23PAWayne Twp.
Snyder, Jane14NYNew Haven
Snyder, Jas20INFort Wayne
Snyder, John28INFort Wayne
Snyder, John12INNew Haven
Snyder, John2INLafayette Twp.
Snyder, John A.27OHCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, John H.57PAMadison Twp.
Snyder, John M.32OHNew Haven
Snyder, John P.1NYNew Haven
Snyder, Joseph D.9INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Kate40NYFort Wayne
Snyder, Lewis54OHCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Lewis20INFort Wayne
Snyder, Liman H.4INCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Lorenza8INFort Wayne
Snyder, Louis7INNew Haven
Snyder, Lovinia39OHCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Lula13INFort Wayne
Snyder, Mabel6INNew Haven
Snyder, Malinda49OHCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Margaret39FRANNew Haven
Snyder, Mary62OHJefferson Twp.
Snyder, Mary39OHMarion Twp.
Snyder, Mary24NYFort Wayne
Snyder, Mary0INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Mary E.25INCedar Creek Twp.
Snyder, Mary J.5INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Maud8INNew Haven
Snyder, Millie2INFort Wayne
Snyder, Minna15INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Minnie0INNew Haven
Snyder, Nicholas40NYNew Haven
Snyder, Oliver20INPerry Twp.
Snyder, Oliver0INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Peston20INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Phillip62VAMarion Twp.
Snyder, Samuel16INAboite Twp.
Snyder, Sarah15INNew Haven
Snyder, Sarah4INNew Haven
Snyder, Sarah E.5INMarion Twp.
Snyder, Simon60FRANFort Wayne
Snyder, Solomon57VAMarion Twp.
Snyder, Susan22INLafayette Twp.
Snyder, Susie13OHFort Wayne
Snyder, Valentine37OHFort Wayne
Snyder, Valentne55GERMWashington Twp.
Snyder, Wilkes B.13INPerry Twp.
Snyder, William47OHNew Haven
Snyder, William5INNew Haven
Snyder, William3NYNew Haven

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