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Allen County Census, 1880

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Name               AgeBirth PlaceLocation                                    
Viberg, Angieline69GERMCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, Augusta42INCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, Augusta8INCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, Carrie10INCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, Conrad71GERMCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, George H.32INCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, George L.14INCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, Mary16INCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, Mattie12INCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, Mollie E.26OHCedar Creek Twp.
Viberg, Sellie S.8INCedar Creek Twp.
Vileinshmidt, Caroline1INFort Wayne
Vileinshmidt, Emiele4INFort Wayne
Vileinshmidt, Louisa28INFort Wayne
Vileinshmidt, Maria S.8INFort Wayne
Vileinshmidt, Wm.38GERMFort Wayne
Villist, John50FRANNew Haven
Villist, Mary22FRANNew Haven
Vince, Charles A.4INMonroeville
Vince, Franena8OHMonroeville
Vince, John R.26INMonroeville
Vince, Margaret30OHMonroeville
Vince, William E.6OHMonroeville
Vincent, Addie20OHMilan Twp.
Vincent, Catharine14OHNew Haven
Vincent, Fannie32KYFort Wayne
Vincent, James65ENGLFort Wayne
Vincent, Jno. B.30INFort Wayne
Vincent, John38NYFort Wayne
Vincent, Mrs.27INFort Wayne
Vincint, Carrie B.10OHJefferson Twp.
Vincint, Cathrine14OHJefferson Twp.
Vincint, Eliza51MEJefferson Twp.
Vincint, James61ENGLFort Wayne
Vining, Ann40OHNew Haven
Vining, Carra18INSt. Joseph Twp.
Vining, Catharne37INSt. Joseph Twp.
Vining, I. W.52NYSt. Joseph Twp.
Vining, John70OHNew Haven
Vining, Killie16INSt. Joseph Twp.
Vining, Myrtie1INSt. Joseph Twp.
Violand, Celia25INNew Haven
Violand, Jane16INNew Haven
Violand, Louis19INNew Haven
Violand, Louisa20INNew Haven
Violet, Henry20INLake Twp.
Virgil, Allmon59NYFort Wayne
Virgil, Cornelia36PAFort Wayne
Virgil, Cynthia59KYFort Wayne
Virgil, Elisebeth38OHFort Wayne
Virgil, Thos. S.44PAFort Wayne
Vitatt, Patrick27IRELFort Wayne
Vite, August14GERMMadison Twp.
Vite, Charls8INMadison Twp.
Vite, Jacob20GERMMadison Twp.
Vite, Louiza48GERMMadison Twp.
Vite, Lucy18GERMMadison Twp.
Vite, Mena11INMadison Twp.
Vite, Phillip54GERMMadison Twp.
Vite, Phillip21GERMMadison Twp.
Viyon, Cora4INFort Wayne
Vizard, James5INFort Wayne
Vizard, Julia27IRELFort Wayne
Vizard, Michael30IRELFort Wayne
Vizard, Rosa2INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Ann40IRELFort Wayne
Vizzard, Annie15INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Anthony35IRELFort Wayne
Vizzard, Edward9INMonroe Twp.
Vizzard, Elizabeth35INMonroe Twp.
Vizzard, Frank3INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Harry V.1INMonroe Twp.
Vizzard, John48IRELFort Wayne
Vizzard, John12INMonroe Twp.
Vizzard, Margaret30IRELFort Wayne
Vizzard, Margaret11INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Martin28IRELFort Wayne
Vizzard, Martin16INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Mary18INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Mary8INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Mary Ann7INMonroe Twp.
Vizzard, Nellie6INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Patrick13INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Patrick10INFort Wayne
Vizzard, Rose71IRELFort Wayne
Vizzard, Thos.35IRELFort Wayne
Vizzard, William46IRELMonroe Twp.
Vizzard, William14INMonroe Twp.

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