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1910 Population Schedule, Allen County, Indiana

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SurnameGiven NameAgeBirth PlaceTownshipE.D.Sheet
MalahyAnn70IrelandWayne4312 B
MalahyJohn30INWayne4312 B
MalahyWilliam32INWayne4312 B
MalardMaybell29KYWayne416 B
MalayVaun B.26MIWayne3213 B
MalcolmCharles30INWayne399 B
MalcolmEthel P.22INPerry195 A
MalcolmJames W.50CanadaPerry195 A
MalcolmMary20INWashington289 A
MalcolmMorley M.20INPerry195 A
MalcolmRobert S.33INPerry191 B
MalcomFloyd A.26INWayne3614 A
MalcomHorace29INWayne697 A
MalcomHorace29INWayne697 A
MaldenyFrancis S.52FranceJefferson71 B
MaleyAnna36INWayne5316 B
MaleyBridget68IrelandWayne5316 B
MaleyEllen60OHWayne385 A
MaleyMicheal J.33ILLake103 B
MalichHerman25PAWashington316 B
MalichHerman C.60GermanyWashington316 B
MalichMarie27U.S.Washington316 B
MalinJohn W.47ILJefferson87 B
MalleMary E.60INWayne3310 B
MalleWilliam J.34NYWayne3613 B
MalleWilliam J.34NYWayne3310 B
MalloGeorge72NYWayne488 B
MalloJames40INPleasant218 B
MalloViola M.37INWayne488 B
MallonF. E.28INWayne3911 A
MalloyFrances45INWayne498 A
MalloyIrene21INWayne498 A
MalloyJohn C.51OHWayne5415 A
MalloyMary L.23INWayne5415 A
MalloyMoses D.29TurkeyWayne354 A
MalloyNellie E.21INWayne5415 A
MalloyPeter27TurkeyWayne354 B
MalloySaitley21TurkeyWayne354 B
MalnowskiGustave56GermanyWayne6617 B
MalnowskiIda25INWayne6617 B
MalnowskiMinnie19INWayne6617 B
MaloleyGeorge15TurkeyWayne331 A
MaloleyMary37TurkeyWayne331 A
MaloleyTafodd14TurkeyWayne331 A
MaloneBridget76IrelandWayne5213 A
MaloneEarl P.22INWayne449 A
MaloneGrace20INWayne4920 A
MaloneGrace E.30INWayne449 A
MaloneIrma C.20INWayne449 A
MaloneJesse E.28INWayne449 A
MaloneJohn48OHWayne3413 B
MalonePatrick48INWayne5213 A
MalonePeter59INWayne449 A
MaloneRose42INWayne5213 A
MaloneyCasimir E.21INEel River53 B
MaloneyElizabeth23INWayne5112 B
MaloneyElla H.32INWayne585 A
MaloneyJohn65INEel River53 A
MaloneyJohn P.35ILWayne585 A
MaloneyJohn, Jr.24INEel River53 B
MaloneyJulia27INEel River53 B
MaloneyMargaret57IrelandWayne585 A
MaloneyMichael J.28INWayne585 A
MaloneyWilliam24INWayne3411 A
MalotNettie27INWayne3911 A
MalotRoy20INWayne3911 A
MalottLevi C.25INWayne3812 A
MalovigAnton36BulgariaWayne536 A
MaloyThomas M.47INMonroe179 A
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