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Bastardy Case News Excerpts, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Allen County, Indiana, Bastardy cases as found in the Fort Wayne Daily Sentinel, 1875

  • 30 Jan 1875 Our reporter attempted to gain entrance to Squire Bittinger's office yesterday afternoon but the Hopple-Carroll bastardy case was on trial and there wasn't room for a pin in the apartment.

  • 1 Feb 1875 The Hopple-Carroll bastardy case on trial Saturday, etc.

  • 1 Sep 1875 Allen Jockers charged with bastardy furnished the required bail and has his liberty. (Fort Wayne Sentinel)
  • 24 Sep 1875 Constable Thomas Wilkinson yesterday evening started out to serve a warrant on Samuel Surface charged with bastardy. Surface was arrested on Tuesday on a charge of seduction on an affidavit by Miss Pensinger; (more to the story).
  • 29 Sep 1875 Constable Rawley yesterday got sight of the man named Howard Slagel for whom he had a warrant charging said Slagel with bastardy.

  • 19 Oct 1875 Thomas Dalman was arrested yesterday and taken before Justice Ryan on a charge of bastardy filed by Rosa Anna Martin. Thomas was captured and taken into court where he agreed to compromise the matter and heal the injured damsel's honor by marrying her. (Fort Wayne Sentinel)

  • 10 Dec 1875 Yesterday afternoon an affidavit was filed before Squire Dolan by Lillie Crofford charging John M. Cartwright with bastardy, etc.
  • 11 Dec 1875 John M. Cartwright, change of venue.
  • 14 Dec 1875 The trial of John M. Cartwright on a charge of bastardy is now in progress before Squire Tansey.
  • 15 Dec 1875 The case of John M. Cartwright charged with bastardy occupied the attention of Squire Tansey's court today. The case will probably be concluded tomorrow.
  • 22 Dec 1875 The case of Ephraim Rosenthal charged with bastardy was called today at 2 o.clock. The hour came and all that the Squire could do was to murmur, "Where oh where are the Hebrew children". Rosy didn't appear.

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