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Allen County Census, 1940

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Name               E.D.Sheet No.Location                                    Image
Fabain, Elsie A.94-966BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fabain, Virginia E.94-966BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fabain, Vivian L.94-966BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fabel, Fredrich94-33A6AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fabel, Velma J.94-33A6AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faber, Jeanette94-115BFort Wayne Ward 1
Faber, Minnie94-115BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fabian, Alfred94-58A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Alfred, Jr.94-58A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Bertha94-58B1AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Delores94-58B1BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Emil W.94-639BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fabian, Ernest94-976BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fabian, Eva94-58A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Geraldine C.94-639BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fabian, Gereldine94-976BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fabian, Herman94-4111AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fabian, Imagene94-4111AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fabian, Jeannie94-53A9BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Lotta M.94-639BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fabian, Merle94-4111AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fabian, Neola94-58A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Patricia94-58A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Peter94-58B1AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Raymond94-58B1BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabian, Robert94-58B1BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabien, Alice H.94-5210AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabien, Anna94-5210AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabien, Anna E,94-5210AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabien, Joseph J.94-5210AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabien, Louis J.94-5210AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabini, Audrey94-1412BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fabini, J. Eugene94-5211BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fabini, Joseph R.94-1412BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fabini, Joseph R.94-1412BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fackett, Enid94-9113AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackett, Richard 94-9113AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Amelia94-9110BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Arthur H.94-1162BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Barbara L.94-99B4BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Carolyn94-11412BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Christiana M.94-1162BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Clifford94-11412BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Don F.94-1162BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Edna94-11412BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Edwin L.2-46BAdams Twp.
Fackler, Emma2-3211BWayne Twp.
Fackler, Ervin D.94-357BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fackler, Estella2-3212AWayne Twp.
Fackler, Ezra94-16B1BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fackler, Gerhard94-11412BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Gettys G.94-99B4BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Henry E.94-357BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fackler, Hugo94-9110BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Ilene94-9110BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Jacob94-16B1BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fackler, Jean M.94-1162BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Joan94-99B4BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, John2-3211BWayne Twp.
Fackler, Joyce2-3212AWayne Twp.
Fackler, Kenneth G.94-99B4BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Lois2-3212AWayne Twp.
Fackler, Margaret Louise2-46BAdams Twp.
Fackler, Mary O.94-357BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fackler, Merle L.94-99B4BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Ora B.94-99B4BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fackler, Otto2-3212AWayne Twp.
Fackler, Phyllis94-11412BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fackler, Roger Don2-46BAdams Twp.
Fackler, Ruth2-46BAdams Twp.
Fackler, Sarah94-16B1BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fackler, William94-11412BFort Wayne Ward 11
Facks, Albert2-216APleasant Twp.
Facks, Alberta2-217BPleasant Twp.
Facks, Alice2-217APleasant Twp.
Facks, Clara2-216APleasant Twp.
Facks, Helen2-217APleasant Twp.
Facks, Helen94-27C62AFort Wayne Ward 4
Facks, Henry2-217APleasant Twp.
Facks, Pauline2-217BPleasant Twp.
Facks, Pearl2-217BPleasant Twp.
Facks, Robert2-217BPleasant Twp.
Facks, Walter2-217BPleasant Twp.
Facks, William2-217APleasant Twp.
Facks, William2-217APleasant Twp.
Fadus, Gertrude94-4517AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fadus, William E.94-4517AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faehnrich, Harold C.94-658AFort Wayne Ward 8
Faehnrich, John A.94-658AFort Wayne Ward 8
Faehnrich, Tillie94-658AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fagan, Andrew R.94-5163BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fagan, Beverly94-6212BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fagan, Borgia L.94-211AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fagan, Christina94-3661BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagan, Clara C.94-4910AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fagan, Clark94-4910AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fagan, Connie Lue94-821AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fagan, Dale94-6212BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fagan, Elizabeth2-3218BWayne Twp.
Fagan, Estella94-289AFort Wayne Ward 4
Fagan, Esther D.94-5163BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fagan, Florence94-6212BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fagan, Frederick94-3661BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagan, James2-2019APerry Twp.
Fagan, James R.94-211AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fagan, Josephine94-292AFort Wayne Ward 4
Fagan, Lloyd H.94-289AFort Wayne Ward 4
Fagan, Margaret2-251ASt. Joseph Twp. (Orphans Home of the Reformed Church)
Fagan, Mary94-953BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fagan, Mary94-245AFort Wayne Ward 3
Fagan, Mildred94-728BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fagan, Phyllis94-6212BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fagan, Ray94-292AFort Wayne Ward 4
Fagan, Richard94-728BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fagan, Thomas2-2019APerry Twp.
Fager, Leona2-320AAdams Twp.
Fager, Warren2-320AAdams Twp.
Fagg, Anna94-33A4AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagg, Charlotte94-74BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Fagg, Donald L.94-343AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagg, Elizabeth M.94-343AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagg, Emile94-33A4AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagg, Jean V.94-343AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagg, Kyle W.94-343AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagg, Walter94-343AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fagin, Joseph94-3111BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fahey, Anna B.94-11313BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fahl, Robert F.94-43BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fahlsing, Arthur2-339BWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Bernadene2-313BAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Bernard2-313BAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Carl2-313BAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Charles2-36AAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Christ2-3329AWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Clara A.94-1413BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fahlsing, E. T.2-169BMaumee Twp.
Fahlsing, Edmond2-36AAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Edna2-313BAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Edna2-36AAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Effie Mae94-9812BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fahlsing, Ella94-957BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fahlsing, Emil94-742AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fahlsing, Emmaline2-339BWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Esther94-32A9BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fahlsing, Esther94-742AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fahlsing, Evelyn2-169BMaumee Twp.
Fahlsing, Frederick2-339BWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Harry W.94-53A10BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fahlsing, Martha2-36AAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Martin2-339BWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Martin2-36AAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Martin F.2-339AWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Mary2-3329AWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Maxine F.2-339AWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Minnie94-19B1BFort Wayne Ward 2
Fahlsing, Minnie S.94-1413AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fahlsing, Norbert2-313BAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Norman2-313BAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Patricia94-742AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fahlsing, Paul2-339BWayne Twp.
Fahlsing, Richard94-742AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fahlsing, Ruth L.94-53A10BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fahlsing, Selma2-313BAdams Twp.
Fahlsing, Selma H.2-339AWayne Twp.
Fahn, Fannie94-74BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Fahrenbach, Esther94-755AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fahrenbach, Joan C.94-755AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fahrenbach, Joseph94-755AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fahrenbach, Margaret94-11310AFort Wayne Ward 11
Fahring, Sophia94-101A13AFort Wayne Ward 10
Failor, Richard94-776BFort Wayne Ward 9
Failour, Ethel May2-288AWashington Twp.
Failour, Theodore W.2-288AWashington Twp.
Fainter, Audrey94-85A6BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fainter, Cyril W.94-85A6BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fainter, Josephine 94-85A6BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fainter, Norma94-85A6BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, Bessie V.2-3319BWayne Twp.
Fair, Betty2-3317BWayne Twp.
Fair, Charles B.2-314BWayne Twp.
Fair, Charles S.2-3317BWayne Twp.
Fair, Clem94-133BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fair, Della C.94-472BFort Wayne Ward 6
Fair, Elizabeth C.94-472BFort Wayne Ward 6
Fair, Elizabeth C.94-806BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, Eugene2-3317BWayne Twp.
Fair, Evelyn M.94-752AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, Florence A.94-16A2AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fair, Frank2-711BEel River Twp.
Fair, George A.94-752AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, Gladys94-133BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fair, Glenn A.94-806BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, Goldie94-725AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, Harry C.94-472BFort Wayne Ward 6
Fair, Helen94-133BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fair, Jack94-133BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fair, Joan2-314BWayne Twp.
Fair, John2-314BWayne Twp.
Fair, Laura B.2-3317BWayne Twp.
Fair, Marie2-314BWayne Twp.
Fair, Martha2-3317BWayne Twp.
Fair, Maurice2-17BAboite Twp.
Fair, Olive2-17BAboite Twp.
Fair, Ora2-17BAboite Twp.
Fair, Otis A.2-3317BWayne Twp.
Fair, Paul2-3317BWayne Twp.
Fair, Pauline2-3317BWayne Twp.
Fair, Perry94-725AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, Richard A.94-752BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, Robert94-16A2AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fair, Virginia94-133BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fair, Walter E.2-3319BWayne Twp.
Fair, Weldon94-725AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fair, William D.94-752BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fairbank, Anna94-10B62BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fairbanks, Ann94-699BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fairbanks, Audra Ann94-699BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fairbanks, Gary Franklin94-699BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fairbanks, Ora F.94-699BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fairchild, Caroline2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, Dewayne2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, Floyd2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, Harold2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, Herbert2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, Myrtle2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, Robert2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, Ronald2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, Waneta2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairchild, William2-114BAboite Twp.
Fairest, Ellsworth94-233AFort Wayne Ward 3
Fairest, Everett94-233AFort Wayne Ward 3
Fairest, Geraldine94-233AFort Wayne Ward 3
Fairest, Kathleen94-233AFort Wayne Ward 3
Fairest, Mary94-233AFort Wayne Ward 3
Fairfield, Carol94-1105BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fairfield, Clarence94-11420AFort Wayne Ward 11
Fairfield, Dolores94-628AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fairfield, Doris I2-339AWayne Twp.
Fairfield, Dorothy94-628AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fairfield, Emma94-27B3BFort Wayne Ward 4
Fairfield, Gilbert R.2-339AWayne Twp.
Fairfield, James94-628AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fairfield, Kenneth94-253AFort Wayne Ward 3
Fairfield, Lillian94-392AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fairfield, Luke94-392AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fairfield, Margaret94-11420AFort Wayne Ward 11
Fairfield, Margaret94-1105BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fairfield, Nellie2-339AWayne Twp.
Fairfield, Oliver94-27B3BFort Wayne Ward 4
Fairfield, Paul94-136BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fairfield, Raymond R.2-339AWayne Twp.
Fairfield, Ressie2-211APleasant Twp.
Fairfield, Russel94-1105BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fairfield, Ruth94-392AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fairfield, William E.94-628AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fairly, Dorothy L.94-593BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fairly, Garland94-593BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fairly, Gene D.94-593BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fairly, Louise94-593BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fairweather, Howard94-32A1AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fairweather, Howard94-3718AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fairweather, Katherine94-32A1AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fairweather, Mary E.94-32A1AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fairweather, Mary J.94-3718AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faith, Helen M.94-10A5BFort Wayne Ward 1
Faith, Maymond94-10A5BFort Wayne Ward 1
Faith, Ottie M.94-10A5BFort Wayne Ward 1
Falb, Ivan R.94-1152AFort Wayne Ward 11
Falb, Marie F.94-1152AFort Wayne Ward 11
Falb, Martha J.94-1152AFort Wayne Ward 11
Falb, Richard D.94-1152AFort Wayne Ward 11
Falba, Alexandria94-957AFort Wayne Ward 10
Falba, Bruno94-957AFort Wayne Ward 10
Falba, Helen94-957AFort Wayne Ward 10
Falba, Irene94-957AFort Wayne Ward 10
Falba, Lillian94-957AFort Wayne Ward 10
Falba, Mike94-957AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faldman, Alma94-715BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Faler, Richard94-3114BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fales, Cora94-234BFort Wayne Ward 3
Falk, Dona Lou94-241BFort Wayne Ward 3
Falk, Edna Bell2-181BMonroe Twp. (Monroeville)
Falk, Guy2-182AMonroe Twp. (Monroeville)
Falk, Harold2-181BMonroe Twp. (Monroeville)
Falk, Helen94-4211BFort Wayne Ward 6
Falk, Katherine2-182AMonroe Twp. (Monroeville)
Falk, Olive94-241BFort Wayne Ward 3
Falk, Richard2-182AMonroe Twp. (Monroeville)
Falkenberg, Lydia94-74BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Fall, Barbara A.94-148BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fall, Dorothy94-74BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Fall, Edith M.94-148BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fall, Glasgow B.94-148BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fallan, Etta94-611AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fallden, Dick O.2-109ALafayette Twp.
Fallon, Elizabeth94-2517AFort Wayne Ward 3
Falls, Arduth2-2222BSt. Joseph Twp.
Falls, Clifford2-2222BSt. Joseph Twp.
Falls, Clifford Jr.2-2222BSt. Joseph Twp.
Falls, Frank2-3313AWayne Twp.
Falls, Gerald94-358BFort Wayne Ward 5
Falls, Julis94-2211AFort Wayne Ward 2
Falls, Letha2-3313AWayne Twp.
Falls, Miriam94-2211AFort Wayne Ward 2
Falls, Nellie2-3313AWayne Twp.
Falls, Robert2-2222BSt. Joseph Twp.
Falls, Rosella2-2222BSt. Joseph Twp.
Falls, Thomas2-2222BSt. Joseph Twp.
Falmage, Anne L.94-557AFort Wayne Ward 7
Falmage, Irene I.94-557AFort Wayne Ward 7
Falmage, James L.94-557AFort Wayne Ward 7
Falmage, Wilfred H.94-557AFort Wayne Ward 7
Falmy, Anna94-67BFort Wayne Ward 1
Falmy, John, Jr.94-67BFort Wayne Ward 1
Falmy, Julia94-67BFort Wayne Ward 1
Falsing, Nettie2-339BWayne Twp.
Falsing, Oscar2-339BWayne Twp.
Falvy, Daniel E.94-66AFort Wayne Ward 1
Falvy, Daniel J.94-66AFort Wayne Ward 1
Falvy, Julia B.94-66BFort Wayne Ward 1
Falvy, Nettie M.94-66AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fammond, Blanche94-2263AFort Wayne Ward 2
Fance, Effie94-267AFort Wayne Ward 4
Fancher, Cleo G.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fancher, Kathayn M.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fancher, Manson F.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fancher, Mary F.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fancher, Mary H.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fancher, Mattie L.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fancher, Ray E.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fancher, Ray J.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fancher, Robert W.94-838AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fanger, Alice B.94-307BFort Wayne Ward 4
Fanger, Anna94-53A8AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fanger, Anna May94-603AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fanger, Dorothy2-2961BWashington Twp.
Fanger, Etta94-109A8BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fanger, James L.94-3061AFort Wayne Ward 4
Fanger, Margie94-603AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fanger, Millie94-109A8BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fanger, Norma94-603AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fanger, Otto94-53A8AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fanger, Ralph E.94-307BFort Wayne Ward 4
Fanger, Walt H.2-2961BWashington Twp.
Fanger, Wayne94-603AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fanke, Betty Jean94-85B1BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fanke, Kathryn94-85B1BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fanke, Roudolph94-2911BFort Wayne Ward 4
Fanke, Virginia94-85B1BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fankhauser, Audre94-158AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fankhauser, Carol94-884BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fankhauser, Donald94-158AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fankhauser, Donna94-158AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fankhauser, Dorothy94-158AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fankhauser, Earl94-158AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fankhauser, Gladys94-884AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fankhauser, Richard94-884AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fankhouser, Ellen94-884BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fann, Francis94-137AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fann, George R.94-426AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fann, Mabel M.94-426BFort Wayne Ward 6
Fann, Thomas2-2817BWashington Twp.
Fann, Venus94-137AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fanner, Louise94-6913AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fanner, Virginia94-6913AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fanning, David94-109B3AFort Wayne Ward 11
Fanning, Lester94-109B3AFort Wayne Ward 11
Fanning, Mae94-109B3AFort Wayne Ward 11
Fanster, Howard94-405AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fanster, Louise94-405AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fanyard, Rape94-74BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Fanyard, Susie94-74BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Fappiano, Angelo94-719BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fappiano, Rosie94-719BFort Wayne Ward 8
Faragina, Alberta2-1715BMilan Twp.
Faragina, Chas.2-1715BMilan Twp.
Faragina, Gertrude2-1715BMilan Twp.
Faragina, Irene2-1715BMilan Twp.
Faragina, Jabin2-1715BMilan Twp.
Farber, Barbara94-9315BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farber, Charles94-9315AFort Wayne Ward 10
Farber, Genevieve94-9315BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farber, Kenneth94-6061AFort Wayne Ward 7
Farber, Norman94-9315BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farbsham, Elma R.94-9811AFort Wayne Ward 10
Farbsham, Linda E.94-9811AFort Wayne Ward 10
Farbsham, Patricia94-9811AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fardal, Guy J.94-212BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fardal, Richard W.94-212BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fardal, Thelma M.94-212BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fargon, John94-3812AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fark, Charles2-2214ASt. Joseph Twp.
Fark, Fred2-2214ASt. Joseph Twp.
Fark, Henry J.94-427AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fark, John J.2-2214ASt. Joseph Twp.
Fark, Minnie94-427AFort Wayne Ward 6
Fark, Russel2-2214ASt. Joseph Twp.
Fark, Viona2-2214ASt. Joseph Twp.
Farley, Bessie94-711AFort Wayne Ward 8
Farley, Joseph94-293AFort Wayne Ward 4
Farley, Lucille M.94-5261AFort Wayne Ward 7
Farley, Marie94-293AFort Wayne Ward 4
Farley, Mary Ellen94-5261AFort Wayne Ward 7
Farley, Paul94-5261AFort Wayne Ward 7
Farley, William94-6812AFort Wayne Ward 8
Farling, James P.94-8062AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farling, Robert94-8216BFort Wayne Ward 9
Farling, Samuel94-8216BFort Wayne Ward 9
Farling, Taye94-8216BFort Wayne Ward 9
Farling, Violet94-8062AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farlinghouse, Mollie94-453BFort Wayne Ward 6
Farlinghouse, Ulysses94-453BFort Wayne Ward 6
Farlow, Benjamin94-100A3BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farlow, Grace94-100A3BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farlow, Loren94-100A3BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farlow, Mildred94-4115BFort Wayne Ward 6
Farlow, R. Keith94-100A3BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farlow, Sharon94-4115BFort Wayne Ward 6
Farlow, Theodore94-4115BFort Wayne Ward 6
Farlow, Vona94-1101AFort Wayne Ward 11
Farmer, Augusta94-368BFort Wayne Ward 5
Farmer, Bruce D.94-19A7BFort Wayne Ward 2
Farmer, Charles94-718AFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Farmer, Dorthy94-67A61BFort Wayne Ward 8
Farmer, E. MAry94-67A61BFort Wayne Ward 8
Farmer, Elijah94-6911AFort Wayne Ward 8
Farmer, Ella94-353AFort Wayne Ward 5
Farmer, Elmer94-67A61BFort Wayne Ward 8
Farmer, Ethel M.94-472AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farmer, Fred C.94-472AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farmer, Fredricka94-472AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farmer, Gerturde C.94-19A7BFort Wayne Ward 2
Farmer, Harry B.94-368BFort Wayne Ward 5
Farmer, Isba A.94-6911AFort Wayne Ward 8
Farmer, Jessie F.2-616BCedar Creek Twp.
Farmer, Lawrence94-368BFort Wayne Ward 5
Farmer, Mary Margaret94-368BFort Wayne Ward 5
Farmer, Nancy94-353AFort Wayne Ward 5
Farmer, patricia94-472AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farmer, Pearl94-914AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farmer, Winfred94-1261AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farna, Betty94-101A15AFort Wayne Ward 10
Farna, Leo94-101A15AFort Wayne Ward 10
Farna, Leona94-101A15AFort Wayne Ward 10
Farnsley, Edith94-74BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Farnsworth, Alma G.2-312BWayne Twp.
Farnsworth, Clyde2-84BJackson Twp.
Farnsworth, Clyde, Jr.2-84BJackson Twp.
Farnsworth, Grace2-84BJackson Twp.
Farnsworth, Ilene2-84BJackson Twp.
Farnsworth, Louise2-84BJackson Twp.
Farnsworth, Philo2-312BWayne Twp.
Farnsworth, Philo J.2-312BWayne Twp.
Farnsworth, Richard2-84BJackson Twp.
Farnsworth, Russell S.2-312BWayne Twp.
Farnsworth, Ruth2-84BJackson Twp.
Farnsworth, William2-84BJackson Twp.
Farquhar, Allan94-41AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farquhar, Rachel94-41AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farr, Altha2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farr, Ardice2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farr, Betty Ruth94-74BFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Farr, Elaine2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farr, Elizabeth2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farr, Jacob S.94-846AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farr, Lillian2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farr, Willard2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farra, Anita G.94-902BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farra, Anna A.94-902BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farra, Betty R.94-902BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farra, Elizabeth2-222ASt. Joseph Twp.
Farra, Frank J.94-902BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farra, Joseph94-67B1AFort Wayne Ward 8
Farra, Mae E.94-902BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farra, Malinda94-67B1AFort Wayne Ward 8
Farrael, Adam94-115BFort Wayne Ward 1
Farrar, James C.94-85AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farray, Louise94-629BFort Wayne Ward 8
Farray, Peter94-629BFort Wayne Ward 8
Farrel, Mary94-268AFort Wayne Ward 4
Farrel, Orville94-268AFort Wayne Ward 4
Farrell, Agnes94-403AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Anna94-3712AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Arthur94-403AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Austin2-321AWayne Twp.
Farrell, Bertha94-3710AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Beverly2-3315BWayne Twp.
Farrell, Bryan Lee94-85A1AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farrell, Cecil Marie94-364AFort Wayne Ward 5
Farrell, Charlene2-3315BWayne Twp.
Farrell, Cornelius2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farrell, David C.94-33B3AFort Wayne Ward 5
Farrell, Earnest94-403AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Edward94-403AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Eliza94-376AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Elizabeth94-364AFort Wayne Ward 5
Farrell, Elizabeth94-939BFort Wayne Ward 10
Farrell, Ella2-321AWayne Twp.
Farrell, Eva94-376AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Fanny2-3315BWayne Twp.
Farrell, Faye L.94-306BFort Wayne Ward 4
Farrell, Francis W.94-16A61AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farrell, George94-3710AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, George B.94-85A1AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farrell, Gerald94-3710AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Hazel94-403AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Hazel94-33B3AFort Wayne Ward 5
Farrell, Helen R.94-8114AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farrell, Herald94-718AFort Wayne Ward 1 (Fort Wayne State School)
Farrell, Hilda94-5A6AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farrell, Howard2-3315BWayne Twp.
Farrell, Janet Mae94-85A1AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farrell, Leband S.94-306BFort Wayne Ward 4
Farrell, Loretta B.94-16A61AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farrell, Lovina2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farrell, Lucille2-3315BWayne Twp.
Farrell, Mar.2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farrell, Mary Elizabeth94-364AFort Wayne Ward 5
Farrell, Merlin H.94-306BFort Wayne Ward 4
Farrell, Phyllis94-403AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Ralph94-376AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Ray C.94-8114AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farrell, Richard94-376AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Robet94-403BFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, Ronald E.94-8114AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farrell, Sarah2-3210AWayne Twp.
Farrell, Sharon2-3315BWayne Twp.
Farrell, Willard94-3710AFort Wayne Ward 6
Farrell, William94-364AFort Wayne Ward 5
Farrell, Wilma G.94-85A1AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farrer, Sarah E.94-8112AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farrer, Solon G.94-8112AFort Wayne Ward 9
Farries, Gerald94-914AFort Wayne Ward 10
Farries, Roland F.94-914AFort Wayne Ward 10
Farrington, Charles D.94-10A1BFort Wayne Ward 1
Farrington, Ellen M.94-10A1BFort Wayne Ward 1
Farris, Chas G.94-1152AFort Wayne Ward 11
Farris, Ruth B.94-1152AFort Wayne Ward 11
Farrote, Michael J.94-5211BFort Wayne Ward 7
Farrote, Virginia M.94-5211BFort Wayne Ward 7
Fars, Walda2-251ASt. Joseph Twp. (Orphans Home of the Reformed Church)
Farver, Dorothy94-2515BFort Wayne Ward 3
Farver, Harry94-2515BFort Wayne Ward 3
Farver, John2-277ASpringfield Twp.
Farwell, Hazel94-127AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farwell, Joseph94-127AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farwell, Joseph Jr.94-127AFort Wayne Ward 1
Farwrel, Edith94-693BFort Wayne Ward 8
Farwrel, Marna Louise94-693BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fasnacht, Carl2-241BSt. Joseph Twp. (Fort Wayne State School for the Feeble Minded)
Fass, Dorothy2-251BSt. Joseph Twp. (Orphans Home of the Reformed Church)
Fass, Max2-251BSt. Joseph Twp. (Orphans Home of the Reformed Church)
Fass, Rolf2-251BSt. Joseph Twp. (Orphans Home of the Reformed Church)
Fassett, Cora Agnes94-2613BFort Wayne Ward 4
Fassett, Corrine Mae94-2613BFort Wayne Ward 4
Fast, Adeline C.94-64A12AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fast, Edna94-369BFort Wayne Ward 5
Fast, Ernest94-883BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fast, Floyd V.94-99B7AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fast, Forrest L.94-8010BFort Wayne Ward 9
Fast, Gladys F.94-99B7AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fast, James G.94-64A12AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fast, John H.94-883BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fast, Joseph H.94-883BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fast, Loraine E.94-64A12AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fast, Lulu E.94-883BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fast, Mary Lou94-64A12AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fast, Orvil R.94-6511AFort Wayne Ward 8
Fast, Ralph E.94-883BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fast, Robert E.94-64A12AFort Wayne Ward 8
Faster, Martha94-6211BFort Wayne Ward 8
Faster, Otto94-6211BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fasulo, Edward94-6915BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fasulo, Helen94-6915BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fasulo, Marty94-6915BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fate, Dwight B.94-9613BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fate, Dwight W.94-9613BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fate, Frieda M.94-9613BFort Wayne Ward 10
Fath, Donna2-2711ASpringfield Twp.
Fath, Edward2-2710BSpringfield Twp.
Fath, Elsie2-2711ASpringfield Twp.
Fath, Gary2-2711ASpringfield Twp.
Fathauer, B. E.94-53A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fathauer, C. H.94-53A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fathauer, Clara L.94-4710BFort Wayne Ward 6
Fathauer, D. M.94-53A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fathauer, Dorothy L.94-4710BFort Wayne Ward 6
Fathauer, E. L.94-53A61AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fathauer, Fritz94-7015BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fathauer, Henry F.94-4710BFort Wayne Ward 6
Fathauer, Katherine94-7015BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fathauer, Virginia I.94-4710BFort Wayne Ward 6
Fatir, Allen W.94-101A8AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fattic, Francella94-53A2AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fatzinger, Barbara94-101A8AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fatzinger, Georgia94-101A8AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fatzinger, Gordon94-101A8AFort Wayne Ward 10
Fatzinger, James94-101A8AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faucett, Barbara94-932AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faucett, Fannie94-932AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faucett, Leon94-932AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faudree, C. r.94-864AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faudree, Donald94-864AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faudree, Iladine94-864AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faudree, John M.94-864AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faudree, Kathleen94-109A2AFort Wayne Ward 11
Faudree, Lula94-864AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faught, Delma94-769AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faught, Glenn94-769AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faughty, John94-123AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faulkner, Albert94-296BFort Wayne Ward 4
Faulkner, Alice2-152BMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Allie M.94-5212BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faulkner, Barbra L.94-781AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faulkner, Betty94-32A4BFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Calvin94-3912BFort Wayne Ward 6
Faulkner, Carol2-154AMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Carolyn94-32A4BFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Charles M.94-213AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faulkner, Chester94-682BFort Wayne Ward 8
Faulkner, Clyde94-9311BFort Wayne Ward 10
Faulkner, Darwin94-296BFort Wayne Ward 4
Faulkner, Dewey E.94-356AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Dorothy E.94-781AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faulkner, Elizabeth94-9311BFort Wayne Ward 10
Faulkner, Emma2-218APleasant Twp.
Faulkner, Eugenia94-213AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faulkner, Eva94-9311BFort Wayne Ward 10
Faulkner, Evelyn V.94-356AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Frank, Jr.2-152BMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Frank, Sr.2-152BMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, George K.94-5212BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faulkner, Gertrude2-154AMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Harriet94-32A4BFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Hazel94-345AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Hazel D.94-356AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Helen I.94-5212BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faulkner, Herminia94-4116AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faulkner, Jack2-154AMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, James E.94-5212BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faulkner, Janice2-154AMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Janice D.94-5212BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faulkner, Jean2-154AMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Joan M.94-781AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faulkner, John W.94-32A4BFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Joseph94-4116AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faulkner, Joseph A.2-154BMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Joseph, Jr.94-4116AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faulkner, LaVerne V.94-356AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Lillian94-682BFort Wayne Ward 8
Faulkner, Margaret94-296BFort Wayne Ward 4
Faulkner, Marjorie94-4116AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faulkner, Mildred M.94-345AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faulkner, Morris94-296BFort Wayne Ward 4
Faulkner, Nettie2-2812BWashington Twp.
Faulkner, Prudence2-154BMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Ralph2-154AMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Richard94-4116AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faulkner, Robert94-4116AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faulkner, Saundra M.94-5212BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faulkner, Sharon94-4116AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faulkner, Shirley2-154BMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Shirley Jean2-154BMaumee Twp. (Woodburn)
Faulkner, Wilber W.94-781AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faulkner, William M.94-781AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faunce, Harry94-316AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faunce, Orpha94-316AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faur, Elizabeth94-944AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faur, Emil94-944AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faur, Thomas E.94-944AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurot, Anna94-100A61BFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurot, Frank94-100A61BFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurot, John94-100A61BFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Alice L.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Audrey J.94-8011AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faurote, Carolyn H.94-8011AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faurote, Charles L.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Ernest H.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Eva M.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Frances E.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Harriet J.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Henrietta C.94-8011AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faurote, Joseph H.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Joseph H., Jr.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, M. Elaine94-8011AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faurote, Mary A.94-8011AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faurote, Ruth V.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Sharon E.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faurote, Simeon F.94-8011AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faurote, Walter F.94-921AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faus, Esther94-287BFort Wayne Ward 4
Faush, Bernard94-27C62BFort Wayne Ward 4
Fauss, James2-11AAboite Twp.
Fauss, Letha2-11AAboite Twp.
Fauss, Walter2-11AAboite Twp.
Faust, Amos94-131AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faust, Betty J.94-342AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faust, Burten D.94-8115BFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Carl B.94-596BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faust, Carl G.94-816AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Catherine P.94-816AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Clifford V.94-816BFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Clifford V.94-816AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Donnabell G.94-8115BFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Doris M.94-816AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Fern94-596BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faust, Forrest94-429AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faust, Isabel94-429AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faust, Jerry J.94-596BFort Wayne Ward 7
Faust, Johnnie94-8115AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Josephine I.94-816AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Martha Jane94-452AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faust, Melvin94-183BFort Wayne Ward 2
Faust, Mikey W.94-816BFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Pauline M.94-8115AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faust, Richard D.94-342AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faust, Ruby94-183BFort Wayne Ward 2
Faust, Rusel D.94-342AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faust, Rusel J.94-342AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faust, Ruth L.94-342AFort Wayne Ward 5
Faust, Sarah L.94-131AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faust, Wynoma P.94-8115AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fausz, Florence B.94-210BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fausz, Roy J.94-210BFort Wayne Ward 1
Faux, Allen B.94-1113AFort Wayne Ward 11
Faux, Donald E.94-1113AFort Wayne Ward 11
Faux, Donald L.94-145AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faux, Evelyn94-137AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faux, Glen M.94-101A15AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faux, Helen M.94-1113AFort Wayne Ward 11
Faux, Inez94-136BFort Wayne Ward 1
Faux, Jack94-101A15AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faux, Mable L.94-144BFort Wayne Ward 1
Faux, Marian J.94-1113AFort Wayne Ward 11
Faux, Nina R.94-1113AFort Wayne Ward 11
Faux, Norma94-137AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faux, Perry94-101A15AFort Wayne Ward 10
Faux, Ralph B.94-1113AFort Wayne Ward 11
Faux, Wilma94-101A15AFort Wayne Ward 10
Favery, Floyd F.2-126AMadison Twp.
Favery, Lucinda2-126AMadison Twp.
Favorite, Clarence94-3916AFort Wayne Ward 6
Favorite, Dorothy94-43BFort Wayne Ward 1
Favorite, James94-7717AFort Wayne Ward 9
Favorite, Jeanette94-3916AFort Wayne Ward 6
Favorite, Kenneth94-43BFort Wayne Ward 1
Favorite, Lawrence94-43BFort Wayne Ward 1
Favorite, Virginia94-3916AFort Wayne Ward 6
Favorite, Vivian94-7717AFort Wayne Ward 9
Favory, Arthur A.94-10361BFort Wayne Ward 10
Favory, Arthur N.94-10361BFort Wayne Ward 10
Favory, Barbara Rose2-3217BWayne Twp.
Favory, Charles2-3262AWayne Twp.
Favory, Dona2-3262AWayne Twp.
Favory, Donald2-3262AWayne Twp.
Favory, Edith A.94-10361BFort Wayne Ward 10
Favory, Hildred2-324BWayne Twp.
Favory, Janet2-3213BWayne Twp.
Favory, John2-3217BWayne Twp.
Favory, John2-3213BWayne Twp.
Favory, Leota2-3262AWayne Twp.
Favory, Manor J.2-325AWayne Twp.
Favory, Marion2-324BWayne Twp.
Favory, Melinda L.94-552BFort Wayne Ward 7
Favory, Morris2-3217BWayne Twp.
Favory, Norma Jean2-3213BWayne Twp.
Favory, Orval A.94-552BFort Wayne Ward 7
Favory, Phyliss2-325AWayne Twp.
Favory, Raymond2-3213BWayne Twp.
Favory, Robert D.2-3217BWayne Twp.
Favory, Russell L.94-552BFort Wayne Ward 7
Favory, Selma2-3213BWayne Twp.
Favory, Tabitha2-3217BWayne Twp.
Favory, Valetta C.94-552BFort Wayne Ward 7
Favory, Virgil2-3217BWayne Twp.
Favory, Virginia2-325AWayne Twp.
Favory, Wanetta2-3217BWayne Twp.
Fawcett, Charles94-1103BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fawcett, John94-146AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawcett, John B.94-1103BFort Wayne Ward 11
Fawcett, John W.94-2281BFort Wayne Ward 2
Fawcett, Margaret94-2515BFort Wayne Ward 3
Fawcett, Marian F.94-3412AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fawcett, Mariba94-1103AFort Wayne Ward 11
Fawcett, Roland T.94-2515BFort Wayne Ward 3
Fawcett, Susan94-3412AFort Wayne Ward 5
Fawley, Bessie94-16A5BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawley, Charles R.94-553AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fawley, Harry W.94-1511AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawley, Harry W.94-553AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fawley, Harry W.94-16A5BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawley, Hugh94-27B61AFort Wayne Ward 4
Fawley, Leon W.94-16A5BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawley, Lowell94-6814BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fawley, Madonna94-1511AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawley, Margy A.94-6814BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fawley, Marie A.94-553AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fawley, Martha94-27B61AFort Wayne Ward 4
Fawley, Mary A.94-553AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fawley, Nancy94-1511AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawley, Nettie E.94-5A3AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawley, Ora L.94-5A3AFort Wayne Ward 1
Fawley, Richard94-6814BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fawley, Robert W.94-553AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fawley, Thelma94-6814BFort Wayne Ward 8
Fawley, Virginia M.94-16A5BFort Wayne Ward 1
Fay, Gladys94-4915AFort Wayne Ward 7
Fayler, Grover94-7664AFort Wayne Ward 9
Fayler, Ruth94-7664AFort Wayne Ward 9
Faylor, Edward94-394AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faylor, Edward, Jr.94-394AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faylor, Everett2-2022APerry Twp.
Faylor, Faye94-132AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faylor, Gerald2-2023APerry Twp.
Faylor, Grace94-394AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faylor, Henry94-394AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faylor, Isobelle94-394AFort Wayne Ward 6
Faylor, Jean2-2023APerry Twp.
Faylor, LaVera2-2022APerry Twp.
Faylor, Mabel2-2023APerry Twp.
Faylor, Mae2-2021BPerry Twp.
Faylor, Paul A.94-132AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faylor, Robert2-2023APerry Twp.
Faylor, Roy2-2021BPerry Twp.
Faylor, Terry L.94-132AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faylor, Timothy94-132AFort Wayne Ward 1
Faylor, Wayne2-2021BPerry Twp.

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