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Church Burial Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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St. Louis Besancon Catholic Church, Jefferson Township, Allen Co., Indiana

Burials, 1865-1869, 1875-1885

No church burial records were found for 1870 through 1874

Death or Burial DateNameAge
00 Jan 1865no given name Converset27y
15 May 1865Justinus Voirol28y
17 May 1865Philippus Gladieux76y
03 Sep 1865Maria Voirol50y
10 Sep 1865Elizabeth Claude60 or 65y
14 Dec 1866Jos. Xav. Pailots/o Justin Pailot and Marie Elizabeth9m
10 Jun 1867Francois Saussotte70y
16 Jun 1867Mariann Saussotte24y
26 Jul 1867Caroline Pinganotwife of Joseph Daudane43y
15 Aug 1867Marie Thomond17y
06 Sep 1867Francois Daudanes/o Joseph Daudane and Caroline Pingenott21y
18 Sep 1867Jean Baptiste Paillot
27 Oct 1868Petri Pieriinfant2m
19 Nov 1868Auguste Grémot24y
31 Jan 1869Marguerite Giant63y
13 Feb 1869Marie Baillifd/o Francois and Josephine Baillif.
15 Feb 1869Louise Reichard2m
03 Apr 1869Louis Celestin Lomonts/o Alphonse and Victoire Lomont2y
03 Jul 1869Edward Sosots/o George and Eugenie Sosot
18 Aug 1869Marie Agathe Kellerwidow of George Keller84y
13 Sep 1869Francois Monet19y 7m
28 Sep 1869Francoise Chevan?ew/o Francois Cheviron54y
21 Dec 1869Josephine Eugenie Urbaininfant of Casimire and Josephine Urbain19m
20 Aug 1875infant of Louis Girard and Eugenie Petitjean
09 Dec 1875Catherine Brady75y
22 Jan 1876Louise Fannie Reuille2m
00 --- 1876Infant of Arseni Gremoneau and Melanie Reuil
00 --- 1876Julienne Carrier76y
22 --- 1876Frederic Klein78y
00 --- 1876Joannes Baptista Paulus Gauthiers/o J. B. Gauthier and Elise Luc7m
00 --- 1876Clarasse Pepec/o Auguste Pepe and Celina Thiebault5y
10 Aug 1876Emilie Helene Gremaux9m
25 Aug 1876Margerite Kellerd. 23 Aug 187664y
26 Aug 1876Catherine Jehand. 25 Aug 187646y
11 Dec 1876Eugene Martind. 9 Dec 187631y
20 Apr 1877Thomas Dwine44y
15 May 1877Claude Francois Lomont69y
28 Jul 1877Elisabeth Venderly71y
04 Aug 1877Catherine Jane Dignan17y
22 Aug 1877Edward Pepe7y
26 Aug 1877Jerome Girard5m
27 Aug 1877Emilie Anna Trouyotd/o Francois Trouyot and Francoise Devaux11y
00 Sep 1877Eugenie Petitjean
04 Sep 1877Josephine Marie Gladieuxd/o Franc Gladieux and Marie Lomont
15 Sep 1877Alexander Roussets/o Auguste Rousset and Feliede
12 --- 1877Jean Baptiste Saussottes/o George Saussotte and Eugenie Meunier2y
00 --- 1877Ernest Girard
17 Nov 1877Francoise Faivorew/o --- Didier
02 Dec 1877Josephine Fréned. 30 Nov 187720y
16 Dec 1877Eulalie Boitetd. 14 Dec 1877
05 Jan 1878Laurent Dupont76y
00 --- 1878 No given name Schedal
00 --- 1878No given name Weaver
01 Mar 1878Francoise Elise Marie Reuilleinfant
01 Mar 1878Jacques Sordelet18y 6m
03 Mar 1878Claire Joly3m
04 Mar 1878Etienne Coulardot58y
11 Mar 1878Marie Jehanw/o Jean Pierre Meunier47y 9m 10d
02 May 1878Theodore Havert61y
17 Jun 1878Edward Miller18y
20 --- 1878Emma Odilla Kelly6m
01 Jul 1878Adolphe Lomont5w
14 Jul 1878Henry Louis Bowers4m
22 Jul 1878Ida Ellen Savio6y
01 Aug 1878Marie Josephine Fréne20y
11 Aug 1878Emilie Helene Urbain9m
12 Aug 1878Julie Girardot6m
23 Sep 1878Elinore Josephine Sordelet3y
24 Sep 1878Auguste Casimir Urbain
03 Oct 1878Francois Soucie25y
28 Nov 1878Marie Magdeleine Lothamer3y
01 Dec 1878Josephine Fréne16y
27 Dec 1878Francois Fréne11y
05 Jan 1879Elisabeth Auer49y
10 Jan 1879Louis Dodane4y
14 Feb 1879Bartholomey Sallet78y (27y)
20 Feb 1879Pierre Maire53y
22 Mar 1879Jeanne Claude Sordelet90y
26 Mar 1879Pierre Florent Montavon4y
00 --- 1879Jean Bower60y
00 --- 1879J. Pierre Meunier
15 Apr 1879Alice Bowers
21 Sep 1880Julianam Josephinamd/o Arseni Gremeaux & Melaniae Reuille11m
22 Oct 1880Margaritad/o Josephi Gean and Josephine Klein16m
25 Nov 1880Elisabeth Monnierw/o Charoli Bacon25y
26 Nov 1880Infants/o Edward Monnier and Ludovicae Loger/Layer
26 Nov 1880Guillelmus Hugnards/o Caroli Hugnard and Josephine Cayot
26 Dec 1880Clara Aliciamd/o Charles Martin and Mariae Didier
23 Feb 1881Edward Lomonts/o Francis Lomont and Cecelia Jeanpierre27y
22 Mar 1881Theodore Sordelets/o Ludovici Sordelet and Pauline Saunier
26 Mar 1881Francis Hoyers/o Nicolai Hoyer and Elisabeth Kelly21y
23 Apr 1881Felicem Roys/o Joannis Roy and Mariae Frene26y
29 Apr 1881Francis Geans/o Jacobi Gean and Catharine Monnier22y
28 May 1881Prosperus Fréne70y
31 May 1881Frnaciscam Bonners/o Henrici Bonner and Joannae17y
21 Jun 1881Joannem/Joannes Dignan65y
24 Jun 1881Infant Rousseys/o Auguste Roussey and Felicia Luc
21 Aug 1881Julian Parnets/o Francis Parnet and Josephine Ugnard6y
31 Aug 1881Franciscum Xaverum Roussey54y
14 Sep 1881Josephum Edwardus Venderlys/o George Venderly and Stephanie Reuille26d
03 Nov 1881Justinus Emilium Banets/o Justin Banet and Claris Coulardotborn 18 Sep
10 Nov 1881Thomas Finans/o Michael Finan and Mariae Panner9m
21 Nov 1881Ludovicum Monot46y
07 Dec 1881Ludovicam Margaritad/o Charloi Joly and Josephine Game16y
16 Jan 1882Ludovicus Monnierborn 20 Dec 1881
14 Feb 1882Joseph Alexandrum Urbains/o Casimire Urbain and Josephine Janel19y
19 Feb 1882Alexis Sosottes/o George Sosotte and Eugenie Monnier9y
20 Feb 1882Jacobum Edwardum Lamblins/o Jacobi Lamblin and Honorae Coigot14m
01 Mar 1882Joseph Edward Voirols/o Juliu- Joseph Voirol and Eleanor Couillot9y
02 Mar 1882Eugenia Ludoricam Urbaind/o Casimir Urbain and Josephine Janel10y
08 Mar 1882Infant Fevres/o Nenancie Fevre and Francissae Saviot
19 Mar 1882Carolium Alexandrum Urbains/o Francis Urbain and Ludovicae Coiyot8y
08 Apr 1882Maria Sophia Monnierd/o Edward Monnier and Maria Ludovicae Loyer
10 Apr 1882Georgium Venderly79y
25 Apr 1882Abel Laudes/o Armand Laude and Ludovicae Lomont5d
25 Apr 1882Stephania Reuillew/o George Venderly38y
09 Aug 1882Gustave Boiteuxs/o Francis Boiteux and Augustine Coulan4m
24 Aug 1882Alexander Boiteux80y
25 Aug 1882Julian Albert Parnets/o Francis Parnet and Josephine Ugnard9m
03 Sep 1882Maria Geanw/o Joannis Baptiste Jacquet69y
04 Nov 1882Infant Gladieuxs/o Celestin Gladieux and Mariae Havert
01 Dec 1882Helena McCormickd/o Patrick McCormick and Anna Ansi19y
07 Dec 1882Ludovicum Antoninums/o August Chevillot and Emiliae Sordelet3m
02 Apr 1883Franisca Isabywidow of Edward Muller60y
01 May 1883Francis Coulardots/o Stephan Coulardot and Virginia Lomont25y
30 Sep 1883Francis Sosottes/o Francis Sosotte and Frances Monnier56y
21 Oct 1883Infant Havert c/o Theodore Havert and Elisa Kelley
07 Jan 1884Josephus Coiyot27y
12 Feb 1884Celestina Girardinw/o Ludovici Voirol76y
03 Mar 1884Marcus Pepe79y
14 Mar 1884Sophia Ecremontw/o Alexii Monnier64y
24 Mar 1884Maria Rosesw/o Francis Saviot40y
31 Mar 1884Clotilda Lomontd/o Theophile Lomont and Mariae Jefferson11d
18 May 1884Maria Henricamd/o Joseph Coiyot and Mariae Petiger14m
06 Jun 1884Seraphine Lomont42y
15 Jul 1884Julian Eugene Parnins/o Francis Parnin and Josephine Ugnard8m
10 Aug 1884Edward Bacons/o Samuel Bacon and Josephine Didier5y
09 Sep 1884Patrick Ryan80y
12 Sep 1884Augustum Didiers/o Victoris Didier and Luciae Barberet22y
13 Sep 1884Victor Malcius53y
16 Sep 1884Clara Virginia Bacond/o Charoli Bacon and Elisabeth Monnier10y
18 Oct 1884Jacobus Girardats/o Ludovici Girardat and Mariae Eugeniae Tailor9y
05 Nov 1884Augustus Monots/o Eugene Monot and Mariae Moulin20y
05 Nov 1884Ludovicus Jacquois/o Augusti Jacquoi and Mariae Schaider2y
06 Nov 1884Eugenia Monot64y
12 Nov 1884Georgus Jacquois/o August Jacquoi and Mariae Schaider5y
17 Nov 1884Jacobum Petitjean72y
20 Nov 1884Helen Ceclia Martind/o Julian Martin and Ludovicae Ugnard3y
27 Nov 1884Mariae Helenam Havertd/o Alphons Havert and Mariae Didier3y
01 Dec 1884Adolphus Pepes/o August Pepe and A. Grosjean18y
10 Dec 1884Maria Stephaniam Girardd/o August Girard and Mariae Ludovicae Monot11y
25 Dec 1884Marie Eleanore Girardatd/o Joseph Girardat and Mariae Louise Rosis10m
01 Jan 1885Margarita Preidinew/o Jos. C. Reuille72y
26 Jan 1885Michael Lomont52y
24 Mar 1885Elisae Eugeniae Gipsond/o Guillemi Gipson and Mariae Troujean3m
21 Mar 1885Mariam Gouryw/o Alexis Girardat85y
06 Apr 1885Ludovicus Chevillotd/o August Chevillot and Josephine Jardon26y
03 May 1885Ludovicus Monotw/o August Girard36y
22 May 1885Joannes Rilys/o Joannis Rily and Letitiae Reitlege6 days
04 Jun 1885Ludovica Ugnardw/o Julian Martin26y
24 Jun 1885Ludovicum Sordelet67y
07 Jul 1885Julia Monotw/o Justin Hubert33y
08 Sep 1885Nicolous Henricum Géans/o Joseph Géan and Mariae Evard14m
17 Sep 1885Dennis Keef81y
29 Nov 1885Petris Ugnard82y
-4 Dec 1885Petre Joseph Ugnard78y
24 Dec 1885Eugenium Lamboly70y
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