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Church Burial Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Trinity Episcopal Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Burials 1839, 1844-1851, 1855-1885

Death or Burial DateName
24 Dec 1839Thomas Tigar3y 2w 2d, s/o Thomas and Catharine Tigar
27 May 1844Frances Fleming5y, d/o R. Emmet and Sophia Fleming
21 Aug 1844Lucian P. Ferry
28 Nov 1844Sarah Parish9y
30 Nov 1844Mary Wilkinson5y, d/o W. B. and Margaret A. Wilkinson
20 Dec 1844Infant Hamiltonnearly 2, d/o James and Mrs. Hamilton
02 Apr 1845Clay Wilkinsons/o Wm. B. and Margaret A. Wilkinson
10 Apr 1845Charles William Fleming2y 2m, s/o R. Emmet and Sophia Fleming
18 Apr 1845Richard Tylerquite aged, born in Ireland
06 Feb 1846J. A. F. Nichols33y
19 Mar 1846Beulah Williams4y, d/o Lysander and Caroline Williams
31 Aug 1846Mary Elizabeth10˝m, d/o I. D. G. and May Nelson
17 Feb 1847Emeline Griswold Borden36y 11m 20d, w/o J. W. Borden
00 --- 1847daughter of Robt. E. and Sophia Fleming
20 Jun 1847David Bowen17y 9m 10d
00 Jul 1847Henry Row
00 --- 1847Mrs. Lilly Edsall
00 --- 1847Mr. Stephen Brown Bond
00 --- 1847Mr. Truman
10 Jul 1848Mrs. Catherine Tigarconsort of Thomas Tigar
09 Aug 1848James Stewartage about 53y, native of Ireland, returned soldier from Mexico
06 Jan 1849David Hull20y, s/o Jacob and Clarissa Hull
04 Feb 1849James Madison Brown4m, s/o Eli and Mrs. Brown
26 Feb 1849Infant8m, d/o Merchant W. and Mrs. Huxford
23 Mar 1849Sebastian Henry Rowe2y, s/o Mrs. Rowe
31 Mar 1849no given name Root66y, three miles out
06 Apr 1849Robert Fleming5m, s/o Robert E. and Sophia Fleming
30 Apr 1849Mrs. Mar Wilkinson39y.
10 Jul 1849Elizabeth Cuming Large1y 10d, d/o Rev. J. S. and Caroline Large
24 Jul 1849James Hillier1y
13 Aug 1849Cuthbert H. S. Black5y, s/o C. B. and Susan M. Black.
18 Aug 1849Mary VanSchuyler30y
20 Aug 1849Foster Johnson3y, s/o Joseph Johnson
20 Aug 1849Evaline Johnson5y, d/o Joseph Johnson.
27 Aug 1849Jared Lake Walker2y, s/o Chas. R. Walker
29 Aug 1849Louis Beecher, M.D.43y
10 Sep 1849Robert Gamball4y 6m
18 Feb 1850Mrs. Lawrence
28 Mar 1850no given name Parker8m
00 --- 1850Louisa Van Houghton
19 Jul 1850Emanuel Sauvain51y
00 Oct 1850Charles Nichol Hull17y
28 Oct 1850P. N. Adams40y
03 Feb 1851Capt. (Jacob) Hull56y
12 May 1851Sally Hamilton
25 Jun 1851Sarah Ann Hill12m
00 --- 1851no given name Jenks6y
10 May 1851Jno Ketcham Edgerton6m
10 May 1851Cecelia Bailey13y
10 May 1851Mrs. Hill70y
10 May 1851Mrs. Doc Pierce60y
00 Aug 1851Child of Mr. Gifford4w
04 Sep 1851Child of Mr. Petrie4d
20 Sep 1851Child of Mr. Foster13m
31 May 1855Mrs. Root62y, City Cemetery
02 Jul 1856Vincent Gifford16m, City Cemetery
13 Jul 1856Mary Derby20y, City Cemetery
21 Jul 1856George H. Breckenridge12y, City Cemetery
10 Aug 1856Indiana H. Abbott15m 14d, City Cemetery
14 Oct 1856Lewis Tolford Hanna6m 6d, City Cemetery
28 May 1857Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Laselle29y, City Cemetery
19 Jun 1857James S. Hamilton71y, City Cemetery
19 Jul 1858Clara Belle Huxford3y 3m, City Cemetery
28 Jul 1858Mrs. Gertrude Simmonsno age, City Cemetery
15 Jan 1859Anna Van Courtlandt Battin5y 4m, City Cemetery
23 Jan 1859John Read Randall2y, City Cemetery
22 Feb 1859J. Gazzam Irwin8y 1m, City Cemetery
25 Feb 1859Rose Irwin4m, City Cemetery
08 Mar 1859John S. Irwin5y 7m, City Cemetery
15 Mar 1859David E. Talbot19y, City Cemetery
30 Apr 1859Flora Randall8y, City Cemetery
08 May 1859Albert Ward3y, City Cemetery
05 Jul 1859Mrs. Fannie Latham26y, City Cemetery
05 Jul 1859child of Fannie Latham7y, City Cemetery, same grave, killed by accident
00 Jul 1859Miss Hattie Chittenden20y, died on Staten Island, NY, one of our S. S. teachers, died suddenly while on a visit East
24 Jul 1859John A. Reed35y, City Cemetery
28 Aug 1859Mrs. Ellen Burt40y, City Cemetery
00 Sep 1859Willie Geisinger4m, City Cemetery
30 Nov 1859James L. Randallno age, City Cemetery
09 Apr 1860Joseph Sherman23y, City Cemetery
21 May 1860Alice Rosalind Reed5y, City Cemetery
04 Jun 1860Allen Hamilton Link5y, City Cemetery
27 Jun 1860Mrs. Margery S. Link41y, City Cemetery
04 Aug 1860William Eliot18m, City Cemetery
12 Aug 1860Hannah E. Link12m, City Cemetery
30 Aug 1860Catharine Mary Doswell1y 6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
12 Sep 1860William Job Doswell3y, Lindenwood Cemetery
27 Sep 1860Langdon Bass2m, City Cemetery
26 Oct 1860Wm. H. H. Hull21y, City Cemetery
10 Nov 1860Adrian B. Miller41y, City Cemetery
09 Dec 1860Willie H. C. Rayhouser2y, Lindenwood Cemetery
10 Dec 1860Mrs. Francis Bulger28y, City Cemetery
12 Dec 1860Mary Magdalena Rayhouser3y, Lindenwood Cemetery
07 Jan 1861Amelia McDowell19y, Lindenwood Cemetery
13 Jan 1861Newell Pulsifer47y, City Cemetery
18 Jan 1861Gertrude Newell Pulsifer2weeks, City Cemetery
30 Jan 1861Katie Fay2y 6m, City Cemetery
01 Mar 1861Wm. Guthrie2m, Lindenwood Cemetery
05 Apr 1861Kate Bennett Hanna3y, City Cemetery
23 Apr 1861Edwin Watson Clark35y, City Cemetery
29 Apr 1861Mrs. Ann Sargeant80y, City Cemetery
28 Jun 1861Esther Sargeant39y, Lindenwood Cemetery
05 Jul 1861Rebecca B. Nicoleswife of Drusus, 51y, City Cemetery
03 Aug 1861Infant of Saml. Clark2m, City Cemetery
02 Sep 1861Delia Bond2y, Lindenwood Cemetery
03 Sep 1861Mrs. Mary McNair90y, buried five miles from city
12 Sep 1861Wellington Smith2m, City Cemetery
25 Sep 1861Carolyn Bass8y, Lindenwood. Cemetery
18 Oct 1861Hugh McClaren2m, Lindenwood Cemetery
10 Jan 1862Emma Cook5 weeks, City Cemetery
18 Jan 1862Charles Franklin Swain3y 6m, Lindenwood
05 Mar 1862James Sargent85y, City Cemetery
23 Mar 1862William E. Hills9y, City Cemetery
19 Apr 1862Sion S. BassColonel 30 Regt., 36y, Lindenwood Cemetery
23 Apr 1862Clara Delia Young6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
03 Jul 1862George Hull20y, Lindenwood Cemetery
04 Jul 1862Ellen Adeline Millar20m, on his farm
07 Jul 1862Frances Louisa Swain9m, Lindenwood Cemetery
29 Aug 1862James M. Lytle27y, Cemetery at Logansport
24 Aug 1862Jane Hamilton50y, Lindenwood Cemetery
02 Sep 1862John Mocks27y, City Cemetery
07 Sep 1862John Pool77y, buried four miles south
24 Sep 1862Col. Wm. H. Link12th R.I.V., no age, Lindenwood Cemetery
28 Oct 1862Charles Fook of Peru43y, Peru Cemetery
31 Oct 1862Wm. L. G. Thompsonkilled in battle, 19y, Lindenwood Cemetery
06 Dec 1862Wm. Saunderskilled in battle, 20y, Lindenwood Cemetery
04 Jan 1863Mrs. Mary Irwin65y, Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburg
19 Mar 1863Edward Leggett Force34y, Lindenwood Cemetery
05 May 1863girlone week old, child of John & Mary Clayton, City Cemetery
10 Jun 1863Eliza Matilda Knight9y, Lindenwood Cemetery
11 Jun 1863Edward Francis VanGieson6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
08 Jul 1863Wm. Henry Knight6y, Lindenwood Cemetery
23 Jul 1863Sarah Ann Bennett18m, Lindenwood Cemetery
27 Jul 1863John Butler46y, English settlement, five miles out
19 Dec 1863Charles H. Dudlywounded at Chattanooga, 30y, Lindenwood Cemetery.
21 Dec 1863no name Kemp2 weeks, Lindenwood Cemetery
27 Dec 1863Mrs. John Hill40y, City Cemetery
22 Jan 1864Miss Mary Neuman24y, Lindenwood Cemetery
20 Jan 1864Mr. Orange Angelno age, Lindenwood Cemetery
11 Mar 1864Mrs. Pool74y, buried four miles out
19 May 1864no name, Hartman9y, died at Cincin., Lindenwood
00 --- 1864Lt. Scott Charlesat Col. Reed’s, no age, no cemetery
15 Jul 1864no name Trennain4y 6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
20 --- 1864Chas. Edmund Duelly7m, Lindenwood Cemetery
00 --- 1864no name6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
00 --- 1864Meredith7m, Lindenwood
00 --- 1864John McNair4y, buried four miles out
16 Sep 1864no name Woodruff15m, Plymouth, Michigan
10 Oct 1864Dr. Baldwin55y, Lindenwood
02 Mar 1865Wm. R. BennetLindenwood Cemetery
23 Mar 1865no given name Beck60y, Bluffton Road
25 Mar 1865Edwin Larwill22y, Lindenwood Cemetery
25 May 1865Ella Wiseno age, Lindenwood Cemetery
00 Jun 1865Wm. Arthur Abbottno age, Lindenwood Cemetery
21 Jun 1865no given name Wise15m, Lindenwood Cemetery
18 Jul 1865Judge Hannano age, Lindenwood Cemetery
00 Aug 1865no given name Rayhouser5y, Lindenwood Cemetery
16 Sep 1865Doc. Tenneyabout 50y, Lindenwood Cemetery
22 Sep 1865no name. about 8yBluffton Road
01 Dec 1865Mrs. M. Bulger30y, Lindenwood Cemetery
01 Dec 1865Mr. Stewartabout 74y, Lindenwood Cemetery
06 Dec 1865no given name Freeman6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
06 Mar 1866no given name Martin5y, Lindenwood Cemetery
18 Apr 1866Mrs. Margaret Bailey50y, Lindenwood Cemetery
02 Jul 1866Mrs. Maria Carige30y, Lindenwood Cemetery
12 Jul 1866no given name Russell5m, Lindenwood Cemetery
00 --- 1866no given name Dunham6y, Lindenwood Cemetery
14 Dec 1866no given name Duelly6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
18 Dec 1866Mary Oliver35y, Lindenwood Cemetery
01 Jan 1867Mrs. Stinchcomb70y, taken to Ohio
04 Apr 1867Charles Hill12y, Lindenwood Cemetery
05 Aug 1867Charlotte Thurston Oris6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
10 Aug 1867George Kimball Kaughman4m, Lindenwood Cemetery
18 Aug 1867Mrs. Herve50y, Lindenwood Cemetery
18 Oct 1867Geo. B. Orirs31yLindenwood Cemetery
10 Nov 1867Esther Sweetz Ewing4w, Lindenwood Cemetery
07 Feb 1868Mary Hamilton50y, Lindenwood Cemetery
03 Mar 1868Alfred Patton Edgerton11m, Lindenwood Cemetery
12 Feb 1868Virgil M. Kimball53y, Lindenwood Cemetery
12 Mar 1868Louise L. Russell8m, Lindenwood Cemetery
15 Mar 1868Richard Lloyd50y, Lindenwood Cemetery
27 Mar 1868Henry Dills40y, in the Ewing vault, died in New Orleans
29 Mar 1868no given name Eldred8m, Lindenwood Cemetery
30 Apr 1868no given name Foellinger2m, Lindenwood Cemetery
18 Jun 1868no given name Figan9d, Lindenwood Cemetery
00 --- 1868Miss Hicks20y, Lindenwood Cemetery
12 Nov 1868Moses Drake57y, Lindenwood Cemetery
29 Dec 1868no given name Hamilton84y, Lindenwood Cemetery
03 Feb 1869Wm. McLaughlin80y, Lindenwood Cemetery
30 Jun 1869no given name Pool3w, Washington Township
26 Sep 1869Mrs. Caroline H. Large46y 9m, Lindenwood Cemetery
19 Feb 1870Mrs. Dilly76y, Lindenwood Cemetery
00 --- 1870Mary Jones48y, Lindenwood Cemetery
14 Sep 1870Ben Saunders20y, Lindenwood Cemetery
06 Oct 1870John E. May?y, Lindenwood Cemetery
05 Feb 1871Charles Franklin Eldred 4w, Lindenwood Cemetery
21 Feb 1871Charles Brown 43y, Lindenwood Cemetery
29 May 1871John Cranston 55y, Bluffton
07 Jul 1871no given name Bond 10w, Lindenwood Cemetery
06 Nov 1871Daisy Danson 3m, Lindenwood Cemetery
00 --- 1871Frederick Hamilton 85y, Lindenwood Cemetery
29 Apr 1872Matilda Frank 3˝y, Lindenwood Cemetery
04 Dec 1872George Washington Ewing 28y, Lindenwood Cemetery
22 Dec 1872Mary Withers Barnett 7m, Lindenwood Cemetery
14 Jan 1873Marion Clarke Whitney 33y, Indianapolis
10 Feb 1873James Edmonds 33y, Lindenwood Cemetery
20 Feb 1873G. Eliza Spurrier 1y, Lindenwood Cemetery
01 Mar 1873Calen Campbell Tate 1y, Lindenwood Cemetery
02 Mar 1873Robert Breckenridge born Sep 24, 1818, Lindenwood Cemetery
21 Aug 1873Juliet Holmes Parter 28y, Lindenwood Cemetery
05 Sep 1873Edward Lewis M.D. 55y, Lindenwood Cemetery
06 Sep 1873William Striker Lipton 5y, Lindenwood Cemetery
20 Nov 1873Jennie Link 17y, Lindenwood Cemetery
10 Dec 1873Charles Douglass Bond 42y, Lindenwood Cemetery
13 Dec 1873Lucinda Smith 19y 10m, Lindenwood Cemetery
16 Dec 1873John Frederick Stein born May 28, 1812, Lindenwood Cemetery
17 Dec 1873Nancy Isabel Flemming 3y 4m, Lindenwood Cemetery
10 Feb 1874Mary Knepper 29y, Lindenwood Cemetery
19 Feb 1874Florence Whilling 4m, Lindenwood Cemetery
09 Mar 1874Amy Whilling 3y 6m, Lindenwood Cemetery
08 Jul 1874Nannie Louise Brown born May 28 1844, Lindenwood Cemetery
06 Aug 1874John Benjamin Saunders 11w, Lindenwood Cemetery
11 Sep 1874Bela Edgerton 8y, Lindenwood Cemetery
02 Oct 1874Letitia Hamilton 56y, Lindenwood Cemetery
14 Dec 1874Rachael Smith 38y, Lindenwood Cemetery
10 Jan 1875George Talbot Edgerton 16m, Lindenwood Cemetery
25 Feb 1875Madison Sweetser 66y, Lindenwood Cemetery
25 Apr 1875Henry Monroe Gaskins 14m 24d, Lindenwood Cemetery
26 May 1875Joseph Pierie, M.D. 69y, Whitley County
12 Sep 1875John Henry Gesonenor 1y, Lindenwood Cemetery
18 Oct 1875Georganna Loag 7w, Lindenwood Cemetery
10 Dec 1875Ann Jane Smith 9m 15d, Lindenwood Cemetery
21 Jan 1876David Colerick Larwill 5m, Lindenwood Cemetery
15 Feb 1876Belle Jennings 39y, Lindenwood Cemetery
19 May 1876Esther Durnell 18m, Lindenwood Cemetery
05 Nov 1876Susan A. Alvord 1y 10m, New York
21 Dec 1876Peeris Darrow 81y, Lindenwood Cemetery
04 Aug 1877Margretta Frank 46y 8m 16d, Lindenwood Cemetery
04 Sep 1877Sarah Albertson 61y, Lindenwood Cemetery
19 Nov 1877Caroline Sweetser 57y, Lindenwood Cemetery
22 Nov 1877Charles Nichols Wright born Feb 7, 1821, Lindenwood Cemetery
03 Jan 1878Merchant William Huxford 80y, Lindenwood Cemetery
11 Jan 1878Elsie Koch 50y, Lindenwood Cemetery
14 Feb 1878Marie Louise McCulloch 5m, Lindenwood Cemetery
05 Mar 1878Daniel B. Edmonds age crossed out, Lindenwood Cemetery
16 Jun 1878Edward Sanders 75y, Lindenwood Cemetery
25 Sep 1878no given name Larwill no age, Lindenwood Cemetery
17 Nov 1878Lyer-gus Edgerton born Oct 28, 1815, Lindenwood Cemetery
25 Nov 1878Orville Cannon 6w, Lindenwood Cemetery
31 Dec 1878Emma Wood 24y, Lindenwood Cemetery
04 Mar 1879John Ryell 48y 10m, Lindenwood Cemetery
27 Apr 1879Clara E. Christie 5m, Lindenwood Cemetery
13 Jun 1879William Strither Wood 40y, buried Graceland, Chicago
19 Jul 1879Elizabeth Walpole Colerick Lindenwood Cemetery
03 Aug 1879Albert Ruckhoff 5m, Lindenwood Cemetery
17 Mar 1880Matilda Hartsopp 36y, Lindenwood Cemetery
18 Mar 1880Robert E. Fleming no age, Lindenwood Cemetery
20 Apr 1880James E. Craw 14m, Lindenwood Cemetery
13 Aug 1880Charles Auger 4y, Lindenwood Cemetery
13 Sep 1880Emily N—man age unreadable, Lindenwood Cemetery
14 Oct 1880Thomas Colerick
23 Oct 1880James Ranney
14 Nov 1880Mrs. Fleming
15 Nov 1880Mrs. Elizabeth Dills
05 Mar 1881Edith Smetzer
15 Jul 1881“Little” Lizzie Dills
21 Jul 1881Holman S. Metcalf
26 Sep 1881Maria McGowan
00 --- 1881John Gaskins
11 Oct 1881Tobias Reitze
03 Dec 1881Elizabeth Augell
28 Dec 1881Mary Elizabeth Freeman
12 Apr 1882Burton N. Connor
26 Apr 1882Mrs. Jennings
28 Apr 1882J. W. Borden
07 May 1882George Frank Mack
08 Oct 1882Peter Heller
16 Aug 1882Ella Elizabeth Grossiner
29 Oct 1882Esther Louise Craw
18 Nov 1882Warren H. Withers
08 Jan 1883Anna L. Dillon
00 May 1883William Withers
00 Oct 1883Infant son of D. A. Woodworth
12 Oct 1883Jos. W. Shryock
19 Nov 1883George Freeman
28 Nov 1883Charles B. Wales
03 Dec 1883Elizabeth W. Colerick
09 Dec 1883Frances Bayliss widow of Sol. D. Bayless
21 Dec 1883Edith Belle Webb
25 Dec 1883Mrs. Eichorn
27 Dec 1883Chauncey Ward Morris
24 Jan 1884Emmet Slater
27 Jan 1884Margaret Smith
23 Jun 1884Eddie Nelson
10 Jan 1885Orlinda Sinclair
12 Jan 1885Charles G. Fa—man
19 Jan 1885Sarah Myers
21 Jan 1885Daniel Smith
29 Jan 1885Mrs. Troy
00 --- 1885John Ryall
00 --- 1885Francis Eichoff
09 Jun 1885Mrs. Moffit
00 Jun 1885Geo. Henderson
00 --- 1885Mrs. Henderson
15 Aug 1885Grace Elizabeth Miles
03 Sep 1885Bertrand Waugh 10m
20 Sep 1885Douglas Pond
23 Sep 1885Rosealba Waugh at Angola
16 Oct 1885Mrs. Hill mother of C. L. Hill
24 Dec 1885Grace Lindenwood Dormel
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