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Church Burial Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Trinity English Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Burial records, 1846 through 1885

Burial DateNameAgeRemarksBurial Place
31 Aug 1846Luther Schindel2 years
04 Sep 1846Margret Stachle10 years
21 Sep 1846Charlotte Kiefer27 years
19 Oct 1846no given name Kiefer4 weeks
29 Mar 1847John Geo. Boyer81y 6m 6d
03 Apr 1848Margret Blystone12 years
12 Jun 1848Mr. Smithno age
20 Aug 1848Charles Kline7m 20 d
29 Jan 1849Geo. Washington Pressel6m 15d
22 Feb 1849Master Smithno age
00 Aug 1851Mrs. Elizb. Townlyno age
No Record of Burials until 1868
19 Jan 1868Frank Metzger15 yearsdrowned
20 Jan 1868Samuel E. Zumbro4y 8m 3dcramps
00 Jun 1868William E. Sturgisno age
25 Nov 1868Charles Ruthrauff52y
06 Feb 1869Peter Parker63y 11m 25dpalsySt. Joe Chapel
08 Feb 1869Edward Doriot3m 9dspasmsLindenwood
09 Feb 1869Bessy (unknown)1y 2m 8da foundlingLindenwood
26 Apr 1869Lucinda Brady25y 6m 23dconsumptionLindenwood
14 Jun 1869Henry Kline74y 11m 3dpalsySt. Joe Chapel
21 Aug 1869Chas. W. Thompson16mLindenwood
24 Aug 1869Ellen McKinley21yLindenwood
11 Sep 1869Louisa Amelia Rudisill28y 3m 22dLindenwood
29 Sep 1869Jesse E. Doriot1y 3m 11dLindenwood
08 Nov 1869Christian Rudisillno agetyphoid feverLindenwood
31 Dec 1869Elmyra Gunder6m 6dLindenwood
16 Jan 1870Ella Kline8m 10dspasmsLindenwood
09 May 1870George D. Grove11y 8m 13daccidentLindenwood
30 May 1870Mrs. Harriet Zollinger27yLindenwood (cemetery crossed out)
18 Jun 1870Mrs. Julia A. Kline48yLindenwood
27 Jul 1870George Henry Unger6m 20dLindenwood
02 Sep 1870Geo. F. Stinchcomb1y 3dLindenwood
04 Sep 1870Edith Goshorn13m 21dLindenwood
05 Sep 1870Charity Wayneage unknowna foundlingLindenwood
23 Nov 1870--lson Miller15y 1m 1dLindenwood
13 Jan 1871-ias Formwalt55yLindenwood
21 Feb 1871Edward Gouty6dLindenwood
02 Jun 1871Catharine Pfeiffer87y 10m 22dLindenwood
25 Jul 1871Eliza Shoaff75yLindenwood
02 Jan 1872Lulu Jane Maier5y 3m 8dLindenwood
25 Mar 1872Catharine Jane Crain1y 8m 23dLindenwood
03 Jul 1872Lilly Rossington6m 17dLindenwood
08 Jul 1872William Alx. Wolford7m 20dLindenwood
25 Jul 1872George Gunder10y 1m 24dLindenwood
18 Sep 1872John Winbaughno ageLindenwood
02 Oct 1872Jacob Fry92y 11m 20dLindenwood
16 Oct 1872Catharine Wachtrieb63yWooster, Ohio
25 Dec 1872Emmanuel Kline13y 5m 21dLindenwood
06 Jan 1873Theadore Coleman19y 5m 24dLindenwood
24 Jan 1873Charles Hostmyer5y 3m 21dLindenwood
03 Feb 1873Christopher Shultz67y 9m 14d.
16 Jun 1873Mary Rose Smitly36y 7m 20dconsumption
31 Aug 1873Samuel A. Brady67y
25 Oct 1873Emma Rhein1y 5m 4dLindenwood
24 Dec 1873Amanda Thompson1y 7m 23dLindenwood
17 Mar 1874John C. Newhartno ageLindenwood
07 May 1874Magdalene Rayhouser79y 4m 14dLindenwood
16 Aug 1874Samuel Newton Freeman4mLindenwood
22 Sep 1874William Henry Tegtmyer11y 6m 14dGerman Lutheran Cem
17 Oct 1874Margret Cath. Anwiler8y 8m 16dGerman Lutheran Cem
06 Oct 1874Louisa Cath. Tegtmyer5y 3d. German Lutheran Cem
08 Oct 1874John Oscar Heldt1y 11m 11dLindenwood
23 Oct 1874Joseph D. Tegtmyer7y 10m 12dGerman Lutheran Cem
23 Nov 1874John Lewis Anwiler1y 11m 20dGerman Lutheran Cem
23 Nov 1874Anna H. Ogden47y 26dLindenwood
24 Jan 1875Edward Henry Bostick3y 3m 24dLindenwood
10 Apr 1875Frank Alx. Gouty16y 4m 12dLindenwood
30 May 1875Solomon D. Bayless60y 5m 25dLindenwood
23 Jun 1875Edward D. Carey32y 3m 12dMichigan
25 Jul 1875Hattie Holmes11m 21dLindenwood
05 Aug 1875no given name Schmidtno ageGerman Lutheran Cem
08 Aug 1875no given name Schmidtno ageGerman Lutheran Cem
11 Aug 1875Eliza Nill20y 8m 6dLindenwood
19 Aug 1875Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Orff77y 7m 13dLindenwood
17 Oct 1875Rebecca Anwiler35y 8m 8dLindenwood
07 Jan 1876Margret Pfeiffer45y 5mLindenwood
11 Jan 1876Augustus C. Berger38y 24dLindenwood
04 Oct 1876Sarah Ann Jokers48y 10m 21dLindenwood
16 Oct 1876Jacob D. King40y 10m 20dLindenwood
09 Feb 1877Susan Rudisill66y 10m 5dLindenwood
22 Feb 1877Francis Am. Kunkle3y 5m 8dLindenwood
18 Jul 1877Thomas Conly1y 4mLindenwood
05 Sep 1877Jacob J. Kus-m22y 4mLindenwood
09 Oct 1877Lizzie Freeman12y 6mLindenwood
17 Oct 1877Edith Keil7y 4mLindenwood
22 Oct 1877Rutha Mary Keil2m 5dLindenwood
23 Mar 1878Elizabeth Cline83y 5m 11dLindenwood
14 Apr 1878Amelia Clara Bernard2m 2dLindenwood
16 Apr 1878Lewis Resselot51y 8m 21dLindenwood
11 Aug 1878Mary Fostel Reno68y 4m 20dLindenwood
14 Aug 1878Charles Henry Roesler59y 5m 7dLindenwood
No dateFrederick Foellingerno ageLindenwood
24 May 1879Mary Erick52y 3m 26dLindenwood
09 Jun 1879Caroline Puffenbergerno ageLindenwood
24 Jun 1879William Rosing70y 5m 14dLindenwood
24 Jun 1879Christian Wilkins Sr.59y 5m 11dLindenwood
21 Sep 1879Amelia Nillno ageLindenwood
15 Oct 1879Lucy Dozwell25y 8m 27dLindenwood
14 Mar 1880Barbra Heldt27y 11m 13dLindenwood
05 Apr 1880Thomas Bailey Neff27dLindenwood
05 Apr 1880Emmanuel Rudisill68y 8m 19dLindenwood
05 Jul 1880John G. Maier70y 3mLindenwood
06 Jul 1880Zachirah Calvin Krout5m 2dVan Wert, Ohio
07 Aug 1880Frank Commincavish22y 5m 11dLindenwood
26 Sep 1880Catherine Singmasterno ageLindenwood
30 Oct 1880John Adams60y 6m 23dLindenwood
10 Dec 1880Charles F. Larson36yHuntertown
16 Dec 1880Joseph Stager70y 6m 10dLindenwood
10 Feb 1881Samuel W. Bostick25y 9m 5dLindenwood
20 Mar 1881John Conger62y 1m 17dLindenwood
28 Mar 1881Elmer Garland Neff50dLindenwood
23 Apr 1881William R. Orffno ageLindenwood
03 May 1881Benjamin E. Bohnno ageGerman Lutheran Cem
22 May 1881Roxanna Cath. Houseworth52yLindenwood
23 May 1881John M. Heldt70y 25dLindenwood
15 Nov 1863 (sic)*Tina Harrington18y 6m 14dLindenwood
19 Feb 1879 (sic)*Francis Marion Habecker2y 3m 11don her father's farm
*May have entered day of birth instead of day of death or burial.
23 Jul 1881Robert Henry Cothrell1m 16dLindenwood
07 Oct 1881Anna Wagner17y 9m 9dLeo, Indiana
16 Oct 1881William Henry Stephans5m 13dGerman Lutheran Cem
26 Nov 1881Louisa C. Maier32y 1m 21dLindenwood
17 Jan 1882George Heldt36y 9mLindenwood
27 Feb 1882Elizabeth Lina Miller7m 11dLindenwood
14 Mar 1882Rebecka Kentner70yLindenwood
26 Mar 1882George Christ. Weidtraub49y 8m 6dLindenwood
25 Jun 1882William Milller62y 7m 18dLindenwood
24 Jul 1882Harold Carlton Foellinger10y 4m 9dLindenwood
22 Oct 1882Sophia Carll63y 7m 1dLindenwood
06 Nov 1882Fred. C. Meyers40y 10mLindenwood
23 Nov 1882Mary Jane Grove54y 8mLindenwood
09 Dec 1882Sarah Whitehead60y 10m 4dLindenwood
20 Dec 1882Henrietta Sophia Miller4y 28dGerman Lutheran Cem
27 Dec 1882Henry B?ttenbender66yLindenwood
03 Feb 1883Edward Nill23y 29dLindenwood
06 Feb 1883Elizabeth Maier58y 3m 18dLindenwood
23 Feb 1883George Byerley18yLindenwood
20 Mar 1883Percy Russel Maganthaller8m 14dLindenwood
00 Jul 1883Mrs. Amilia Patrick28yLindenwood
29 Jul 1883Emma Pullen Pykeno ageLindenwood
06 Feb 1884Jessie Hannun?18yLindenwood
10 Feb 1884Francis Adams35y 5m 8dLindenwood
29 May 1884no given name Bremmer9mLindenwood
10 Oct 1884Geo. H. L. Sweney4m 10dLindenwood
11 Feb 1885Lillian C. Nill28y 13dLindenwood
17 Feb 1885Rosa Paulina Farret21y 6m 14dLindenwood
27 Feb 1885Margaret Gerberdinno ageGerman Lutheran Cem
04 Mar 1885Caroline Stein34y 3m 23dLindenwood
24 Mar 1885Mrs. Stephens/Stevensno ageLindenwood
26 Aug 1885Marguerite May Byerle16yLindenwood
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