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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Adair, AlexfromYouse, Christian187361:182
Adair, Alex.toAdair, Jonathan187977:85
Adair, Anna M. fromDevelbiss, Allen187874:367
Adair, Geo.fromDeVilbiss, Allen188497:335
Adair, JonathanfromAdair, Alex.187977:85
Adair, M. D.toGrube, D. L.187977:325
Adair, Saml.toHolle, Henry188287:507
Adair, Saml.fromTrustees of Madison Tp.188287:505
Adair, Samuel (Et al.)toSprague, R. B.188292:44
Adam, EarltoTrier, Conrad188287:354
Adam, O. L.fromSimpson, Marcus188496:501
Adam, Wm.fromGriebel, Wm.188182:264
Adams Bacon, J. E. & C. M.fromBacon, S. (heirs)187461:507
Adams Co. BanktoMcDonald, R. S.187875:420
Adams Co. BanktoMcDonald, R. T.187875:420
Adams Co. BankfromSheriff187872:467
Adams County BanktoHays, Henry188494:310
Adams County BankfromRow, Jno. Adam188494:298
Adams County Bank of DecaturfromDague, E. D.188183:375
Adams TownshipfromBass, Jno. H.187669:154
Adams TownshipfromMcIntosh, Wm.187977:86
Adams, AmbrosetoCrabbs, Jacob M.187461:218
Adams, CharlottefromHellmick, Henry C.187565:256
Adams, CharlottefromNeal, Eli187874:75
Adams, EarlfromBacon, Chas. W. (Et al.)188393:435
Adams, EarlfromBacon, Jno. E.188394:53
Adams, EarltoEarp, Wm. & A. M.188394:207
Adams, EarltoRoe, Adam188391:314
Adams, EarltoRuch, Geo.187977:261
Adams, EarltoTrier, Conrad188288:124
Adams, GabrielfromChapman, Robt. C.187161:462
Adams, Henry W.toRobertson, Robert S.187465:163
Adams, Horace E.fromCochrane, Geo. G.187568:413
Adams, J. Q.fromAdams, Laura187359:180
Adams, Jno. (Et al.)toHuxford, Saml. H.187978:530
Adams, Jno. Q.toFisher, Jobst187397:117
Adams, John Q.toTuscher, Jobst187359:181
Adams, LauratoAdams, J. Q.187359:180
Adams, S. E.toHeck, Mary R.188497:43
Adams, S. G.fromStevick, Wm. C.188495:135
Adams, SarahfromKeck, M. K.188494:358
Adams, SarahfromTytus, M. E.188495:312
Adams, Sarah S.fromBond, Stephen B.187465:282
Adams, W. et al.toMcMahan, Thomas187772:414
Adams, WesleytoDavis, W. W.188080:564
Adams, WesleyfromDevore, David G.187771:47
Adelsheimer, D. S.fromArgo, M. E.188286:556
Adkins, A. W.fromParks, Volney187978:219
Adkins, A. W.toParks, Volney187984:219
Adkins, A. W.fromTrentman, A. C.187976:231
Adkins, ArmustoMorehouse, Horace187565:184
Adkins, Jno. J.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal 185494:486
Adler, John G.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187360:359
Adrich, Chas. H.fromPaul, Henry C.188080:184

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