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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Amah, MarytoOhneck, Mary188182:262
Aman, MatildatoSchuckman, Mary188079:17
Aman, MatildafromSchuckman, Mary188079:18
Amber, Jno.fromAmbler, Saml. A.187877:333
Ambler, C. D.fromAmbler, Samuel H.187670:211
Ambler, CatharinefromJustus, Lewis S.187670:75
Ambler, Christopher D.toBuskirk, D. & G.187978:103
Ambler, DavidfromPocock, Elihu187771:117
Ambler, DavidtoPocock, Elihu187771:238
Ambler, S. A.fromJustus, L. S.188185:361
Ambler, S. A. (Et al.)toJustice, Lewis S.188494:525
Ambler, Saml. A.toAmber, Jno.187877:333
Ambler, Samuel A.fromKline, Wm.187669:513
Ambler, Samuel H.toAmbler, C. D.187670:211
Ambrose, PatrickfromMeiser, Benj.187874:466
Ambruster, L.toWeisz, Jacob187978:252
Ambuster, LawrencefromGreene, Mary M.187360:329
Amdt, Jno.toArndt, Mary187977:542
Amdt, MarytoFleming, Wm.188288:207
Amdt, MarytoGlutting, A. F.188290:52
Amended plat (widing Walton Ave. Lillies OL.to188081:308
Amentz, S.toMichael, H.188288:436
American Church Missionary SocietyfromFishback, Wm. P. (Master)188183:451
Ames, E. H.toAmes, Rufus188498:135
Ames, Ezekiel H.fromNelson, Wm. R.187362:507
Ames, Geo. W.fromBrobst, Jacob187359:494
Ames, Geo. W.fromHiggins, Cecilious R.187770:537
Ames, Geo. W.fromStrong, Melvin H.187461:189
Ames, RufusfromAmes, E. H.188498:135
Ames, RufusfromGreene, Mary M.187566:419
Ames, RufustoMcGeehon, Jno.188393:531
Amey, AnnafromOrr, Michael187463:580
Amey, AnnatoStark, Erasmus188183:348
Amey, B. E.fromAmey, Wm. H.187467:199
Amey, Wm. H.toAmey, B. E.187467:199
Amlar, Frank R.fromScott, Francis M.187566:388
Amlar, HattiefromAmler, Frank R.187771:164
Amler, Frank R.toAmlar, Hattie187771:164
Ammer, DanielfromForsyth, Eliza187565:305
Ammon, Sarah E.fromBossler, John A.187565:230
Ammon, Sarah E.fromCarey, Elizabeth187471:185
Ammon, Sarah E.fromMcMahon, John187878:352
Ammons, BarbatoVauderley, Geo. J.817668:144
Ammons, BarbarafromFavert, Venice187361:515
Ammons, BarbaryfromFrance, Tebo187566:236
Ammons, BarbarytoRichards, Henry & Eli187461:516
Amon, Chas.fromBond, Chas. D.187060:552
Amotutz, JacobfromPoyneer, David H.187978:492
Amspoker, S. E.toYoquelet, Alfred188495:316
Amstutz, Barbara (Et al.)toHaifley, Geo.188391:387
Amstutz, Jac. S.fromBrown, Jno. W.188599:113
Amstutz, JacobtoAmstutz, Jos.187566:171
Amstutz, JacobfromAmstutz, Joseph187566:256
Amstutz, JacobtoBrown, Jno. W.188599:113
Amstutz, JacobfromBrown, Jno. W.188597:202
Amstutz, JacobfromHowe, Sarah J.188289:575
Amstutz, JacobfromMurphy, A. P. (Adm.)188393:267
Amstutz, JacobfromPoyneer, Geo. W. & S. A.187978:526
Amstutz, JacobfromRomy, Catharine A. 187772:334
Amstutz, JacobfromSpencer, David J.187978:491
Amstutz, JohnfromLochner, Jacob187872:508
Amstutz, Jos.fromAmstutz, Jacob187566:171
Amstutz, Jos.fromGraber, Daniel187977:33
Amstutz, Jos.fromKauffman, F. J.187977:32
Amstutz, Jos.fromSheriff188496:498
Amstutz, Jos. (Et al.)toAmstutz, P. S.188391:391
Amstutz, Jos. (Guard)toAmstutz, Peter S.188391:393
Amstutz, Jos. (Guard)toHaifley, Geo.188391:388
Amstutz, JosephtoAmstutz, Jacob187566:256
Amstutz, JosephfromAmstutz, Peter187669:42
Amstutz, P. S.fromAmstutz, Jos. (Et al.)188391:391
Amstutz, PetertoAmstutz, Joseph187669:42
Amstutz, Peter S.fromAmstutz, Jos. (Guard)188391:393

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