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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Andersdon, PeterfromBegne, Jno.(Et al.)187978:90
Anderson Bauserman & FredlinefromEmenhiser, Mary187365:442
Anderson, A. H.toFinan, Edward188079:73
Anderson, A. H.fromShell, Jacob H.187466:562
Anderson, Alexander H.fromShell, Jacob H.187361:537
Anderson, Anna (Et al.)toGirding, Lewis188288:37
Anderson, B. K.toHeffelfuiger, E.187978:263
Anderson, CalvinfromHood, W. e. (Et al.)188290:386
Anderson, CalvinfromHuggins, S. W. 188390:387
Anderson, CalvintoOakley, Harriet187770:66
Anderson, David B.fromBittinger, G. L.187668:63
Anderson, E. F.fromPrezinger, J. R.188397:13
Anderson, E. G. toEly, Geo. W.188381:445
Anderson, E. G. (Assignment of)to188391:445
Anderson, ElizabethfromCommissioner in Partition188598:194
Anderson, ElizabethfromCommissioners by Partition188080:353
Anderson, ElizabethfromWhipker, Peter187364:230
Anderson, H. A.fromFinan, Edward188393:10
Anderson, H. C.fromFoltz, Martha188597:512
Anderson, HenryfromWhite, Lydia187476:263
Anderson, Henry C.fromAnderson, Margaret C.187566:494
Anderson, Henry C.toGerding, Frederick187976:124
Anderson, Henry C.toGirding, Frederick187976:124
Anderson, HughfromGraham, Charles184065:466
Anderson, Hugh (Et al.)toSnow, H. F.188392:414
Anderson, J. D.toAnderson, Sarah E.188391:72
Anderson, J. L.toBeckman, J. C.188082:357
Anderson, J. M.fromSimmers, W. C.188395:10
Anderson, Jacob (et al.)fromHess, Jacob187565:443
Anderson, Jacob (Et al.)toSnow, H. F.188392:489
Anderson, Jno.toHartbaugh, Simon188598:214
Anderson, Jno.toSnow, H. F.188497:120
Anderson, Jno. D.fromCommissioners by Partition188080:353
Anderson, JohntoCarpenter, C. C. 187365:272
Anderson, JohntoFinan, Edward187771:382
Anderson, JohnfromHeath, M.187566:67
Anderson, JohntoWickwire, George W.187770:324
Anderson, John H.fromAnderson, Margaret C.187572:481
Anderson, Jos. L.toSnow, H. F.188392:416
Anderson, Jos. L.toWickwire, George W.187770:325
Anderson, Margaret C.toAnderson, Henry C.187566:494
Anderson, Margaret C.toAnderson, John H.187572:481
Anderson, MaryfromFinan, Edward187772:397
Anderson, OliverfromHappel, Edward188288:366
Anderson, PeterfromPequignot, Jos. (Et al.)187978:90
Anderson, RebeccatoPaul, H. C. (Et ux.)188495:594
Anderson, RichardfromHollopeter, Calista187567:428
Anderson, RichardfromRoberts, Franklin187361:619
Anderson, RoberttoColeman, Lewis F.187771:9
Anderson, RoberttoColeman, Warren187771:9
Anderson, Robt.toColeman, Lewis F.187463:208
Anderson, Robt.fromColeman, Warren187464:480
Anderson, Robt.toColeman, Warren & Louis F.187464:565
Anderson, Robt.fromJaquen, C.186463:209
Anderson, Robt.toRandall, P. A.188391:40
Anderson, S. (Et al.)toAnderson, S. E.188391:354
Anderson, S. E.fromAnderson, S. (Et al.)188391:354
Anderson, S. E.fromImbody, M. A. (Et al.)188391:354
Anderson, S. E. (Et al.)toTodd, Elmira187875:367
Anderson, S. E. (Et al.)toTodd, Elmira187875:567
Anderson, S. E. (et al.)fromTodd, Elmira187975:572
Anderson, SarahfromCommissioners by Partition188080:353
Anderson, Sarah E.fromAnderson, J. D.188391:72
Anderson, StephenfromAnderson, Wm.187462:587
Anderson, StephenfromFair, Samuel188182:245
Anderson, StephentoTilden, T. W. & E. M.188182:222
Anderson, T. P.toMcKinzie, Wm.188184:115
Anderson, T. P.fromStone, Emma E.188082:373
Anderson, T. P. Comr.toOakley, Harriet187770:66
Anderson, Thos P.fromCramer, David187668:439
Anderson, Thos. P.toBass, Jno. H.188390:453
Anderson, WmfromColerick, W. G. (Comr.)187360:537
Anderson, Wm.toAnderson, Stephen187462:587
Anderson, Wm.toAnderson, Wm.187462:566
Anderson, Wm.fromAnderson, Wm.187462:566
Anderson, Wm.toRodenbeck, D.188288:62
Anderson, Wm.toSnow, H. F.188392:489
Anderson, Wm. C.toHildebrand, Henry187358:416
Anderson, Wm. C.fromHildebrand, Wm. H.187358:414
Anderson, Wm. Sr.fromHuguenard, V. A.188288:68
Anderson, Wm.Jr.fromHuguenard, V. A.188288:68
Andes, Jno.toAndres, Henry188183:445
Andoffer, Jos.fromHart, George188495:556
Andorfer, Jos.fromFuchshuber, J. T.188288:400
Andorfer, JosephtoAndorfer, Paul188597:200
Andorfer, PaulfromAndorfer, Joseph188597:200
Andre, JacquestoBegne, Jno.187877:312
Andres, HenryfromAndes, Jno.188183:445
Andrew, AsberryfromKelley, A. M.186081:262
Andrew, AsberryfromKelley, Catherine186181:263
Andrew, F. T.toTurner, Jane187490:446
Andrew, RichardfromUnited States183481:261
Andrew, T. T.toTurner, Jane187463:288
Andrew, T. T.fromTurner, Levi187463:288
Andrews, DavidfromMcLachlan, Neil187295:363
Andrews, DavidfromMcLachlan, Neil187995:366
Andrews, James C.fromWhite, James B.187976:449
Andrews, MaryfromAndrews, Rapir184896:442
Andrews, RapirtoAndrews, Mary184896:442
Andrews, RapirtoAndrews, T. M.184896:442
Andrews, RhodestoMiller, Geo. W.186461:443
Andrews, Sidney D.fromGrand. R.& Ind. R. R. Co.187773:27
Andrews, T. M.fromAndrews, Rapir184896:442
Andrews, T. M.toRich, Benj.187166:36
Andrews, Wm.fromBeebe, Francis187463:595
Andrews, Wm. H.toHalsey, Jacob W.187772:2
Anesworth, JohnfromShirely, Geo. W.188184:86
Angel, B. D.fromFletcher, Chas. P.187874:176
Angel, B. D.fromPowers, E. M.187977:439
Angell, B. D.toBarnett, S. E.188288:116
Angell, B. D.fromPowers, Ernest M.187874:176
Anger, L. E.fromThieme, Jno. G.188184:286
Angevine, Wm. E.toJohnson, Josiah188392:165
Angst, LeonardtoNeidham, Joseph187358:397
Angst, LeonardfromNeidhart, Joseph187358:398
Angst, LeonardfromNiedhart, Jos.188184:538
Angst, LeonhardtoAngst, Theresa188497:211
Angst, TheresafromAngst, Leonhard188497:211
Anistutz, M. & P.fromSugnet, Louis188213:535
Ankenbrick, J. t.fromTemme, Mary188186:87
Ankenbruck, M.fromMartin, Frntz188183:287
Ankinbrook, A.fromBurgess, Henry186769:488
Ankinbrook, A.toSchnelker, M. G. et al.187369:489
Anman, EliastoHitzman, F. W.188082:33
Anman, EliastoSmith, Christian188082:32
Anneman, HarmantoHillerbrand, Henry185572:408
Annent, WilliamtoBickness, Frederick187976:168
Annexation of contigous territorytoCity of Fort Wayne187810:544
Annexation of Contiguons territory to the City of Fort Wayneto187810:544
Anthony, AbrahamtoMay, D. A.188494:324
Anthony, AbrahamtoPancake & Crabill187359:131
Anthony, AbrahamtoSchick, Samuel187566:494
Anthony, AbrahamfromStetts, Sarah C.187349:418
Anthony, AbramtoMiller, Edwin188598:528
Anthony, AbramfromVanstronnder, M. A.188598:527
Antrup, E. (Ex.)toWilson, H. E.188598:268
Antrup, F. W.fromGlass, Emery187668:469
Antrup, F. W.fromKeil, D. S. (Guard)187772:33
Antrup, F. W.fromReiman, Jennie A.187772:32
Antrup, F. W.fromSwift, Isabella B.187772:31

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