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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Arantz, P. & R.fromKeller, Sebastian188496:69
Arantz, PhiliptoArantz, S. P.188287:590
Arantz, PhiliptoKeller, S. & M.188496:72
Arantz, Phillip & RebeccafromNey, Patrick187465:559
Arantz, S. P.fromArantz, Philip188287:590
Arautz, frankfromCoombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)187977:154
Archer, A. M.toArcher, C. E.188390:347
Archer, A. M.toBittinger, J. R.188082:90
Archer, A. M.fromGrothen, E. C.188082:89
Archer, A. M.toMiller, H. J.188286:507
Archer, A. M.fromPalvermiller, H.188190:346
Archer, A. W.fromBittinger, J. R.188184:118
Archer, Anna M.fromHallien, John187668:72
Archer, Anna M.toSlater, John187874:229
Archer, Anna M.toStater, John187874:229
Archer, C. (Et al.)toHayden, F. J.187876:562
Archer, C. C.toGage, Robert188183:166
Archer, C. C.fromPfeiffer, Jno. C.188083:166
Archer, C. C.toRapp, Abigal188398:566
Archer, C. C.toRoss, W. A.188495:209
Archer, C. C.fromScheumann, C.188184:244
Archer, C. E.fromArcher, A. M.188390:347
Archer, C. M. & D. R.fromBittinger, G. L. & A. W.187976:393
Archer, C. M. & D. R.toHeuber, Elizabeth188080:597
Archer, C. M. & D. R.fromLeach, Eliza A.188080:596
Archer, C. W.toTurpio, J. H. & Wm.187976:394
Archer, CatharinetoEdgerton, A. P.187671:32
Archer, CatharinefromSavage, John H.187569:
Archer, Catherine M.toBittinger, G. L. & A. M. 187976:307
Archer, Catherine M.fromErvin, Jeremiah187976:185
Archer, D. L. (Guard)toBittinger, J. R.188185:510
Archer, D. R.toCook, Chas. E.187461:624
Archer, D. R.fromMiller, Chrisrian187461:623
Archer, D. R. & Snow, I. B.fromJones, Wm. H.187565:527
Archer, D. R. & Snow, I. B.fromJones, Wm. H.187565:528
Archer, David L.toArcher, John187772:74
Archer, David L.fromCrist, John187566:371
Archer, David L.toPfeiffer, Jno. C.188081:425
Archer, David L.fromTaylor, R. S. (Comr.)187264:243
Archer, David R.fromArcher, John H.187359:250
Archer, David R.toArcher, John H.187359:326
Archer, David R.toBeerman, Johana187772:297
Archer, David R.toGouty, Wm. H.187360:292
Archer, David R.toKinsey, Jacob J.187363:482
Archer, David R.toLong, Geo. W.187565:618
Archer, David R.toMills, Rachel187360:590
Archer, David R.toSnow, Isaac B.187565:527
Archer, David R.fromSnow, Isaac B.187565:546
Archer, David R.toTurpio, J. H. & Wm.187976:508
Archer, EllenfromKlinger, Isaac187461:510
Archer, H. C. & S. J.fromPorter, Hiram188291:21
Archer, Henry C.toArcher, John H.187565:420
Archer, Henry C.fromArcher, John H.187565:195
Archer, Henry D.toArcher, John H.187461:568
Archer, J. H.toBlase, Louis187361:243
Archer, J. H.fromKaiser, Geo. G.187463:250
Archer, J. H.toMcCullouch, P. H.187463:111
Archer, J. H.toRichey, Amos187463:111
Archer, Jno.toBash, Flora O.188495:287
Archer, Jno.toBash, W. B.188495:286
Archer, Jno.toBicknase, Henry188085:247
Archer, Jno.fromBullman, Henrietta188392:256
Archer, Jno.toFigel, Chas.188396:88
Archer, Jno.toHutzell, Theresa188183:384
Archer, Jno.fromPfeiffer, Jno. C.188083:383
Archer, Jno.toVaughn, Willard188184:378
Archer, Jno. & JanefromBicknase, Henry188082:120
Archer, Jno. H.fromBeck, F. J.187566:1
Archer, Jno. H.toBlair, D. (Trustee)188393:209
Archer, Jno. H.toChase, Matilda188185:544
Archer, Jno. H.toLillie, Jas. & Co.187566:453
Archer, Jno. H.fromLindenwood Cemetery187463:237
Archer, Jno. H.toPotter, Thomas187266:6
Archer, Jno. H.toWelsheimer, J. M.187373:290
Archer, Jno. H.toWelsheimer, J. M.187373:290
Archer, JohnfromArcher, David L.187772:74
Archer, JohntoRudolph, Charles187365:37
Archer, JohnfromWells, Geo. R.188192:543
Archer, John (adm.)toO'Brien, Margaret187668:204
Archer, John (trustee)toHoward, Olive187771:108
Archer, John H.fromArcher, David R.187359:326
Archer, John H.toArcher, David R.187359:250
Archer, John H.toArcher, Henry C.187565:195
Archer, John H.fromArcher, Henry C.187565:420
Archer, John H.fromArcher, Henry D.187461:568
Archer, John H.toArmack, Dorothea187359:254
Archer, John H.toBaker, Jacob & Killian187566:377
Archer, John H.toBayless, G. S.187359:506
Archer, John H.toBayless, Leahette187361:554
Archer, John H.toBeaver, Miller & Co.187566:376
Archer, John H.toBeck, Francis J.187566:359
Archer, John H.fromBeck, Francis J.187565:491
Archer, John H.toBillinger, Mary H.187464:20
Archer, John H.toBittinger & Beck187668:192
Archer, John H.toBittinger, Adam H.187365:189
Archer, John H.fromBittinger, Adam H.187464:27
Archer, John H.toBittinger, Geo. L.187566:307
Archer, John H.fromBittinger, George L.187565:194
Archer, John H.toBoling, Celestia187359:603
Archer, John H.fromBond, Lavinia A.187565:376
Archer, John H.toBoxberger, Valentine187360:321
Archer, John H.toBrundige, David187360:80
Archer, John H.toButler, Elizabeth187360:79
Archer, John H.toButler, Lewis F.187360:78
Archer, John H.toCarrol, Alfred187360:76
Archer, John H.toCretzer, Henretta B.187260:389
Archer, John H.toDavis, Elias W.187462:431
Archer, John H.fromDavis, P. B.187465:64
Archer, John H.toDurbin, Angeline187360:234
Archer, John H.fromFalkenburg, Eli187461:576
Archer, John H.fromFalkenburgh, Eli187360:473
Archer, John H.toFenis, Anne187359:204
Archer, John H.toFredrickson, John P.187360:315
Archer, John H.toHallein, John187566:347
Archer, John H.toHallien, John187360:117
Archer, John H.toHarmsdorfer, George187364:156
Archer, John H.toHatfield, Benj.187359:387
Archer, John H.toHediken, Thos. B.187360:88
Archer, John H.toJacoby & Wiegand187566:517
Archer, John H.fromJessel, Henry187565:542
Archer, John H.fromKinsey, Saml. T.187462:353
Archer, John H.toKiser, Geo.187360:71
Archer, John H.toKoch, John M.187360:89
Archer, John H.fromKoch, John M.187564:395
Archer, John H.toKull, Geo. F.187360:99
Archer, John H.toLillie & Baltes187360:132
Archer, John H.toLintz, Delice187360:244
Archer, John H.toLintz, John K.187360:243
Archer, John H.toLong, Henry F.187359:124
Archer, John H.toLong, Henry F.187359:252
Archer, John H.toMarshall, Sarah187359:445
Archer, John H.toMiller, John187360:94
Archer, John H.toMiller, John M.187461:579
Archer, John H.toMordhurst, H. Wm.187359:322
Archer, John H.fromMurphy, Amos W.187462:25
Archer, John H.toMurphy, Virginia187467:138
Archer, John H.toPeters, Jacob187364:316
Archer, John H.toPotter, John187269:87
Archer, John H.fromPotter, Thomas187565:482
Archer, John H.toPotter, Thomas187565:483
Archer, John H.toRabus, John187360:130
Archer, John H.fromRhodes, Fredk.187360:490
Archer, John H.toSmith, Walter C.187360:72
Archer, John H.toSteger, David187359:219
Archer, John H.toSteger, David187359:220
Archer, John H.toStiger, David187361:21
Archer, John H.toWaggeman, Jacob187359:114
Archer, John H.toWagner, Henry G.187360:100
Archer, John H.toWehrs, Frederick187360:95
Archer, John H.toWorthington & Weikel187360:115
Archer, John H.toZimmerle, Theopholus187361:141
Archer, Mary JanefromSheriff187668:492
Archer, N. D. (Et al.)toAgster, Ann M.188494:118
Archer, Saml.fromWabash & Erie Canal Certificant184593:292
Archer, W. L.fromBittinger, J. R.188189:54
Archer, WilliamtoMoore, Andrew187976:233
Archer, Wm.toMoore, Andrew187976:233
Archer, Wm. L.toBittinger, J. R.188185:88
Areno, HelenafromWilliams, Mary H.187977:491
Areno, JohnfromOtten, Nicholas187978:166
Arens, BarneytoBoerger, Wm.187566:234
Arens, BarneyfromMcCulloch, H.188185:392
Arens, BarneytoNebur, Wm.188496:301
Arens, HelenafromNebur, Wm.188496:302
Arens, HelenafromSchoemaker, Jno. H.188081:517
Arens, HelenatoSinnegen, John188081:518
Arens, HelenatoWilliams, Mary H.187978:248
Arens, Jno. H.fromForbing, Jno.188182:258
Arens, JohntoOtten, Nicholas187978:32
Arentz, Geo.fromDowny, Dennis187668:368
Arentz, GeorgetoArentz, Rebecca188080:229
Arentz, RebeccafromArentz, George188080:229
Arenz, BarneytoKessens, Christian187359:332
Argo, A. S. (Marshal of Monroeville)toFinan, Edward188391:463
Argo, M. E.toAdelsheimer, D. S.188286:556
Argo, M. E.fromCardoumer, F.187667:448
Argo, M. E.toDavis, J. B.187873:297
Argo, M. E.fromEckart, Fred188393:252
Argo, M. E.fromFirst Nat. Bank Lima, O.188182:480
Argo, M. E.fromFishback, Wm. P. (Master)188183:214
Argo, M. E.toKuhne, F. W. & E.188290:142
Argo, M. E.fromMcDonald, J. G.187977:254
Argo, M. E.fromMcDonald, J. G.187979:345
Argo, M. E.toMcDonnough, J. B.187873:297
Argo, M. E.fromMoses, Levina187667:447
Argo, M. E.toNiezer, Sarah T.187772:146
Argo, M. E.fromNill, A. E.188294:548
Argo, M. E.fromPurman, D. C.188289:70
Argo, M. E.fromPurman, Saml.187567:171
Argo, M. E.toShank, H. A.188394:558
Argo, M. E.fromShell, Jacob H.187977:366
Argo, M. E.fromSheriff187676:455
Argo, M. E.fromSwift, Bayless188079:173
Argo, M. E.toWaggoner, Lewis S.187771:156
Argo, M. E. (Trustees) Christ Ch.fromPoole, Florence & Thos. D.187464:287
Argo, Martin E.fromAuditor187770:497
Argo, Martin E.fromAuditor187770:495
Argo, Martin E.toCongleton, Hiram187772:242
Argo, Martin E.toDavis, J. B.187873:297
Argo, Martin E.toDavis, J. B.187980:331
Argo, Martin E.fromLuce, Wm. F.187667:352
Argo, Martin E.fromMcDonald, John G.187464:247
Argo, Martin E.toMcDonnough, J. B.187873:297
Argo, Martin E.toMcDonnough, J. B.187980:331
Argo, Martin E.fromRollins, C. W.187567:6
Argo, Martin E.fromRollins, C. W. by E. G. Coverdale187771:331
Argo, Martin E.toRollins, Charles W.187566:528
Argo, Martin E.toScherer, Christian187976:505
Argo, Martin E.toWilder, Carrie S.187980:67
Argo, Martin E.fromWilson, John187362:67
Arick, Jno. J.toBowersock, A.188290:88
Arick, John J.fromEarlywine, Amos187874:259
Arieon, H. E.toMoore, S. G.188392:188
Arion, H. E.fromJones, L. M.188292:187
Arlink, HermanfromGeels, George187374:294
Arlink, RosannatoGeels, George187374:293
Arlink, RosannatoGeels, George187874:293
Armack, D.fromZimmerman, John187667:537
Armack, DorotheafromArcher, John H.187359:254
Armack, DorothytoPalvermiller, Henrietta187874:515
Armack, DorothytoPulvermiller, Wennetta187874:515
Armbruster, L.fromBurrington, C. L.187669:290
Arment, CatharinetoArment, Wm.187875:245
Arment, CatharinetoArment, Wm.187875:245
Arment, WilliamtoBickness, Frederick187976:168
Arment, Wm.fromArment, Catharine187875:245
Arment, Wm.fromArment, Catharine187875:245
Arment, Wm.toMorvilius, Elizabeth187771:324
Armet, CatharinefromMorvilius, Elizabeth187671:325
Armitage, Wm.fromBacon, S. (heirs)187461:507
Armitage, Wm.fromBacon, Samuel187992:320
Armitage, Wm.toCoonrod, E. B.188391:517
Armitage, Wm.toDowling, Bartholomew187772:442
Armstrong, AlectatoArmstrong, Lavina188081:411
Armstrong, E.fromEdsall, Wm. E.187577:285
Armstrong, LavinafromArmstrong, Alecta188081:411
Armstrong, LavinatoBickness, Frederick188081:442
Armstrong, MalindatoDodez, Helen187670:303
Arnbruster, L.fromRanner, Alles187873:419
Arndt, MaryfromAmdt, Jno.187977:542
Arndt, MaryfromCommissioners by Partition188182:419
Arndt, MaryfromGlutting, A. F.188290:53
Arndt, MaryfromOhnech, Lewis187464:146
Arndt, MaryfromOhneck, Lewis187566:313
Arndt, MarytoRanke, Wm. (Et al.)188390:362
Arndt, MarytoRanke, Wm. (Et al.)188390:449
Arney, AnnatoOrr, Susan187770:74
Arney, M. H. & D.toLupken, Liborius187770:480
Arnick, AdamtoWork, Sarah Jane187364:374
Arnold, A. W.toGable, Christian188496:17
Arnold, A. W.toPotter, Dorthy M.187771:204
Arnold, A. W.fromPotter, John187771:203
Arnold, A. W.toRich, Wm.188081:315
Arnold, A. W.toSwayne, M. C.188291:286
Arnold, A. W.fromSwayne, Saml. F.187667:246
Arnold, A. W. & R.fromAldrich, C. H. 188496:15
Arnold, A. W. & R.fromGable, Christian188496:48
Arnold, A. W. & R.fromSwayne, S. F.188290:211
Arnold, AlbertfromCommissioner in Partition187597:112
Arnold, AlbertfromCommissioners by Partition187977:255
Arnold, AlbertfromCompton, Mary E.187874:432
Arnold, AlberttoKeck, Mary E.187772:225
Arnold, AlberttoSickler, Everett187772:255
Arnold, AlbertfromWells, Catherine187976:73
Arnold, Albert (et al.)fromKeck, Alfred187462:272
Arnold, Amos W.toMiller, Catharine188597:4
Arnold, C. (Et al.)toZarbaugh, E.187978:212
Arnold, CatharinefromMahan, Bridget (Et al.)187874:589
Arnold, CatharinefromMahon, Bridget (Et al.)188081:53
Arnold, CharlesfromCommissioner in Partition188497:112
Arnold, ChristinafromMayers, John B.187366:486
Arnold, ElitoHollopeter, Israel187279:390
Arnold, ElifromSander, Jacob188287:489
Arnold, HenrytoHallopeter, Isarel18882:253
Arnold, HenryfromHollopeter, Isreal188182:254
Arnold, Henry (Et al.)toAtwood, W. H.188082:277
Arnold, Henry (Et al.)toBenward, J. S.188082:208
Arnold, Henry (Et al.)toHenning, Alice188082:114
Arnold, J. J.fromAllen, S. (Et al.)188287:170
arnold, J. J.fromBinkley, O. e. (Et al.)188287:170
Arnold, J. J.fromLinton, Jacob (Et al.)188287:170
Arnold, Jno.toRanke, Wm. Sr.188391:224
Arnold, Jno. J.fromOrff, Christian187876:426
Arnold, Jno. J.fromWidner, Amos188289:258
Arnold, M. A.fromMcClure, I. L. (Adm.)188287:338
Arnold, M. A.toStratton, Robt.188287:479
Arnold, M. A.toStratton, Robt.188287:479
Arnold, M. A. (Et al.)toHepner, C. & C.188393:82
Arnold, M. A. (Et al.)fromSheriff188287:399
Arnold, M. A. (Et al.)fromSheriff188287:403
Arnold, RhodatoFrancisco, H. A.188599:57
Arnold, Rhoda fromMiller, Catharine188597:144
Arnold, W. S.fromMcClure, I. L. (Adm.)188287:338
Arnold, Wm.fromCommissioner in Partition188497:112
Arnold, Wm.fromHarrison, J. T.188598:557

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