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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Ash, H. J.fromBaker, A. J.188289:282
Ashby, LaviniatoFarmer, Wm.187874:456
Ashby, LaviniatoFormer, Wm.187874:456
Ashley, Alacthen A.fromRundel, Charles187565:330
Ashley, E. D.toClosson, Siam187360:311
Ashley, E. D.toCochran, Geo. W.186959:224
Ashley, E. D.toEckles, N. P.187569:212
Ashley, E. D.toFink, Jacob187566:232
Ashley, E. D.toFink, Mary187466:231
Ashley, E. D.toMaxfield, Orange W.187465:201
Ashley, E. D.toSchlatter, Benjamin187564:481
Ashley, E. D.toSmith, Sarah J.187066:46
Ashley, E. D.fromTimbrook, Jno.187463:311
Ashley, E. V.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Ashley, Erastmust D.toTimbrook, John187462:173
Ashley, G. L. & T. H.fromDoctor, N. C. & S. A.187977:415
Ashley, Geo. H.fromState of Indiana184696:101
Ashley, Geo. L.fromAshley, Theo. H.188184:380
Ashley, Geo. L.toAshley, Theo. H.188184:379
Ashley, Geo. L.fromDoctor, N. C.187977:464
Ashley, Geo. L.toDoctor, N. C. & S. A.187977:539
Ashley, Geo. L. (Et al.)fromMiller, Jeremiah188597:56
Ashley, George L.toDoctor, Nathan C. & S. A.187672:379
Ashley, JohntoGriswold, Polly184375:91
Ashley, JohntoGriswold, Polly184375:91
Ashley, Philo H.toRundel, Charles187565:355
Ashley, Susan L.toEckles, Sam'l M.187367:309
Ashley, T. H.toDoctor, N. C. & S. A.187977:414
Ashley, Theo. H.fromAshley, Geo. L.188184:379
Ashley, Theo. H.toAshley, Geo. L.188184:380
Ashton, AmbrosefromJohnson, Joseph187361:277
Ashton, AmbrosefromTownley, J. W. (Et al.)188183:314
Ashton, AmbrosefromWilliams, A. T. (Et al.)188183:314
Ashton, M. (Et al.)toHood, Robt.188081:466
Ashton, MarindafromSkinner, Jonas187275:417
Ashton, MarindatoTrustees M. E. Church Harlan187977:66
Ashworth, F. (Et al.)toHemphill, A. M.187981:293
Askins, Jos. & Wm.fromDennis, Phillip H. (et al.)187567:273
Askworth, F. (Et al.)toBaker, A. (Et al.)188288:377
Assendrupe, B.fromSteinbaugh, Mary188598:82
Assignment Pyke Aug. FordtoWells, C. E. 188182:470
Assn. in Bankruptcy of Devoreto187875:449
Astry, Jas.fromLyon, L. L.188495:125
Astry, Mary E.fromKeefer, Samuel187565:107

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