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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Ba*er, MaryfromSmith, J. J.187673:580
Baack, BartholdfromMangels, Claus187462:210
Baade, ChristianfromAurentz, S. A.188393:484
Baade, Wm.fromEdwards, J. (Trustee)188183:342
Baade, Wm.fromEquitable Trust Co.188183:342
Baals, BarbaratoSteger, Johanna188081:420
Baals, J. L.toBittler, Wm. & Mary188288:397
Baark, BatholdtoGallmeier, F. W.187978:293
Baaty, ErnstfromSchwartz, Christian187463:449
Baatz, Wm.fromEvans, S. Cary187463:396
Babbite, Thos. S.fromMcPherson, Samuel187979:280
Babbitt, Thos. S.toBlessing, Peter188287:319
Babbitt, Thos. S.toButts, B. S.188185:35
Babbitt, Thos. S.toColbert, Joseph188082:242
Babcock, A. M.toBabcock, Mary188082:365
Babcock, John H.fromKelley, Michael M.187976:538
Babcock, MaryfromBabcock, A. M.188082:365
Babcock, MaryfromBabcock, Wm. A. (Et al.)188082:454
Babcock, Wm. A. (Et al.)toBabcock, Mary188082:454
Bach, NelsontoGiddings, F. S. & Co.187978:44
Bachman, Chas.toBailey, Wm. M.187463:370
Bacon, AdalinefromBacon, S. (heirs)187461:506
Bacon, Adaline E.fromBacon, Ann (est.)186767:487
Bacon, Ann (est.)toBacon, Adaline E.186767:487
Bacon, Ann (est.)toBacon, Jno. E.186767:487
Bacon, Ann (est.)toBacon, Lucy Maria186767:487
Bacon, Ann (Will of)to186767:487
Bacon, Chas. S.fromBacon, Samuel187461:296
Bacon, D.fromBowers Cemetery Assc.187266:162
Bacon, F. B. (adm.)fromFogel, Delano187568:103
Bacon, Jno. E.fromBacon, Ann (est.)186767:487
Bacon, John & Chas.toBacon, Sam'l187263:102
Bacon, John E. (et al.)toBacon, Samuel187269:72
Bacon, L. B.toHippenhamer, C. O.188084:97
Bacon, Lucy MariafromBacon, Ann (est.)186767:487
Bacon, S. (heirs)toAdams Bacon, J. E. & C. M.187461:507
Bacon, S. (heirs)toArmitage, Wm.187461:507
Bacon, S. (heirs)toBacon, Adaline187461:506
Bacon, S. (heirs)toErp, Wm.187461:505
Bacon, Sam'lfromBacon, John & Chas.187263:102
Bacon, Sam'lfromBacon, Sam'l (heirs)187463:106
Bacon, Sam'l (heirs)toBacon, Sam'l187463:106
Bacon, Saml.fromEarp, Wm.187463:106
Bacon, SamueltoBacon, Chas. S.187461:296
Bacon, SamuelfromBacon, John E. (et al.)187269:72
Bacon, SamueltoDowling, Bartholomew W.187772:340
Bacon, SavillatoHunter, Geraldine188288:183
Badger, K. L.fromForce, William M.187873:116
Badger, Kate L.toSwift, Bayless187873:493
Badger, Kate L.toSwift, Bayless187873:493
Badiac, C. I (Et al.)toCorson, John188183:159
Badiac, Jane P.fromDunten, Milton188082:75
Badiac, M. A. (Et al.)toWhitten, Jno.188079:190
Baer, Geo. J.toWorthington, W. W.187667:203
Bagley, HughfromBurgess, Henry187360:8
Bague, Jno.toCarier, Augustus C.187875:294
Bahrdt, ChristophertoVoigt, Margaret187980:192
Bahrdt, Christopher (Guard)toVoigt, Margaret187980:193
Baier, C. & M.toGebhart, Cecelia188183:319
Baier, N. ( Guard)toGebhart, Cecelia188183:320
Baier, NicholastoBaier, Valentine187463:91
Baier, Nicholas (et al.)toBoseker, Cornelia187463:82
Baier, ValentinefromBaier, Nicholas187463:91
Baier, ValentinefromBrackenridge, Jos.187669:298
Baier, Valentine & NicholausfromHartman, Henry187360:219
Bailey, HannahfromGoss, Joseph P.187565:294
Bailey, HannahtoLehman, Conrad187667:387
Bailey, J. C.fromCarnahan, M. A. (Et al.)187875:288
Bailey, J. C.toHuffman, C. V.188082:500
Bailey, J. C.fromShippy, Susan (Et al.)187875:288
Bailey, Jno. C.fromMcNabb, Fanny187978:373
Bailey, John C.fromCamahan, H. L. (Admr.)187874:46
Bailey, John c.fromMcNabb, Jas. (Et al.)187875:288
Bailey, MaryfromCommissioners by Partition187873:375
Bailey, Mary (Et al.)toMcNabb, Fanny187877:399
Bailey, Mary (Et al.)toMcNabb, Wm. J.187877:88
Bailey, Mary (Et al.)toShippy, Robt. M.187875:214
Bailey, MosesfromDevilbiss, Allen187771:309
Bailey, MosestoVanhorn, Wn.187986:100
Bailey, Peter B.toDolin, Robert185879:33
Bailey, Wm. (Assignee)fromState of Indiana184681:76
Bailey, Wm. M.fromBachman, Chas.187463:370
Bailey, Wm. M.toMartin, L. R.188183:183
Bair, AdamtoPaff, Geroge W.187466:510
Bair, AdamtoSevils, Henry187466:522
Bair, ChristophertoShutt, Jacob186165:160
Bair, David M.fromSickler, E. H. & Jacob (Ex.)187772:144
Bair, IsaacfromBayless, Frank L.187669:524
Baird, GeorgetoBear, George, Jr.187667:533
Baird, J. W.toMoore, Frank188086:415
Baird, Jno.toFitzgerald, Ellen188184:464
Baird, Jno.toMcCormick, A. H.188088:349
Baird, Jno.toMuller, Francis187668:301
Baird, JohnfromBaird, Julius W.187876:207
Baird, Julius W.toBaird, John187876:207
Baird, Julius W.fromDisler, Ira W.187465:205
Baird, Julius W.fromFletter, Charity187671:476
Baird, Julius W.fromMartin, Phebe & Jacob187465:197
Baird, Julius W.fromVananda, Peter W.187566:241
Baird, Maketable (Et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition187976:140
Baird, R. D.fromAuditor1875A:74
Baird, Robt. D.toHartman, Homer C.187567:450
Baird, Wm. H.fromHillegass, J. D.187360:595
Bake, H. (Et al.)toMygrant, I. & J.188288:399
Bake, HendrikafromStout, Mary A.188183:254
Baker, A. (Et al.)fromApplegate, M. C.188288:377
Baker, A. (Et al.)fromAskworth, F. (Et al.)188288:377
Baker, A. J.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:180
Baker, A. J.toSpencer, M. V. B.188185:389
Baker, AdamfromBaker, Belinda187875:487
Baker, AdamtoBritzins, Jacob187465:53
Baker, AdamtoFenton, Franklin187667:314
Baker, AdamtoMiller, John M.187566:550
Baker, AdamfromMiller, John M.187567:136
Baker, AdamtoWickliffe, Geo. J.188287:98
Baker, AlexfromEdgerton, J. K.187360:333
Baker, AlexandertoHosler, George187772:46
Baker, Andrew J.toMiddaugh, Sidney R.187565:475
Baker, Ann (Et al.)toBoeuf, Octave188287:541
Baker, B. A.toBaker, John S.187467:520
Baker, BelindatoBaker, Adam187875:487
Baker, BelindatoBaker, F. M.187876:558
Baker, BelindafromBaker, F. M. (Et al.)187875:303
Baker, BelindafromCarpenter, Enoch (Et al.)187875:303
Baker, BelindatoCarpenter, Mary Ann187875:486
Baker, BelindafromLawrence, Milo (Et al.)187875:303
Baker, BelindatoStephen, Margery187976:448
Baker, BelindatoWickliffe, Geo. J.188286:557
Baker, C. & A.fromEdwards, J. (Trustee)188081:399
Baker, C. C. (Et al.)toBaker, Killian188081:365
Baker, C. E.fromBaker, H. J.188288:60
Baker, CaintoBunting, Elijah187471:520
Baker, CainfromEdgerton, J. K.187360:281
Baker, CatharinefromKrueger, A. C.188081:403
Baker, CatharinefromKuhne, F. W. (Et al.)188081:403
Baker, CatherinefromCommissioners by Partition187975:445
Baker, CatherinetoFleming, O. E.188081:404
Baker, ConradtoBaker, Jacob188081:182
Baker, ConradtoBaker, John187463:629
Baker, ConradtoBaker, John187463:630
Baker, ConradfromWaite, Thomas187461:293
Baker, Delila (et al.)toCrabill, Jacob187771:422
Baker, EdithafromBaker, W. D.188085:161
Baker, EdithatoDwinger, Jos. Rev.188185:162
Baker, EdwintoBaker, Mary E.187566:265
Baker, EdwinfromSloane, Wm. D. (Assg.)187464:174
Baker, EttfromAuditor188183:243
Baker, F. M.fromBaker, Belinda187876:558
Baker, F. M.fromCarson, Ambrose187464:3
Baker, F. M.toWolfe, O. C.187668:91
Baker, F. M. (Et al.)toBaker, Belinda187875:303
Baker, Francis C.fromWelch, Hortense187771:153
Baker, Francis M.toParker, Nathaniel187467:203
Baker, George JacobfromSkinner, Thomasetta H. & B. D.187565:98
Baker, H. J.toBaker, C. E.188288:60
Baker, H. J.toN. Y. C. & St. L. Rw Co.188186:392
Baker, HannahfromSchryock, Samuel187873:455
Baker, HenrytoFarnan, Mary187262:17
Baker, HenrytoSchmucker, Tiber186360:322
Baker, Henry (est.)toBaker, Henry (minor heirs)187565:580
Baker, Henry (est.)toBaker, Jacob Kilian187565:580
Baker, Henry (est.)toBaker, Mary J.187565:580
Baker, Henry (est.)toBenoit, Julian187565:580
Baker, Henry (est.)toStapleford, Mary J.187565:580
Baker, Henry (minor heirs)fromBaker, Henry (est.)187565:580
Baker, Henry J.fromCommissioners by Partition187975:445
Baker, Henry J.fromWhite, Jas. B.187975:387
Baker, Henry J.toWhite, Jas. B.187975:389
Baker, J. & K.fromMiller, Jno. M.187874:233
Baker, JacobfromBaker, Conrad188081:182
Baker, JacobfromBaker, K. & Jno.188081:373
Baker, JacobtoBaker, Kilian187564:280
Baker, JacobfromBaker, Kilian187564:287
Baker, JacobfromBaker, Kilian187874:57
Baker, JacobfromBaker, Kilian187874:57
Baker, JacobtoBaker, Kilian187874:62
Baker, JacobtoBaker, Kilian187874:62
Baker, JacobtoBaker, Kilian187874:63
Baker, JacobtoBaker, Kilian187874:63
Baker, JacobfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187572:429
Baker, JacobfromEdgerton, Joseph K.187467:19
Baker, JacobtoRose, Wm.188286:482
Baker, Jacob & KillianfromArcher, John H.187566:377
Baker, Jacob & KillianfromBecquette, Elizabeth188081:366
Baker, Jacob & KillianfromSheriff187874:154
Baker, Jacob KilianfromBaker, Henry (est.)187565:580
Baker, Jno.fromBaker, K. & Jacob188081:372
Baker, Jno.fromWagner, P. & M. M.188081:371
Baker, Jno. & JacobtoBaker, Killian188081:374
Baker, Jno. (Et al.)toBohen, Cecilia188081:152
Baker, Jno. AdamtoSchryock, Samuel187872:469
Baker, Jno. S.toPinkerton, Lucinda188080:376
Baker, JohnfromBaker, Conrad187463:629
Baker, JohnfromBaker, Conrad187463:630
Baker, JohntoWelch, Hortense187771:151
Baker, JohntoWelch, Hortense187771:152
Baker, John & CatharinefromBaker, Michael L.187365:140
Baker, John Comr.toBlee, Bridget & Baker, Ann187565:299
Baker, John S.fromBaker, B. A.187467:520
Baker, John S.fromKeesler, Mary M.186867:521
Baker, Jos.toWagner, Peter188185:412
Baker, Jos. J.fromEdsall, Simon188081:345
Baker, Jos. J.toVan Voorhis, Phillip188186:57
Baker, K. & J.fromBaker, M. J. (Et al.)187781:363
Baker, K. & JacobtoBaker, Jno.188081:372
Baker, K. & Jno.toBaker, Jacob188081:373
Baker, Katie E.toWhite, Jas. B.187975:388
Baker, KilianfromBaker, Jacob187564:280
Baker, KiliantoBaker, Jacob187564:287
Baker, KiliantoBaker, Jacob187874:57
Baker, KiliantoBaker, Jacob187874:57
Baker, KilianfromBaker, Jacob187874:62
Baker, KilianfromBaker, Jacob187874:62
Baker, KilianfromBaker, Jacob187874:63
Baker, KilianfromBaker, Jacob187874:63
Baker, KiliantoBlee, Wm.187987:531
Baker, KilianfromJeffries, Adam188182:324
Baker, KiliantoMiller, Jno. M.187874:231
Baker, KiliantoMiller, Jno. M.188079:474
Baker, KillianfromBaker, C. C. (Et al.)188081:365
Baker, KillianfromBaker, Jno. & Jacob188081:374
Baker, KillianfromBlee, Charles A.187876:68
Baker, KillianfromBlee, Wm.187462:521
Baker, KillianfromCody, John H.187668:453
Baker, KilliantoHoffman, A. E. & W. H.187977:112
Baker, KillianfromPeckham, Wm. S.187567:51
Baker, KillianfromSheriff187874:214
Baker, KillianfromStapleford, C. E. (Guard)188081:366
Baker, KillianfromStapleford, C. E. (Guard)188081:368
Baker, KillianfromWagner, P. & M. M.188081:367
Baker, KillianfromZahn, Catherine188081:364
Baker, Killian & JacobfromO'Rourke, Edward (comr.)187564:250
Baker, M. J. (Et al.)toBaker, K. & J.187781:363
Baker, M. L.fromBaker, W. D.187463:113
Baker, M. L.fromDevore, David G.187567:168
Baker, M. L.toKnouse, M. B.187567:457
Baker, M. L.toKnowse, M. B.187567:546
Baker, MaryfromOrmsby, John H.187549:410
Baker, MaryfromSchoonover, Wm.187349:410
Baker, MarytoWeaver, Alonzo188184:324
Baker, Mary E.fromAuditor187668:497
Baker, Mary E.fromBaker, Edwin187566:265
Baker, Mary E. (Et al.)toHowe Machine Co.187875:275
Baker, Mary J.fromBaker, Henry (est.)187565:580
Baker, Mary J.toPowers, Volney187566:121
Baker, Mary J.fromStapleford, Chas E.187567:189
Baker, Mary J.toStapleford, Julia M.187567:190
Baker, Mary J.fromStapleford, Julia M.187770:53
Baker, Michael L.toBaker, John & Catharine187365:140
Baker, Michael L.toBaker, Wm. D.187462:483
Baker, Michael L.toBaker, Wm. D.187462:484
Baker, Michael L.toSchmiett, August187567:169
Baker, Michael L.toShell, Jacob H.187169:11
Baker, O. W.toBaker, Samuel L.187267:444
Baker, OliverfromStall, Wm. L.187361:201
Baker, P. L.fromBelleman, Enoch187472:143
Baker, Perry L.toBell, Perry187873:103
Baker, S. F.fromGill, Joshua S.187462:290
Baker, S. F.fromPancake, Geo.187771:306
Baker, S. F. (Admr.)toBower, J. T. & H.188183:454
Baker, SamueltoNickey, David W.187873:62
Baker, SamuelfromOrndorf, Geo. W.187566:477
Baker, Samuel L.fromBaker, O. W.187267:444
Baker, Samuel L.toKrick, Emanuel187667:443
Baker, Simon & JosephtoWagner, Peter188080:78
Baker, Sylvanus F.fromSlattery, Michael187977:437
Baker, W. D.toBaker, Editha188085:161
Baker, W. D.toBaker, M. L.187463:113
Baker, W. D.fromLong, F. A.188182:279
Baker, W. D.toScherer, F.188183:415
Baker, Wm. D.fromBaker, Michael L.187462:483
Baker, Wm. D.fromBaker, Michael L.187462:484
Baker, Wm. D.fromPowers, John A.187360:204
Baldwin, A.to1875
Baldwin, A.toAxe, Catharine188081:84
Baldwin, A.toWilson, Geo. H.187467:479
Baldwin, A. S. & E. A.toSmith & Ward, Treas. & Trustees187566:406
Baldwin, AbelfromHobson, Jacob187975:485
Baldwin, AbeltoHobson, Jose K.186963:159
Baldwin, AgnesfromSchell, Edward188079:344
Baldwin, AlbertfromAxe, Catharine188081:85
Baldwin, Betsy & Evaline C.toSmith & Ward, Treas. & Trustees187566:404
Baldwin, Betsy & Evaline C.toWaul & Smith, Treas. & Trustee1875
Baldwin, D. P.toFoote, Jos. G.187875:84
Baldwin, D. P.toKillion, I.187782:576
Baldwin, Daniel P.toShafer, Washington187160:113
Baldwin, ElihufromWaterman, Melissa187361:64
Baldwin, ElihutoZollenger, Chas. H.187464:316
Baldwin, Evaline & BetsyfromBaldwin, Lemuel N.187566:423
Baldwin, F. C. (Et al.)toHuxford, Saml. H187978:530
Baldwin, HannahfromBaldwin, Phebe E. (et al.)186567:356
Baldwin, Julia P.toBaldwin, Juliette187358:373
Baldwin, JuliettefromBaldwin, Julia P.187358:373
Baldwin, L. N. & A. D.toSmith & Ward, Treas. & Trustees187566:403
Baldwin, L. N. & A. D.toWaul & Smith, Treas. & Trustee1875
Baldwin, L. N. (et al.)toNuttman, J. D. & J. D., Jr.187770:316
Baldwin, Lemuel N.toBaldwin, Evaline & Betsy187566:423
Baldwin, Phebe E. (et al.)toBaldwin, Hannah186567:356
Baldwin, TimothytoShoemaker, John187361:232
Ball, HannahfromBall, Wm.185768:305
Ball, Saml. L.toMariotte, Louisa188079:497
Ball, Samuel L. (et ux.)fromHalls Safe & Lock Co.187464:328
Ball, Wm.toBall, Hannah185768:305
Ballard, Jennie M.fromCommissioners by Partition187572:438
Ballard, LucyfromState of Indiana184680:306
Ballard, LucyfromState of Indiana184680:307
Ballard, LucyfromState of Indiana184680:308
Ballinger, C. H.toPool, H. D. & M. J.187980:168
Ballinger, Lucy H.toSmith & Ward, Treas. & Trustees187566:405
Ballinger, Lucy T.toWaul & Smith, Treas. & Trustee1875
Ballon, J. E.fromChappell, P.187976:235
Ballon, J. E.toChappell, P.187977:588
Ballon, J. E.fromChappell, P.187977:589
Ballon, JamesfromDunten, Daniel I.185974:387
Ballon, Jas. (Et al.)toDunten, P. G.186074:388
Ballon, Jas. E.toRinehold, Henry187977:309
Balow, Jno.toPutz, Jacob188288:445
Baltes & LinkfromHart, John R.187565:599
Baltes, JacobfromJones, L. M. & E.187773:573
Baltes, M. (Et al.)toRandall, P. A.188183:588
Baltes, MichaeltoBercot, Emeline187772:435
Baltes, MichaeltoHart, Jno. R.187565:622
Baltes, MichaeltoKeller & Roch187361:152
Baltes, MichaeltoLegras, August187771:524
Baltes, MichaeltoLillie, John Jr. &Shoemaker, Jas. S.187976:313
Baltes, MichaeltoLillie, John Jr. &Shoemaker, Jas. S.187976:315
Baltes, MichaelfromScott, Moses H.187359:361
Baltes, MichaeltoShoemaker, J. S. & Lillie Jno. Jr.187976:312
Baltes, MichaeltoShoemaker, J. S. & Lillie Jno. Jr.187976:314
Baltes, MichaeltoSlocum, C. E.187565:622
Baltes, MichaelfromThain, Jno. & wife187668:97
Baltes, MichaeltoThain, Rosina187668:99
Baltes, Michael (Et al.)toBrammer, Jos. H.187875:351
Baltes, Michael (Et al.)toWaterhouse, E.188080:418
Baltz, AlextoBarrett, Geo. W.187975:507
Baltz, AlexanderfromGarretson, Andrew187772:170
Baltz, AlexanderfromSpencer, Leeovit187872:565
Baltz, JacobtoBeninghoff, Benj.187668:197
Baltzell, P. & M. F.fromSwayne, S. F.188081:232
Baltzell, PetertoSwayne, S. F.188287:288
Banda, FredericktoSnyder, Christian187669:18
Bandalier, CharlestoBandalier, Louis A. (et al.)187669:207
Bandalier, CharlestoBandalier, Louis A. (et al.)187669:209
Bandalier, Louis A. (et al.)fromBandalier, Charles187669:207
Bandalier, Louis A. (et al.)fromBandalier, Charles187669:209
Bandan, FrederickfromFisher, Isaac187667:504
Bandau, FredtoFort Wayne187566:371
Bandelier, AugusttoBandelier, Fred187667:436
Bandelier, AugustfromLucy, Jeremiah187462:599
Bandelier, CharlesfromDager, Frederick (et al.)187566:82
Bandelier, CharlesfromDager, Peter187566:83
Bandelier, Chas.fromDager, Peter, Sr.187359:399
Bandelier, FredfromBandelier, August187667:436
Bandistel, Wm.fromNussman, John187669:147
Bandt, F. (Et al.)toWarmuth, Chas.188185:355
Bandt, FredfromWilliams, J. L.188183:341
Bandt, FrederickfromBenke, F.187667:476
Banet, ClaricetoCouladot, H.188288:386
Banet, J. & A.toBanet, Mary188288:310
Banet, J. & AlexfromBanet, Mary188288:309
Banet, MaryfromBanet, J. & A.188288:310
Banet, MarytoBanet, J. & Alex188288:309
Bangar, BonefaziusfromNichter, Otto187360:276
Bangert, BonfaciusfromBond, Chas. D.187360:64
Bangert, BonifaziustoNoha, Joseph187360:377
Banghman, MaryfromMacDougel, John187979:588
Banigan, Mary C.toFledderman, J. G. (et ux.)187772:152
Banister, L. C.toDevender, Fred187985:27
Banks, Alonzo T.toGeubb, Charles M.187566:576
Banks, Alonzo T.fromNirdlinger, Samuel F.187565:379
Banks, Wm. R.toGodfrey, Henrietta187461:394
Banks, Wm. R.toHawk, Catharine187567:240
Banline, SarahfromGrannamann, Mary M. (admr.)187772:495
Banline, SarahtoRyan, Patrick188185:337
Bannister, AlbertfromAuditor188496:428
Baohelier, HannettatoWiemeyer, W. F.187873:113
Barber, Edwin L.fromSouder, Franklin187770:269
Barber, MaryfromReed, Hugh B.187471:342
Barbour, M. F.fromAinsworth, J. H. (Et al.)188393:554
Barbour, M. F.fromAinsworth, Jos. H. (Et al.)188393:480
Barbour, M. F.toBerghoff, H. C.187976:521
Barbour, M. F.toDraker, Jno. & Anthony187463:109
Barbour, M. F.toHengsteler, J. M.188286:199
Barbour, M. F.toMcCulloch, Chas.187976:529
Barbour, M. F.toOakley, Harriet187770:66
Barbour, Myron F.toEmbry, Joseph187464:204
Barcus, B. P.toBarcus, H. H.188182:427
Barcus, BeulahfromKelsey, James T.187360:602
Barcus, Beulah P.fromCartwright, John M.187565:186
Barcus, Beulah P.toJones, L. M.187770:181
Barcus, Beulah, P.fromHarrold, M.187770:487
Barcus, Beulah, P.fromHops, Elizabeth A.187564:554
Barcus, Bulah P.toCartwright, John M.187565:186
Barcus, DanieltoHops, Elizabeth A.187564:556
Barcus, DanieltoKelsey, James T.187360:603
Barcus, H. H.fromBarcus, B. P.188182:427
Bard, Saml.toShaffer, Henry188080:606
Bard, Saml.toWheeler, M. E.188080:587
Bard, SamueltoCraig, Mary E.188184:442
Bard, SamuelfromHanna, Chas.187359:466
Bard, SamueltoHanna, Chas.187359:473
Bard, SamuelfromKaufmann, Christian187262:4
Bard, SamueltoNiesz, Barbara187359:467
Bard, SamueltoNiesz, Barbara E.187568:363
Bargus, MathildetoGerke, J. H. L.188080:279
Bark, ElizabethfromGillet, Hollis187874:199
Barkdakk, H. C.fromKenedy, James187976:149
Barkdall, CharlottefromWagerman, Jno.187977:225
Barkdall, HenrytoKenedy, James187667:304
Barkdall, HenryfromKnepper, Louis187565:83
Barkdall, HenrytoRousseau, J. H.187770:449
Barkdall, HenrytoRousseau, R. D.187770:449
Barkdall, HenrytoRousseau, R. D. & James H.187565:153
Barkdall, HenrytoSimerman, Lydia187566:32
Barkdall, HenrytoSimmerman, Lydia187773:457
Barkdall, HenrytoSummerman, Lydia187773:457
Barkdall, HenrytoWagerman, Jno.187977:224
Barkdell, HenryfromMcCormick, James187462:220
Barker, D. (et al.)fromCrabill, Jacob (et al.)187463:300
Barkley, EliasfromCrabill, Jacob187979:453
Barkley, Elias & MaryfromCrabill, Jacob187464:276
Barkley, JacobtoGrube, Daniel L.187977:452
Barkley, JacobfromGrube, Daniel L.187977:453
Barkley, JacobtoHubler, Henry188287:336
Barkley, LevifromEdington, James187569:120
Barkley, LevitoStites, Elmira187874:335
Barkley, SarahtoCrabill, Jacob187771:422
Barktall, H.toWelker, Daniel188182:538
Barktall, HenryfromWageman, A. B.188182:538
Barlo, MiltonfromAlleger, David187361:599
Barner, Chas. & PhilobinefromBeaver, Augustus C.187260:370
Barnes, J. B.toFairfield, Anna S.187566:121
Barnes, J. B.toFlemimg, Wm.188184:229
Barnes, JamesfromMiller, J. F. W.187565:430
Barnes, Joshua B.fromBrackenridge, Joseph188079:289
Barnes, Joshua B.fromFairfield, Anna S.187566:121
Barnes, NelsontoChitcote, H.185083:559
Barnes, SagishmealfromPoole, Florence187462:503
Barnet, LousonfromLindenwood Cemetery187462:525
Barnett, Abraham G.toMayer, Chas. F.187359:503
Barnett, Abraham G.toRudisill, E. E. & H. J.187463:478
Barnett, S. E.fromAngell, B. D.188288:116
Barnett, S. E.toPowers, E. M.188288:117
Barnett, Susan R.toLewis, Ira186663:90
Barney, A. H.toAgres, L. M.188287:417
Barney, A. H.fromSchele, August188183:417
Barney, A. H.toSchele, Theresea188183:416
Barney, G. & S.fromSheriff187874:354
Barney, Geo.toMartin, Phebe187165:204
Barney, S. & F.fromAuditor188597:244
Barney, SolomonfromEmanuel, Jonas187565:47
Barney, SolomontoShutt, Samuel S.187565:337
Barnhardt, ChristiantoWingate, John187669:460
Barnhardt, PeterfromGreim, Jacob188079:249
Barnhart, CapitolatoScar, Adam188184:101
Barnhart, Cyrus & Enoch R.fromBrock, John P.187463:507
Barnhart, HarrietfromFirst Nat. Bank Lima, O.187977:353
Barnhart, HarrietfromSwift, I. B.187771:478
Barnhart, Jno. to1st. Nat. Bank Lima, O.187877:351
Barnhart, Jno.toLovelace, H. & M.187567:167
Barnhart, Jno.toMagner, Susan187567:406
Barnhart, Jno.toMeese, Elizabeth187667:250
Barnhart, Jno.toWhittern, Charles187667:176
Barnhart, Jno.toWhittern, Chas.187977:402
Barnhart, JohnfromBarnhart, Jos. W.187566:62
Barnhart, JohntoBarnhart, Lavina187668:202
Barnhart, JohntoDague, E. D. & M. E.187875:297
Barnhart, JohntoRoberts, E. A.186867:506
Barnhart, JohntoSheahan, William186972:299
Barnhart, JohntoTrustees M.E. Ch. Parsonage187462:439
Barnhart, JohntoWilliamson, Alex187261:456
Barnhart, JohntoWilliamson, Alex187361:456
Barnhart, Jos. W.toBarnhart, John187566:62
Barnhart, LavinafromBarnhart, John187668:202
Barnhart, LavinatoLovelace, H. L.187777:544
Barnhart, SophiafromWingate, John187669:461
Barnreiter, JohntoPlater, Geo. W.187567:270
Barns, Joshua B.fromMcMillen, James187667:271
Barnum, Geo. P.fromSheriff187565:563
Barnum, IsabelfromQuicksell, Mary E.187873:544
Barnum, IsabelletoRahe, August188079:498
Baron, Jos.toCannady, Mary187668:272
Baron, JosephfromCannady, Augustus187667:543
Barone, IrenefromHeller, Thomas187464:82
Barone, Isaac [Barrone]fromDague, E. D.187464:82
Barone, Isaac [Barrone]fromDustman, Henry C.187464:83
Barr, AmostoMiller, Jeremiah187463:447
Barr, J. S.toZimmer, Wm.187977:269
Barr, Saml. F.fromHufferd, Emanuel187771:21
Barral, JacobfromBlack, John T.187770:407
Barrand, C. S. (Et al.)toHare, Alva187977:164
Barrand, FranktoBowser, Saml.188081:555
Barrand, J. B.toGrosjean, Jno. Jr.188287:542
Barrand, Peter F.toPoirson, John B.187462:428
Barrand, Peter F.toPoirson, John B.187462:429
Barrand, Peter F.fromPoirson, John B.187462:429
Barrand, Peter F.fromPoirson, John B.187462:430
Barret, J. M. toBond, C. E. & G. W. 188288:524
Barret, M. E. (Et. al.)toMiracle, Geo. K.188081:369
Barrett, Geo. W.fromBaltz, Alex187975:507
Barrett, Geo. W.fromBigelow, A.188085:425
Barrett, Geo. W.fromSnyder, Mariette187873:437
Barrett, Geo. W.toSurfus, Geo.188079:511
Barrett, J. L.toBarrett, W. H.188182:436
Barrett, J. M.fromBond, C. E.188288:524
Barrett, J. M.fromSheriff188182:488
Barrett, J. M.fromSheriff188183:11
Barrett, J. M. ( Et al.)toSowers, Benjamin187975:463
Barrett, J. M. (Coms.)toBitner, J. R.188184:143
Barrett, J. M. (Coms.)toWallies, G. F.188286:577
Barrett, J. M. (Et al.)toPolsin, Martin188288:440
Barrett, J. M. (Et al.)toSumbard & Bond188182:511
Barrett, James (heirs)toRichart & Dalman186962:505
Barrett, James M.fromMason, John F.187668:504
Barrett, James M.toMason, Nancy187668:507
Barrett, James M.toNuttman, Jos, D. Jr.187978:501
Barrett, James M. (et ux.)fromBond, Lavinia A.187771:322
Barrett, Jas M. (Et al.)toBrosius, Henry188184:177
Barrett, Jas. L.fromBarrett, Wm. H.187977:477
Barrett, Jas. L.fromFirst Nat. Bank188082:36
Barrett, Jas. L.fromNuttman, J. D.188082:35
Barrett, Jas. M.fromAldrich, Chas. H.187771:419
Barrett, Jas. M. (Et al.)toGross, Wm. F.188185:304
Barrett, Marian A.fromBond, Lavinia A.188079:77
Barrett, Marian A.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:551
Barrett, W. H.fromBarrett, J. L.188182:436
Barrett, Wm. H.toBarrett, Jas. L.187977:477
Barron, LazarfromSheriff187566:351
Barron, RichardfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185279:556
Barrons, ThomasfromSheriff187669:271
Barrow, HenryfromBarrows, Richard (est.)187260:534
Barrow, JohnfromBarrows, Richard (est.)187260:534
Barrows, Richard (est.)toBarrow, Henry187260:534
Barrows, Richard (est.)toBarrow, John187260:534
Barrows, Richard (est.)toBoseker, Catharin187260:534
Barrows, Richard (est.)toHarper, Malisse187260:534
Barry, E. & J.fromState of Indiana183979:202
Barry, E. & J.fromState of Indiana183979:536
Bart, Nelson O.fromWade, George G.187772:423
Bart, Nelson O.toWitzgall, Wm.187978:85
Bartels, FrederickfromEnright, John187566:53
Bartels, FredericktoGerke, Frederick187977:253
Bartels, Fredk.fromEnright, Johanna187565:297
Bartels, HenryfromMiracle, Geo. K.188080:552
Bartemeyer, E.fromFox, C. J. (Et al.)188080:541
Bartemeyer, E.fromTrentman, M. E. (Et al.)188080:547
Bartemeyer, E. (Et al.)toFox, J. V. & C. J.188080:538
Bartemeyer, E. (Et al.)toTrentman, A. C.188080:542
Bartemeyer, E. (Et al.)toTrentman, J. A.188080:539
Bartemeyer, E. (Et al.)toTrentman, Mary E.188080:540
Bartemyer, E. M.toNierman, J. T.188184:52
Barthold, A. H. (Et al.)toSoome, Mary Ann188079:25
Barthold, F. L.fromAuditor1879A:158
Barthold, F. L.fromBlair, Camilla187667:479
Barthold, F. L.fromHoltzworth, A. (et al.)187667:191
Barthold, F. L.fromHolzworth, Jno. A.187668:266
Barthold, Fred L.fromAuditor187772:295
Barthold, FredericktoCochrane, Charlotte187978:186
Barthold, Fredk. L.fromDoctor, Nathan C.187360:282
Barthold, Fredk. L.fromJohnson, Elizabeth B.187566:442
Bartholemew, S. A.fromKillian, Jahn187981:172
Bartholomew, Hiram B.toRulo, John187462:494
Bartlett, A. A.fromBlair, Wright (Et al.)188288:464
Bartlett, A. A.toRoberts. C. F.188186:232
Barto, MiltontoDevilbiss, Lydia M.187978:355
Barton, C. M.fromBicknese, F. (Et al.)187875:536
Barton, C. M.toBickness, Frederick187875:265
Barton, C. M.fromDowie, John R.187875:242
Barton, C. M.toGillett, D. D.187983:19
Barton, C. M.toMichael, Herman187976:400
Barton, C. M.toStringer, Ellen R.187772:406
Barton, C. M.toWaltemath, Henry187882:110
Barton, C. M.fromWatermuth, H. C. (Et al.)187875:536
Barton, CharlesfromSheriff187565:44
Barton, Charles M.fromAuditor1879A:141
Barton, Charles M.fromGillett, Dwight D.187976:255
Barton, Charles W.fromAuditor1879A:141
Barton, Chas. M.toLauferty, Isaac187772:386
Barve, BernardfromLininger, John187873:1
Barwiler, MathiasfromCorning, Erastus187667:371
Bascher, ChristiantoHinton, Jno. C.187978:195
Base, FredericktoMarshall, Peter187564:567
Bash, Barrett & AldrichfromMcKinley, John188182:378
Bash, C. L.fromMcKee, Thos. L.187977:523
Bash, C. S.fromAuditor188286:472
Bash, C. S.toHughes, E. J.188286:334
Bash, Chas. S.fromAldrich, Chas. H.188495:568
Bash, Chas. S.toGeller, C. C.188286:203
Bash, Chas. S.toHill, C. A.188286:266
Bash, Chas. S.fromMoellering, Wm. L.188080:16
Bash, Flora O.fromArcher, Jno.188495:287
Bash, SolomanfromDodez, Helen188081:356
Bash, SolomanfromSkinner, B. D.187978:239
Bash, SolomonfromBissell, Geo. P.187978:447
Bash, SolomonfromFleming, Wm.187771:175
Bash, SolomonfromWiebke, Henry187771:176
Bash, W. B.fromAoer, David J.188598:101
Bash, W. B.fromArcher, Jno.188495:286
Bashalier, LouisfromSheriff187976:304
Bashalier, LouisfromZimmerman, Stephen (Et al.)188079:116
Bashelier, EdwardfromBashelier, Hennetta187873:206
Bashelier, H.toTyger, Louisa188183:309
Bashelier, HanettatoMeech, Wm. A.187669:103
Bashelier, HanettatoMeech, Wm. H.187669:102
Bashelier, HannettatoRentschler, Harriet187875:183
Bashelier, HannettafromSchaich, Martin (et al.)187567:531
Bashelier, HannettafromWhite, Jas. B.187774:281
Bashelier, HennettatoBashelier, Edward187873:206
Bashelier, HennettafromRentschler, David187873:208
Bashelier, LewisfromMartin, Susannah188079:309
Bashelier, LouistoKull, John188286:585
Bashelier, LouisfromMiller, Jos.188079:290
Bass Foundry & Machine WorksfromKruse, Wm.187977:170
Bass, Beverly C.toBass, Eliza M.187773:109
Bass, Eliza M.fromBass, Beverly C.187773:109
Bass, Eliza M.fromBass, Georgie B.188080:275
Bass, Eliza M.toKeegan, R. H.187875:117
Bass, Georgie B.toBass, Eliza M.188080:275
Bass, Georgie B.fromKeegan, P. H.187875:115
Bass, Georgie B.toKeegan, R. H.187875:117
Bass, J. H.fromBeach, Fred188081:108
Bass, J. H. & Bowser, J. C.toHartnett, James187565:617
Bass, Jno. HfromSheriff188182:308
Bass, Jno. H.toAdams Township187669:154
Bass, Jno. H.fromAnderson, Thos. P.188390:453
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188183:380
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188185:10
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188185:556
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor1881A:181
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188393:424
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188393:426
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188393:428
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188393:429
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188393:431
Bass, Jno. H.fromAuditor188393:433
Bass, Jno. H.fromBrossard, Geo.188185:96
Bass, Jno. H.toBulger, E. J.188184:119
Bass, Jno. H.fromEvans, Edwin188081:109
Bass, Jno. H.fromEvans, Henry (Trustee)188081:361
Bass, Jno. H.fromFisher, D. C. (Exr.)188082:64
Bass, Jno. H.fromFisher, D. C. (Exr.)188082:66
Bass, Jno. H.toForbing, J. & J. H.187977:218
Bass, Jno. H.fromHarliman, H. C. (Assignee)187475:335
Bass, Jno. H.fromHough, S. D.187977:299
Bass, Jno. H.fromKoenig, Edward188080:333
Bass, Jno. H.fromLaugher, Jno. W.187674:538
Bass, Jno. H.fromLepper, Margaret188081:103
Bass, Jno. H.toLillie, Mary E.187874:97
Bass, Jno. H.toLillie, Mary E.187874:97
Bass, Jno. H.toLinden, Geo. W.188184:539
Bass, Jno. H.toMcLachlan, Neil187873:529
Bass, Jno. H.toMcLachlan, Neil187873:529
Bass, Jno. H.fromMcLachlan, Neil (Et al.)187873:528
Bass, Jno. H.fromMeyer, Conrad188080:410
Bass, Jno. h.toMiller, Wm.188286:254
Bass, Jno. H.fromMorell, Jas.188080:404
Bass, Jno. H.toMunson, Chas. A.187975:477
Bass, Jno. H.toN. Y. C. & St. L. Rw Co.188186:404
Bass, Jno. H.toOlds, Chas. L.187873:530
Bass, Jno. H.toOlds, Chas. L.187873:530
Bass, Jno. H.fromOlds, L. (Et al.)187873:528
Bass, Jno. H.fromRhodes, Mary188080:333
Bass, Jno. H.fromRoss, John187574:536
Bass, Jno. H.fromSchevier, Chas.188080:399
Bass, Jno. H.fromSheriff187574:533
Bass, Jno. H.fromSheriff187978:316
Bass, Jno. H.fromSheriff188182:306
Bass, Jno. H.fromSheriff188182:310
Bass, Jno. H.fromSheriff188182:312
Bass, Jno. H.fromSheriff188182:315
Bass, Jno. H.fromSturgis, Louisa E.187668:480
Bass, Jno. H.toWatson, Sarah A.187463:312
Bass, Jno. H.toWhiting, A. W.188080:553
Bass, Jno. H. (Et al.)toBrokeing, M. S.187786:273
Bass, Jno. H. (Et al.)toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188188:430
Bass, Jno. H. (Et al.)toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188188:431
Bass, John H.fromAuditor187770:514
Bass, John H.fromAuditor1878A:132
Bass, John H.fromAuditor1878A:132
Bass, John H.fromAuditor187976:197
Bass, John H.fromAuditor187976:197
Bass, John H.fromAuditor187976:199
Bass, John H.fromAuditor187976:199
Bass, John H.fromAuditor187976:201
Bass, John H.fromAuditor187976:201
Bass, John H.fromBird, Ochmig (guard.)187365:322
Bass, John H.fromBisselt, Geo. P.187777:22
Bass, John H.toBradmiller, Charles187565:128
Bass, John H.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187464:526
Bass, John H.fromCattez, Joseph187359:586
Bass, John H.toCorcoran & Schrim187359:380
Bass, John H.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.187358:502
Bass, John H.fromEdsall, Peter187359:589
Bass, John H.fromEdsall, Simon187359:590
Bass, John H.fromEdsall, Wm.187359:588
Bass, John H.fromMcCulloch, Hugh187358:503
Bass, John H.toP. Ft. W. & C. R.R. Co.187359:582
Bass, John H.toP. Ft. W. & C. R.R. Co.187359:583
Bass, John H.fromParks, Volney187359:587
Bass, John H.fromReed, Hugh B.187364:369
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187770:164
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187873:500
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187874:10
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187874:12
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187874:14
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187874:16
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187874:19
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187976:126
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187976:156
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187976:158
Bass, John H.fromSheriff187976:160
Bass, John H.fromSunderland, Joseph, R.187564:527
Bass, John H.toTerry, Geo. H.187260:604
Bassler, Eliza R.fromCook, Margaret M.187477:228
Bassler, Henry H.toEdwads, J. (Trustee)187977:228
Bastens, ChristinafromFt. Wayne G. B. & S. A. No. 7187982:215
Bastian, JacobtoGethart, A. M.188185:294
Bastian, JacobtoMeyer, Ernst187462:302
Bastus, ChristinafromSorg, John M.187360:141
Batchelder, A. S.fromGreene, Mary M.187360:432
Batchelder, Frank H.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.187772:354
Batchelder, Frank H.toLucas, Thomas L.187976:145
Batchelder, J. R.toDollarhite, Alex188185:417
Batchelder, L. J. R.fromLucas, T. L.187978:30
Bates, A. H.fromBates, Luey187381:89
Bates, Jno. F. (Et al.)toPatterson, Thos. R.188182:509
Bates, LueytoBates, A. H.187381:89
Bates, LycurgustoCrall, Milton187565:343
Bathelder, Jesse L.toCattez, Joseph187359:566
Battenberg, JacobtoBaulmann, Francis187874:289
Battenberg, JacobfromBaulmann, Francis187976:117
Batteron, FredtoSauers, Elvina187979:353
Battershall, EmmatoHostmeyer, Bettie187570:430
Battershall, EmmafromHostmyer, Charles M.187564:421
Battie, C. W.toLincoln, Edwind187978:225
Bauer, E. (Et al.)toSpereisen, Jos.188082:62
Bauer, EdwardfromBauer, Kajenton J.187875:128
Bauer, EdwardtoBauer, Kajerton J.187874:152
Bauer, EdwardfromScott, Jfferson C.187360:434
Bauer, HenryfromHeinlein, Frederick187360:83
Bauer, HenryfromSheriff187977:150
Bauer, K.toComrike, Margaret187978:106
Bauer, K. J.fromBell, R. C.188287:305
Bauer, K. J.fromBolman, F. A. (Et al.)188186:335
Bauer, K. J.fromBullard, Sherman L.187670:274
Bauer, K. J.fromCarnrike, M.187977:587
Bauer, K. J.toEggeman, Peter188288:160
Bauer, K. J.toEllison, J. S.187876:67
Bauer, K. J.toKarkhoff, C.188081:178
Bauer, K. J.toKarkhoff, Jos.187774:129
Bauer, K. J.fromKarkhoff, Jos. F.188081:106
Bauer, K. J.toKrummelbein, Adam187770:472
Bauer, K. J.fromKrummelbein, Adam187771:200
Bauer, K. J.fromKyle, A. P.187975:521
Bauer, K. J.toKyle, A. P.187975:522
Bauer, K. J.fromLuxenberger, P.187669:26
Bauer, K. J.fromMcCreary, Jos.188080:495
Bauer, K. J.toMurch, Richard H.187771:256
Bauer, K. J.toNick, E. & J.188288:495
Bauer, K. J.fromNickell, Jno. F.187875:182
Bauer, K. J.toNickett, J. F. & H. A.187875:147
Bauer, K. J.toPlayfair, Jas.187978:126
Bauer, K. J.fromPlayfair, Jas.187978:128
Bauer, K. J.toSchultz, D. & Wm.187977:167
Bauer, K. J.fromSchultz, Wm.187874:457
Bauer, K. J.fromSheriff187669:23
Bauer, K. J.fromSheriff188080:265
Bauer, K. J.fromSheriff188080:265
Bauer, K. J.fromSinclair, F. C.188182:212
Bauer, K. J.toSpencer, M. O. B.188288:506
Bauer, K. J.toSpencer, M. U. B.188080:469
Bauer, K. J.toStilts, Adelaide188288:216
Bauer, K. J.fromVizard, Anthony187874:162
Bauer, K. J.toWells, Geo.188288:121
Bauer, K. J.toYoung, J. B.188286:475
Bauer, K. J. (Et al.)toHeche, C. S.188185:422
Bauer, Kagerton J.fromKarkhoff, Joseph F. (et al.)187772:301
Bauer, Kagerton J.fromSchnurr, Stephen (et al.)187772:301
Bauer, Kajenton J.toBauer, Edward187875:128
Bauer, Kajerton J.fromBauer, Edward187874:152
Bauer, Kajerton J.fromMurch, Richard H.187873:72
Bauer, Kajetan J.fromCummins, Margaret187461:549
Bauer, Kajetan J.toMcBennett, Francis187772:305
Bauer, Kajetan J.fromMcBennett, Francis187772:305
Bauer, Mary M.fromSheriff188080:267
Bauer, Mary M.fromSheriff188080:267
Bauer, PeterfromReynolds, Thos. B.187875:353
Baughman, JerimiahtoMac Dougal, Jno.187976:587
Baughman, John H.toChapin, Augustus A.187770:533
Baughman, John W.fromStoops, Samuel W.187565:446
Baughman, MaryfromMacDougal, John187979:588
Baulmann, FrancisfromBattenberg, Jacob187874:289
Baulmann, FrancistoBattenberg, Jacob187976:117
Baum, Jno. W.toBottenberg, Andrew J.188080:120
Baum, Jno. W.toBottenberg, Elizabeth188080:119
Bauman, JohntoZoeller, Roman187668:416
Baumann, Jno.toBaumann, Sophia187875:88
Baumann, Jno.fromBaumann, Sophie187977:454
Baumann, JohnfromWilliams, Jesse L.187359:432
Baumann, SophiafromBaumann, Jno.187875:88
Baumann, Sophia A.fromKlotz, Daniel188080:317
Baumann, SophietoBaumann, Jno.187977:454
Baumgartner, JohntoYoder, John R.187461:358
Bauseman, HenrytoNoyer, Charles187977:192
Bauseman, MarytoConway, D. M.187877:465
Bauserman, A. S.toBauserman, I. & E. D.188186:145
Bauserman, AbrahamtoBauserman, I. & E. D.188186:142
Bauserman, F. M.toBauserman, I. & E. D.188186:144
Bauserman, H. A.fromBauserman, W. H.188185:196
Bauserman, HenryfromUnited States184167:71
Bauserman, I. & E. D.fromBauserman, A. S.188186:145
Bauserman, I. & E. D.fromBauserman, Abraham188186:142
Bauserman, I. & E. D.fromBauserman, F. M.188186:144
Bauserman, I. & E. D.fromBauserman, P. A.188186:146
Bauserman, LeahfromCochran, R. P.187977:535
Bauserman, P. A.toBauserman, I. & E. D.188186:146
Bauserman, SamueltoHarden, Wm.187463:588
Bauserman, W. H.toBauserman, H. A.188185:196
Bausserman, B. E.toWychoff, Nancy188182:375
Baxter, AllenfromBaxter, Jno.188288:480
Baxter, David D.fromBond, H. R. (Et al.)188183:576
Baxter, Geo. T. & Emmet H.toBaxter, Lavinia187565:514
Baxter, JamesfromRudisill, Henry J.187570:158
Baxter, JamestoSlater, John187462:221
Baxter, JamestoSlater, John187770:159
Baxter, Jas.toSlater, John187977:147
Baxter, Jas. & E.fromSlater, John187977:148
Baxter, Jno.toBaxter, Allen188288:480
Baxter, LavinafromMills, James187565:512
Baxter, LavinatoZehner, Samuel187565:513
Baxter, LaviniafromBaxter, Geo. T. & Emmet H.187565:514
Baxter, PhoebefromRudisill, E. E. & H. J.187465:231
Baxter, Thos.fromVanderan, Peter188183:27
Bayless, A. H. (Et al.)toOrr, Wm.188288:322
Bayless, AlextoShoaff, Jno. P.187467:197
Bayless, Alex H.toMiller, Julia187668:521
Bayless, Alex H.fromMiller, Wm. H.187668:518
Bayless, Francis L.toBayless, H. D. & W. C.187772:174
Bayless, Frank L.toBair, Isaac187669:524
Bayless, G. S.fromArcher, John H.187359:506
Bayless, Gustavens S. (Assn. in Bankruptcy of)to187875:496
Bayless, Gustavus S. (Bankryptcy to G. W. Seavey Assignee)to187875:496
Bayless, H. D. toBayless, W. C.187983:314
Bayless, H. D. & W. C.fromBayless, Francis L.187772:174
Bayless, L. S. (Assignee)fromState of Indiana184581:77
Bayless, Leah Ett.toWhite, James B.187770:560
Bayless, Leah EttefromSheriff187874:364
Bayless, Leah EttefromWhite, James B.187464:318
Bayless, LeahettefromArcher, John H.187361:554
Bayless, LeahettefromWhite, James B.187770:556
Bayless, Lott. S.toBlee, Thos.186383:85
Bayless, Lucy C.toWilliamson, Alex187161:461
Bayless, M. J.toShoaff, S. W.187980:534
Bayless, M. J.fromShoup, Wm. H.187980:533
Bayless, Matilda J.fromShoaff, Jno. P.187467:197
Bayless, S. S.toBayless, T. L.187669:302
Bayless, T. L.fromBayless, S. S.187669:302
Bayless, W. C.fromBayless, H. D. 187983:314
Bayless, W. C.toPerrin, Ella188185:1
Bayley, HughtoWehler, Louisa188184:308

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