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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Beaber, Abraham G.fromSheriff187771:369
Beaber, D. D.fromCurrent, Sylvanus S.188079:300
Beaber, D. LafayettefromCurrent, Sylvanus S.187462:167
Beaber, JacobtoSheuman, Caroline187462:549
Beaber, John T.toMcCormick, Wm. H.187772:282
Beach, F.fromHanna, E. C.187978:459
Beach, FredtoBass, J. H.188081:108
Beach, FredtoNeff, Peter187566:135
Beach, Fred (Admr.)toRomary, Jos.187875:407
Beach, FrederickfromHutzel, John187272:329
Beach, FrederickfromRomary, Joseph187976:498
Beach, H. L.fromEllison, Thos. E. (Trustee)188290:193
Beach, H. L.fromParent, H. J.188079:188
Beach, JenniefromBower, J. A.188392:275
Beach, W. G.toHarrod, Joseph187668:379
Beach, W. J.toHuffman, Rudolph187668:455
Bealer, LazenstoBaker, Jno.188598:411
Beals, Jno. H. (Et al.)toBeals, M. M.188495:498
Beals, L. C. (Et al.)toBeals, M. M.188495:499
Beals, M. M.toBarbaum, Fred188597:341
Beals, M. M.fromBeals, Jno. H. (Et al.)188495:498
Beals, M. M.fromBeals, L. C. (Et al.)188495:499
Beals, M. M.fromBeals, Wm.188497:338
Beals, SarahtoHill, Clara A.188287:355
Beals, Susan R.toBeals, Wm. & S.187773:174
Beals, Susan R.fromMaddox, George187565:97
Beals, Wm.toBeals, M. M.188497:338
Beals, Wm.fromBurgess, Henry187461:372
Beals, Wm.toMaddux, George188392:497
Beals, Wm.fromShean, Chas.187360:40
Beals, Wm. & S.fromBeals, Susan R.187773:174
Beals, Wm. (Et al.)toFletcher, J. F.188390:291
Beals, Wm. (Et al.)toFletcher, J. F.188390:307
Beals, Wm. L. (Et al.)toIsrael, Henry188496:642
Beam, Jno.toKeesler, James187468:94
Beams, BarbaratoBeams, Henry W.188081:293
Beams, BarbaratoBeams, Jno. W.188082:440
Beams, ElizatoBeams, Henry187881:291
Beams, H. W.fromJones, Mary187381:290
Beams, HenryfromBeams, Eliza187881:291
Beams, HenryfromBeams, J. W.187881:292
Beams, HenryfromBeams, Rebecca187681:291
Beams, HenryfromFairfield, Lucy A.187062:80
Beams, HenryfromMyers, Catharine187062:81
Beams, Henry W.fromBeams, Barbara188081:293
Beams, Henry W.toBeams, Jno. W.187882:440
Beams, Henry W.fromPhillips, Sarah186962:80
Beams, J. W.toBeams, Henry187881:292
Beams, Jno. W.fromBeams, Barbara188082:440
Beams, Jno. W.fromBeams, Henry W.187882:440
Beams, John W.fromRhodes, Barbara E.187161:388
Beams, RebeccatoBeams, Henry187681:291
Bean, Edward L.toHiggins, Cecilious R.187462:592
Bean, Edward L.fromMcKinnie, Henry187358:420
Bean, Edward L.fromNelson, Wm. R.187463:98
Bear, Geo.fromBennett, Hannah188598:604
Bear, Geo.fromBennitt, Hannah188598:429
Bear, GeorgefromEichhold, Albert188394:20
Bear, GeorgetoJohnston, Wesley188185:170
Bear, GeorgefromMiller, Michael187873:445
Bear, George & SolomontoBear, Levi187874:579
Bear, George, Jr.fromBaird, George187667:533
Bear, JohntoBear, Levi187872:566
Bear, JohntoHutsel, Harriet A.187462:71
Bear, JohnfromHutsel, John W. Jr.187462:58
Bear, JohnfromHutsel, John W. Sr.187462:59
Bear, JohntoHutsel, Nancy187462:72
Bear, LevitoBair, S. J. & Jno.188299:189
Bear, LevifromBear, George & Solomon187874:579
Bear, LevifromBear, John187872:566
Bear, LevifromBear, S. J. & Jno.188499:189
Bear, LevifromEichhold, Albert (Et al.)188394:77
Bear, LevifromKrider, Geo. W. (Guard)187874:520
Bear, LevifromStucker, Mary (Et al.)187874:519
Bear, LevifromWilliams, Nancy187874:518
Bear, Levi (Et al.)toWilliams, Nancy187883:132
Bear, Nancy M.toStucker, Mary (et al.)187872:567
Bear, Nancy M.toStucker, Mary (et al.)187872:567
Bear, S. J. & Jno.toBear, Levi188499:189
Beard, C. F.toDickey, R. B.187873:519
Beard, C. F.toDickey, R. B.187873:519
Beard, C. F.toWelch, Mary E.187978:269
Beard, Jno. M.toFrazier, C. L.187667:289
Beard, Jno. M.fromFrazier, Wm. J.187668:288
Beard, Warren M.fromMeiser, Benjamin187279:209
Beardshear, SamuelfromNeff, Alice C.187771:185
Beardsley, C. W.toSnider, Philip187469:59
Beardsley, J. O.toHatch, N. V.187786:71
Beardsley, Jame O.toKetcham, A. J.187359:306
Beardsley, Jame O.toWamsley, Sarah J.187359:302
Beardsley, James O.fromCone, Alvin G.187771:3
Beardsley, James O.fromHunter, Wm. T.187771:4
Beardsley, James O.toKitchum, Anarus J.187464:269
Beardsley, James O.toRicket, Isaac R.187162:224
Beardsley, M. J.toShoaff, Wm. W.188080:91
Bearman, Frederick fromHammond, John188182:319
Bearns, John W.fromBittinger, A. H. Comr.187061:388
Bearss, Frank (by will)fromKumler, Emma B.187771:366
Bearss, Frank W.toCole, James O.187772:199
Bearss, Oliver J.toEdgerton, J. K.187360:293
Bearss, Oliver J.fromKumler, Emma B.187349:406
Beasley, AnthonyfromBeasley, Wm.187463:368
Beasley, AnthonytoSwander, James187772:110
Beasley, AnthonyfromSwanders, Jamea187565:232
Beasley, EdmundfromRead, James M.187461:344
Beasley, WilliamtoYoung, John Sylvester187772:546
Beasley, Wm.toBeasley, Anthony187463:368
Beasley, Wm.toReinhold, Wm.187565:200
Beasly, E.toWakefield, Charles187667:374
Beatty, M. J.toBrown, A. M. & D. M.188393:226
Beatty, Wm. J.toBell, Z. T.187362:501
Beatty, Wm. J.fromFelts, E. G.187362:500
Beaty, JohntoAustin, Chas. B.187469:506
Beaty, JohnfromBenty, Wm. J.187464:491
Beaty, JohnfromFelts, E. J.187464:491
Beaty, JohntoFelts, E. J.187465:52
Beaty, JohntoShoup, Daniel F.186961:610
Beaty, John & Wm. J.fromMarquis, Robert C.187464:490
Beaty, Theo.fromEhrman, J. A.188390:514
Beaty, Wm. J.toPinyerd, Joseph187564:451
Beau, Edward L.toMcKinnie, Malinda187358:421
Beauer, K. J. (Coms.)toOhneck, J. J. P.188186:84
Beaver, A. C.fromBeaver, Mary E.187772:304
Beaver, A. C.fromEsmond, Geo.187690:360
Beaver, A. C.toMiller, Jno. M. (Et al.)188393:99
Beaver, A. C.fromParks, Volney187772:297
Beaver, A. C.toParks, Volney187979:176
Beaver, A. C.fromSheriff187883:478
Beaver, A. C.toSinclair, Thos.188495:42
Beaver, A. C.toThomas, Isum187983:480
Beaver, A. C.toWhiting, A. M.188184:345
Beaver, A. C. (et al.)fromRau, Casper187770:363
Beaver, A. C. (et al.)toTagtmeier, Anna187669:226
Beaver, Augustus C.toBarner, Chas. & Philobine187260:370
Beaver, Augustus C.toBeaver, Clara E.188182:239
Beaver, Augustus C.fromBissell, George P.(Trustee)188082:237
Beaver, Augustus C.toParks, Volney187366:401
Beaver, Augustus C. (et al.)toKalbacher, Anton187669:19
Beaver, Clara E.fromBeaver, Augustus C.188182:239
Beaver, Clara E.toBeaver, Mary E.188182:240
Beaver, D. S.toHuestis, A. C.187463:289
Beaver, Jno.toDavis, Hellen188080:381
Beaver, M. E.toEdmond, George187669:259
Beaver, M. E.fromFields, W. P. (Et al.)188390:328
Beaver, M. E.fromGridley, L. E.188390:328
Beaver, M. E.toPhelps, Alfred188287:564
Beaver, Mary E.toBeaver, A. C.187772:304
Beaver, Mary E.fromBeaver, Clara E.188182:240
Beaver, Mary E.fromBerner, Chas. & P.187260:372
Beaver, Mary E.fromEsmond, George187670:312
Beaver, Mary E.fromKomp, Daniel187980:245
Beaver, Mary E.fromParks, Volney187982:241
Beaver, Miller & Co.fromArcher, John H.187566:376
Beaver, Miller & Co.fromRau, Casper187668:746
Beaver, Sam'l S.toEicher, Alexander187463:638
Beavers, A. C.toParks, Volney187464:469
Beber, Geo. W. & E.fromBaltz, Alex188598:440
Beberstein, G. W. & M.fromBolinger, Jacob J.188496:390
Becher, StephentoKoehlinger, J. H.188079:447
Bechman, FranktoBegue, John187772:87
Bechman, FranktoCampbell, Lydia188495:116
Bechman, FrankfromFox, Geo.188290:192
Bechman, FranktoKillian, Jno.188184:370
Bechman, JohnfromSchuler, Matthias187879:503
Bechmary, Jno. (Et al.)toKlingenberger, Jno.188079:510
Bechtel, J. W. (Et al.)toDouglas, A. & G.187875:112
Bechtel, LydiatoWheelock, E. G.188081:552
Bechtold, LewistoDidier, John Jos. C.188598:370
Bechtold, LewistoLewis, Jos. D.188393:449
Beck, A. G. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188184:397
Beck, A. M.toBellamy, Elizabeth188079:406
Beck, A. M.toFiegel, Chas.188289:524
Beck, A. M.toKobisch, Eliza188183:261
Beck, A. M.fromSheriff188183:351
Beck, Anna M.toBuford, Chas.187977:19
Beck, Anna M.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:397
Beck, Anna M.fromFutter, Amelia187772:205
Beck, Anna M.toGerhart, M. A. & W. S.187772:261
Beck, Anna M.toKeck, Eliza187976:174
Beck, Anna M.fromOrtman, G. & Chas.187975:528
Beck, Anna M.fromOrtman,l Geissina187771:247
Beck, Anna M.toSchneider, Geo.188095:625
Beck, Anna M.fromSiebold, Henry187978:300
Beck, Anna M.toStrodel, Anna B.188184:254
Beck, Anna M.fromTons, Henry187772:204
Beck, Anna M.fromTons, Henry187772:261
Beck, Anna M.fromTons, Henry187772:431
Beck, Anna M.toWheelock, E. G.188082:348
Beck, Anna M.toWilken, Wilhelmina188288:561
Beck, C. H.fromHunter, Ann187770:230
Beck, Cecelia H.fromCrane, Geo. D.187977:41
Beck, Cecelis H.toBecker, Fred188183:142
Beck, F. J.toArcher, Jno. H.187566:1
Beck, F. J.toColtar, Luphina187360:41
Beck, F. J.fromHarrington, E. B.187771:133
Beck, F. J.fromHeidrick, Christ187463:342
Beck, F. J.fromLeeser, C. F. H.187565:535
Beck, F. J.toMundt, Wm.187463:385
Beck, F. J.fromNill, John187771:133
Beck, F. J.fromSchroth, Daniel187771:133
Beck, F. J.toSeabold, Henry187566:47
Beck, F. J.fromSimon, Albert187771:253
Beck, F. J.toSpringer, C. A.187771:53
Beck, F. P.toHoopengainer, Noe187772:10
Beck, F. P.fromHoverstock, Wm.187674:173
Beck, Frances J.toBrubaker, Michael187359:540
Beck, Frances J.toCollar, Luphina187360:41
Beck, Frances J.toIrwin, John W.187359:414
Beck, Frances J.toIrwin, John W.187359:415
Beck, Frances J.toIrwin, John W.187359:416
Beck, Frances J.toIrwin, John W.187359:417
Beck, Frances J.toStrong, Cleveland187359:575
Beck, Frances J.toStrong, Sarah187359:591
Beck, Frances J.toStrong, Sarah187359:592
Beck, Francis J.toArcher, John H.187565:491
Beck, Francis J.fromArcher, John H.187566:359
Beck, Francis J.toBrubaker, Eli187362:437
Beck, Francis J.fromBrubaker, Michael187464:201
Beck, Francis J.toBuford, Edward187564:411
Beck, Francis J.toDavis, John G.187462:74
Beck, Francis J.fromEickoff, Francis187771:76
Beck, Francis J.toHeidrick, Elizabeth187571:11
Beck, Francis J.fromHeidrick, Elizabeth187771:12
Beck, Francis J.toJacobson, Vigdor187464:115
Beck, Francis J.toJaeger, August187463:41
Beck, Francis J.toJames & Collar187462:168
Beck, Francis J.toKack, Peter187565:403
Beck, Francis J.toKull, Frederick187463:528
Beck, Francis J.fromLindemann, Daniel187360:453
Beck, Francis J.toPaul, Henry C.187463:16
Beck, Francis J.toSchneiders, B. H.187463:54
Beck, Francis J.fromSchoerpf, Casper & Delia187065:161
Beck, Francis J.fromSheriff187668:430
Beck, Francis J.fromSheriff187668:432
Beck, Francis J.toSimon, Albert187771:220
Beck, Francis J.toSnider, Christian187564:385
Beck, Francis J.fromStrong, Sarah187463:480
Beck, Francis J.toTons, Henry187771:270
Beck, Francis J.toTons, Henry187771:283
Beck, Francis J.fromVogler, Edward187464:107
Beck, Francis J.toWolff, Lena & Christian H.187462:297
Beck, Francis J.toZeller, Killian187359:359
Beck, Francis Jos.fromDrover, Henry187771:170
Beck, Francis Jos.fromKarider, Julia Anna187370:438
Beck, Francis Jos.fromLindemann, D.187371:77
Beck, Francis Jos.fromWolff, Christian187566:150
Beck, Franz Jos. (Will of)to187873:317
Beck, Geo.fromKelsey, Jno.187482:449
Beck, Geo. W.toKnight, Conrad187874:174
Beck, HenryfromEhle, August187567:408
Beck, Jos. R.toMoellering, Wm.187977:42
Beck, Leander (Et al.)toScarlett, Wm. V.188081:388
Beck, LeopoldfromEngelking, W. F. (Et al.)188390:455
Beck, LeopoldfromFleming, Wm.188391:310
Beck, M. E.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:397
Beck, Mary P.fromMackey, Jas.188081:120
Beck, MetcaefetoGlaser, Edward187976:480
Beck, P. O. (Et al.)fromScarlet, Wm. V.188081:389
Beck, Phebe O. (Et al.)toSchultz, P. C.188184:563
Beck, R. O. (Et al.)fromScarlet, Wm. V.188081:389
Beck, RichardfromUnited States183469:51
Beck, Samuel & JohntoMarquett, Phillip186962:246
Beck, U. M.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:397
Beck, Z. T.toDennis, Jacob188597:401
Becker, A.fromJohnson, Huedah187977:3&4
Becker, A. E. C.fromDalman, Fred188494:186
Becker, A. E. C.fromVogely, Andrew188182:413
Becker, AugusttoOetting, Wm.188082:7
Becker, EmiltoBecker, Meyer188080:290
Becker, EmilfromHalcomb, J. E.187770:311
Becker, EmilfromLauferty, A. S.187771:116
Becker, FredfromBeck, Cecelis H.188183:142
Becker, Fredk.toFischer, Margaret188185:472
Becker, HenrytoAumann, Minnie188496:491
Becker, HenryfromAumann, Minnie188496:492
Becker, JacobtoBecker, L. & S.188495:522
Becker, JacobtoBerger, Frank187874:318
Becker, JacobfromBeugnot, Anthony187361:238
Becker, JacobtoBrudi, Carl186865:95
Becker, Jno. B.toBrudi, Carl188079:170
Becker, John B.fromCoonrad, Peter Ex187363:175
Becker, John J.fromMiller, Wm.187462:572
Becker, John J.toPerry, Mary187461:337
Becker, Jos. H.toRoussey, Elizabeth188289:589
Becker, JosephtoBecker, Joseph H.187567:411
Becker, Joseph H.fromBecker, Joseph187567:411
Becker, L. & S.fromBecker, Jacob188495:522
Becker, LouistoSkinner, Benj. D.187770:376
Becker, LouisfromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187360:19
Becker, LouisfromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187360:20
Becker, MargarethatoFleming, Wm.188394:111
Becker, MayertoHunting, Hannah A.188080:455
Becker, MayertoRothschild, Henry188496:37
Becker, MeyerfromBecker, Emil188080:290
Becker, W. (Et al.)toSchack, Lena188183:486
Beckler, M.fromGlenn, J. C.188185:141
Beckman, EdwardfromBeckman, Henry188183:213
Beckman, EdwardfromClark, Mary187771:252
Beckman, EdwardfromClarke, Mary A.188390:469
Beckman, EdwardfromReed, Wm. B. (Ex.)188082:194
Beckman, Francis J.toFutter, Amelia187272:97
Beckman, FrankfromBegue, John187772:27
Beckman, FredfromBulmahn, Ernst188287:189
Beckman, H. W.toBeckman, Lewis187566:78
Beckman, H. W.fromBond, Stephen B.187566:214
Beckman, H. W.fromColeman, Mary A. (Et al.)187979:64
Beckman, H. W.toKiser, Daniel187566:106
Beckman, H. W.fromSheriff187566:100
Beckman, H. W.fromSheriff187566:91
Beckman, H. W.fromSheriff187566:94
Beckman, H. W.fromSheriff187566:96
Beckman, H. W.fromSheriff187566:98
Beckman, H. W.toWolke, Francis H.187566:184
Beckman, H. W. (by will)toBeckman, N. F.188495:179
Beckman, HenrytoBeckman, Edward188183:213
Beckman, Henry W.fromFerguson, Geo. W.187976:14
Beckman, Henry W.toMiller, John Michael187566:558
Beckman, J. C.fromAnderson, J. L.188082:357
Beckman, J. C.fromBosserman, E. D.188185:44
Beckman, J. C.toShopman, D.188186:63
Beckman, Jno.fromBreckman, Lewis188393:443
Beckman, Jno.toHance, Geo. R.188495:82
Beckman, Jno. (Et al.)toSchuler, Mattias187874:559
Beckman, Jno. C.toBeckman, Lewis188394:168
Beckman, Jno. C.toMiller, Lewis188391:248
Beckman, Jno. C.toMuller, H. F. C.188597:186
Beckman, Jno. C.toParkison, W. J.188494:317
Beckman, LewisfromBeckman, H. W.187566:78
Beckman, LewisfromBeckman, Jno. C.188394:168
Beckman, N. F.fromBeckman, H. W. (by will)188495:179
Beckman, N. F.toBeckman, R. (Et al.)188599:206
Beckman, N. F.fromBeckman, Regina 188599:206
Beckman, N. F.toHubert, Richard188598:619
Beckman, R. (Et al.)fromBeckman, N. F.188599:206
Beckman, Regina toBeckman, N. F.188599:206
Beckmann, FranktoSchroeder, Elisa187770:84
Beckmann, FrankfromSchroeder, Louis187770:41
Beckmann, HenryfromGerding, John H.185670:80
Becks, H.toCity of Fort Wayne 188183:395
Becks, H.toLinz, Ernest188183:388
Becks, Jas. C. (Comr.)toEly, Adam F.187977:30
Becquette, ElizabethtoBaker, Jacob & Killian188081:366
Becquette, Elizabeth (Guard)toBoss, Marie188081:542
Becquette, Jno. A (Et al.)toBoss, Marie188081:541
Bedioards, Wm.toHooer, Jane188081:538
Bedwards, WilliamfromHoover, Abraham188081:537
Bedwards, Wm.fromHattersley, Willis188182:370
Beebe, BronsontoBeebe, Francis187159:597
Beebe, Emma (Et al.)toUrbine, Casimer188286:239
Beebe, FrancestoDriver, Wm.187567:268
Beebe, FrancesfromHalsey, J. W.187567:269
Beebe, FrancistoAndrews, Wm.187463:595
Beebe, FrancisfromBeebe, Bronson187159:597
Beebe, FrancisfromJohnson, David A.187259:461
Beebe, FrancistoMain, Synthia187876:148
Beebe, Francis & wifetoEndinger, George188392:424
Beebe, Francis (Et al.)toYerks, Jas. M.188080:257
Beebe, Franis (Et al.)toYerks, Jas. M.188080:504
Beebe, RichardtoGunther, John W.187359:385
Beebe, Wm. J.toChapell, P. & J. A.187574:238
Beeby, Wm. J. & C. M.fromHarmell, Solomon P.187361:462
Beecher, A. W.toBeecher, C. M.188184:112
Beecher, C. M.fromBeecher, A. W.188184:112
Beecher, C. M.fromHargrave, Augusta B.187566:467
Beecher, C. M.toSutton, P. M.187771:427
Beecher, C. M. (Et al.)toSuttin, P. M.188183:385
Beechgood, JohnfromBlake, Lewis187461:419
Beechgood, JohnfromBrown, John187564:524
Beechgood, JohntoBrown, John187564:525
Beechgood, M. J.toShutt, Daniel188080:394
Beechgood, M. J. (Et al.)toBernreiter, Jno.187978:417
Beechgood, Martha J.fromSheriff187776:220
Beeching, Geo. E.toHobson, J. E.187874:343
Beeching, Geo. E.toSmith, Forrest187377:338
Beeching, George E.fromTilberry, John187573:96
Beegan, ElizatoFitzgerald, Wm. Jr.188394:547
Beegan, ElizafromMonahan, Daniel187668:78
Beegan, ElizafromMonahan, Daniel187668:79
Beegan, ElizatoReilly, Peter188494:617
Beeger, AugustusfromWaddington, Rosanna (Ex.)187358:452
Beekman, J. F. & N.fromSpencer, M. V. B.187976:523
Beeler, MariatoFairfield, C. k.188185:16
Beeler,MariafromFairfield, C. K.187978:33
Beemer, S. A. (by will)toFell, Fred J.187487:359
Beemer, S. A. (by will)toFell, Mary (Et al.)187487:359
Beemer, S. A. (by will)toTrevey, R. C. (Et al.)187487:359
Beerbaurn, FredfromPeters, E. R. & E. H.188081:300
Beerbower, PeterfromHilbert, Alfred187365:57
Beerger, Clara E.toMeyer, Henry188079:430
Beerger, FranktoWhitaker, J. W.188391:326
Beerman, HenryfromBrenton, Eliza188184:221
Beerman, JohanafromArcher, David R.187772:297
Beerman, JohannatoBrenton, Eliza188184:218
Beers, Jennie F.fromCommissioners by Partition187975:455
Beghtle, LydiafromDouglas, Jno. (Et al.)187881:467
Beghtle, LydiafromPainter, Nancy (Et al.)187881:467
Begne, Jno.fromAndre, Jacques187877:312
Begne, Jno.(Et al.)toAndersdon, Peter187978:90
Begne, MarytoTaylor, Jno.188390:580
Begue & Schnelker (heirs)toBell & Miller187462:579
Begue, A. A.toHeine, Wm.188082:173
Begue, H. JosephfromBerger, Frank187358:526
Begue, Jno.fromBeugnot, J. B. & A.187461:261
Begue, Jno.toNeal, David T.187784:381
Begue, JohntoAubry, Emelio187773:189
Begue, JohnfromBechman, Frank187772:87
Begue, JohntoBeckman, Frank187772:27
Begue, JohnfromBegue, Joseph187565:182
Begue, JohnfromBell, Miller & Schnelker187462:579
Begue, JohntoBeugnot & Schnelker187461:278
Begue, JohnfromCarier, Augustus H.187262:354
Begue, JohnfromCommissioners by Partition187977:185
Begue, JohnfromCoombs, Wm. H. Comr.187470:19
Begue, JohnfromFrossard, Alexander187572:362
Begue, JohntoMollering, Wm.187566:300
Begue, JohntoNeal, David T.187668:326
Begue, JohnfromNeal, David T.187772:232
Begue, JohntoRoy, Jno. B.187668:109
Begue, JohnfromSchnelker, Henry187670:28
Begue, JohnfromSchnelker, Mary187670:28
Begue, JohntoSchnelkir, Mary G. (Et al.)188080:165
Begue, JohntoSenker, Herman188079:98
Begue, JohntoTrossard, Victorine187572:362
Begue, JohntoVanallen, John H.186860:185
Begue, JohntoViard, Victor187565:385
Begue, JohntoWeiedelman, Sophia187668:358
Begue, JohntoWhitaker, Joseph W.187566:444
Begue, John (Et al.)toLangard, V.187681:216
Begue, JosephtoBegue, John187565:182
Begue, M.toBerger, Francis188186:354
Begue, M. (Et al.)toBueter, F.188286:293
Begue, M. (Et al.)toGladieux, Francis188390:385
Begue, M. (Et al.)toSchoenbein, Alice188288:489
Begue, Ma*toKohn, Chas.188286:588
Begue, MariatoEhinger, Ferd.188187:230
Begue, MariatoGerberding, August188185:328
Begue, MariatoPaul, H. C.188496:385
Begue, Maria (Et al.)toNussman, Jno.188186:279
Begue, MaryfromBaker, A. (Et al.)188392:271
Begue, MarytoBerger, Eugenie188185:507
Begue, MaryfromCarier, A. H.188182:385
Begue, MarytoHetrick, M. E.188494:366
Begue, MarytoKoenig, Henry188182:554
Begue, MarytoKrack, Jno.188496:113
Begue, MarytoNies, Mary188289:375
Begue, MarytoNuttman, J. D. Jr.188183:288
Begue, MaryfromWhitaker, Joseph W.187566:567
Begue, Mary (Et al.)toLee, Edward188185:238
Behm, DanieltoZellars, Valentine188495:16
Behm, MaryfromBogar, Rebecca187975:429
Behm, MarytoBogar, Rebecca187975:432
Behm, MaryfromGrate, Harriet, (Et al.)187975:429
Behm, MaryfromHarnish, Susan (Et al.) 187975:429
Behm, MaryfromStauffer, Rhode (Et al.)187975:429
Behm, MaryfromTimbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)187975:429
Behms, Mary (Et al.)toGrate, Harriet187975:427
Behms, Mary (Et al.)toHamish, Susan187975:426
Behms, Mary (Et al.)toTimbrook, Elizabeth187975:428
Behms, Mary (Et al.)toTimbrook, James187975:425
Behrens, LouisfromJohnson, Wm. C.187360:401
Behrins, LouistoJohnson, William C.188081:531
Behrn, DanieltoZoller, Valentine188495:272
Beidenweg, G. & C.fromHayden, E. H. & F. J.188081:230
Beierlein, GeorgefromHinderer, George187360:157
Beighoff, H. J.fromClausmeier, E. F.188495:440
Beight, Saml. (Et al.)toNessel, Michael188185:241
Beight, SamuelfromSchramm, John187770:355
Beighter, GeorgetoBuskirk, Simon P.187565:312
Beightle, G. F.fromBinkley, Levi188290:210
Beightle, George F.fromWells, Moses187364:460
Beincke, ErnstfromFerris, E. M.188287:388
Beineke, ErnestfromMeyer, Mary187976:566
Beineke, ErnstfromNeireiter, John187566:549
Beison, RaburntoClark, Benjamin187465:199
Bell & MillerfromBegue & Schnelker (heirs)187462:579
Bell, A. R.fromBell, Jas.188290:94
Bell, AlexanderfromBell, John187670:498
Bell, C. B.fromColerick, Jno. A.187688:494
Bell, CharlesfromBurgess, Henry187260:438
Bell, CharlesfromRoesner, Christian187565:537
Bell, CharlestoWhiteleather, J. F.187566:397
Bell, CharlestoWillie, Franz187360:439
Bell, Chas. & HebertfromBurgess, Henry187463:186
Bell, Chas. & HerberttoBurgess, Henry187770:184
Bell, EbenezerfromBell, John187670:498
Bell, Ebenezer (Et al.)toBell, John187980:440
Bell, G. W.fromBell, W. M.187361:313
Bell, Geo. W.toBell, M.187463:271
Bell, Geo. W.toBeugnot, Ann188290:149
Bell, Geo. W.toCreager, John P.187463:574
Bell, Geo. W.toShugarts, A. E.188082:421
Bell, George W.fromBell, Martin187979:148
Bell, George W.toLinden, Geo. W.188080:1
Bell, George W.fromScheeler, Michael187567:112
Bell, H. D.toGinther, Geo. E.188081:3
Bell, HerbertfromBurgess, Henry188089:514
Bell, Huldah E.toBengnot, Paul S.187360:406
Bell, Huldah E.fromMetz, Euphenia187060:406
Bell, JamesfromBell, John187670:498
Bell, Jas.toBell, A. R.188290:94
Bell, Jas.fromGriffith, Nancy188182:412
Bell, JohntoBell, Alexander187670:498
Bell, JohntoBell, Ebenezer187670:498
Bell, JohnfromBell, Ebenezer (Et al.)187980:440
Bell, JohntoBell, James187670:498
Bell, John (Et al.)toMumma, G. W.187574:582
Bell, M.fromBell, Geo. W.187463:271
Bell, MartintoBell, George W.187979:148
Bell, MartintoBell, Wm. M.187979:354
Bell, MartintoLinden, Geo. W.186865:387
Bell, MartintoLinden, Geo. W.186892:542
Bell, MartinfromSheriff187360:464
Bell, MarytoHolburn, Wm.188183:427
Bell, MarytoVanBuskark, Jno. W.188084:394
Bell, Mary A.toDarr, Jno.188079:537
Bell, Mary A.fromDevilbiss, Allen187881:422
Bell, Mary A.toUnderwood, Esli187876:364
Bell, Mary A.fromVan Buskirk, E.187775:93
Bell, Mary A.fromWietfeld, Henry187878:104
Bell, Mary A.toWietfeldt, Henry187874:376
Bell, Miller & SchnelkertoBegue, John187462:579
Bell, Miller & SchnelkertoSchnelker (heirs)187462:579
Bell, PerryfromBaker, Perry L.187873:103
Bell, R. C.toBauer, K. J.188287:305
Bell, R. c. toMcCain, Jno. H. & E. J.188393:30
Bell, R. C. & C. E.fromEly, Geo. W.188286:540
Bell, R. C. (Guard)toBarnard, L. C.188392:174
Bell, R. C. (Trustee)toMcCormick, W. M. & L. A.188289:120
Bell, R. C. Comr.toHorman, Henry187565:149
Bell, Robert C.toMeyer, Deidrick187463:589
Bell, Robert C.fromMiller, Wm. H. H.187462:568
Bell, Robert, C. Comr.toMcDonald, Ronald T.187462:175
Bell, Robt. C.fromCoombs, Wm. H.187771:95
Bell, Robt. C.toMiller, Wm. H. H.187462:587
Bell, Robt. C. Comr.toPerkins, John187464:445
Bell, Robt. C. Comr.toRice, Geo. W.187565:83
Bell, Robt. C. Comr.toWagner, Martha187565:123
Bell, Robt. R. (Guard)toHeath, Stephen188494:381
Bell, W. M.toBell, G. W.187361:313
Bell, W. M.fromEveland, Mary187360:469
Bell, W. M.toN. Y. C. & St. L. Rw Co.188186:401
Bell, Wm.toHolburn, Wm.187873:571
Bell, Wm.toHolburn, Wm.187873:571
Bell, Wm. E.fromAustin, Jaline188186:218
Bell, Wm. M.fromBell, Martin187979:354
Bell, Wm. M.toHoward, W. B.188184:587
Bell, Z. T.fromBeatty, Wm. J.187362:501
Bell, Zacharah T.toClark, Benj.187771:222
Bellamy, ElizabethfromBeck, A. M.188079:406
Bellany, ElizabethtoWoods, Letitia188079:322
Belleman, EnochtoBaker, P. L.187472:143
Belleman, EnochtoMyers, Jno. H.188497:178
Bellow, Fredk.fromPickard, Thos. D.187462:298
Belot, J. F.toRondot, J. E. & M. F.188286:496
Belot, JamestoBercot, Pauline187566:227
Belot, James & Bercot, PaulinetoCourderey, Herman187566:228
Belot, James & Bercot, PaulinetoOddou, Louis & Philomen187566:229
Belson, RaburntoSines, A.A.188289:210
Belt, CharlestoMoore, Asia187668:70
Belt, Chas.fromTimmons, Jno.187463:319
Belt, EllenfromGraham and Gotshall187667:517
Belt, EllentoWalters, Isac187790:392
Bemet, M. H.toBequett, Jno. B.188290:163
Bemet, M. H.fromBequett, Peter (Et al.)188290:166
Bemiss, H. P.toBrumback, O. S.188184:557
Bemiss, H. P.toClark, Jane188183:552
Bemoard, OlivertoClear, Mary C.187977:493
Bence, Geo. Lewis (Will of)to185266:268
Bender, AdamfromDurrie, Horace187669:171
Bender, C. P.fromBender, Jno. 188494:139
Bender, DavidfromUnited States185070:365
Bender, David (et al.)toOtt, John187371:555
Bender, G. & S.fromDouglas, Albert188289:491
Bender, Geo.fromBowser, J. C.188598:149
Bender, Jno. toBender, C. P.188494:139
Bender, Jno. H.fromPool, Saml.187770:112
Bender, John H.toPool, Samuel187770:536
Bender, LouistoRing, Jno. (Trustee)188598:367
Bender, LouistoStrodel, J. G.188288:345
Bender, PhiliptoSchwake, H.187463:394
Bender, Phillip P.fromEpple, John187464:137
Bender, Phillip P.toKukkuck, Ledwig187976:55
Beneke, SofiafromHesemeier, Henry188080:479
Beneke, SofiafromHowison, A. S.188183:442
Bengnot, August F.toMonahan, Daniel187360:538
Bengnot, J. B.toTarr, Sarah187163:290
Bengnot, J. B. & A.fromSchnelkes, Herman (Et al.)187876:230
Bengnot, J. B. (Atty.)toManuel, F. J.188286:428
Bengnot, J. B. (Guard)toDonnenfelser, C.188597:255
Bengnot, Jno. B.toRoy, Frances188597:315
Bengnot, M. M. (Et al.)toBruck, Adam188185:353
Bengnot, Paul S.fromBell, Huldah E.187360:406
Beninghoff, B.fromBoger, Lydia A.188497:100
Beninghoff, B.toRapp, Levi187668:221
Beninghoff, Benj.fromBaltz, Jacob187668:197
Beninghoff, Benj.fromBoger, D. E.188289:108
Beninghoff, Benj.fromBoger, W. F.188291:291
Beninghoff, Benj.fromBoyer, S. (Et al.)188289:106
Beninghoff, Benj.fromFriese, A. (Et al.)188289:106
Benjamin, Cyrus & AbbytoEdgerton, J. K.187461:432
Benke, F.toBandt, Frederick187667:476
Benner, Wm.toFarrenfelder, J.187463:395
Benner, Wm.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187360:188
Benner, Wm. (Et al.)toSargeant, Wm. Jr.188392:35
Benner, Wm. (Et al.)toSargent, W. & D.187978:507
Bennet, AnsontoWelokinson, Lodinck186876:451
Bennett, A. J. toBennett, M. E.188288:847
Bennett, Adam J.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187872:492
Bennett, AmonfromDafforn, Jno.188186:337
Bennett, AmontoTaylor, Jno. M.188185:67
Bennett, AnnatoHill, N. A.188598:311
Bennett, ArrontoTaylor, Jno. M.188497:565
Bennett, C. A.toBodine, F. A.187983:498
Bennett, Charlotte A.fromBouser, Alexander187669:72
Bennett, DavidfromBennett, M. W.187668:197
Bennett, DavidtoTaylor, A. J.187668:286
Bennett, Demott S.fromGodard, Allen187358:412
Bennett, Demott S.fromGodard, Harrison R.197358:408
Bennett, Demotte S.toDever, Ellen187358:410
Bennett, H.toMcKee, Thos. L.188081:85
Bennett, HannahtoBear, Geo.188598:604
Bennett, HannahtoJohnston, Wesley188598:437
Bennett, Harriett L.fromHyatt, Henry J.187668:367
Bennett, IsaactoMcKee, Thos. S.188080:178
Bennett, J. F. & B.fromFrance, Rosa A.188495:518
Bennett, J. G.fromJohnson, Sarah A.187773:273
Bennett, J. G.toLatle, Andrew188598:450
Bennett, JohntoJohnson, Martin187262:187
Bennett, JosephtoKinzy, Christian186762:184
Bennett, M. E.fromBennett, A. J. 188288:847
Bennett, M. W.toBennett, David187668:197
Bennett, M. W.toVaschan, Vedal187362:357
Bennett, Marion W.toKing, Peter187367:297
Bennett, MarvintoRobison, John A.187566:322
Bennett, Marvin W.toJustus, Lewis S.187360:251
Bennett, MaryfromCominavish, F.188394:342
Bennett, Mary E.toHeuschkel, A.188288:564
Bennigan, C. (Et al.)toHuguenard, M. A.188599:87
Bennigen, H. Sr.toAlbright, M. E.188289:525
Benning, LouisetoAhrens, Henry187361:174
Benninghoff, B. (Et al.)toRenn, Jno.188290:46
Benninghoff, B. (Et al.)toWrenn, Jno.188290:43
Benninghoff, DavidtoBillman, Elias187565:350
Benninghoff, DavidtoDudgeon, Chas.188496:61
Benninghoff, DavidfromStone, Anson187564:570
Benninghoff, Wm.toSowers, Christian187462:314
Benninghoof, Jno.fromBaker, Jno. S. (Et al.)188393:323
Bennitt, HannahtoBear, Geo.188598:429
Benoit, JuliantoBaker, A. J.188289:13
Benoit, JulianfromBaker, Henry (est.)187565:580
Benoit, JuliantoBrammer, J. H.188288:97
Benoit, JuliantoCoeurdevay, Adelaide187771:300
Benoit, JuliantoDwenger, Jos.188596:563
Benoit, JulianfromF?, David188082:462
Benoit, JuliantoGilmartin, Edward188288:238
Benoit, JuliantoKruger, A. C. & F. W.188288:303
Benoit, JulianfromO'Rourke, Edward (comr.)187564:313
Benoit, JulianfromPettier, Mary188081:493
Benoit, Julian (Assignee)fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185379:162
Benort, JulianfromBaker, Catherine188193:185
Bensinger, CatharinetoBensinger, J. F.188392:268
Bensinger, J. F.fromBensinger, Catharine188392:268
Bensit, JuliantoPeltier, Mary & Louis188081:494
Bensman, ElizabethtoBensman, Wm.187873:148
Bensman, HenrytoBensman, Wm.187873:148
Bensman, MarytoBensman, Wm.187873:148
Bensman, RudolphtoBensman, Wm.187873:148
Bensman, RudolphfromHennings, Fredk.187567:84
Bensman, Wm.fromBensman, Elizabeth187873:148
Bensman, Wm.fromBensman, Henry187873:148
Bensman, Wm.fromBensman, Mary187873:148
Bensman, Wm.fromBensman, Rudolph187873:148
Benson, MagdalenatoFairfield, Anna S.187463:614
Bent, PeterfromBettinger, G. E. L.188597:356
Bent, PeterfromFox, A. M.188598:67
Bent, PetertoFox, Alice M.188598:60
Benton, CharliefromDymond, M. S.187774:180
Benton, CharliefromHolcomb, B. J.187772:83
Benton, CharlietoKenan, Alvin187877:295
Benton, CharlietoPierce, Geo. W.187874:143
Benton, CharliefromRust, Oscar187772:248
Benton, CharlietoSmead, Thos. H.187873:299
Benton, CharliefromWhite, James B.187772:292
Benton, CharlietoWhite, Jas. B.187772:391
Benton, Chas.fromFrench, R. E.187772:220
Benton, L. H.toRomy, Robt. L.188598:432
Benty, Wm. J.toBeaty, John187464:491
Benward, J. S.fromArnold, Henry (Et al.)188082:208
Benward, J. S.fromClear, M. C.188289:58
Benward, Jno. S.fromHollopeter, Israel (Et al.)188082:208
Benward, O.fromFleming, Wm.188184:566
Benward, OlivertoBowser, Saml. Q.188183:251
Benward, OlivertoClear, M. C.188185:19
Benz, Mary S.toEckels, W. J.188494:399
Beown, MarytoClifford, Jos.188288:29
Beque, JohnfromSchnelker, Herman187461:261
Bequett, Jno. B.fromBemet, M. H.188290:163
Bequett, Jno. B.fromBequett, Peter (Et al.)188290:163
Bequett, Peter (Et al.)toBemet, M. H.188290:166
Bequett, Peter (Et al.)toBequett, Jno. B.188290:163
Bequette F.fromLaidlaw, Walter187777:320
Bequette, TheresafromBloomhuff, S. H.185190:140
Berberick, D. H. F.fromBrown, Henry I.187978:414
Berberick, D. H. F.fromFederspiel, B. Jr.188082:5
Berberick, M. W. (Et al.)toHeine, Wm.188082:173
Bercot, ClaudefromCarnrike, W. S.187977:308
Bercot, Claude & JosephtoBercot, F. J., C. H. & J. A.187165:234
Bercot, EmelinefromBaltes, Michael187772:435
Bercot, EmelinefromKoenig, Edward187772:435
Bercot, EmelinefromWagner, Henry G (et al.)187772:435
Bercot, F. J., C. H. & J. A.fromBercot, Claude & Joseph187165:234
Bercot, F. J., C. H. & J. A.fromBercot, Joseph187565:233
Bercot, FrancistoBercot, Louis187463:577
Bercot, J. F. C. H. & J. A.fromIten, Adaline187165:234
Bercot, JosephtoBercot, F. J., C. H. & J. A.187565:233
Bercot, LouisfromBercot, Francis187463:577
Bercot, PaulinefromBelot, James187566:227
Bercot, PaulinefromCourderey H.187566:227
Bercot, PaulinefromGirard, Jules187566:227
Bercot, PaulinefromOddou, Louis & Philomen187566:227
Berdelman, Ernst H.fromBurgess, Henry187360:3
Berdelmann, ErnstfromWursten, Samuel187668:66
Berg, ChristophertoBerg, Philip187977:245
Berg, ChristophertoGresly, Peter188597:387
Berg, PhilipfromBerg, Christopher187977:245
Berger, EugeniefromBegue, Mary188185:507
Berger, EugeniefromEdgerton, Jos. K.188080:231
Berger, EugenietoMeyers, Catharina188394:610
Berger, EugenietoWhitaker, J. W.188391:327
Berger, EugenniefromBerger, Jno. P.187976:459
Berger, FrancisfromBegue, M.188186:354
Berger, FrancisfromBeugnot, J. B. (Et al.)188186:354
Berger, FrankfromBecker, Jacob187874:318
Berger, FranktoBegue, H. Joseph187358:526
Berger, FranktoBeugnot, Jno. B.187668:268
Berger, FrankfromMcKee, Robert188182:351
Berger, FranktoSchnitker, A. R. (Et al.)188185:232
Berger, FranktoStutz, Peter188494:374
Berger, Jno. P.toBerger, Eugennie187976:459
Berger, John P.fromWhitaker, Jos. W.187770:44
Bergh, Anna M.toFerckel, Adam188080:141
Berghoff, H. C.fromBarbour, M. F.187976:521
Berghoff, H. C.toBond, J. D.188185:114
Berghorn, FredfromKing, Chas. A. & F. J.187263:251
Berghorn, FredtoLangenbacher, M.188391:51
Berghorn, HenryfromBusking, Henry188392:70
Berghorn, HenryfromFerrall, J. D. (Et al.)188079:493
Berghorn, HenrytoRippe, Wilhelmena188287:216
Berghorn, HenryfromStead, Jos. (Et al.)188079:493
Bergman, FrederickatoHollman, John187667:525
Bergman, Geo. D.toEggemann, Wm.188392:577
Bergman, Wm.toHollman, John187667:495
Bergmann, HenryfromGriebel, Frederick187567:185
Bergmann, HenrytoWeizstein, Rosanna187669:462
Berleman, C.fromCoomes, J. D.188288:383
Berleman, C.toHoward, Wm. B.188289:21
Berlin, HenryfromSheriff187976:553
Bermeiter, Jno.toSchlink, Jno.188287:234
Bernard, CarolinefromRosse, Joseph187771:201
Bernardin, C.fromDupont, M.188081:254
Bernardin, ConstantfromBernardin, Francis187669:468
Bernardin, F. J.toLardier, M.187669:372
Bernardin, FrancistoBernardin, Constant187669:468
Bernardin, Francis J.fromLardier, Francis187567:32
Bernardin, HortensofromDupont, Marcellen187379:169
Berndorf, Wm.toDidricks, Jacob187463:15
Berner, Chas. & P.toBeaver, Mary E.187260:372
Bernhardt, P.fromFreidrich, Gustave 188184:570
Bernhart, M.fromShatto, Nicolas187461:233
Berning, C. W.fromBerning, Henry188286:417
Berning, CharlottetoEix, Henry187770:69
Berning, CharlottefromEix, Henry187874:291
Berning, HenrytoBerning, C. W.188286:417
Bernreiter & Schnelker (heirs)fromBurgess, Henry187360:53
Bernreiter, Jno.fromBeechgood, M. J. (Et al.)187978:417
Bernreiter, Jno.toLantz, Christian 188290:126
Bernreiter, Jno.fromThomas, A. E. (Et al.)187978:417
Bernreiter, JohnfromAuditor1873A:66
Bernreiter, JohnfromBriant, Cyrus E.187064:110
Berr, Chas. W. (Guard)toPhilley, Chas. H.188392:598
Berresnet, Josephine U.fromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Berry, Chas. W.toPhilley, Chas. H.188392:221
Berry, WesleyfromFiegel, Catharine188392:127
Berry, WesleyfromGerardin, H.188392:128
Berry, Wm. A.toMoore, E. S.187874:115
Berry, Wm. A.toMorse, E. S.187874:115
Berry, Wm. A.fromMorse, Emeline S.187772:155
Berthand, LouisfromFerris, Benjamin188392:570
Bertheand, L.fromFlemimg, Wm.188390:568
Bertsch, Jno.fromFitzgerald, Wm. Jr.188394:555
Berweiler, PetertoRothgeb, Wm.188496:211
Besancon, A. F.toBesancon, Francis188496:414
Besancon, FrancisfromBesancon, A. F.188496:414
Besancon, FrancistoBesancon, Josephine188496:415
Besancon, JosephinefromBesancon, Francis188496:415
Besancon, JosphinetoKlenke, Conrad188598:503
Bese, Chas.fromBurgess, Henry187776:483
Bessell, Geo. P.fromSpooner, Benj. J. (Comr.)187771:44
Besson, John B.fromEdsall, William S.187463:154
Best, H.fromBest, Peter188392:204
Best, H.toBest, S. J.188392:205
Best, HenryfromBest, Sarah Jane188392:386
Best, HenrytoBest, Sarah Jane188393:386
Best, PetertoBest, H.188392:204
Best, PetertoMarble, J. M. C.188495:346
Best, S. J.fromBest, H.188392:205
Best, Sarah JanetoBest, Henry188392:386
Best, Sarah JanefromBest, Henry188393:386
Beston, C. P. (Et al.)toMcMakew, C.187682:403
Bettinger, G. E. L.toBent, Peter188597:356
Betz, JoelfromBoston, Thos.188187:373
Betz, Joel W.toBoston, Alex188597:273
Betz, Joel W.fromBoston, Alex188597:274
Betzler, Geo. (by will)fromBetzler, Geo. (Dec.)187680:558
Betzler, Geo. (Dec.)toBetzler, Geo. (by will)187680:558
Betzler, Geo. (Will of)to187680:558
Beugnot & SchnelkerfromBegue, John187461:278
Beugnot, AnnfromBell, Geo. W.188290:149
Beugnot, AnthonytoBecker, Jacob187361:238
Beugnot, AnthonytoBlaising, J. P.187366:65
Beugnot, AnthonytoBlazing, Henry187673:224
Beugnot, AnthonytoTarr, Sarah187467:241
Beugnot, AnthonytoZurbuch, Geo.188192:36
Beugnot, J. B. & A.toBegue, Jno.187461:261
Beugnot, J. B. & A.fromSchnelker, M. Y. (Guard) 187978:66
Beugnot, J. B. (Atty.)toSchnelker, M. G.188187:444
Beugnot, J. B. (Et al.)toBerger, Francis188186:354
Beugnot, J. B. (Et al.)toShurick, F. S.187978:235
Beugnot, J. F.toMaloy, Thos.187566:31
Beugnot, J. F.fromPoole, Thos. D.187463:277
Beugnot, Jno. B.fromBerger, Frank187668:268
Beugnot, Jno. B.fromGerrardot, Jos.188197:118
Beugnot, Jno. R.toPeters, Samuel187668:63
Beugnot, John B.toKrimmel, Traugott187158:380
Beugnot, John B.toManuel, F. J.187668:193
Beugnot, P. s.toLadig, N. P.188494:418
Beugnot, Paul S.toNull, Lycurgus S.187770:447
Beugnot, VictoriatoWelling, Henry187461:391
Beurat, Mary H.fromBond, H. M. C.188496:128
Beuret, M. M.toHartwig, H. H.188495:586
Beuret, MarytoO'Rourke, J. C.187463:179
Beuret, Xavier & MarytoLanoir, Louise187565:609
Bevelhaimer, D. & I.fromBond, Chas. E.188393:388
Bevelhaimer, W. D.fromBond, Chas. E.188393:387
Bevelheimer, DanieltoSheiman, Caroline187461:234
Bevelheimer, DanielfromSherman, Ernst187461:187
Bevelheimer, Danl.toEdwards, Frank188391:200
Bevelheimer, Danl.toMonroe Tp.187995:599
Beverferden, JohannafromReinkensmeier, C.188079:572
Beverforden, AugustfromBeverforden, S.187669:131
Beverforden, AugustfromBeverforden, Seiford187463:583
Beverforden, AugusttoBeverforden, Sophia187669:148
Beverforden, AugusttoReinkensmeier, C.187977:252
Beverforden, H. F.fromHarber, Peter188081:128
Beverforden, S.toBarnes, E. A.188391:469
Beverforden, S.toBeverforden, August187669:131
Beverforden, S.fromFleming, Wm.188391:482
Beverforden, S.fromGero, Philip187977:447
Beverforden, S.toHarmon, H.188598:313
Beverforden, S.fromHumphrey, John187668:144
Beverforden, S.toScheiman, Ernst188286:319
Beverforden, S.toScheiman, Ernst188286:320
Beverforden, Saml.fromBittinger, Geo. L.187566:42
Beverforden, SeifordtoBeverforden, August187463:583
Beverforden, SiefredtoOrff, Martha187667:532
Beverforden, SophiafromBeverforden, August187669:148
Beverforden, SophiatoFrench, C. P.187771:39
Beyer, CharlesfromBeyer, William187875:249
Beyer, CharlesfromBeyer, William187876:29
Beyer, Chas.fromMettert, M. G.188081:42
Beyer, WilliamtoBeyer, Charles187875:249
Beyer, WilliamtoBeyer, Charles187876:29
Beyerlein, C.toLipp, Jno.188185:291

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