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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Bl ???, H. (Et al.)toKeefer, Fred188183:335
Black, C. M.toSwartz, Jno.186885:33
Black, CalvinfromShordon, Wm.188286:525
Black, CalvintoShordon, Wm.188391:62
Black, Calvin (Et al.)toJackson, H. W.188287:201
Black, Jas.fromBlack, Wm.188394:130
Black, Jno. T.fromShordon, Wm.188391:64
Black, Jno. T. (Guard)toShordon, Wm.188286:508
Black, John T.toBarral, Jacob187770:407
Black, John T.fromDriver, Enoch G.187360:524
Black, John T.fromTrustee St. Joseph Tp.186966:287
Black, SophiafromMumma, Geo. W.188394:251
Black, Wm.toBlack, Jas.188394:130
Black, Wm.fromSteel, Almira187565:363
Blackburn, A. M.fromWright, Wm.187667:481
Blackburn, HenryfromKaylor, Reuben187265:150
Blackburn, HenrytoNull, Upton187565:151
Blackburn, HenrytoSmall, John187565:165
Blackburn, JacobtoJacquay, Lemuel187590:331
Blackburn, JacobfromNelson, I. D. G.186594:519
Blackburn, JacobfromPowers, Samuel186690:330
Blackburn, LeroyfromCorbett, W. W.188184:391
Blackburn, Robt.toWright, Wm.187667:369
Blackburn, S.fromKoch, Wm.188495:213
Blackburn, S.fromMathews, Saml.188081:203
Blackburn, S.toYerks, Jas. M.188080:504
Blackburn, Sylvia (Et al.)toYerks, Jas. M.188080:257
Blain, Olive, (Et al.)toN. Y. C. & St. L. Ry Co.188186:23
Blair, B. F.fromMunn, E. E.188289:8
Blair, CamillatoBarthold, F. L.187667:479
Blair, CarmillafromBarthold, A. K.188597:405
Blair, D. (Trustee)fromArcher, Jno. H.188393:209
Blair, D. (Trustee)toSauser, Louis188393:210
Blair, David (trustee)fromBittinger, A. H.187668:313
Blair, Wright (Et al.)toBartlett, A. A.188288:464
Blaisdell, Maria M.fromFrench, Ranson E.187772:309
Blaisdell, Maria M.fromWorden, John B.187772:308
Blaisdell, P. O.fromRedeker, Chas. D.187462:319
Blaisdell, Phillip O.toDeIsay, Alida L.187772:306
Blaising, J. P.fromBeugnot, Anthony187366:65
Blaising, J. P.fromNull, L. S.188185:377
Blaising, Jno.fromSchnelker, H. (Adm.)188183:367
Blaising, Jno. P.fromLee, Edward188287:220
Blaising, Jno. P.toZeddis, Wm.188287:366
Blake, CharlestoBlake, Charles, Jr.187464:131
Blake, CharlestoBlake, Frederick187464:127
Blake, CharlestoBlake, Wm.187464:128
Blake, CharlestoBlake, Wm.187464:129
Blake, Charles, Jr.fromBlake, Charles187464:131
Blake, ChristianfromHubler, John Sr.187462:561
Blake, FrederickfromBlake, Charles187464:127
Blake, FrederickfromSheridan, Sarah187977:567
Blake, LewistoBeechgood, John187461:419
Blake, Wm.fromBlake, Charles187464:128
Blake, Wm.fromBlake, Charles187464:129
Blakeley, Wm. F. (Et al.)toOseabaugh, Isaac187978:218
Blakely, M. C.fromGates, Abraham188191:280
Blakely, Mary C.fromBond, C. E. (Et al.)188183:431
Blakely, Mary C.fromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188183:431
Blaker, Chas. F. & M. C.toHorn, Patrick187361:44
Blakesley, J. H.fromGreene, Mary M.187362:45
Blakesley, John H.fromBlakesley, L. M.187566:398
Blakesley, John H.toBlakesley, Mary J.187566:399
Blakesley, L. M.toBlakesley, John H.187566:398
Blakesley, L. M.toBlakesley, Mary187566:400
Blakesley, L. M.toBlakesly, L. M.187566:398
Blakesley, L. M.fromGreene, Mary M.187362:46
Blakesley, Lyman M.fromBlakesley, Mary187771:487
Blakesley, MaryfromBlakesley, L. M.187566:400
Blakesley, MarytoBlakesley, Lyman M.187771:487
Blakesley, Mary J.fromBlakesley, John H.187566:399
Blakesly, L. M.fromBlakesley, L. M.187566:398
Blakley, TermanfromHursh, John C.186562:22
Blakley, Wm.toGates, Abraham188091:279
Blandoit, FelixfromEdsall, S. S.187463:203
Blank, Jno.fromFitch, M. W. (Et al.)188393:289
Blank, Jno.fromFrary, H. A. (Et al.)188393:289
Blase, J. H.toZollinger, Louis C.187772:182
Blase, John H.toMessing, Charles187564:449
Blase, John H.fromMessing, Charles187564:450
Blase, LouisfromArcher, J. H.187361:243
Blase, LouisfromCoombs, J. M.188081:97
Blase, LouisfromDrake, J. D.188081:4
Blase, LouisfromRockhill, H. C.187883:436
Blase, LouisfromRockhill, H. C.188083:437
Blase, LouisfromSheriff187874:329
Blase, W. (Et al.)toFrentman, J. A.188290:13
Blase, WilhelmenafromRahe, J. H. (Adm.)188391:386
Blaskburn, SylvafromOdd Fellows Cemetery (New Haven)188081:285
Blauser, MarthafromBlauser, Matty187462:263
Blauser, MarthafromCarroll, Augeline188599:222
Blauser, MarthatoHowell, Wm.187462:264
Blauser, MarthafromHowell, Wm.187978:537
Blauser, Martha (Et al.)toHowell, Wm. (heirs)188185:572
Blauser, MasthiatoCarroll, A.188599:222
Blauser, MattytoBlauser, Martha187462:263
Blauser, NoahfromBly, A. O.188496:83
Blazing, HenryfromBeugnot, Anthony187673:224
Bleake, Wm.fromBittinger, J. R. (Ex.)188081:244
Blecke, ChristiantoHollman, Wm., Frank & John187566:382
Bleckman, HenriettatoDawson, Elizabeth J.187668:129
Blee, Bridget & Baker, AnnfromBaker, John Comr.187565:299
Blee, Charles A.toBaker, Killian187876:68
Blee, James Sr.toBlee, Wm. Sr.188494:505
Blee, Jas. Sr.fromHogg, N. B.188081:301
Blee, Jos.fromBocerf, Oct*ve188599:20
Blee, Jos.toBoeuf, Octave188599:20
Blee, T. & J. L.toBoeuf, Octave188287:541
Blee, Thos.fromBayless, Lott. S.186383:85
Blee, Thos.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185483:84
Blee, Wm.fromBaker, Kilian187987:531
Blee, Wm.toBaker, Killian187462:521
Blee, Wm. Sr.fromBlee, James Sr.188494:505
Bleeke, ChristianfromHollmann, Wm. Frank & John187566:381
Bleekman, E. L.fromBleekman, Jerome187873:448
Bleekman, E. L.fromBleekman, Jerome187873:448
Bleekman, E. S.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.187976:482
Bleekman, H.fromFrance, E.187982:82
Bleekman, H.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188082:83
Bleekman, H.fromRemmel, A. C.188185:191
Bleekman, H. & J.toRemmel, G. L.188494:565
Bleekman, HenriettafromMiller, Aggie F. F.187565:35
Bleekman, JeromefromBittinger, G. L.187670:319
Bleekman, JeromefromBittinger, Geo. L.187668:463
Bleekman, JerometoBleekman, E. L.187873:448
Bleekman, JerometoBleekman, E. L.187873:448
Bleekman, JeromefromFleming, Wm.187668:463
Bleekman, JerometoFletcher, C. C.187670:99
Bleekman, JerometoFletcher, Mary E.187670:97
Bleekman, JerometoHamlin, D. W.187874:413
Bleekman, JerometoKoster, Christian187875:358
Bleekman, JerometoMackey, James187977:368
Bleitschan, J. E. (Etux.)fromCoolman, Jno. H.188597:539
Bleke, C. & M.fromHibler, Jno.188183:393
Bleke, CarlfromBleke, Christian187772:144
Bleke, CharlesfromGerding, John H.185670:80
Bleke, Chas.fromMayer, Elizabeth188598:572
Bleke, ChristiantoBleke, Carl187772:144
Bleke, DiederickfromKruse, Henry C.187360:270
Bleke, L. M. (Et al.)toRose, A. F.188182:208
Bleke, Louisa (Et al.)toRahdert, F. C.188185:80
Bleke, Wm.toSeavey, G. W.187975:556
Blem, Louis (Et al.)toGrover, A. T.187977:388
Blemker, Ernest Wm.fromBloemker, Henry187668:344
Blenck, Geo.toLassing, Louis187463:276
Blenck, RosannatoCerlia & Ranken187464:113
Blessing, CatherinefromIsebay, L. C.188390:483
Blessing, Geo.fromUpdegraff, Tarasey187671:507
Blessing, Geo. (Et al.)toHappel, Edward188079:144
Blessing, Geo. L.fromSmith, R. W. (Et al.)187975:537
Blessing, Geo. S.fromColter, Jacob (Et al.)187975:537
Blessing, Jno. Geo.toRothmann, Peter187978:286
Blessing, PeterfromBabbitt, Thos. S.188287:319
Blessing, PeterfromBiedenveg, Godfried187978:494
Blessing, PeterfromChase, S. W. (Et al.)188494:248
Blessing, PeterfromChase, S. W. (Guard)188494:302
Blessing, PeterfromFay, James A.187564:479
Blessing, PetertoFink, Jacob & Mary188498:474
Blessing, PeterfromGregory, Melinda (Et al.)188494:248
Blessing, PeterfromLawrence, L. A. (Et al.)188494:248
Blessing, PeterfromPhilabaum, Geo. (Et al.)188494:248
Blessing, PeterfromReed, Wm. B.187265:60
Blessing, PeterfromSchower, Ludwig (Guard)188494:301
Blessing, PeterfromSeavey, Gideon W.187978:493
Blessing, PeterfromSheriff188394:244
Blessing, PeterfromSmith, E. C. (Et al.)188494:248
Bloch, Geo.toHarber, Nicholas187978:516
Bloch, Geo.fromLauer, Gustav187667:209
Blochoff, HermanfromParent, David188494:252
Block, J. F. A.fromHayden, F. J.188392:146
Block, J. F. A.fromSimons, O. A.188392:98
Block, J. F. A.toThe Reformed Orphans Home188395:259
Block, WilhelmfromBicknese, Fred188183:237
Blodgett, DrucillafromJerome, Ann188289:427
Bloemker, F. H.fromKammeier, Henry188598:176
Bloemker, F. W.fromBusking, Henry187976:178
Bloemker, HenrytoBlemker, Ernest Wm.187668:344
Bloemker, HenryfromPickard, Thos. R.187361:29
Blombach, OttofromBond, J. E.188597:40
Blondiot, Wm.fromLumbard, Addia188393:597
Blood, IsaactoBlood, John187463:456
Blood, Jno.toLipes, D. H.187885:499
Blood, JohnfromBlood, Isaac187463:456
Blood, JohnfromRoss, Alfred187567:143
Blood, JohntoSlagle, Ann P.187463:455
Blood, M. (Et al.)toFunk, Leonard188183:408
Blood, Martha (Et al.)toFunk, Jacob188184:150
Blood, ReubentoCarmike, M.188290:41
Blood, ReubentoDidier, Francis188286:264
Blood, ReubenfromDidier, Francis188286:436
Blood, ReubenfromLillies, Jno. Jr. (Et al.)188185:255
Blood, ReubentoMason, J. S.188186:48
Blood, ReubenfromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188185:302
Blood, ReubenfromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188290:89
Blood, ReubenfromShoemaker, J. S. (Et al.)188185:255
Blood, ReubentoVesey, W. J.188290:94
Bloom, MartintoBloom, Martin Jr.187873:326
Bloom, MartinfromHagan, Mary187566:260
Bloom, MartinfromTieman, Mary (et al.)187463:126
Bloom, Martin Jr.fromBloom, Martin187873:326
Bloomhuff, A. & S. H.toBloomhuff, Chas. E.188080:31
Bloomhuff, A. M.fromMooney, Flora187669:65
Bloomhuff, A. M. (Guard)toMeiller, W. D.188598:28
Bloomhuff, A. M. (Guard)toMeiller, W. D.188598:27
Bloomhuff, Amanda M.fromSwift, Bayless187566:74
Bloomhuff, B. E.fromColson, Nicholas187873:417
Bloomhuff, C.fromBloomhuff, Nathan188188:334
Bloomhuff, C.fromBloomhuff, S. C.186887:187
Bloomhuff, C.fromBloomhuff, W. D.188288:333
Bloomhuff, C.toFox, A. M.188391:409
Bloomhuff, C.toGranger, M. J.188185:349
Bloomhuff, C.toSimons, O. A.188288:99
Bloomhuff, C. E.toPeltier, Catharine188188:562
Bloomhuff, CatharinetoEllison, Thos. E. (Trustee)188286:525
Bloomhuff, CatharinefromFairfield, Cyrus K.187360:560
Bloomhuff, CatharinefromKuhne, F. M.187770:339
Bloomhuff, CatharinetoScotton, John J.187872:547
Bloomhuff, CatharinetoTagtmeyer, David187978:43
Bloomhuff, CatharinefromWhitehead, John G.187770:338
Bloomhuff, CatherintoDresbach, Isaac187358:369
Bloomhuff, Chas E.toColson, Margaret187873:465
Bloomhuff, Chas. E.fromBloomhuff, A. & S. H.188080:31
Bloomhuff, NathantoBloomhuff, C.188188:334
Bloomhuff, S. C.toBloomhuff, C.186887:187
Bloomhuff, S. H.toBequette, Theresa185190:140
Bloomhuff, S. H.fromSheriff (J. D. Hance)187463:424
Bloomhuff, Sam H.toSwift, Bayless187566:73
Bloomhuff, Sam'l H.toEmerick, Andrew J.187462:27
Bloomhuff, Saml. H.fromLaurent, John187162:40
Bloomhuff, W. D.toBloomhuff, C.188288:333
Bloomhuff, W. D. (Et al.)toThomas, S. A.188288:241
Bloomhuff, Wm. D.fromPhillips, John T.187263:9
Bloomhuff. chas. E.toColson, Margaret187873:465
Blosser, Jno.fromLewis, Geo. W. (Adm.)188185:467
Blosser, Jno.fromLewis, Geo. W. (Et al.)188185:468
Blosser, Jno.fromPalmer, L. C.188289:556
Blosser, Jno.fromRyan, F. D. (Et al.)188185:468
Blosser, Jno.fromSalmon, H. E. (Et al.)188185:468
Blosser, Jno.fromShell, H. V.188185:468
Blotcamp, A. E.toKassans, Christian188184:443
Blotcamp, AnnatoSteinborn, Jno.188288:560
Blotcamp, AnnatoSummers, F. C.188081:113
Blotcamp, F.fromSiemon, A. F.188081:187
Blotkamp, AnnafromBuck, W. S.187977:551
Blotkamp, AuefromHolland, Mary A.188079:343
Blotkamp, FranktoBrownsberger, W. & M.188083:412
Bloudior, Wm.fromBloudiot, Felix188495:397
Bloudiot, FelixtoBloudior, Wm.188495:397
Blubaugh, F.toRuiggenberg, P. & C.187674:351
Blubaugh, Geo. W.toSchmucker, John187566:177
Blue, Jno. H.toScarlet, Chester188495:335
Blue, John H.fromScarlet, Chester188392:322
Blum, AugustfromM***, Jas.188184:550
Blum, AugusttoMeyer, J. F. W.188185:542
Blum, AugustfromNolan, John Sr.188079:587
Blum, AugusttoRabel, Christina188184:17
Blum, August (Adm.)toMoellening, W. L.188393:75
Blum, August Sr.fromKentner, M. M.188184:551
Blum, C. (Et al.)toGlutting, A. F. (Et al.)188185:236
Blum, Geo. P. Sr.toLoultit, Kate188183:22
Blum, Geo. P. Sr.fromLouttit, James188183:21
Blum, HenrytoGumbert, Henry188597:228
Blum, HenryfromLeykauf, charlotta (Et al.)188597:170
Blum, JacobtoMaurer, Charlotte187670:60
Blum, JacobfromWhite, James B.187667:388
Blum, MartinfromBoley, Francis187668:240
Blum, MartintoSchaffer, David & Margaret187668:241
Blum, NicholasfromSkinner, F. H.188184:268
Blum, NicholastoSlataper, D. L.188599:134
Blume, C. (Et al.)toEvard, Julius188394:8
Bly, A. O.toBlauser, Noah188496:83
Bly, Abraham O.toBly, Elizabeth187873:30
Bly, Abraham O.fromBly, William187873:29
Bly, ElizabethfromBly, Abraham O.187873:30
Bly, WilliamtoBly, Abraham O.187873:29
Blyer, SarahfromPierce, Jos. H.187565:179
Blyler, DanieltoRemmel, A. C.187358:545
Blyler, SarahtoBall, Magdelina188391:383
Blyler, SarahfromJeffries, Adam187565:177
Blyler, SarahfromOrbison, Henry187565:178
Blyler, SarahfromOrvis, Chas.187565:176
Blyler, SarahfromPierce, Chas. H.188391:382
Blyler, SarahfromPierce, D. W. I.188391:381
Blystone, C. L.toBlystone, E.188287:450
Blystone, C. L.toBlystone, Elizabeth188598:570
Blystone, C. L.fromBlystone, Isaac188287:299
Blystone, C. L.fromBlystone, Isaac188598:569
Blystone, E.fromBlystone, C. L.188287:450
Blystone, ElizabethfromBlystone, C. L.188598:570
Blystone, ItoHitzeman, Geo.188182:519
Blystone, IsaactoBlystone, C. L.188287:299
Blystone, IsaactoBlystone, C. L.188598:569
Blystone, IsaactoCarray, F. J. & B. A.188391:95
Blystone, IsaacfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188290:335
Blystone, IsaacfromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187977:420
Blystone, IsaacfromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 188182:247
Blystone, IsaactoLordier, J. E.188183:223
Blythe, S. W.fromNickerson, Ezra188495:231
Blythe, T. W.toShipman, E. A.188598:531

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