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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Bracht, CatherinefromFlanigan, Charles187976:288
Bracht, JosephtoFlanigan, Charles187976:287
Bracht, JosephfromGreen, Mary M.187462:538
Brack, John P.fromSheriff187772:76
Brackenridge Addition to Fort Wayne (Plat of)to187874:188
Brackenridge J. & Geo. W.toBoseker, Francis187672:470
Brackenridge Jos. & Geo.fromSchell, James H.187360:569
Brackenridge, A. M.toBrackenridge, Francis A.187272:479
Brackenridge, A. M.fromBrackenridge, Robt.187272:479
Brackenridge, Chas. S.toHoffman, A. & W. H.187360:305
Brackenridge, E. J.fromChittenden, Harriet187977:266
Brackenridge, E. J.fromTaylor, Mary187877:176
Brackenridge, E. J.fromTaylor, Mary187877:177
Brackenridge, Elizie J.toTrustees 2nd Ger. R. Salem Con.187564:477
Brackenridge, F. A.toBrackenridge, Jos. (Et al.)187786:42
Brackenridge, F. A.toKranskopf, Peter187874:40
Brackenridge, F. A.toKranskopf, Peter187874:40
Brackenridge, F. A.toMohr, H. H.188287:164
Brackenridge, F. A.toSheldon, C. H.188287:264
Brackenridge, Francis A.fromBrackenridge, A. M.187272:479
Brackenridge, Francis A.fromBrackenridge, Joseph (et al.)187772:314
Brackenridge, Francis A.toWagner, Henry G.187976:112
Brackenridge, G. W.toGarvey, P. H. & M.188288:462
Brackenridge, G. W.toHays, R. M. & E. C.188082:148
Brackenridge, G. W.toNiemann, Gottlieb188081:184
Brackenridge, G. W.toPatton, Wm. S.188082:149
Brackenridge, G. W.toSummer, Jas. & C.188287:163
Brackenridge, G. W.toSwift, Bayless188080:528
Brackenridge, G. W. (Ex.)toSheldon, C. H.188287:264
Brackenridge, Geo W. (Executor)toWagner, Henry G.187976:113
Brackenridge, Geo. W.fromBrackenridge, Jos.187874:192
Brackenridge, Geo. W.toBrackenridge, Jos.187874:223
Brackenridge, Geo. W.toBrackenridge, Jos. & Eliza187873:127
Brackenridge, Geo. W.fromBrackenridge, Joseph187873:41
Brackenridge, Geo. W.fromBrackenridge, Joseph187975:469
Brackenridge, Geo. W.toBrackenridge, Joseph187976:586
Brackenridge, Geo. W.toBrehm, Lucetta187263:184
Brackenridge, Geo. W.fromPeters, John C.187564:340
Brackenridge, Geo. W.toSchnelker, Begue & Beugnot187361:260
Brackenridge, Geo. W. & Jos.toFox, James186365:219
Brackenridge, HannahtoFox, James186365:219
Brackenridge, Hannah (et al.)toTaylor, Chas. F.186761:32
Brackenridge, J.toHammerlw, C.187874:402
Brackenridge, J. & ElizafromTaylor, Royal W.187365:194
Brackenridge, J. (Et al.)toGarman, B. F.188288:444
Brackenridge, J. (Et al.)toReed, Violett R.188080:135
Brackenridge, Jos.toBaier, Valentine187669:298
Brackenridge, Jos.toBrackenridge, Geo. W.187874:192
Brackenridge, Jos.fromBrackenridge, Geo. W.187874:223
Brackenridge, Jos.toBrehm, Lucetta187263:184
Brackenridge, Jos.toChitteuden, Harriet187977:265
Brackenridge, Jos.toCrow, Jno. F.188080:351
Brackenridge, Jos.toCrow, Jno. F.188080:352
Brackenridge, Jos.toHabel, Andrew187669:295
Brackenridge, Jos.toHabel, Chas.187669:296
Brackenridge, Jos.toHumphrey, Hannah187874:224
Brackenridge, Jos.toJahn, Nical187669:294
Brackenridge, Jos.toMcMahon, M. A.188185:41
Brackenridge, Jos.fromReed, Wm. B.187772:532
Brackenridge, Jos.toReidmiller, J. M.187669:293
Brackenridge, Jos.toReidmiller, John M.187669:166
Brackenridge, Jos.fromSheriff187877:267
Brackenridge, Jos.toSpaght, Mary M.187976:510
Brackenridge, Jos.toTaylor, Mary187977:174
Brackenridge, Jos.toTaylor, Mary187977:175
Brackenridge, Jos. & ElizafromBrackenridge, Geo. W.187873:127
Brackenridge, Jos. & G. W.toSeagwick, Jno.187977:384
Brackenridge, Jos. & Geo. W.toHelmke, F. W. Edward187361:35
Brackenridge, Jos. (Coms.)toStump, John185374:106
Brackenridge, Jos. (Coms.)toStump, John185374:106
Brackenridge, Jos. (Et al.)fromBrackenridge, F. A.187786:42
Brackenridge, Jos. (Et al.)toFaber, C. A.188184:418
Brackenridge, JosephtoBarnes, Joshua B.188079:289
Brackenridge, JosephtoBrackenridge, Geo. W.187873:41
Brackenridge, JosephtoBrackenridge, Geo. W.187975:469
Brackenridge, JosephfromBrackenridge, Geo. W.187976:586
Brackenridge, JosephtoFox, James186365:219
Brackenridge, JosephtoReed, William187772:272
Brackenridge, JosephfromSheriff187772:123
Brackenridge, Joseph (et al.)toBrackenridge, Francis A.187772:314
Brackenridge, M. D.fromSwift, Bayless188080:530
Brackenridge, Robt.toBrackenridge, A. M.187272:479
Brackenridge, Robt.toBrackenridge, Theo. K.186070:168
Brackenridge, Robt. (heirs)toCary, James D.186258:446
Brackenridge, Robt. (heirs)toShroeder, Elise187358:375
Brackenridge, T. K.toSpencer, Anna M.186370:170
Brackenridge, Theo. K.fromBrackenridge, Robt.186070:168
Brackenridges Continuation (Plat of)to187875:465
Brackenrisge, Geo. (Exer.)toKrauskopf, Peter187875:89
Bradberry, Benj.fromGarverick, Henry187978:319
Bradberry, BenjaminfromBradberry, Thomas187361:405
Bradberry, ElizabethfromBradberry, Thomas187361:404
Bradberry, MaryfromBradberry, Thomas187361:402
Bradberry, S.fromBradberry, Thomas187668:258
Bradberry, SheriedfromBradberry, Thomas187361:401
Bradberry, SheriedfromFlinn, C. M.188182:236
Bradberry, SheriedtoKrouse, Cosmas188182:161
Bradberry, ThomastoBradberry, Benjamin187361:405
Bradberry, ThomastoBradberry, Elizabeth187361:404
Bradberry, ThomastoBradberry, Mary187361:402
Bradberry, ThomastoBradberry, S.187668:258
Bradberry, ThomastoBradberry, Sheried187361:401
Bradberry, ThomastoBradberry, Wm.187361:422
Bradberry, Thos.toBradberry, Thos. Jr.187382:60
Bradberry, Thos. Jr.fromBradberry, Thos.187382:60
Bradberry, Wm.fromBradberry, Thomas187361:422
Bradberry, Wm.toHarber, Nicholas187461:446
Bradbery, SheroidtoBradbery, Thos.187975:588
Bradbery, Thos.fromBradbery, Sheroid187975:588
Bradburry, Benj.toLevan, Elizabeth187978:184
Bradburry, JohnfromLevan, Elizabeth187978:183
Bradburry, Thos.fromUnited States183780:475
Bradbury, JohnfromBradbury, Thomas187361:164
Bradbury, Th.fromAuditor187564:533
Bradbury, Th.fromAuditor187564:535
Bradbury, ThomastoBradbury, John187361:164
Bradbury, Thos.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal184879:414
Bradbury, Thos.fromUnited States184958:390
Bradley, J. D.fromEvans, J. P. (Et al.)187976:101
Bradley, J. D.fromMcDonald, A. T. (Et al.)187976:101
Bradley, J. D.fromWebb, M. A. (Et al.)187976:101
Bradley, MarhettefromHamilton, A. H.187873:570
Bradley, S. D.toGraham, J. E. & M. J.187668:478
Bradley, WilliamfromNeiman, Beilla187875:188
Bradmiller, CharlesfromBass, John H.187565:128
Bradmiller, HenryfromBradmiller, Wm.187461:227
Bradmiller, Wm.toBradmiller, Henry187461:227
Bradmiller, Wm.toHuffman, Henry187061:301
Bradtmiller, Charles (Will of)to185572:412
Bradtmiller, G.fromHartman, Christian187977:393
Bradtmiller, HenrytoHitzaman, Geo.187977:457
Bradtmiller, Wm.toSchonefeld, Henry187564:399
Bradtmiller,G.toHartmann, C. & C.187977:394
Bradtmueller, LouisetoMarhenke, August187669:14
Bradtmullear, C.toHorman, F.188286:551
Bradtmuller, CharlestoHuxoll, August187770:236
Bradtmuller, CharlesfromLichtsinn, William187770:235
Bradtmuller, CharlestoLichtsinn, Wm.187770:236
Bradtmuller, Chas.fromTaylor, John187359:330
Bradtmuller, H.fromTaylor, Jno.188081:79
Braheir, FrancistoViard, Victor187565:315
Brahier, Jane F.toGrosjean, Adolph & Francis187462:334
Brahier, Jane F.fromLauferty, Max J.187462:448
Brainard, I. F. (Assignee)toVoetter, Margaret E.187873:449
Brainard, I. F. (Assignee)toVoetter, Margaret E.187873:452
Brainard, I. F. (assignee)toVoettin, Margaret E.187873:449
Brainard, I. F. (assignee)toVoettin, Margaret E.187873:452
Brainard, Ira F.fromHarper, Saml. (Register in Bankruptcy) 187810:509
Brainard, Ira F.fromVoetter, Julius (per Registry)187810:509
Brames, C.toBrames, Louis187874:103
Brames, C.toBrames, Louis187874:103
Brames, ChristophertoMalle, Mary188080:263
Brames, ChristophertoSmith, Jno. M.187668:289
Brames, LouisfromBrames, C.187874:103
Brames, LouisfromBrames, C.187874:103
Brames, LouisfromBrooks, Wm. H., Jr.187462:381
Brames, LouisfromMcLaid, Patrick187669:34
Brames, Wm.fromWm. H., Jr.187462:380
Brameyer, ErnstfromSlater, Alexander186863:634
Brameyer, ErnsttoSpier, Ferdinand187464:121
Brammer, J. H.fromBenoit, Julian188288:97
Brammer, Jos.fromWhite, Jas. B.187771:109
Brammer, Jos. H.fromBaltes, Michael (Et al.)187875:351
Brammer, Jos. H.fromKoenig, Edward (Et al.)187875:351
Brammer, Jos. H.fromWagner, Henry G. (Et al.)187875:351
Brammer, Jos. H.toZiemendorff, A. M.188183:234
Brammer, Rev. Jos.fromColerick, Jno. A.188081:221
Brandeberry, G. W.toNash, Jno. P.188082:491
Brandeberry, Geo. W.fromPrince, Florentin187771:390
Brandeberry, Geo. W.toRedeloheiner, D. S.188182:397
Brandebery, Geo. W.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187462:134
Brandebury, AbrahamtoBrandebury, George W.187072:322
Brandebury, George W.fromBrandebury, Abraham187072:322
Brandenbury, G. W.fromDavis, Jos. B.188080:556
Brandriff, A. D.fromBiddle, Thos. M.188288:29
Brandriff, A. D.toKirchner, G. W.188288:331
Brandriff, A. D.fromRockhill, Wm. W.187359:304
Brandriff, A. D.fromRockhill, Wm. W.187362:90
Brandriff, A. D.toScheuman, E. (et al.)187668:383
Brandriff, Alfred D.fromGotshall, Mart V. B. (comr.)187472:403
Brandsley, M. J.fromHunter, Wm. T.187776:234
Brandt, AugustafromLehman, Wilhelmena187874:566
Brandt, DetricktoLehman, Frederick187564:459
Brandt, DietrichfromRothschild, Benj.187358:557
Brandt, DietrickfromBrandt, Wm.187564:433
Brandt, FrederickfromSpooner, Benj. J. (Coms.)187875:338
Brandt, Ranke, & YergensfromThurston, D. P. (Guard)186964:183
Brandt, Wm.toBrandt, Dietrick187564:433
Brandt, Wm.fromLehman, Frederick187564:501
Brandt, Yorgens & RankefromThurston, D. P.186963:158
Brannan, JuliafromFledderman, J. G.187571:408
Brannan, JuliatoLudlaw, William187772:328
Brannan, JuliafromPitzinger, Charlotte (Admr.)187565:392
Brannan, JuliafromPitzinger, Frederick187565:391
Brannan, Thomas (heirs)toPitzinger, Fredk. L.187565:248
Branstater, WilliamfromBranstater, Wm. B.187772:393
Branstater, Wm. B.toBranstater, William187772:393
Branstator, WilliamfromRobertson, John187976:447
Branstator, Wm.toPaul, H. C.188080:547
Branstetter, WilliamfromNorton, Robert (heirs)187565:290
Branstrator, Andrew L.fromCommissioners by Partition187872:437
Branstrator, Ida C.fromCommissioners by Partition187872:437
Branstrator, Jas. M.fromCommissioners by Partition187872:437
Branstrator, Jno. S.fromCommissioners by Partition197872:437
Branstrator, Mary A.fromCommissioners by Partition187872:437
Branstrator, Mary S.fromMcNair, Sarah R.187874:266
Branstrator, Wm. B.fromCommissioners by Partition187872:437
Brant, F. G.toKiel, Henry187873:469
Brant, F. G.toKiel, Henry187873:469
Brantner, LevitoChauser, A.188082:109
Brantner, LevifromMayner, Wm.187567:76
Branuduff, A. D.toShell, Louisa186881:46
Brase, FredfromFleming, Wm.187579:483
Brase, FredfromLangehr, J. W.187879:484
Brase, FredfromWiebke, Henry187279:413
Brase, Fredk. C. (guard.)toLeinker, C. Henry187462:488
Braun, AlberttoBraun, George187874:139
Braun, GeorgefromBraun, Albert187874:139
Braun, MarytoFisher, R. J.188287:137
Braunan, JuliatoMollering, Wm.187771:409
Braunan, JuliatoPaul, H. C.187771:409
Braustrateer, Ida C.fromCommissioners by Partition187978:206
Braustrater, Jas. M.fromCommissioners by Partition187978:206
Braustrater, Jno.fromCommissioners by Partition187978:206
Braustrater, Wm.fromCommissioners by Partition187978:206
Brauwer, GeorgefromFleming, Wm.187771:26
Bredemeyer, HenryfromBond, Stephen B.187566:196
Bredway, GottfriedfromSkinner, Benj. D.187362:504
Breen, JamesfromBrown, John187566:66
Breen, JamestoBrown, Wm. H.187566:35
Breen, JamesfromGreen, Geo. G.187668:181
Breen, Jas. & J. FryfromWalter, Elizabeth A.187978:380
Breen, Jas. & J. FryfromWalter, Wm. B.187978:380
Breen, Jas. (Et al.)toLauer, M. & A.187978:479
Breen, Jas. (Et al.)toLauer, M. & A.187978:480
Breen, Wm. P.toFox, James188184:479
Breen, Wm. P.fromMayland, F.188183:505
Breen, Wm. P.toMayland, Mary188183:506
Breese, ElizatoBreese, George H.187976:282
Breese, ElizatoFahlsing, F. W.187977:168
Breese, ElizafromMannstoefer, Jacob187565:299
Breese, ElizafromThomas, Charles E.187772:263
Breese, ElizatoThomas, Rebecca E.187461:312
Breese, Geo. H.toFahlsing, F. W.187977:169
Breese, George H.fromBreese, Eliza187976:282
Brehm, LucettafromBrackenridge, Geo. W.187263:184
Brehm, LucettafromBrackenridge, Jos.187263:184
Brehn, Jno. F.toFry, Jacob187668:426
Breimeier, E. (Et al.)fromSheriff187977:159
Breimeier, H.fromBrockman, Fritz187463:382
Bremeier, E. & Hessemeier, H.fromRau, Casper187676:123
Bremeier, ErnstfromSheriff187977:539
Bremer, SophiatoWhite, J. B.188079:371
Bremer, SophiafromWhite, James B.187365:306
Bremer, SophiafromWhite, Jas. B.188079:372
Brener, MartinfromDarst, Permelia187977:538
Brenhiser, Wm.toHoffman, C.188288:27
Brennan, JuliafromFrench, Evangela187670:573
Brenton, ElizatoBeerman, Henry188184:221
Brenton, ElizafromBeerman, Johanna188184:218
Brenton, ElizatoEpple, Gottlieb188184:351
Brenton, ElizatoSpencer, M. V. B.187671:43
Brenton, Marion H.fromCoombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)187977:236
Brewen, Chas. J.fromMartz, Phillip187776:103
Brewer, GeorgefromFlaugh, Michael187667:303
Brewer, GeorgefromWork, George187771:241
Brewer, MartinfromWork, Amos187566:508
Brewster, Charles (et. al.)fromHartman, Nancy A.187565:483
Briant, Cyrus E.toBernreiter, John187064:110
Briat, N.toBurt, Alex187361:12
Brice, C. S.fromFirst Nat. Bank Lima, O.188081:281
Brick, AdamfromMeyer, Wm.187976:557
Brick, AdamtoMeyer, Wm.187976:580
Brick, AdamfromNestle, Henrietta187260:543
Brick, Jno.fromBrick, Mom's188183:56
Brick, Mom'stoBrick, Jno.188183:56
Brick, MorrisfromMayhew, James187670:40
Brick, MorrisfromSheriff187565:496
Bricker, ConradfromGreen, Mary M.187365:29
Bricker, DavidfromGreene, Mary M.187680:121
Bridge, Chas.fromGreene, Mary M.187566:556
Bridge, Chas.toMick, Kittie M.188079:316
Bridge, Chas.toSrein, Dave187380:411
Bright, Wm. J.fromColerick, W. G. Comr.187463:3
Bright, Wm. J.fromFisher, Abel187463:4
Bright, Wm. J.fromKing, Moses187565:244
Bright, Wm. J.fromLee, Israel, (Guard)187880:359
Bright, Wm. J.toLund, Johanna M.D.187564:574
Bright, Wm. J.fromWadington, Rosanna187363:3
Brinck, MorristoDaunenfelser, C.187567:42
Brinckman, HenryfromPickard, Thos. R.187361:196
Brindle, DanielfromReed, Sylvanus D.187358:493
Brindle, DanielfromReed, Sylvanus D.187462:183
Brindle, DanieltoReed, Sylvanus D.187464:455
Brindle, DanieltoWalker, Wm. M.186462:432
Brindle, DanieltoWoods, Milton187571:56
Brindle, HenryfromBrindle, Samuel187669:247
Brindle, HenrytoBrindle, William187669:448
Brindle, SamueltoBrindle, Henry187669:247
Brindle, SamueltoBrindle, Wm.187669:247
Brindle, WilliamfromBrindle, Henry187669:448
Brindle, Wm.fromBrindle, Samuel187669:247
Brink, CatharinetoZuber, Anna M.187461:465
Brink, H. & M.fromMuller, Nicholas187979:6
Brinkroeger, FrederickfromMichael, Herman187771:451
Brinkroeger, Wm.fromMichael, Herman187771:451
Brinsley, J. C.fromToledo Nat. Bank188081:2
Britcher, EdwardfromRudolph, Wm.187359:518
Britzins, JacobfromBaker, Adam187465:53
Britzins, Jno.toKnouse, M. B.187567:455
Britzins, JohnfromWestenberger, Geo. W.187567:102
Britzius, JacobtoFenton, Frank188184:247
Britzius, Jno.toWilson, Wm. T.187581:376
Britzius, JohntoScherer, Christian187565:211
Brnebeck, Geo. C.fromWeber, Eroin188079:113
Brobst, JacobtoAmes, Geo. W.187359:494
Brobst, JacobtoHanna, Charles187461:501
Brobst, JacobtoHanna, Chas.187359:474
Brobst, Louisa & JacobtoHamilton, Ben187463:170
Brobst, Louisa M.fromHanna, Chas.187461:502
Brobst, Louisa M.toLucas, Thos. L.187975:384
Brobst, Nathaniel A.toCastle, James W.187464:576
Brocius, AaronfromBiedenweg, Gottfried187772:478
Brocius, AarontoCarroll, Mary C.187979:71
Brock, John P.toBarnhart, Cyrus & Enoch R.187463:507
Brockaw, S. J.toWork, Robert187669:457
Brockeman, J. R.toLucke, Elizabeth187771:53
Brockerman, Mary J.fromRandall, Perry A. (Comr.)187774:412
Brockmaer, HenryfromSkinner, B. D.187359:429
Brockman, * W.toMack, J. G.188184:587
Brockman, FritztoBreimeier, H.187463:382
Brockman, HenrytoLickey, Christian187979:474
Brockmann, Fredk.fromKamp, Bernard187564:270
Brockmeyer, Henry (et al.)toHildebrand, Henry187772:411
Brockmeyer, Wm. (Et al.)toReiter, D.188286:564
Brockmyer, Wm. (Et al.)toHitzman, Fred188182:418
Brodbeck, AugustafromBrodbeck, Conrad184685:51
Brodbeck, ConradtoBrodbeck, Augusta184685:51
Broderick, Michael & JamestoBroderick, Thos.187358:431
Broderick, Thos.fromBroderick, Michael & James187358:431
Brokaw, Mary E.fromHollman, Edward187566:455
Brokaw, R. H.toHanna, Chas.187463:274
Brokaw, R. H.toMaddux, Geo.188184:217
Brokaw, S. C.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188080:566
Brokaw, S. J.fromHanna, Chas.187463:330
Brokaw, S. J.toHite, H. T. & L. R.188184:12
Brokaw, S. J.toNuttman, Jos, D. Jr.188080:572
Brokaw, S. J.toScarlett, Chester188287:180
Brokaw, S. J.toStratton, Robt.188185:397
Brokeing, M. S.fromBass, Jno. H. (Et al.)187786:273
Brokew, Sarah J.fromRudisill, Elizabeth E.187362:9
Broking, Ernst D.toLininger, Julia A.187770:436
Broking, Mary S.fromLininger, Jacob K.187770:437
Broknig, Mary S.toHartsuff, Wm. D.187976:332
Bronka, Wm.fromKronmiller, Jacob186868:285
Bronsin, Wm. S.toBurrier, Adam187667:500
Bronson, D.fromPickard, Thos. R.187463:328
Bronson, Thompson (Adm.)toKeagle, Leah187976:219
Bronson, Wm. S.toStone, Wm. H.187976:146
Brook, Wm. H. J.toCramer, Louisa187463:20
Brookens, RalphtoDiffendorfer, G. W.187470:187
Brookes, Robt.fromLangley, Jno.188183:483
Brookes, Willis B. & M. A.fromSpindler, Wm. A.187567:120
Brookmann, FriezfromThieme, John G.187360:494
Brooks, A. W. (trustee)fromMain, C. C.18758:61
Brooks, A. W. (trustee)fromMarquit, Alfred187770:418
Brooks, Albert W.fromBurchfield, H.187977:136
Brooks, CharlottatoNestel, Daniel188286:586
Brooks, CharlottetoBrooks, Mary187361:105
Brooks, Geo. H.toBrooks, Wm. B.188182:417
Brooks, Geo. H.fromHeath, Stephen187982:150
Brooks, Henry & Wm.toBoester, Fredk.187565:292
Brooks, J. J.toHayden, F. J.188287:306
Brooks, Jay A.fromAuditor188598:371
Brooks, Jemima J.fromHayden, E. H. & F. J.188080:256
Brooks, Jno.toPowers, Sarah188288:489
Brooks, JohntoMiller, Samuel187464:182
Brooks, JohntoSchuckman, N.187668:235
Brooks, MaryfromBrooks, Charlotte187361:105
Brooks, Mary AnntoSpindler, Wm. A.187572:86
Brooks, Robt.fromNelson, Wm. R.187463:626
Brooks, W. H.toPurman, A. A.187463:63
Brooks, W. H. Jr.toAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)188184:195
Brooks, Wm.fromJacoby, Geo.187463:318
Brooks, Wm.toJacoby, Geo.187771:483
Brooks, Wm.fromJacoby, Geo.187771:484
Brooks, Wm.fromJacoby, George187771:560
Brooks, Wm.fromWiegand, S.187463:318
Brooks, Wm.fromWiegand, S.187771:560
Brooks, Wm.toWiegand, Sebastian187771:483
Brooks, Wm.fromWiegand, Sebastian187771:484
Brooks, Wm. B.fromBrooks, Geo. H.188182:417
Brooks, Wm. B.toHeath, Ann A.187668:160
Brooks, Wm. B.toHeath, S. A.187668:161
Brooks, Wm. H.toFrary, M. F.187463:108
Brooks, Wm. H.toJones, L. M.187463:97
Brooks, Wm. H.toMiller, Julia188081:409
Brooks, Wm. H.fromMiller, Julia188081:475
Brooks, Wm. H.toOlds, Caroline M.188286:236
Brooks, Wm. H. Jr.fromFrary, Melissa F.187463:18
Brooks, Wm. H. Jr.toMoran, Peter 187874:496
Brooks, Wm. H. Jr.toMoran, Peter A.187874:495
Brooks, Wm. H. Jr.toMyers, Diedrich187873:379
Brooks, Wm. H. Jr.fromPurman, A. A.187668:231
Brooks, Wm. H., Jr.toBrames, Louis187462:381
Brooks, Wm. H., Jr.toCox, John187462:231
Brooks, Wm. H., Jr.toHaberkorn, Emil F.187770:492
Brooks, Wm. H., Jr.toMedsker, Isaac N.187462:355
Brooks, Wm. H., Jr.toOlds, Henry G.187462:543
Brooks, Wm. H., Jr.toTrentman & Monning187564:350
Brooks, Wm. H., Jr.toWolford, Harriet R.187462:233
Broom, JanefromForbing, John187360:330
Broom, JanetoMichael, Herman187360:301
Broom, JanetoSpurrier, M. J.188287:182
Broom, JohntoBusche, Phillip E.187872:564
Brophy, Wm.fromHough, John187461:376
Brosius, AarontoHorz, John188080:181
Brosius, AaronfromRoot, Clara E.188079:376
Brosius, HenryfromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)188184:177
Brosius, HenryfromBarrett, Jas M. (Et al.)188184:177
Brosius, HenryfromCarson, W. W.188081:213
Brosius, HenryfromRandall, P. A.188182:360
Brosius, HenrytoSchele, August188286:538
Brosius, Henry & AnntoLeither, Israel, Jr.187462:343
Brosius, MatildatoBiedenweg, Godfried187772:371
Brosius, MatildafromLuther, Israel Jr.187772:376
Brossard, Geo.toBass, Jno. H.188185:96
Brossart, CatharinefromWeller, Barbara (Et al.)188079:177
Brothers GideonfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187772:364
Brothers, Geo.fromShell, J. H.188079:348
Brothers, GeorgefromHess, Elizabeth A.187566:138
Brothers, GeorgetoSchlemer, Caroline187983:192
Brothers, GeorgefromWilliams, John H.187566:466
Brothers, GeorgetoWilliams, M. M.187777:531
Brothers, GeorgetoWilliams, Mary M.187566:139
Brounell, H. A. R.toMcDonald, S. E.187875:56
Brounell, Hanson A. R.fromNinde, L. M.187275:38
Brousin, Wm. L.toShull, H. C.187979:263
Brousin, Wm. S.toMillburn, Benj. F.187770:351
Brouson, MaryfromStone, Anson187566:160
Brow, Chas. M.fromScar, Adam187776:154
Brown, A. (Et al.)toBrown, Charles187673:470
Brown, A. (Et al.)toBrown, Charles187673:470
Brown, A. C.toBrown, David C.188185:209
Brown, A. L.toBrown, Henry I.187873:155
Brown, A. M. & D. M.fromBrown, Geo.188287:307
Brown, A. M. & D. M.fromBrown, Geo.188287:308
Brown, A. M. & D. M.fromMiller, J. A. (Et al.)188081:346
Brown, AlberttoBrown, George187669:81
Brown, AlbertfromBrown, George187669:81
Brown, AmazontoBrown, Charles187463:610
Brown, Amazon & StanleyfromBrown, Charles187566:391
Brown, AmostoGoheen, Wm.187667:187
Brown, AmostoMisner, Amanda A.187670:445
Brown, AmosfromMisner, James A.187566:44
Brown, AmosfromWelcheimer, Wm. T.187567:142
Brown, AmostoWelshimer, Wm. T.187367:141
Brown, Augustus C.toShryock, Sam'l187349:425
Brown, BridgetfromFaloy, Daniel187567:130
Brown, BridgetfromSommers, John187669:79
Brown, C. H.fromBrown, D. M.187977:307
Brown, CharlesfromBrown, A. (Et al.)187673:470
Brown, CharlesfromBrown, A. (Et al.)187673:470
Brown, CharlesfromBrown, Amazon187463:610
Brown, CharlestoBrown, Amazon & Stanley187566:391
Brown, CharlesfromBrown, David C.187463:509
Brown, CharlesfromBrown, David C.187463:609
Brown, CharlesfromBrown, Robason187877:344
Brown, CharlesfromBrown, Stanley187877:344
Brown, Charles H.toBrown, Daniel M.187566:565
Brown, Chas J.fromMcClure, Thos. F.187567:45
Brown, Chas. & Danl. M.fromWebb, Craton187464:310
Brown, Chas. H.fromDingman, Elizabeth187463:465
Brown, Chas. H. & D. M.toBilderback, John W.187770:128
Brown, Chas. L.toHuffman, Jacob187671:288
Brown, D. M.toBrown, C. H.187977:307
Brown, Daniel M.fromBrown, Charles H.187566:565
Brown, David C.fromBrown, A. C.188185:209
Brown, David C.toBrown, Charles187463:509
Brown, David C.toBrown, Charles187463:609
Brown, David C.fromBrown, Elizabeth188185:208
Brown, E. (Et al.)toCook, J. H.188185:227
Brown, ElizafromHanline, Jno.187979:373
Brown, Eliza (Et al.)toWeaver, David188287:445
Brown, ElizabethfromAllen Circuit Court188494:539
Brown, ElizabethfromBicknesse, F.188079:404
Brown, ElizabethtoBrown, David C.188185:208
Brown, ElizabethfromGriswold, M. E.188082:116
Brown, ElizabethtoHollopeter, Isareal188287:570
Brown, ElizabethtoMayer, Theo.188185:210
Brown, ElizabethfromWiebke, Henry188079:405
Brown, Elizabeth (Et al.)toBouef, Octava187982:457
Brown, Ellen B.toMommer, Jos. Jr. & M. A.187976:187
Brown, Geo.toBrown, A. M. & D. M.188287:307
Brown, Geo.toBrown, A. M. & D. M.188287:308
Brown, Geo. F.toDoctor, Louisa E.187668:529
Brown, GeorgetoBrown, Albert187669:81
Brown, GeorgefromBrown, Albert187669:81
Brown, GeorgefromCraig, Wm. J.188182:517
Brown, Henry A.toBrown, John H.187564:330
Brown, Henry I.toBerberick, D. H. F.187978:414
Brown, Henry I.fromBrown, A. L.187873:155
Brown, Hester A.fromHardesty, James187772:82
Brown, IrafromUnited States188775:368
Brown, J. A. & L.fromLewis, S. J.188081:362
Brown, J. H.fromLewis, Amanda187977:370
Brown, J. H.fromNail, Jno. (Adm.)187978:75
Brown, J. H. (Et al. Trustees)toRidenons, L. (Et al. Trustees)187978:187
Brown, J. P.toRuan, Lawrence187977:571
Brown, J. W.toStringfellow, J. W.188288:306
Brown, Jesse W.fromBrown, Wm.187566:560
Brown, Jno.fromRyan, J. N.188183:403
Brown, Jno. H.toHokemeyer, F.187467:214
Brown, Jno. W.fromAmstutz, Jacob188599:113
Brown, Jno. W.fromJohnston, John C.187873:526
Brown, Jno. W.toMain, George187872:486
Brown, Jno. W.fromSheriff187783:447
Brown, JohntoBeechgood, John187564:524
Brown, JohnfromBeechgood, John187564:525
Brown, JohntoBreen, James187566:66
Brown, JohntoBrown, Wm.186962:613
Brown, JohntoJohnson, F. M.187572:34
Brown, JohnfromKing, Chas A.187270:448
Brown, JohnfromKing, Francis J.187270:448
Brown, JohnfromPierson, Elizabeth187770:35
Brown, JohntoRogers, Harriet N. & Willie S.187463:635
Brown, JohnfromRogers, Lemont M.187464:25
Brown, JohnfromRogers, Lemont M.187464:26
Brown, John & MarytoRobinson, James H.187565:408
Brown, John H.fromBrown, Henry A.187564:330
Brown, John W.toShepler, James K. P.187770:283
Brown, L. S.toMiller, Jno. M.186984:108
Brown, Lizzie (Et al.)toZuber, Frederick188082:332
Brown, MfromSmith, Sarah187360:221
Brown, M. E. (Et al.)toSamse, Caroline188287:588
Brown, Martha E.fromNussman, John187461:380
Brown, Martha E.toSamse, Caroline187667:412
Brown, MarytoKoehlinger, Peter187565:623
Brown, MaryfromPickard, Thomas R.187670:170
Brown, Mary A.fromBurgess, Henry187462:35
Brown, MathewtoFalvy, Daniel187567:104
Brown, MathewfromSummers, John187565:490
Brown, MichaelfromBrown, Wm. M.187773:195
Brown, N. B.fromAuditor1877A:115
Brown, N. P.fromGailey, B. A.188082:106
Brown, N. P.fromMarts, Philip S.187874:300
Brown, N. P.fromSheriff187668:388
Brown, Nathaniel P.toRobinson, Jos. L.187873:306
Brown, R. J.fromShryock, Samuel187470:164
Brown, R. s.toChase, S. W.188184:245
Brown, R. S.fromZimmerman, Elias188080:246
Brown, RobasontoBrown, Charles187877:344
Brown, S. J.toBoston, Alex188287:377
Brown, S. J.fromEckles, N. P.187876:98
Brown, S. J.fromWyatt, Jno.188081:401
Brown, Samantha J.toSmith, Lillie D.187978:165
Brown, StanleytoBrown, Charles187877:344
Brown, StephentoMcDonald, Mary187874:568
Brown, William R.fromMiller, Henry B.187976:192
Brown, Wilmenia (Et al.)toKlanka, Neenry187874:342
Brown, Wm.toBrown, Jesse W.187566:560
Brown, Wm.fromBrown, John186962:613
Brown, Wm.fromHenderson, Wm.184179:531
Brown, Wm.toKeefer, Henry187361:152
Brown, Wm.fromKeesler, John187362:165
Brown, Wm.toWeeks, Geo. W.187671:110
Brown, Wm. A.toColeman, George187567:62
Brown, Wm. A.toHeckenreither, Margaret185666:271
Brown, Wm. E.fromMills, Saml.187883:8
Brown, Wm. H.fromBreen, James187566:35
Brown, Wm. J.toHaffner, Wilhelmina187463:148
Brown, Wm. M.toBrown, Michael187773:195
Brown, Wm. M. (Will of)to187773:195
Brown, Wm. R.fromMiller, John B.187771:10
Browning, EdnatoYoung, Mary M.187777:463
Browning, EdnafromYoung, Nathaniel187669:450
Browning, Lucy J.toMason, Elizabeth187772:455
Brownsberger, W. & M.fromBlotkamp, Frank188083:412
Brownsberger, Wm.toNoble, Wm. L.188183:413
Broxon, Jno. T.toRousseau, Jas, H.187978:176
Brubaker, ElifromBeck, Francis J.187362:437
Brubaker, JacobtoTrustees Baptist Ch.187065:573
Brubaker, MichaelfromBeck, Frances J.187359:540
Brubaker, MichaeltoBeck, Francis J.187464:201
Bruck, AdamfromBengnot, M. M. (Et al.)188185:353
Bruck, JohannfromWallbrecht, C.188081:196
Brucker, JacobtoBirkner, Charles187977:153
Brucker, JacobfromSutermeister, A. (et al.)187667:442
Brucker, JacobtoSutermeister, Arnold187977:153
Brudi & GothefromRobertson, R. S. (Comr.)187564:463
Brudi, CarlfromBecker, Jacob186865:95
Brudi, CarlfromBecker, Jno. B.188079:170
Brudi, CarlfromConrad, Casper187065:94
Brudi, CarlfromSheriff187978:282
Brudi, CarltoSnyder, Catherine187978:287
Brudi, JosephfromFischer, Jobst187873:237
Brudi, JosephtoFisher, Jobst187669:182
Brudi, JosephfromGothe, Gustar187258:376
Brudi, JosephfromGothe, Gustave187362:352
Brudi, JosephfromLepper, Sophia187358:377
Bruebach, G. P.fromDe La Camp, John187669:266
Bruebach, Geo. T.fromDe la Camp, John187874:554
Bruebach, Geo. T. toStafford, Martin188287:455
Bruebach, Geo. T. toThieme, E. A.188184:357
Bruebach, Geo. T.toTrustees St. Johns Lutheran Ch.187360:150
Brueback, G. T.toClose, C. F.188286:454
Brueback, G. T.toKessler, S. Henry188286:470
Bruer, Geo. Sen.toBruer, Martin187874:357
Bruer, MartinfromBruer, Geo. Sen.187874:357
Bruer, MartintoWork, Robt.188081:329
Bruer, MartinfromWork, Silas187771:50
Bruick, Henry J.fromBruick, Morris187873:431
Bruick, Henry J.fromBruick, Morris187873:431
Bruick, MorrisfromAultman & Taylor Co.187669:274
Bruick, MorristoBruick, Henry J.187873:431
Bruick, MorristoBruick, Henry J.187873:431
Bruick, MorristoGerke, Frederick186567:364
Bruick, MorrisfromMayhew, James187668:252
Brull, AlbertfromJustus, Lewis S.187669:55
Brumback, O. S.fromBemiss, H. P.188184:557
Brundage, HomerfromWiddifield, M.187566:26
Brundig, E. D.fromUnited States185077:560
Brundige, DavidfromArcher, John H.187360:80
Brundige, DavidtoKiser, Peter187669:100
Brundige, DavidtoStratton, Jennie Q. & Robert187565:66
Brundige, RebeccafromKiser, Peter187772:386
Brunkhait, Saml.toDarling, Geo. W.187271:493
Brunner, C.toHoward, W. B.188186:31
Brunner, ComeliustoReed, H. B.187377:282
Brunner, CorneliusfromReed, Hugh B.187360:237
Brunner, CorneliusfromReed, Hugh B.187360:46
Brunner, Jno.toCarter, Jas. W.188183:463
Brunner, JohnfromFreck, Henry187360:285
Brunner, JohntoLehnert, Henry187669:433
Brunner, JohnfromLehnert, Henry187669:434
Brunson, NathantoGallmeier, Ernst188183:61
Brunson, NathanfromKnoph, Aden187671:241
Brunson, NathanfromKnoph, Aden187773:19
Brunson, ReubentoMiller, Lydia188185:4
Brunson, RubinfromPickard, Thos. R.187463:503
Brunson, Wm. L.toSwift, Isabella B.187361:326
Bryant, Ira L.fromButler, Jacob A.187462:305
Bryant, Ira L.toSchafer, Gottlieb187462:218

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