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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Cadwalcader, Thos.fromBowers, L. H.187977:223
Cadwallader, Thos.toBowers, L. H.187977:448
Cadwallander, M. A.toSnider, Benj.188081:102
Caetia, PeterfromHarrington, Edward B.187358:422
Cagnet, AdamfromJaffray, Adaline188392:526
Cagnet, AdamfromMariott, Louisa188494:284
Cagnet, Chas.toCagnet, Paul187463:285
Cagnet, PaulfromCagnet, Chas.187463:285
Cairns, James & MaryfromWebb, Marion A.187463:454
Cairns, Jas.toEstry, A. G. & C. A.188185:240
Cairns, Mary & JamestoWebb, Marion A.187463:462
Calaghan, JohntoMcCarty, Julia187468:138
Calbetzer, AaronfromEdgerton, Jos. K.188393:595
Calbetzer, AaronfromEdgerton, Joseph K.187361:43
Caldwell, DavidtoHartman, Fred K.187361:237
Caldwell, M. E.fromSpencer, D. J.188598:76
Callaghan, Jno.fromSchnelker, H.187463:240
Callaghan, JohntoMcCarty, Julia187668:137
Calman, DanielfromState of Indiana184579:472
Camaham, W. L. (Et al.)fromPerkens, M. A. (Et al.)188289:558
Camahan, H. L. (Admr.)toBailey, John C.187874:46
Camer, August H.fromSheriff187875:321
Camer, August H.fromSheriff187875:318
Cameron, AmeliafromOrr, Susan188494:231
Cameron, J. & M.fromRico, B. F.188183:403
Cameron, JamestoJackson, Peter187668:397
Cameron, JamesfromTemmy, Henry187667:266
Cameron, Jas.toBodey, Henry H.188596:614
Cameron, Jas.fromFleming, Wm.188391:284
Cameron, Jas.fromHumphreys, D. Y.187977:257
Cameron, Jas.fromSnyder, Daniel188394:8
Cameron, MalindafromJackson, Peter187668:396
Cameron, MalindatoRice, B. F.188183:388
Cameron, MalindatoRice, B. F.188183:388
Camington, E. C.toTrustees Parsonage Property M. E. Church187976:184
Camp, PeterfromUnited States183273:462
Campbell, Chas. C.toEstill, Thos. J.187359:550
Campbell, Chas. E.fromLoy, Wm. F.187359:549
Campbell, HarrytoZollinger, C. A.187566:141
Campbell, I. W.toDiether, Louis188494:466
Campbell, JasfromWillbur, Geo. W. 188080:549
Campbell, LavinatoWise, John187572:559
Campbell, LouisatoLantz, Ellen187772:315
Campbell, LouisatoLister, Ezra188494:232
Campbell, LouisatoMcCook, L. J.188495:67
Campbell, LouisatoWhittern, N. H.188393:327
Campbell, LydiafromBechman, Frank188495:116
Camran, Caleb J.toDonnelly, Ambrose188080:45
Canel, Alfred A.fromRomy, Robt. L.187360:594
Cannady, AugustustoBaron, Joseph187667:543
Cannady, MaryfromBaron, Jos.187668:272
Cannady, MarytoDwenger, Joseph, Rev.187771:64
Cantwell, O. R. & M. C.fromLogan, L. A.188182:259
Caps, B. J.toJacquay, Lemuel188597:409
Caps, B. J.fromPayne, Jno. H.188598:25
Caps, Jno. E.fromDriver, Willis M.187667:289
Carbaugh, Wm.fromEdgerton, Jos, K.187668:382
Carbaugh, Wm.toPrice, Maria188599:86
Carbin, GeroleniafromBowser, Jefferson187464:213
Cardel, PatrickfromState of Indiana183676:63
Cardoumer, F.toArgo, M. E.187667:448
Carey, ElizabethtoAmmon, Sarah E.187471:185
Carey, M. & Crawford, A. C.fromSheriff (J. D. Hance)187564:322
Carey, M. (Assignee)toFuller, Childs & Co.187977:556
Carey, M. (Et al.)toCarnahan, W. L.188182:408
Carey, Rebecca M.toMiller, John M.187875:340
Carey, W. R.fromGrayless, Geo. W.188289:68
Carey, Wm. R.fromGrayless, Geo.188597:312
Carier, A. H.toBegue, Mary188182:385
Carier, A. H.toBoley, Lucine187979:319
Carier, A. H.fromBostick, Jno. w.188290:69
Carier, A. h.toBuehler, W. C.188494:361
Carier, A. H.toBuesching, Fred188393:31
Carier, A. H.toGoshorn, Wm.187359:422
Carier, A. H.fromGuibler, Jeremie187359:350
Carier, A. H.toHuestis, A. C. (Et al.)188185:487
Carier, A. H.fromHuestis, A. C. (Et al.)188184:564
Carier, A. H.fromLaurent, John187359:353
Carier, A. H.toLumbard, S. C.188185:181
Carier, A. H.toLumbard, S. C.188185:486
Carier, A. H.fromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188184:564
Carier, A. H.toPranger, Suzanna188287:559
Carier, A. H.toQuinti, Charles187975:386
Carier, A. H.toTaylor, Jno. M.188186:500
Carier, A. H.toWolke, F. H.188188:510
Carier, A. H.toWolke, F. H.188289:373
Carier, A. H. (admr.)toJuif, Francis187462:515
Carier, A. H. (Et al.)toLangard, V.187681:216
Carier, A. H. Comr.toKaough, Wm.187463:137
Carier, A. H. Comr.toSchaffer & Rackaway187464:67
Carier, A. H. Comr.toWadge, Geo.187463:175
Carier, Augustus C.fromBague, Jno.187875:294
Carier, Augustus H.toBegue, John187262:354
Carier, Augustus H.toViard, Victor187565:385
Carier, Augustus H.fromViard, Victor187566:543
Carier, Augustus H. Comr.toTernet, Francis187565:535
Carl, Jno.fromLawton, Orrilla188287:572
Carl, Jno.fromWeber, Fred188079:40
Carl, JohnfromWebar, Frederick187873:516
Carland, PatrickfromDehaven, Allen188185:7
Carle, H. W.fromCharles, E. M. (et al.)187668:207
Carles, E. M. (et al.)toCharles, John187668:177
Carles, Emily M.toCarles, Moses G.187668:421
Carles, H. W.fromChapman, P. (Et al.)188495:186
Carles, H. W.fromChapman, P. (Guard)188495:185
Carles, H. W.toSomer, L. & S. A.188495:154
Carles, H. W.fromSomers, Levi188496:477
Carles, H. W.fromSomers, Levi (Et al.)188495:186
Carles, M. G.toLichtenwalter, S.188286:302
Carles, Moses G.fromCarles, Emily M.187668:421
Carll, DinahfromScotton, Jno. J.188391:537
Carll, Geo. L.fromBowers, John K.187668:489
Carll, Geo. S.toScotton, John J.187771:492
Carman, C. A.fromGraham, Jas. E.188496:134
Carman, C. J.toGraham, Jas. E.188496:133
Carman, C. J. & C. A.fromFairbank, Clark188392:200
Carman, C. J. & C. A.fromGodown, Fannie F.188392:201
Carman, Wm. O.toWestenfeld, Conrad187569:282
Carman, Wm. O. & B. F.toWestenfeld, Conrad187569:283
Carman, Wm. O. (Et al.)toHowey, Wm. C.188080:522
Carman, Wm. O. (Et al.)toPotter, P. L.188295:358
Carmary, RebeccafromWeaver, Ida E.187566:211
Carmen, Franklin & Wm.fromGifford, Mary A.187462:366
Carmer, O. P.toBainbridge, Wm. C.188187:261
Carmer, O. P.fromCity of Fort Wayne by Mayor187669:201
Carmer, Thos. J.toBrown, Silva188598:137
Carmer, Thos. J.fromBrown, Wm.188597:617
Carmike, Jno.fromMcMahon, M. (Et al.)188184:37
Carmike, Jno. & W. S.toMcMahon, M.188183:290
Carmike, John (Et al.)toCarmike, W. S.188183:283
Carmike, M.fromBlood, Reuben188290:41
Carmike, M.toCarmike, W. S.188083:282
Carmike, M.toLudlow, Wm.188286:499
Carmike, M.fromLudlow, Wm.188286:498
Carmike, M.toLunz, J. G.188287:99
Carmike, W. S.fromCarmike, John (Et al.)188183:283
Carmike, W. S.fromCarmike, M.188083:282
Carmike, W. S.toDidier, Francis188183:284
Carnaham, W. L.toBundy, M. E.188183:522
Carnahan, C. L.toHayden, E. H.188288:520
Carnahan, C. L.fromSheriff188390:473
Carnahan, C. L.fromSheriff188390:470
Carnahan, Clar L.fromHanna, James T.187461:609
Carnahan, Clara L.toBass, John H.187464:526
Carnahan, Clara L.toBrandebery, Geo. W.187462:134
Carnahan, Clara L.toEckart, Fred187875:116
Carnahan, Clara L.fromHanna, Hugh T.187461:397
Carnahan, Clara L.toHanna, James T.187360:566
Carnahan, Clara L.toHanna, James T.187360:567
Carnahan, Clara L.fromHanna, O. S. & J. T.187360:499
Carnahan, Clara L.toHanna, Oliver S.187360:503
Carnahan, Clara L.toHanna, Oliver S.187360:599
Carnahan, clara L.fromHanna, Oliver S.187361:27
Carnahan, Clara L.toHanna, Oliver S.187564:442
Carnahan, Clara L.toHanna, Oliver S.187564:442
Carnahan, Clara L.fromHanna, Saml. T.187462:370
Carnahan, Clara L.toHanna, Samuel T.187468:375
Carnahan, Clara L.fromJenkins, Mary K.187461:381
Carnahan, Clara L.fromMaurer, Jacob187565:65
Carnahan, Clara L.toWilmot, James C.187361:248
Carnahan, Clara L.toWolf, Abraham187875:301
Carnahan, Hanna O. S. & J. T.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:400
Carnahan, M. (Et al.)toMcNabb, Fanny187877:399
Carnahan, M. A. (Et al.)toBailey, J. C.187875:288
Carnahan, M. A. (Et al.)toHoffman, Chas. V.188081:214
Carnahan, M. A. (Et al.)toMcNabb, W. J.187877:88
Carnahan, Margaret (Et al.)toShippy, Robt. M.187875:214
Carnahan, U. L.toHaag, Chas.187463:229
Carnahan, W. L.fromCarey, M. (Et al.)188182:408
Carnahan, W. L.toCarnahan, W. L. (Et al.)188290:206
Carnahan, W. L.toEckart, Frederick187874:448
Carnahan, W. L.fromSheriff187978:484
Carnahan, W. L. (Et al.)fromCarnahan, W. L.188290:206
Carnahan, W. L. (Et al.)fromHolton, J. L. (Et al.)188289:558
Carnahan, W. L. (Et al.)fromRoberts, E. (Et al.)188289:558
Carnahan, Wm. L.fromCary, M. (Et al.)187978:415
Carnahan, Wm. L.toEckart, Fred187875:110
Carnahan, Wm. L.fromEvans, J. P.188288:339
Carnahan, Wm. L.toFry, Martin188394:110
Carnahan, Wm. L.fromHamilton Nat. Bank188289:354
Carnahan, Wm. L.fromHanna, Charles187464:370
Carnahan, Wm. L.toHattersley, Alfred187462:310
Carnahan, Wm. L.toJoslyn, C. E.188188:288
Carnahan, Wm. L.fromMack, Frederick187978:378
Carnahan, Wm. L.fromMcDonald, R. T. (Et al.)188288:339
Carnrike, E. G.toBoltz, F. F. & C. A.188185:455
Carnrike, Geo. W.toCarnrike, W. S.187771:535
Carnrike, J.toDidier, Francis188184:38
Carnrike, Jno.toBraun, H. B. (Etux.)188597:535
Carnrike, Jno.fromCarnrike, W. S.188184:37
Carnrike, Jno. & W. S.toMcMahon, M.188183:290
Carnrike, Jno. (Et al.)toCarnrike, W. S.188183:283
Carnrike, JohntoClick, George W.187872:503
Carnrike, M.toBauer, K. J.187977:587
Carnrike, M.toCarnrike, W. S.188083:282
Carnrike, MargaretfromAllen Cir. Court188496:504
Carnrike, MargarettoCook, Charity & E. W.187978:107
Carnrike, MargarettoJohnson, Isaac188496:505
Carnrike, W. S.toBercot, Claude187977:308
Carnrike, W. S.fromCarnrike, Geo. W.187771:535
Carnrike, W. S.toCarnrike, Jno.188184:37
Carnrike, W. S.fromCarnrike, Jno. (Et al.)188183:283
Carnrike, W. S.fromCarnrike, M.188083:282
Carnrike, W. S.toDidier, Francois188183:284
Carnrike, W. S.fromEmery, Charles187985:106
Carnrike, W. S.fromMcMahon, M. (Et al.)188183:283
Carpenter & AndersonfromRobinson, Jonathan187365:271
Carpenter, C. C. fromAnderson, John187365:272
Carpenter, C. C.toLehew, Moses S.187571:329
Carpenter, CorydontoShaffer, Valentine L.187461:500
Carpenter, Corydon C.toBowers, John T.187565:369
Carpenter, Cryden C.fromHough, John187461:274
Carpenter, Enoch (Et al.)toBaker, Belinda187875:303
Carpenter, Jno. D.fromBurgart, P. F.188287:84
Carpenter, Martin J.toDelaran, John H.187461:447
Carpenter, Martin J.fromDelaran, John H.187462:330
Carpenter, Martin J.toWilliamson, Alex187161:459
Carpenter, MaryfromTaylor, R. S. (Comr.)187165:525
Carpenter, Mary AnnfromBaker, Belinda187875:486
Carper, Ella & JacobtoHuffman, Chas. V.187773:292
Carpinter, M. J.toShaffer, Valentine188494:315
Carptenter, Jas. H. (guard.)toMarshall, Hattie E.187468:374
Carr, LucytoReiter, Geo.188287:238
Carr, S. A.fromNeiman, Theo.188393:456
Carr, Sidna A.fromNieman, Theo.188496:454
Carr, ThomasfromHobbs, Julia A. (Et al.)188081:521
Carr, ThomastoHood, Henry G.187668:530
Carr, ThomasfromHood, Henry G.187669:112
Carr, ThomasfromJohnson, Benjamin (Et al.)188081:521
Carr, ThomasfromJohnson, Joseph187873:47
Carr, ThomasfromJohnson, W. F.188495:252
Carr, ThomasfromMallott, Joseph B. (Et al.)188081:521
Carr, Thos.fromDawkins, C. M.188289:576
Carr, Thos.fromJohnson, Mary188082:73
Carr, Thos.fromMurphy, A. P. (Adm.)188393:245
Carr, Thos.fromSlater, S. T.188391:54
Carr, WalterfromKelsey, Eliza J.188599:49
Carr, WalterfromKelsey, I. H.188599:48
Carral, Alfred A.fromFlemimg, William188082:126
Carral, David L.toBittinger, Mary H. (Et al.)188496:364
Carray, B. A.fromReed, Hugh B.187367:261
Carray, B. A.toVail, Jacob188391:49
Carray, F. J. & B. A.fromBlystone, Isaac188391:95
Carrel, M. B.toBremer, Henry188391:182
Carrell, A. A.fromCarrell, D. L. (Et al.)188290:93
Carrell, A. A.fromHuguenard, P. C.188391:184
Carrell, A. A.toMowrer, Isaac188390:526
Carrell, A. A.fromRomy, C. (Et al.)188290:93
Carrell, A. A.toTrentman, A. B.188390:486
Carrell, Alfred A.toHeathman, David187566:103
Carrell, Catherine L.fromMcCulloch, Hugh187361:361
Carrell, D. L. (Et al.)toCarrell, A. A.188290:93
Carrier, A. H.fromEdgerton, J. K.188184:575
Carrier, A. H.fromLumbard, S. C.188290:69
Carrier, AugustustoHutker & Eby187462:391
Carrier, Hannah G.toHoke, Mary E.187566:473
Carrier, Hannah G.fromHoke, Mary E.187566:542
Carrington, E.fromCarrington, E. C.188080:557
Carrington, E. C.toCarrington, E.188080:557
Carrington, E. C.fromHenderson, Mary J.187976:182
Carrington, E. C.toRitcha, Elizabeth188083:174
Carrington, E. C.fromTrustees of M. E. Church187976:183
Carrol, AlfredfromArcher, John H.187360:76
Carrol, David L.fromBittinger, Mary H. (Et al.)188496:329
Carroll, A.fromBlauser, Masthia188599:222
Carroll, Alfred A.toDriver, Willis M.187567:77
Carroll, AugelinetoBlauser, Martha188599:222
Carroll, EliasfromGreene, Mary M.187360:42
Carroll, EliastoSnyder, Rowena188391:418
Carroll, ElizafromMcLane, Hannah188084:95
Carroll, JamesfromHunter, Wm. T.184571:24
Carroll, JamesfromMcBride, Strawder187567:80
Carroll, JnotoMcLane, Hanniah188084:95
Carroll, Jno.toPranger, J. H.188080:485
Carroll, Jno. (Et al.)toWeaver, Alonzo187982:9
Carroll, M. E.fromSkinner, T. H.188184:495
Carroll, MargarettoMiles, Chas.188495:2
Carroll, Mary C.fromBrocius, Aaron187979:71
Carroll, MichaeltoBoland, Mary J.187770:400
Carry, E. F.fromEwing, M. C. (Et al.)188289:506
Carry, E. F.toRoot, C. E. (Et al.)188289:506
Carry, E. F.fromRoot, C. E. (Et al.)188289:506
Carry, E. F.fromSweetser, F. C. (Et al.)188289:506
Carry, E. F. (Et al.)toRoot, L. B.188287:176
Carry, Edward F.fromRoot, L. B.188287:174
Carry, Frances J.toWelch & Baker187360:198
Carry, Francis J.toFalls, Joseph187565:249
Carry, JohnfromCarry, Michael187466:482
Carry, JohntoCarry, Michael187566:481
Carry, LavinafromFritz, Michael187771:391
Carry, MichaeltoCarry, John187466:482
Carry, MichaelfromCarry, John187566:481
Carson, AmbrosetoBaker, F. M.187464:3
Carson, AmbrosefromSmith, John W.187361:76
Carson, C. E.toKeller, Jno.188086:444
Carson, Chas. A.fromSmith, E. S.187986:443
Carson, HattiefromPompey, Mary E.188494:578
Carson, JanefromHanna, Henry C.188495:605
Carson, W. W.fromAllen County188393:297
Carson, W. W.toBrosius, Henry188081:213
Carson, W. W.fromCounty Commissioners 188393:297
Carson, W. W.toGeismas, E. L.188392:352
Carson, W. W.toHanna, J. T.187873:566
Carson, W. W.fromHanna, Jos. T.187891:127
Carson, W. W.toJackson, Silas A.188393:561
Carson, W. W.toJunk, Catharine188495:77
Carson, W. W.toRandall, P. A. (Et al.)188081:213
Carson, W. W.toSprankel, J. C. F.188288:589
Carson, W. W.toWoodworth, Emily188288:237
Carson, Wm W. (Comr.)toBickhart, Jacob186658:477
Carson, Wm. W.toHanna, H. C.188495:605
Carson, Wm. W.fromHanna, Henry C.187462:445
Carson, Wm. W.fromHutchinson, James187566:110
Carson, Wm. W.toRousseau, Francis M.187565:366
Carson, Wm. W.toRousseau, M. J.188297:237
Carson, Wm. W.fromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187360:558
Carson, Wm. W.toStrunz, Christian188392:517
Carson, Wm. W.toWells, Geo.188496:176
Carson, Wm. W. (Coms.)toShomp, David187873:485
Carter, Geo. H.toHildebrand, Henry W.187361:154
Carter, Geo. H.fromHildebrand, Wm. H.187358:415
Carter, Jas. W.fromBrunner, Jno.188183:463
Carter, R. A.fromSeavey, G. W.188080:472
Carter, WilliamfromHull, L. O.187566:217
Carter, Wm.toBarrett, Jas. M.188289:432
Carter, Wm. errorfromAlliger, Sarah M.187565:185
Cartmell, G. E.toCartmell, S. E.187978:61
Cartmell, S. E.fromCartmell, G. E.187978:61
Cartmell, S. E. (Et al.)toWass, Jno.187978:60
Cartwright, A. J. (heirs)toHarber, John187565:191
Cartwright, A. W.toCartwright, Mary P.188598:127
Cartwright, A. W. & C. M.fromCommissioners by Partition187875:29
Cartwright, AlexfromDolin, S. E.188288:503
Cartwright, AlexandertoHedges, Thos. J.187881:563
Cartwright, C.toHaudenschild, Jno.188599:62
Cartwright, C. R.fromCartwright, J. D.188391:53
Cartwright, C. R.toCartwright, M. M.188391:54
Cartwright, Chas.toCartwright, J. L.188080:66
Cartwright, Chas.fromLillie, M. E.187890:150
Cartwright, Chas.toOlds, Jno. D.188185:497
Cartwright, Chas.toSutton, W. S. (assignee)188599:64
Cartwright, E. M.fromBrosius, Aaron188294:114
Cartwright, E. M.toCornelius, Jno.188494:115
Cartwright, E. M.fromDanoch, A. M.187876:250
Cartwright, E. M.toGillett, D. D.188290:72
Cartwright, E. M.fromHamilton, J. A.188081:142
Cartwright, E. M.toHarvey, John S.187976:531
Cartwright, E. M.toKnepper, Margaret187976:251
Cartwright, E. M.fromSchultz, Mary S. E.187772:6
Cartwright, Geo. S.fromDidier, Thiebout187668:203
Cartwright, Geo. S.fromRandall, P. A.188090:513
Cartwright, Geo. W.toCavalier, Victor187259:423
Cartwright, J. D.toCartwright, C. R.188391:53
Cartwright, J. F.toNYC & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:37
Cartwright, J. L.fromCartwright, Chas.188080:66
Cartwright, J. L.toSutton, W. S.188598:77
Cartwright, J. M.fromCartwright, L. F.187977:65
Cartwright, J. M.toCartwright, Mary P.187979:355
Cartwright, J. M.toCatwright, L. F.187977:67
Cartwright, J. M.toDanoch, A. M.188080:520
Cartwright, J. M.toDarroch, A. M.187772:231
Cartwright, J. M. L. F. & W. M.fromCommissioners by Partition187875:29
Cartwright, J. S.toFarrell, J. W.188185:578
Cartwright, J. W.toBrosius, A. & M.188290:96
Cartwright, J. W.fromBurt, J. A.188081:143
Cartwright, J. W.fromBurt, J. A.188081:144
Cartwright, J. W.toSmith, A.188090:478
Cartwright, JamesfromRandall, Perry A.187872:540
Cartwright, JamestoRandall, Perry A.187872:529
Cartwright, James M.toCastle, Daniel W.187565:438
Cartwright, James M.toHedges, Thos. J.187681:561
Cartwright, James M.fromHoffman, Sebastian187564:547
Cartwright, James M.toKennedy, Sophia187463:538
Cartwright, James M.toScott, John187464:12
Cartwright, James M.fromSheriff187462:43
Cartwright, James M.fromSheriff187567:107
Cartwright, James M.fromSmitley, Enos187360:488
Cartwright, Jas. M.toErdel, Valentine187772:119
Cartwright, Jas. M.toMcCreary, Jos.187977:322
Cartwright, Jas. M.toSchultz, Mary S. E.187772:7
Cartwright, Jas. S.fromOssian Building Loan & S. A.188079:567
Cartwright, Jno.toHenschen, Fred188184:555
Cartwright, John D.toMoshammer, John L.187565:345
Cartwright, John D.fromWhitmeyer, George187565:561
Cartwright, John F.toNew York Chicago St. Louis R. W. Co.188184:127
Cartwright, John J.fromDrivelbec, Mary187463:168
Cartwright, John M.toBarcus, Beulah P.187565:186
Cartwright, John M.fromBarcus, Bulah P.187565:186
Cartwright, John M.toEdsall, Simon S.187361:132
Cartwright, John M.toHedges, Thos. J.187681:562
Cartwright, John M.toMoellering, William187566:282
Cartwright, John M.fromMollering, Wm.187566:282
Cartwright, John M.fromMollering, Wm.187566:281
Cartwright, John M.fromPaul, Henry C.187566:282
Cartwright, John M.fromPeters, John C.187566:439
Cartwright, L. F.toBickness, Fred188081:341
Cartwright, L. F.toCartwright, J. M.187977:65
Cartwright, L. F.fromCartwright, Wm. M.187874:460
Cartwright, L. F.toKowiansky, H.188597:398
Cartwright, L. F.toSwayne, S. F.188082:140
Cartwright, L. F. (Et al.)toForbush, J. F.187977:64
Cartwright, LydiatoBarthold, S. D.188097:596
Cartwright, LydiafromDidier, Thiebout187668:202
Cartwright, M. M.fromCartwright, C. R.188391:54
Cartwright, M. P. (Et al.)toMason, J. S.188497:208
Cartwright, MaryfromCommissioners by Partition187875:29
Cartwright, Mary J.fromTuomey, Patrick187274:549
Cartwright, Mary P.fromCartwright, A. W.188598:127
Cartwright, Mary P.fromCartwright, J. M.187979:355
Cartwright, Mary P.toSwayne, S. F.188082:141
Cartwright, Nancy E.toEbright, Joseph H.187771:217
Cartwright, Nancy E.toEbright, Mary187771:217
Cartwright, Nancy E.fromStapleford, Chas. R.187779:550
Cartwright, Saml.toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188186:29
Cartwright, SamuelfromKennedy, Sophia187668:417
Cartwright, SamueltoKennedy, Sophia187771:25
Cartwright, SamueltoNew York Chicago & St. Louis R. W. Co.188184:126
Cartwright, Wm. M.toCartwright, L. F.187874:460
Cartwright. E. M.fromGillett, D. D.188297:618
Cartwright. E.M.fromErdel, Valentine187772:81
Carver, A. H.toHuestis, A. C.188189:488
Carver, J. F.fromLukens, M. M. (Et al.)188599:55
Carver, Jno. F.fromBrandriff, A. D.188598:596
Carver, Kahn K.toPolhamus, Albert H.187359:505
Carver, W. D. & Haines, E. D.fromDepus, William188182:434
Cary & CroffordfromWire, Matilda (et al.)187668:265
Cary, A. M.fromCary, M.188084:574
Cary, A. M.toCary, Nancy E.188084:575
Cary, ElizabethfromLatham, Mary E.187360:116
Cary, H. S.toMason, Josephus S.187567:522
Cary, Hiram S.toSweet, S. B.187668:284
Cary, Hiram S.toWhitehead, Arther & H. D.187772:284
Cary, Hiram S.toZim, Xavir187360:35
Cary, James D.fromBrackenridge, Robt. (heirs)186258:446
Cary, Jno. Wm.toShoaff, Wm. W.188081:434
Cary, L. M.fromKoenig, Edward187463:536
Cary, L. M.fromMeegan, Caroline E.187463:535
Cary, L. M.fromMeegan, Caroline E. & Thos. J.187567:23
Cary, LavinatoWhite, Jas. B.188079:186
Cary, M.toCary, A. M.188084:574
Cary, M.toFt. Wayne Lodge No. 14 I.O.O.F.187978:434
Cary, M. & Crawford, A.fromWilson, John187462:195
Cary, M. & Crawford, A. C.toWire, Matilda (Et al.)187979:34
Cary, M. (Et al.)toCarnahan, Wm. L.187978:415
Cary, MelancthanfromHudson, Chas. A.187462:340
Cary, MelancthonfromMiddleton, Ambrose E.187462:340
Cary, MelanthontoMcQuiston, John187461:185
Cary, MelunethontoReed, Jennie188191:19
Cary, Nancy E.fromCary, A. M.188084:575
Cary, Rebecca M.fromSweet, S. B.187668:278
Case, CharlestoCase, Willis W.187674:187
Case, Chas. (Coms.)toMiner, B. D.185674:379
Case, Chas. (Et al.)toCase, W. W.188184:340
Case, Chas. (Et al.)toCase, W. W.188184:241
Case, W. W.fromCase, Chas. (Et al.)188184:241
Case, W. W.fromCase, Chas. (Et al.)188184:340
Case, W. W.fromHumphreys, W. S.188184:258
Case, W. W.toOlds, J. D. & A. C.188391:394
Case, W. W.toSale, J. W.188184:309
Case, Willis W.fromCase, Charles187674:187
Casebeer, Sarah (Et al.)toFunk, Jacob188184:150
Casee, DinahfromOburn, B. E.188079:375
Casey, W. R.toKelly, Geo. W. & V.188599:157
Casgrove, F. K.toEckles, N. P.187777:334
Cashman, Jno.fromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188288:141
Caskey, Marquis D.fromHodge, Chester P.187669:10
Casll, Geo. S.toFletcher, Jennie187976:506
Cass, MatildafromFair, Christian N.187873:15
Cassaday, JacobtoWhittern, Chas.188288:308
Cassady, J.toKenedy, T.187363:314
Cassady, JacobfromFinan, Edward187462:540
Cassady, JacobtoO'Brine, Mary187462:450
Cassady, JacobtoSprague, Andrew M.187361:48
Cassady, JacobtoWhitern, Charles187669:379
Cassady, Mary J.fromSprague, Andrew M.187669:136
Cassady, Mary J.fromWhittern, Charles187772:227
Cassel, HenryfromUnited States183269:472
Casselman, Jno.fromShaffer, Mary188288:458
Casselman, JohntoFleming, Jonathan187668:298
Cassiday, MinervatoKnight, E. L. & Dever, Jno.186374:368
Casso, FranktoAuger, Chas.187462:497
Casso, FranktoRubin, Eliza188494:316
Castle, D.toSpencer, M. B. V.187566:183
Castle, Daniel W.fromCartwright, James M.187565:438
Castle, JacobfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187771:546
Castle, JacobtoRandall, P. A.188291:30
Castle, Jacob (Et al.)toBurrier, Isaac188081:233
Castle, James W.fromBrobst, Nathaniel A.187464:576
Castle, James W.toCastle, Samuel L.187564:574
Castle, Samuel L.fromCastle, James W.187564:574
Castle, SusanfromGreen, E. W.186985:102
Castle, SusantoKnode, R. S.188185:103
Castle, ThomastoCochran, Geo. G.187462:162
Caston, MartintoOssian, B. L. & S. A.187979:439
Caston, MartinfromWhite, James B.187669:152
Catlett, HannahtoMuller, Francis187667:548
Catlett, HannahfromSnyder, Mary187667:495
Caton, S. L.toPettit, Wm. L.187977:584
Caton, Saml. L.fromHelsel, Edward187875:75
Cattez, JosephtoBass, John H.187359:586
Cattez, JosephfromBathelder, Jesse L.187359:566
Cattez, JosephfromColerick, Chas. F.187360:252
Cattez, JosephtoEvard, Bertha187465:41
Cattez, JosephtoSallier, J. C.187566:124
Cattez, JosephtoSallier, John C.187772:259
Cattez, JosephfromSchnorberger, Christian187360:58
Cattez, JuliatoSallier, Justin188497:90
Cattez, JuliafromSallier, Justin188497:89
Catwright, L. F.fromCartwright, J. M.187977:67
Cavalier, VictorfromCartwright, Geo. W.187259:423
Cavalier, VictortoHenschen, Wm.188183:440
Cavalier, VictortoHenschen, Wm.188183:440
Cavalier, VictorfromMeiser, Benj.188290:183
Caviler, VictorfromNey, Patrick187360:380
Cayot, Jos.fromGroumow, Francis188183:192
Cayot, M. C.fromPernot, Constant (Adm.)188496:64
Cayot, Mary C.toCayot, Peter188496:294
Cayot, Mary C. toOberley, Frank188496:295
Cayot, P. F.fromDupont, L.187668:74
Cayot, PeterfromCayot, Mary C.188496:294

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