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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Cecelia, Mother M.toAlexander, Jno.187668:245
Cedar Creek Tp.fromDouglass, Albert188396:127
Center, Wm.fromAlliger, Sarah M.187565:185
Centlion, M. A.fromBauer, K. J.188290:261
Centliore, C. L.toKeinz, Phillip187978:228
Centliore, C. L.fromLutz, G. (Et al.)188185:334
Centliore, L. A.fromBanet, Alex188495:54
Centliver, C. L.fromSheriff187978:475
Centlivre, C. L.toReuille, Jules H.187463:349
Centlivre, Chas. L.fromEdsall, Wm. G.187566:357
Centlivre, Chas. L.fromRankert, M. (Et al.)188185:334
Centlivre, Chas. L.fromRudisill, Henry J.187463:480
Centtivre, C. L.fromUpmyer, Fred188598:435
Cerlia & RankenfromBlenck, Rosanna187464:113
Certia & RankertfromSeibold, David187567:94
Certia, JacobfromBond, H. R. (Et al.)188496:378
Certia, JacobfromBond, L. A. (Guard)188496:130
Certia, JacobfromCertia, Peter187772:148
Certia, JacobtoCertia, Peter187978:500
Certia, JacobfromCertia, Peter188392:330
Certia, JacobfromCoombs, Wm. H. (Et al.)188496:377
Certia, JacobfromEquitable Trust Co.188496:378
Certia, JacobfromFisher, D. C. (Et al.)188496:377
Certia, Jacob (Et al.)fromCertia, Peter188391:377
Certia, PetertoButt, Anton187463:506
Certia, PetertoCertia, Jacob187772:148
Certia, PeterfromCertia, Jacob187978:500
Certia, PetertoCertia, Jacob188392:330
Certia, PetertoCertia, Jacob (Et al.)188391:377
Certia, PetertoCertis, Jacob187875:526
Certia, PetertoCertis, Jacob187875:525
Certia, PeterfromEckart, Frederick187564:392
Certia, PeterfromFalker, Frank187770:47
Certia, PeterfromKintz, Jacob J.188597:153
Certia, PetertoLessing, Louis187465:356
Certia, PeterfromNill, John Jr.187359:456
Certia, PetertoOddou, Peter187572:168
Certia, PetertoOtten, N. & E.188079:352
Certia, PeterfromRankert, Chas.187771:174
Certia, PetertoRodabaugh, Jno. F.188598:340
Certia, PeterfromShoaf, John A.188080:161
Certia, PeterfromSutton, Catharine187667:484
Certificate of Auditor of Stateto188495:460
Certis, JacobfromCertia, Peter187875:525
Certis, JacobfromCertia, Peter187875:526
Cestia, PetertoEckart, Fred188084:220
Cestia, PetertoLordier, A & E.188081:202
Cestia, PetertoRaukert, C. & G. Lutz187874:550
Cestia, PetertoRaukert, Chas.187874:551
Cestle, SusanfromSchnelker, H. (Adm.)188183:206

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