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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Chaffin, R. B.toDunn, Chas, W.187978:457
Chaffin, R. B.toHuguenard, V. A.187978:504
Chaffin, R. B.fromSordlet, A. J. (Et al.)187977:332
Chaffin, R. B.fromUrbine, F. C. (Et al.)187977:332
Chaffin, R. B.fromUrbine, Jos. Jr.187977:331
Chakman, O. L.fromWhite, Jas. B.187976:405
Challenger, J. W.fromStapleford, F. A.188183:297
Challenger, J. W. & M. A.fromBossler, Henry H.187360:277
Challenger, Jos. W.fromSheriff187567:195
Challenger, Jos. W.fromSheriff187670:38
Challenger, Joseph W.toBossler, Henry H.187360:310
Champer, C.fromBower, John187568:125
Champer, CatharinefromSheriff187565:360
Champer, CatharinefromWilson, John187568:125
Champion, Chas.fromPernoel, Alaxander187359:321
Chapell, P. & J. A.fromBeebe, Wm. J.187574:238
Chapin, A. A.fromSary187977:106
Chapin, Augustus A.fromBaughman, John H.187770:533
Chapman & LechnerfromEssig, Wm.187063:26
Chapman & LechnertoKriegh, Elias187463:367
Chapman, B. W.toMiller, Annastania188183:441
Chapman, Geo.toChapman, Preston187668:199
Chapman, Geo.toChapman, Preston188079:254
Chapman, Geo.toChapman, Wm.187668:198
Chapman, John W.fromRoudebush, John187770:559
Chapman, O. L.toWilfret, N. B.188081:167
Chapman, PrestonfromChapman, Geo.187668:199
Chapman, PrestonfromChapman, Geo.188079:254
Chapman, PrestontoChapman, William188079:392
Chapman, PrestontoShearer, Atwell188079:391
Chapman, Robt. C.toAdams, Gabriel187161:462
Chapman, SolomontoMartin, Delphis F.187358:409
Chapman, W. J. (Et al.)fromBowser, H. J.187981:584
Chapman, WilliamfromChapman, Preston188079:392
Chapman, Wm.fromChapman, Geo.187668:198
Chappel, PhilemonfromCulver, Geo. W.186364:23
Chappell, C. B.fromChappell, Philoman187469:526
Chappell, ChristophertoKetchum, Elizabeth H.187669:527
Chappell, P.toBallon, J. E.187976:235
Chappell, P.fromBallon, J. E.187977:588
Chappell, P.toBallon, J. E.187977:589
Chappell, P.toKell, Geo. V.187977:590
Chappell, P.toStephens, Thos. M.187668:98
Chappell, PhilmontoSurfice, Andrew187565:560
Chappell, PhilomantoChappell, C. B.187469:526
Chapple, PhilemonfromMcLaughlin, M. E.187576:230
Charles, E. M. (et al.)toCarle, H. W.187668:207
Charles, E. M. (et al.)toCharles, Martha E.187668:340
Charles, JohnfromCarles, E. M. (et al.)187668:177
Charles, Martha E.fromCharles, E. M. (et al.)187668:340
Charleswood, E.fromCope, Abram.188082:14
Charters, L. W.fromReynolds, F. B.188082:354
Charters, L. W.toReynolds, F. B.188183:362
Charville, G.toLanton, D.187463:242
Chase, JamestoSherbondy, Abraham187159:393
Chase, MatildafromArcher, Jno. H.188185:544
Chase, MatildatoChase, Stephen (et al.)187462:73
Chase, MatildafromSherbondy, Abraham187159:394
Chase, MatildatoWigent, A. C.187566:39
Chase, PhebefromErvin, John187566:328
Chase, S. W.fromAuditor188494:370
Chase, S. W.fromBicknase, Henry188287:495
Chase, S. W.fromBittinger, J. R.188286:562
Chase, S. W.fromBond, L. A.188290:91
Chase, S. W.fromBrown, R. s.188184:245
Chase, S. W.fromBuford, Chas.188184:414
Chase, StephentoErwin, John187566:327
Chase, StephenfromRacine, August187464:105
Chase, StephentoRacine, August187464:466
Chase, Stephen (et al.)fromChase, Matilda187462:73
Chase, Stephen W.fromBoland, Mary J.187976:269
Chase, Stephen W.toHickman, Geo. (Et al.)188079:112
Chase, Stephen W.fromMasel, Martin188079:111
Chase, Stephen, Jno. R. & James N.toMonahan, Mary Ann187567:66
Chauser, A.fromBrantner, Levi188082:109
Chaussee, AlfredfromChaussee, Amedee187978:533
Chaussee, AmedeetoChaussee, Alfred187978:533
Chaussee, AmedeetoChaussee, Chas.187978:532
Chaussee, AnniefromWikert, Wm. H.187464:46
Chaussee, Chas.fromChaussee, Amedee187978:532
Chauvey, CharlesfromJourdain, Celestine187668:472
Chauvey, CharlestoJourdain, Mary187668:473
Cheesman, Saml.toBolinger, John185267:551
Chenevert, Chas.toHoffman, Geo. W.187360:457
Chenevert, Chas.toSwift, Alpheus187461:539
Cheney, AaronfromHough, John187463:537
Cheney, EzratoHerderhorst, Ernst187461:341
Cheney, EzrofromWilliams, Clark187461:452
Chevalier, GibsonfromLawton, Daniel187461:430
Cheveron, X.fromBond, W. Jr.188080:575
Chevillot, Philibert & AugustusfromConverset, Augustus187566:408
Chevillot, PhiliptoConverset, Augustus187669:420
Chiene, MargaretfromPlayfair, James187771:173
Chiene, MargarettoPlayfair, Jas.187978:127
Chilcoat, NicodemusfromTullis, Amos187875:297
Chilcoat, Nicodenues C.fromSheriff187875:299
Chilcote, N.toPantices, Abraham188183:499
Childs, E. P.toFoster, S. C.187463:292
Chitcote, H.fromBarnes, Nelson185083:559
Chittenden, HarriettoBrackenridge, E. J.187977:266
Chitteuden, HarrietfromBrackenridge, Jos.187977:265
Choddock, Lydia A.fromSweet, Nancy J.187773:141
Chopman, Francis M.fromAlliger, S. M. & B. H.187364:324
Chorpening, JamestoOhliger, Jacob187361:347
Chorpening, MichaelfromKeefer, Jeremiah187669:444
Chorpenning, I. J.fromWelld, Jos. C.188081:585
Chorpenning, I. J.toWells, J. C.188080:159
Chorpenning, I. J.fromZeimmer, George188079:558
Chorpenning, JamesfromPatty, Theodore187361:347
Chorpenning, MichaeltoHerrick, Lydia A.187878:177
Christ, Wm.fromPugh, Jas. M.188183:171
Christe, John D.toCorning, Erastus184867:86
Christen, B. (Et al.)toRekers, C. A.188083:354
Christen, BurggyfromChristen, Mary187566:392
Christen, J. R.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:262
Christen, Jno.fromBatchelder, A. S.188495:293
Christen, MarytoChristen, Burggy187566:392
Christie, Mary E.fromChristie, Wm. P.187874:447
Christie, Wm. P.fromAtkins, Wm.187360:339
Christie, Wm. P.toChristie, Mary E.187874:447
Christinan, JohntoSteinbacher, Michael188182:321
Christinan, JohntoSteinbacher, Michael188182:323
Christman, Jno.fromSwank, Christ187463:107
Christman, JohnfromTaylor, Andrew J.187566:554
Christman, M.toSixbey, Edmee187983:53
Christman, MichaelfromBohnart, Donatus187668:318
Christman, MichaelfromBohnart, Donatus187668:319
Christman, NicholasfromHaiber, Nicholas187461:592
Christman, NicholasfromMcDowell, Alexander188079:520
Christmann, JohntoKing, Valentine187770:385
Chupp, Jacob H.toKeplinger, Abraham M.187278:97
Church of GodfromPotter, James187569:426
Chute, RichardtoEnglish, Thomas185767:285

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