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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Cin. Richmond & Ft. Wayne R. R. Co.fromMeyer, Fredeick (Et al.)188183:419
Cin. Richmond Ft. Wayne R. R. Co.fromFelger, Jno.188183:418
Cin. Richmond Ft. Wayne R. R. Co.fromKoennemann, A. (Et al.)188183:419
Cir Court (Allen Co.)toParrant, F. E.188494:426
Circuit CourttoSchieferstine, C.187873:581
City ClerktoPaine, L. C.188598:261
City ClerktoRandall, P. A.188598:260
City ClerktoRandall, P. A.188598:258
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toDehue, Mena.188293:360
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toHough, Sarah D.188288:373
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:53
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:56
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:47
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:45
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:59
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:51
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:50
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:60
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:57
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188391:197
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:54
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188392:48
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toMcWhinney, Frank188391:351
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toOglesby, W. B.188393:593
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188289:164
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188289:166
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188391:205
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188391:207
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188391:210
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188391:208
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188391:212
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188391:204
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toPrezinger, J. R.188391:211
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toRandall, Perry A.188393:599
City Clerk (Ft. Wayne)toSeavey, G. W.188496:369
City Coms. ReporttoVacating Alley188598:265
City Coms. Vacation of Alleyto188393:178
City Coms. Vacation of Alleyto188393:576
City Coms. Vacation of Alleyto188393:93
City Coms. Vacation of Alleyto188598:597
City- Fort WaynefromMicheals, Fred188183:500
City of Fort WaynefromAnnexation of contigous territory187810:544
City of Fort Wayne fromBecks, H.188183:395
City of Fort WaynefromBowser, J. C.187566:81
City of Fort WaynefromBoyd, G. w.188183:395
City of Fort WaynefromHamilton, A. H. (Et al.)188080:81
City of Fort WaynefromHamilton, A. H. (Et al.)188080:81
City of Fort WaynetoHoffmman, A. E.188184:402
City of Fort Wayne toLehr, Mary Jane188079:181
City of Fort WaynefromMcLallen, Elisha B.187564:500
City of Fort WaynetoMeisner, Amanda187669:149
City of Fort WaynefromMettler, Mathias188192:387
City of Fort Wayne toMichaels, Fred188080:412
City of Fort WaynetoPickard, Thos. R.187687:190
City of Fort WaynetoRogers, M. E.188185:119
City of Fort WaynefromWhite, Jas. B.188185:580
City of Fort WaynefromWilliams, M. H. (Et al.)188080:81
City of Fort WaynefromWilliams, Mary H. (Et al.)188080:81
City of Fort Wayne (by Clerk)toPrezinger, J. R.188289:172
City of Fort Wayne (by Clerk)toPrezinger, J. R.188289:167
City of Fort Wayne (by Clerk)toPrezinger, J. R.188289:169
City of Fort Wayne (by Clerk)toPrezinger, J. R.188289:171
City of Fort Wayne (by Mayor)toFranke, August188391:515
City of Fort Wayne (by Mayor)toZollinger, Morris188391:483
City of Fort Wayne by MayortoBowser, Jacob C.186869:205
City of Fort Wayne by MayortoCarmer, O. P.187669:201
City of Fort Wayne by Treas.toFleming, Wm.187369:198
City of Fort Wayne for school purposesfromRidgway, M. (Et al.)188183:395
City of Fort Wayne for school purposesfromThompson, E. (Et al.)188183:395
City of Ft. WaynetoBowser, Jacob C.186871:563
City of Ft. WaynetoBowser, Jacob C.186871:562
City of Ft. WaynefromClugston, David B.187564:500
City of Ft. WaynetoFleming, Wm.187371:550
City of Ft. WaynefromLangohr, John W.187462:207
City of Ft. WaynetoMoran, Peter187875:78
City TreasuretoOrr, Michael188495:510
City TreasuretoStraugham, J. R.188599:43
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toBass, Jno. H.188287:357
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toBlystone, Isaac188290:335
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toFleming, Wm.188287:321
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toFleming, Wm.188288:418
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toFults, M. J.188288:300
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toHartman, H. C.187986:258
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toHartman, H. C.187986:256
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toHayden, Fred J.188193:43
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toHough, Sarah D.188288:373
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:441
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:443
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:432
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:431
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:445
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:440
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:429
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:436
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:434
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188185:438
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toLocke, Josiah188288:149
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toMommer, Jos. Jr.188393:567
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toMunson, C. A.188287:150
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toOrtlieb, Geo.188183:572
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toOrtlieb, Geo.188287:327
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toOrtlieb, Geo.188287:329
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toPape, Wm.188287:123
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toPape, Wm.188287:128
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toPape, Wm.188287:125
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toPearson, Chas. H.188392:546
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toRandall, P. A.188287:350
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toRiffel, Jas. K.188288:328
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toRobbe, A. F. (Et al.)188183:492
City Treasure (Ft. Wayne)toTresselt, Christ188286:544
City TreasurertoBowser, J. C.186898:148
City TreasurertoFleming, Wm.187371:552
City TreasurertoFleming, Wm.187371:182
City TreasurertoLangohr, J. W.187669:392
City TreasurertoLangohr, J. W.187669:389
City TreasurertoLangohr, John W.187571:356
City TreasurertoLangohr, John W.187571:352
City TreasurertoLangohr, John W.187571:358
City TreasurertoLangohr, John W.187571:354
City TreasurertoPape, William187570:342
City TreasurertoTagtmeyer, David188079:436
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toBlystone, Isaac187977:420
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toBlystone, Isaac188182:247
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toFox, Louis187873:533
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toFt. W. Ger. B. L. & S. A. No. 7188080:71
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toGable, Christian187875:189
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toKirkwood, C. C.188183:145
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toLangohr, Jno. W.187873:246
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toLangohr, Jno. W.187873:249
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toLangohr, Jno. W.187873:244
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toLangohr, Jno. W.187873:251
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toLangohr, Jno. W.187873:247
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toLaugohn, Jno. W.187875:271
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toLindlag, C. W.187976:406
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toMorgan, Jas. & Nichol, John187976:25
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toRobbe, A. F. (Et al.)188183:482
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toTaylor, John187975:497
City Treasurer Ft. Wayne toTaylor, John187975:500
CityTreasurertoLangohr, John W.187571:360

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