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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Claggett, H. (Et al.)toKelsey, J. H.187977:132
Claggett, HannahfromCollins, L. D.187874:73
Clapesattle, J. G. (Guard)toMcCormick, W. H.187982:533
Clar, Thomas R.toKlaehn, Frederick187873:87
Clard, JasonfromClark, Clifford188289:123
Clark, B. G. (Et al.)toFort Wayne & Jackson R. R. Co.188079:207
Clark, Benj.fromBell, Zacharah T.187771:222
Clark, Benj.toWeaver, J. C.187980:590
Clark, Benj.toWilkerson, J. L.187980:590
Clark, BenjaminfromBeison, Raburn187465:199
Clark, CliffordtoClard, Jason188289:123
Clark, D. H.toMason, J. A.188184:560
Clark, David P.toMurray, Kerr187464:188
Clark, E. M.toNailor, Geo.187978:487
Clark, EnochfromKelsey, James F.187564:447
Clark, EnochtoKelsey, Wm. H.187669:423
Clark, J. H. & WortheytoCody, John H.187462:621
Clark, JamesfromDriver, Mary187773:578
Clark, JamestoPeckham, Wm.187873:579
Clark, JanefromBemiss, H. P.188183:552
Clark, JanefromColerick, Jno. a.188183:564
Clark, JanefromJones, Emma A.187978:36
Clark, Jas.toWendgate, John185574:222
Clark, John H.toEckert, Frederick187976:584
Clark, John H. (Trustee)toRhinesmith, John187771:521
Clark, John H. (Trustee)toSimonson, Jas. H.187771:521
Clark, Jos. (et al.)toEloph, H. & M.187772:289
Clark, JosephtoRaab, John187461:350
Clark, L. B.toHartzell, I. M. & E.188289:191
Clark, Lydia M.fromEckert, Frederick187976:585
Clark, M. E.toEhinger, Jos.188186:86
Clark, MarytoBeckman, Edward187771:252
Clark, Mary E.toPape, Charles187770:227
Clark, Mary E.toSchophorst, F.187978:268
Clark, O. M.toShryock, Ann187987:223
Clark, R. M.fromThreewits, John F. & J. K.187670:546
Clark, SophiafromSink, Elizabeth187983:140
Clark, T. R.fromKlingenburger, Jno.187463:198
Clark, T. R.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187481:10
Clark, ThomasfromClark, Victoria (et al.)187772:317
Clark, ThomasfromClark, Victoria (et al.)187772:324
Clark, ThomasfromEloph, Jos. (et al.)187772:317
Clark, ThomasfromEloph, Jos. (et al.)187772:324
Clark, Thomas (et al.)toEloph Jos. & Elizabeth187772:268
Clark, Thos. R.toKlingenberger, Jno.187463:197
Clark, Thos. R.toSchoenlein, C. B.188081:11
Clark, Thos. R.fromTaylor, R. S. (Gdn.)187363:197
Clark, VictoriafromEloph, Jos. (et al.)187772:318
Clark, VictoriatoNew York Chicago St. Louis R. W. Co.188184:130
Clark, Victoria (et al.)toClark, Thomas187772:317
Clark, Victoria (et al.)toClark, Thomas187772:324
Clark, Victoria (Guard)toNew York Chicago St. Louis R. W. Co.188184:131
Clark, ZacheusfromO'Shaughnessey, B.187979:382
Clark, ZackeasfromMeyers, Mathias187360:442
Clausmeier, E. F.fromClausmeier, M. E.187978:53
Clausmeier, E. F.toErvin, R. A.188184:139
Clausmeier, E. F.toORourke, W. S.188185:491
Clausmeier, E. F. & M.fromBrown, R. M.188494:141
Clausmeier, F. L.toClausmeyer, E. F.187668:435
Clausmeier, M. E.toClausmeier, E. F.187978:53
Clausmeyer, E. F.fromClausmeier, F. L.187668:435
Clauss, Jno. C.toEhle, August187566:179
Clauss, John C.fromDierstein, Conrad187566:495
Clayton, EnochfromBottenberg, E.188185:262
Clayton, HenryfromJacoby, David187873:526
Clayton, HenrytoLochner, Jno.187873:403
Clayton, HenrytoMiller, Margaret187981:539
Clayton, Jno.toBoerger, Jacob188185:186
Clayton, Jno.fromBottenberg, D.188185:263
Clayton, M. A.toGillett, C. M. & H.188186:301
Clear, AngelinefromMcKinley, Perry187278:163
Clear, Jno.toMcKinley, Perry187277:559
Clear, JohntoMaples, Lewis185471:60
Clear, M. C.toBenward, J. S.188289:58
Clear, M. C.fromBenward, Oliver188185:19
Clear, M. C.fromBowser, S. O.188185:23
Clear, Mary C.fromBemoard, Oliver187977:493
Cleber, ChristianfromMitsdoerfer, Andreas187873:129
Clem, A. J.toClem, Saml.186484:552
Clem, A. J.fromNeed, Jno.188081:226
Clem, A. J.toPurman, A. A.188289:489
Clem, A. J.fromSwift, Alpheus187161:355
Clem, A. J. & S. A.toPurman, A. A.188289:366
Clem, A. J. (Et al.)fromFite, R. L. (Assignee)187975:451
Clem, A. J. (Et al.)toMcMahin, Thos.188183:378
Clem, A. J. (Et al.)toMcMakin, Thos.188183:378
Clem, A. J. (Et al.)toRidenour, Lewis187976:474
Clem, AdamfromCowell, Jno. W.188183:212
Clem, Adam (Et al.)toMiller, J. D. & Lewis186976:210
Clem, Andrew J.toDutman, Henry C.187463:617
Clem, David (Guard)toBottenberg, D.188287:157
Clem, HenrytoMcMahin, Thos.188184:384
Clem, JohnfromAuditor1879A:155
Clem, JohntoBurnes, Malechia188182:325
Clem, MargarettoMiller, J. D.187980:420
Clem, MargarettoMiller, Lewis D.187976:411
Clem, NoahfromAuditor1878A:130
Clem, NoahfromAuditor1878A:130
Clem, NoahfromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187770:238
Clem, NoahfromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187770:239
Clem, NoahfromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187770:241
Clem, NoahfromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187770:243
Clem, NoahfromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)187770:244
Clem, NoahfromFite, R. L. (Assignee)188080:512
Clem, NoahtoHanson, H. N.188287:134
Clem, NoahtoMurchland, M. A.188084:494
Clem, NoahtoSimmers, W. C.188082:571
Clem, PheabytoRidenour, Lewis187976:517
Clem, Saml.fromClem, A. J.186484:552
Clem, Saml.toClem, Sarah A.186584:553
Clem, SamuelfromDevore, David G.187773:157
Clem, SamuelfromUnited States184075:469
Clem, Sarah A.fromClem, Saml.186584:553
Clemmer, G. W.toEdington, James187565:341
Clemmer, G. W.fromEmenhiser, Stephen187361:472
Clerk Allen Cir. CourttoJohnson, Sarah A.187677:342
Cleve, JosephfromNeed, Franklin187873:444
Click, George W.fromCarnrike, John187872:503
Clifford, J. & J.fromColter, J. (Et al.)188287:394
Clifford, Jas. & Jos.fromColbert, Louisa188080:571
Clifford, Jas. (Et al.)toKelsey, S. B.188288:161
Clifford, Jos, J. & Jas.fromUrbine, Alfred187978:449
Clifford, Jos.fromBeown, Mary188288:29
Clifford, JosephfromSwift, Bayless (Comr.)187770:347
Cline, Jno.fromHarshman, Rebecca187667:336
Clippinger, DanielfromHogg, N. B.187669:222
Clippinger, DanieltoSwaidner, John187669:223
Clopenstine, RebeccafromStapleton, Joshua187976:267
Close, C. F.fromBrueback, G. T.188286:454
Clossen, A. M. (Et al.)toHeine, Wm.188082:173
Clossen, A. M. (Guard)toHeine, Wm.188082:175
Closson, JosiahtoSpeaker, Elisabeth187566:181
Closson, JosiahfromWatkins, James f.187463:520
Closson, SiamfromAshley, E. D.187360:311
Cloud, AllentoStrong, L. P.186470:221
Cloverdale, HenrytoHuss, Elisha O.187873:128
Clugston, David B.toCity of Ft. Wayne187564:500
Clutter, C. & P. A.fromSirus, G. D.187978:252
Clutter, CaspertoClutter, Wm. M.187874:370
Clutter, P. A. (Et al.)toSims, G. D. & Mary187978:272
Clutter, Phoebe A.fromClutter, Wm. M.187874:398
Clutter, Phoebe A.toLange, Wm.187976:392
Clutter, Phoebe AnntoLane, William187875:145
Clutter, RiamfromPursell, E. A.187463:611
Clutter, RyantoPursell, Amanda L.187464:30
Clutter, Wm. M.fromClutter, Casper187874:370
Clutter, Wm. M.toClutter, Phoebe A.187874:398

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