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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Coardevey, LewisfromHassert, B.188287:461
Coardway, LewistoBowser, Sarah M.188291:232
Coardway, LouisfromDawson, Emma R.188081:448
Coats, CarolinetoTillberry, M. J.188599:72
Coats, Rebecca (Et al.)toLeahe, P. J. & Jordan O. F.187976:453
Coats, Rebecca (Et al.)fromSwartz, Elizabeth187773:259
Coblentz, EphraimfromHops, E. A.188081:110
Coblentz, EphraimtoHowell, Solomon187565:74
Coblentz, EphramfromHough, John187362:37
Coblentz, EphriamtoDudgeon, C. H. & L.188079:533
Coburn, H. P. (Clerks Certificate pertaining to Land of)to187977:432
Coburn, Henry P.fromTrustees of W. & E. Canal185377:180
Coburn, Henry P.fromTrustees of W. & E. Canal185377:181
Coburn, Henry P.fromTrustees of W. & E. Canal185377:182
Coburn, Henry P.fromTrustees of W. & E. Canal185377:183
Coburn, Henry P.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185377:178
Coburn, Henry P.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185377:179
Coburn, ZilphatoVandoran, John186769:143
Cocanour, J. B. (Et al.)toVolland, H. & I.188289:417
Cochoit, JosephfromMikle, John187462:420
Cochraine & HumphreyfromMcFee, Wm.187670:15
Cochran, Geo. G.fromCastle, Thomas187462:162
Cochran, Geo. W.fromAshley, E. D.186959:224
Cochran, R. P.toBauserman, Leah187977:535
Cochran, Rachel P. fromGlancy, Hugh187667:511
Cochran, Thos. (Et al.)fromLocke, Josiah188289:522
Cochran, Thos. (Et al.) fromOrff, Christian188289:523
Cochran, WeslerfromMcCune, John187362:131
Cochrane, CharlottefromBarthold, Frederick187978:186
Cochrane, Geo.fromSheriff187669:150
Cochrane, Geo. G.toAdams, Horace E.187568:413
Cochrane, Geo. G.toLaClair, Peter187462:162
Cochrane, Geo. G.toLuce, Wm187361:119
Cochrane, Geo. G.toRoesner, D.187463:333
Cochrane, George G.toLarge, Samuel E.187565:218
Cochrane, Humphrey & Co. fromHanna, James T.187462:206
Cochrane, Jno.toCochrane, M. S.188599:63
Cochrane, Jno. (Et al.)toHoffman, A. E. & W. H.188183:235
Cochrane, Jno. (Et al.)toMiller, R. E.188494:393
Cochrane, JohntoAbbott, Wm. F.187770:67
Cochrane, JohntoAbbott, Wm. F.187770:86
Cochrane, JohntoHuffman, A. E. & Wm. H.187771:486
Cochrane, JohnfromMcFee, Wm.187670:15
Cochrane, JohntoWoodworth, Emily187771:350
Cochrane, John & Humphrey, GeorgefromMcFee, Wm.187670:81
Cochrane, M. S.fromCochrane, Jno.188599:63
Cochrane, Margaret S.fromDykes, Agnes187464:300
Cochrane, P. M.fromAuditor188392:297
Cochrane, P. M.fromAuditor188392:299
Cochrane, P. M.fromAuditor188392:301
Cochrane, P. M.fromAuditor188392:303
Cochrane, P. M.fromAuditor188392:305
Cochrane, Rachel P.fromGlancy, Nancy J.187564:562
Cochrane, Rachel P.fromMcDonnough, J. B.187772:338
Cochrane, Rachel P.toMeeks, Mary C.187772:293
Cochrane, Sarah J.fromHoagland, P. & William J. L.186868:363
Cochrane, Thos. (Et al.)toGoshorn, W. H.188599:69
Cochrane, WesleytoGlancy, Hugh187667:511
Cochrane, WesleytoGlaucy, Nancy J.187564:567
Cochrane, WesleyfromWilliamson, Alexander187464:563
Cody, BridgettoHuguenard, V. A.188495:168
Cody, BridgetfromRobbe, A. A.188188:460
Cody, BridgetfromSheriff188392:358
Cody, BridgetfromSheriff188495:125
Cody, Bridget (Et al.)toNauldoon, Jane188082:343
Cody, Bridget, (Et al.)toSnider, S. Jr.188496:300
Cody, Jno. H.toKoenig, Edward187669:447
Cody, John H.fromAinsworth, J. M.187462:621
Cody, John H.toBaker, Killian187668:453
Cody, John H.fromClark, J. H. & Worthey187462:621
Cody, John H.fromHuntington & Hassey187462:621
Cody, John H.fromPayne, O. H. (et al.)187462:621
Cody, John H.fromStapleford, Lavinia187359:449
Cody, MauricefromColerick, Henry Comr.187565:157
Cody, MauricetoFry, H. W. & Jacob188182:180
Cody, MauricetoRandall, P. A.188391:151
Cody, MauricefromRockhill, Wm. W.187565:452
Cody, MauricetoWhite, James B.188081:445
Cody, Maurice (Admr.)toKloppenstine, Michael188079:227
Cody, Maurice (Comr.)toTurner, Harvey K.187668:408
Cody, MorrisfromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)186782:284
Cody, Morris, Sr.toKelly, Michael M.187361:2
Coehrane, P. M.toPitkin, F. E.188598:530
Coehrane, P. M.toThomas, Mablon188598:529
Coeurdevay, AdelaidefromBenoit, Julian187771:300
Coeurdevay, S.toCoeurdevey, A.188391:377
Coeurdevey, A.fromCoeurdevay, S.188391:377
Coeurdevey, S.fromHunter, Wm. T.188393:482
Coffelt, GeorgefromCole, Warren187372:264
Coffelt, GeorgetoPape, William187772:265
Coffelt, T. A.fromHamilton, Benj.187689:187
Coffin, H. R. (Et al.)toJones, A. D.188289:91
Coffin, H. R. (Et al.) Exec.toVonOpen, Barney188192:195
Cogan, AlicefromDwenger, Jos. Rev.188182:165
Cogrove, MalindafromPreston, Mathias187580:551
Cohill, Jno. M.fromMoore, Alice (Et al.)188598:339
Cohnan, MaryfromPeabody, Simon J.187576:258
Colbert, Jos.toColbert, Louisa188286:585
Colbert, Jos.toMiller, H. A. (Et al.)188288:434
Colbert, Jos.toUrbine, A.188288:434
Colbert, Jos. & LouisafromUrbine, Alfred187772:444
Colbert, JosephfromBabbitt, Thos. S.188082:242
Colbert, JosephtoManier, Joseph188080:113
Colbert, LouisatoClifford, Jas. & Jos.188080:571
Colbert, LouisafromColbert, Jos.188286:585
Cole, A. B.fromGreen, Mary M.187565:570
Cole, A. B.toSullivan, Mary D.187672:111
Cole, EmilytoFord, George187975:546
Cole, EmilyfromLangohr, John W.187771:458
Cole, James O.fromBearss, Frank W.187772:199
Cole, M. J.toHaewood, E. B.187490:569
Cole, Martha J.toHarwood, Edwin B.187463:458
Cole, Martha JanetoWarner, James187668:331
Cole, WarrentoCoffelt, George187372:264
Coleman, A. L.toJones, Catharine187565:81
Coleman, Adam L.toHubler, Mary M.187462:316
Coleman, Adam L.toMcKinty, Clara J.187362:317
Coleman, Charles F.fromLoveall, Mary E.187365:145
Coleman, Chas. F.toMcDonald, A. C.187670:524
Coleman, Geo.fromBuckley, H. S.188597:237
Coleman, Geo.fromColeman, Jacob187982:92
Coleman, Geo. W.toLalone, Elizabeth187771:258
Coleman, GeorgefromBrown, Wm. A.187567:62
Coleman, HarrietfromDavis, S. T.188187:441
Coleman, HiramtoColeman, Sylvenus S.187772:483
Coleman, HiramfromPaul, H. C.188496:457
Coleman, IsaiahfromParks, Abraham188184:577
Coleman, J. D.toHuffman, Jacob187874:470
Coleman, J. D.toKoahlinger, Jacob187874:442
Coleman, J. S. & A. E.fromBain, Maggie A.188393:223
Coleman, JacobtoColeman, Geo.187982:92
Coleman, JacobtoGillet, Hollis187566:236
Coleman, JacobtoRupple, John187461:379
Coleman, JamestoBurgess, Henry187564:452
Coleman, JamesfromBurgess, Henry187565:390
Coleman, JamesfromEdsall, Simon187461:236
Coleman, JamestoKiser, John G.187359:521
Coleman, JamestoMcIntosh, Alex F.187565:135
Coleman, Jas.toBain, M. A. (Et al.)188391:193
Coleman, John & MaryfromNey, Anne187771:187
Coleman, John H.fromNey, Patrick & Anne Ney187565:474
Coleman, Jos. S.toBain, Maggie A.188393:71
Coleman, L. F.toHoffman, Jacob187463:210
Coleman, Lewis F.fromAnderson, Robert187771:9
Coleman, Lewis F.fromAnderson, Robt.187463:208
Coleman, LucindafromSweet, Henry187359:455
Coleman, MaryfromDoetor, Neeury187874:383
Coleman, MarytoLuther, Israel187772:221
Coleman, MarytoRauner, Alaias187874:422
Coleman, MaryfromRupple, John187464:497
Coleman, MaryfromRupple, John187464:59
Coleman, Mary & LizziefromRouner, Alles187976:573
Coleman, Mary A. (Et al.)toBeckman, H. W.187979:64
Coleman, Mary M.fromSweet, Francis187572:380
Coleman, RebecatoWitte, Julius188390:292
Coleman, S. S.fromAuditor1879A:143
Coleman, S. S.fromAuditor1879A:143
Coleman, S. S.fromScott, Mary A.188391:13
Coleman, Sylvenis S.toKoehlinger, Jacob188080:88
Coleman, Sylvenus S.fromColeman, Hiram187772:483
Coleman, WarrenfromAnderson, Robert187771:9
Coleman, WarrentoAnderson, Robt.187464:480
Coleman, WarrentoHuffman, Jacob187565:208
Coleman, Warren & L. F. (Et al.)toDoctor, Henry187873:396
Coleman, Warren & Louis F.fromAnderson, Robt.187464:565
Coleman, Warren & Louis F.toKoehlinger, Jacob187565:210
Coleman, Warren (et al.)toKoehlinger, Jacob187667:550
Colenick, Phil B.fromColenick, Susan187875:268
Colenick, SusantoColenick, Phil B.187875:268
Colerick, C. E.fromColerick, Jno. A.187697:122
Colerick, Chas. F.toCattez, Joseph187360:252
Colerick, Chas. F.fromColerick, Henry R. (est.)187566:329
Colerick, Chas. F.toColerick, Jno. K. & Wm. H.187361:110
Colerick, Chas. F.toHolland, Mary A. & Rick F.187360:435
Colerick, Chas. F.fromHolland, Richard187360:245
Colerick, Chas. F.fromHolland, Richard187360:248
Colerick, Chas. F.toMaloney, Michael187463:459
Colerick, Chas. F.fromStoops, Saml. & wife187463:89
Colerick, Chas. F.toStoops, Saml. W. & Maria187360:437
Colerick, Chas. F.toStoops, Samuel W.187364:569
Colerick, Chas. F.fromStorp, Saml. W.187360:245
Colerick, D. H.toColerick, E. W. & S. W.188186:82
Colerick, D. H.toColerick, Elizabeth187771:320
Colerick, D. H.toColerick, Susan187771:321
Colerick, D. H. & John H.toHough, John187360:577
Colerick, D. H. (et al.)toColerick, W. G.187771:568
Colerick, David H.fromColerick, Henry R. (est.)187566:329
Colerick, David H.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal186579:394
Colerick, David H.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal186579:395
Colerick, E. W. & S. W.fromColerick, D. H.188186:82
Colerick, Edward F.toColerick, Walpoole G.187770:500
Colerick, Edward F.toHough, John187360:576
Colerick, Edward F.toSchnelker, Henry187566:339
Colerick, ElizabethfromColerick, D. H.187771:320
Colerick, F. J.fromFisher, D. C. (Ex.)188288:170
Colerick, H. J.toEdsall, W. S.187463:281
Colerick, Helen J.fromMaier, Amelia C.187361:149
Colerick, Henry Comr.toCody, Maurice187565:157
Colerick, Henry R.toFt. Wayne & Chicago R. R. Co.185382:458
Colerick, Henry R.toOhio & Indiana R. R. Co.185382:458
Colerick, Henry R. (est.)toColerick, Chas. F.187566:329
Colerick, Henry R. (est.)toColerick, David H.187566:329
Colerick, Henry R. (est.)toColerick, John A. & Maria A.187566:329
Colerick, Henry R. (est.)toColerick, Mary Ann Charles F. Martha M. Wm. A. & John K. 187566:329
Colerick, Henry R. (est.)toForsyth, Eliza187566:329
Colerick, Holland & StoopfromColerick, John K. & Wm.187360:246
Colerick, J. A.toColerick, M. A.187397:53
Colerick, J. A.toSorg, Jos.188185:239
Colerick, J. K. & W. H.toMessler, Thos. D.188391:258
Colerick, Jno.toColerick, M. W.187076:416
Colerick, Jno. A.toBell, C. B.187688:494
Colerick, Jno. A.toBond, C. E. (Et al.)188183:368
Colerick, Jno. A.toBrammer, Rev. Jos.188081:221
Colerick, Jno. a.toClark, Jane188183:564
Colerick, Jno. A.toColerick, C. E.187697:122
Colerick, Jno. A.toColerick, Thos. W.187874:32
Colerick, Jno. A.toGorden, Geo. P.187983:228
Colerick, Jno. A.toHobrock, C. H.188191:185
Colerick, Jno. A.fromLavanway, Luke187583:562
Colerick, Jno. A.fromLiebman, Earnest187880:98
Colerick, Jno. A. (Et al.)toBond, C. E. (Et al.)188183:368
Colerick, Jno. A. (Et al.)toFrance, J. E. K.188294:332
Colerick, Jno. A. (Et al.)toLumbard, S. C.188289:296
Colerick, Jno. K. & Wm. H.fromColerick, Chas. F.187361:110
Colerick, Jno. K. & Wm. H.fromHolland, Richard187361:121
Colerick, Jno. K. & Wm. H.fromStoops, Samuel W.187361:107
Colerick, John A.toEdgar & Wernhoff187565:521
Colerick, John A. & Maria A.fromColerick, Henry R. (est.)187566:329
Colerick, John K. & Wm.toColerick, Holland & Stoop187360:246
Colerick, M. A.toBrammer, Rev. Jos.188089:484
Colerick, M. A.fromColerick, J. A.187397:53
Colerick, M. A.toFrance, J. E. K.188289:483
Colerick, M. A.fromOhneck, Jno. J. P.188286:509
Colerick, M. M.toNinde, F. F.188189:323
Colerick, M. W.fromColerick, Jno.187076:416
Colerick, Maria A.toCourtney, Honora186759:510
Colerick, Maria A.toCummings, Jerry187565:568
Colerick, Maria A.toKanny, Fredk.186962:251
Colerick, Maria A.toLiebman, Ernst187566:189
Colerick, Maria A.toLiebman, Richard187566:188
Colerick, Maria A.toSmith, George187565:449
Colerick, Mary Ann Charles F. Martha M. Wm. A. & John K. fromColerick, Henry R. (est.)187566:329
Colerick, P. B.fromKeller, Joseph187669:98
Colerick, P. B.toKeller, Susan187669:102
Colerick, P. B.toWehs, Sarah J.187874:248
Colerick, P. B. (Comr.)toHoffman, Gundman187976:591
Colerick, Phil B.fromSchwanz, Conrad187669:154
Colerick, Phileman, B.toSchwanz, Elizabeth187669:181
Colerick, R. B.fromWehrs, Henry187874:247
Colerick, R. B. (Coms.)toMiller, William188393:353
Colerick, SusanfromColerick, D. H.187771:321
Colerick, Thos. F.toPhillips, Cornelius B.187464:365
Colerick, Thos. F.toZellers, Frost & Co.187464:394
Colerick, Thos. W.fromColerick, Jno. A.187874:32
Colerick, Thos. W.toSmith, J. & S.187794:150
Colerick, Thos. W.toSmith, M. (Et al.)187794:150
Colerick, Thos. W.fromSmith, Margaret187794:149
Colerick, Thos. W. (Coms.)toJohn, Anthony187694:33
Colerick, Thos. W. Comr.toPens, Conrad187671:98
Colerick, W. G.fromColerick, D. H. (et al.)187771:568
Colerick, W. G.fromGearin, Ellen (et al.)187267:282
Colerick, W. G.toHartman, Fred188599:204
Colerick, W. G.fromIrving, John187564:263
Colerick, W. G.toIrving, M.187564:264
Colerick, W. G.fromLarwill, J. S.188290:188
Colerick, W. G.toTaylor, Jno.188290:189
Colerick, W. G.toWickliffe, S. E.188599:185
Colerick, W. G. (Comr.)toAnderson, Wm187360:537
Colerick, W. G. Comr.toBright, Wm. J.187463:3
Colerick, W. G. Comr.toRouner, George187566:312
Colerick, W. G. Comr.toStrodel, George187771:267
Colerick, W. G. Comr.toVeith, Peter187771:267
Colerick, Walpole G.toFairfield, Cyrus K.187359:367
Colerick, Walpole G.fromFairfield, Cyrus K. & Annie S.187359:366
Colerick, Walpole G.toSchnelker, Henry187359:404
Colerick, Walpole G. (Comr.)toGolden, Wm187358:548
Colerick, Walpoole G.fromColerick, Edward F.187770:500
Coles, J. K. P.toSolon, Jno.188390:353
Coles, J. K. P.toVoltz, Karl188188:521
Coles, JamestoCrouse, Henson187462:363
Coles, JamesfromMiner, B. D.187360:431
Coles, JamesfromSheriff187772:398
Coles, JessefromHamilton, P. A. (Et al.)186677:115
Coles, JessefromTaber, Paul186677:117
Coles, JessefromTaber, S. C. (et al.)186677:115
Coles, JessefromTaber, Susan C. (guard.)186777:118
Coles, Jesse (Admr.)toMiner, B. D.187360:403
Coles, StephenfromState of Indiana185774:270
Coles, StephenfromState of Indiana185774:271
Coles, StephentoVandewater, Wm C.187260:364
Collar, Ann & G. W.toKukuk, Joseph187669:77
Collar, LuphinafromBeck, Frances J.187360:41
Collar, LuphinatoMason, Josephus187670:18
Colle, JohntoCramer, John187564:483
Colle, JohnfromCramer, John187564:485
Colle, JohntoCramer, Margaret187564:486
Colle, Julia S.fromCramer, John187564:484
Colle, Julia S.toFrederickson, Christoph187566:437
Coller, AnntoLonergan, M. J.187676:484
Coller, AnntoLonergan, M. J.187683:547
Collett, Susan A.toShoaff, Wm. W.187772:284
Collier, AnnietoCook, Amanda188287:457
Collier, Jacob A.fromNeedstine, Emaline188599:169
Collier, L.toMiller, Amanda188087:456
Collier, LeonardfromGreen, Henry L.187873:44
Collier, LeonardfromMiller, Michael187873:43
Collier, LeonardtoRunnion, Harriett188186:221
Colling, PeterfromHebbisen, Geo. M.188392:186
Colling, PetertoHebbisen, I.188392:208
Collins, C. F. G.fromCollins, Jas.186590:127
Collins, Chas. toPaine, L. C.188080:339
Collins, IsaacfromCrane, Wm.188393:362
Collins, Jas.toCollins, C. F. G.186590:127
Collins, L. D.toClaggett, Hannah187874:73
Collins, L. D.toLong, Elizabeth187873:314
Collins, L. D.fromLong, Geo. W.187873:227
Collins, L. D.toReemer, Emma187874:73
Collins, Philomon N.fromBond, Mahon H.187465:314
Collins, R. N.toWhite, James B.187566:411
Collins, S. A.toCovington, Thos. Jr.185875:443
Collis, AdamfromKaag, M. F.188289:517
Colson, EdwardtoKiser, Chas S.187361:99
Colson, Fanny A.fromKiser, Chas. G.187361:71
Colson, MargaretfromBloomhuff, Chas E.187873:465
Colson, MargaretfromBloomhuff. chas. E.187873:465
Colson, MargarettoColson, Nicholas188288:31
Colson, N. & M.fromRomary, Jos.188081:421
Colson, N. & M.fromWillhelm, M. E.187874:326
Colson, NicholastoBloomhuff, B. E.187873:417
Colson, NicholasfromColson, Margaret188288:31
Colson, NicholasfromFahlsing, F. W.188598:177
Colson, NicholastoFahlsing, Fred188289:9
Colson, NicholastoRomary, Joseph188081:421
Colson, NicholastoVordermack, J. W. (Etux.)188598:178
Colson, NicholastoWilhelm, Mary H.187873:74
Coltar, LuphinafromBeck, F. J.187360:41
Colter, J. & P. W. SmithfromMeyer, Fred188288:502
Colter, J. & P. W. SmithfromVanDoren, A. C. (et al.)187669:139
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromHubbard, A. E.187873:521
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromVan Doren, A. C.187873:521
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromVan Doren, Bruce187873:521
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromVan Doren, Hattie187873:521
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromVan Doren, Hester187873:521
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromVan Doren, Ida187873:521
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromVan Doren, Mary187873:521
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromVan Doren, Oscar187873:521
Colter, J. & R. W. SmithfromVan Doren, Wm.187873:521
Colter, J. (Et al.)toClifford, J. & J.188287:394
Colter, JacobfromRobinson, James187771:402
Colter, JacobfromSmith, P. W.187876:181
Colter, Jacob (Et al.)toBlessing, Geo. S.187975:537
Colter, Jacob (Et al.)toDavidson, Thos.188496:290
Colter, Jacob (Et al.)fromEnglish, James188496:593
Colter, Jacob (Et al.)toFritz, Michael188597:5
Colter, Jacob (Et al.)fromRandall, Perry A.188496:440
Colter, Jacob (Et al.)fromRenz, H. H. (Et al.)188494:105
Colter, Jacob (Et al.)fromSmart, A. J.188392:373
Colton, A. (Et al.)fromBittinger, J. R.188189:54
Colton, A. M. (Et al.)toBittinger, J. R.188185:148
Colton, JohntoShiver, John187259:579
Colton, S. A. (Et al.)toCook, Jno. H.188185:227
Colton, S. A. (Et al.)toDreyer, Chas.188288:542
Colton, S. A. (Et al.)toKehuert, August188287:576
Colton, S. E.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:65
Colton, Sarah A. (Et al.)toFair, Andrew188394:455
Colton, Sarah A. (Et al.)toSalomon, Chas.188291:561
Columbia Road Luth. Ch. & SchoolfromHitzman, Fred W.188392:449
Colyar, Emme L.fromColyar, Fannie188083:187
Colyar, FannietoColyar, Emme L.188083:187
Colyar, FanniefromColyar, Jno.188083:185
Colyar, Jno.toColyar, Fannie188083:185
Colyar, Jno.toEdgerton, J. K.188496:180
Colyar, Jno.fromRobinson, R. D.187568:153
Colyer, JohnfromFredrickson, John187568:151
Combs, Amy Fishers (Executors)fromSheriff187976:30
Combs, Wm. H.toCoombs, Jno. M. & L.188183:462
Combs, Wm. H. (Et al.)toPitkins, F. E.188290:146
Comeille, A. L.fromDoyle, Louisa (Et al.)188496:447
Comeille, E. N.fromSordelet, P. J.188495:242
Comeille, EugenetoVerillemim, Eugene187874:35
Comeille, Jno. B.toManuel, Adelaide188597:384
Comelius, Jno.toReilley, Jno. E.188496:350
Comer, EdwardtoComer, Wm.188289:176
Comer, WinafredfromKuhne, F. W. (Et al.)188183:104
Comer, WinafredfromSiemon, R. (Et al.)188183:104
Comer, Wm.fromComer, Edward188289:176
Comes, Horace G.fromBooth, James L.187668:427
Comes, Horace G.toJones, L. M.187669:153
Comewell, O. P.fromPeters, Sarah E.188495:571
Cominavish, F.toBennett, Mary188394:342
Comincavish, FelixfromEsmond, George188495:436
Comincavish, FelixtoEsmond, George188495:635
Comincavish, FelixfromHanna, Charles187274:226
Comincavish, FelixtoHaswell, Geo. I.188183:432
Comincavish, FelixtoHaswell, Geo. I.188183:432
Commart, J. & wifetoLamboley, Eugene187361:123
Commer, L.fromCoomer, H. L.188288:257
Commincafish, F.fromHamilton, A. H.187873:539
Commincavish, F.fromHanna, Chas.187394:375
Commincavish, FelixtoFox, Jehial187771:62
Commissioner in PartitiontoAnderson, Elizabeth188598:194
Commissioner in PartitiontoArnold, Albert187597:112
Commissioner in PartitiontoArnold, Charles188497:112
Commissioner in PartitiontoArnold, Wm.188497:112
Commissioner in PartitiontoAshley, E. V.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoBaker, M. A.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoBaker, S. E.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoBanet, C.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoBarrett, J. M. (Et al.)188288:522
Commissioner in PartitiontoBeck, A. G. (Et al.)188184:397
Commissioner in PartitiontoBeck, Anna M.188184:397
Commissioner in PartitiontoBeck, M. E.188184:397
Commissioner in PartitiontoBeck, U. M.188184:397
Commissioner in PartitiontoBiegel, Mary L.188496:601
Commissioner in PartitiontoBond, E. L. & C. D.188392:130
Commissioner in PartitiontoBond, H. Mc.188392:130
Commissioner in PartitiontoBond, S. D.188392:130
Commissioner in PartitiontoBonewitz, L. W.188086:212
Commissioner in PartitiontoBowman, S. E. (Et al.)188393:175
Commissioner in PartitiontoBranstrator, Wm.187989:1
Commissioner in PartitiontoBritton, C. P.188186:518
Commissioner in PartitiontoBrown, A. C.188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoBrown, Chas.188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoBrown, Elizabeth188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoBrown, Elizabeth (Et al.)188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoBrush, M. D.188186:518
Commissioner in PartitiontoBucke, E.188188:375
Commissioner in PartitiontoBush, Emanuel187997:18
Commissioner in PartitiontoBush, James187997:18
Commissioner in PartitiontoBush, Sarah187997:18
Commissioner in PartitiontoChilcote, A. I.188390:548
Commissioner in PartitiontoColton, S. E.188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoCoulardot, E.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoCoulardot, F.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoCoulardot, H.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoCoulardot, J.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoCoulardot, Jos.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoCoulardot, M.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoCoulardot, N.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoCoulardot, V.188289:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoCroy, Sarah188495:328
Commissioner in PartitiontoDarby, Wm.188495:328
Commissioner in PartitiontoDentelbeck, Geo. A.188495:43
Commissioner in PartitiontoDentelbeck, H.188495:43
Commissioner in PartitiontoDentelbeck, Mary C.188495:43
Commissioner in PartitiontoDickenson, H.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoDunfee, Alice188394:19
Commissioner in PartitiontoDunfee, C. & H.188394:14
Commissioner in PartitiontoDunham, Jennie (Et al.)188394:19
Commissioner in PartitiontoEhman, Caroline188598:315
Commissioner in PartitiontoEstry, Sarah Ann188288:319
Commissioner in PartitiontoEvans, A. S.188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoEvans, J. P.188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoFairfield, Jane188289:63
Commissioner in PartitiontoFelger, Rosina (Et al.)188495:71
Commissioner in PartitiontoFelger, Sophia188495:71
Commissioner in PartitiontoFoltz, Martha188598:194
Commissioner in PartitiontoFoster, E. E.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoFrazure, Julia F.187997:18
Commissioner in PartitiontoFry, Mary M.188495:330
Commissioner in PartitiontoGasner, L.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoGebirt, S. (Et al.(188188:375
Commissioner in PartitiontoGeisman, Geo.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoGeisman, Jno.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoGeisman, R.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoGeisman, Wm.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoGill, Geo. W. (Et al.)188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoGill, Jos.188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoGill, S. E. (Et al.)188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoGolden, D. F.188496:306
Commissioner in PartitiontoGolden, Jno.188496:306
Commissioner in PartitiontoGolden, L. A.188496:306
Commissioner in PartitiontoGolden, Naomi188496:306
Commissioner in PartitiontoGolden, Samuel188496:306
Commissioner in PartitiontoGriebel, Amelia188598:315
Commissioner in PartitiontoGriswold, R. J. (Et al.)188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoGruber, E. (Et al.)188288:104
Commissioner in PartitiontoHanna, C. H. (Et al.)188084:405
Commissioner in PartitiontoHanna, C. H. (Et al.)188084:405
Commissioner in PartitiontoHanna, H. W. (Et al.)188084:405
Commissioner in PartitiontoHanna, Jesse, E. (Et al.)188084:405
Commissioner in PartitiontoHanna, M. T.188288:522
Commissioner in PartitiontoHanna, Saml. D. (Et al.)188084:405
Commissioner in PartitiontoHartzell, A. S.188496:338
Commissioner in PartitiontoHartzell, Eddie188496:338
Commissioner in PartitiontoHartzell, Frank188496:338
Commissioner in PartitiontoHartzell, Luetta188496:338
Commissioner in PartitiontoHartzell, Winifred188496:338
Commissioner in PartitiontoHaryzell, Kansas188496:338
Commissioner in PartitiontoHatch, Mary D.188392:1
Commissioner in PartitiontoHatch, Mary D.188393:17
Commissioner in PartitiontoHays, Matilda187989:1
Commissioner in PartitiontoHead, M. E.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoHeckman, Alice H. (Et al.)188084:405
Commissioner in PartitiontoHeiney, B. (Et al.)188288:104
Commissioner in PartitiontoHeiney, E. J.188288:104
Commissioner in PartitiontoHeiney, N.188288:104
Commissioner in PartitiontoHenderson, L. I188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoHeursh, Catharine188289:536
Commissioner in PartitiontoHowell, E. F.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoHowell, H. M.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoHowell, Jno. M.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoHowell, Lydia188496:403
Commissioner in PartitiontoHowell, M. E.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoHowell, M. J.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoHowell, R. B.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoHull, S. P. (Et al.)188186:66
Commissioner in PartitiontoHursh, Catherine187891:245
Commissioner in PartitiontoHursh, Sadelia188289:536
Commissioner in PartitiontoJenssen, E.188186:518
Commissioner in PartitiontoJohnson, David188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoKeller, Jacob188185:66
Commissioner in PartitiontoKinnan, Ashael188186:518
Commissioner in PartitiontoKinnan, Martha188186:518
Commissioner in PartitiontoKlinger, Lucy188496:306
Commissioner in PartitiontoKrick, A. I.188390:548
Commissioner in PartitiontoLake, Isabella188496:338
Commissioner in PartitiontoLangohr, A. J.188598:315
Commissioner in PartitiontoLangohr, Amelia188598:315
Commissioner in PartitiontoLangohr, Mathilda (Et al.)188598:315
Commissioner in PartitiontoLangohrs, Augusta188598:315
Commissioner in PartitiontoLangohrs, J. W.188598:315
Commissioner in PartitiontoLarimore, A. L. (Et al.)188495:328
Commissioner in PartitiontoLaRue, A. (Et al.)188288:319
Commissioner in PartitiontoLichtenwalter, A.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoLocke, Josiah188288:150
Commissioner in PartitiontoLoudenslager, Caroline188289:536
Commissioner in PartitiontoLudwick, M.188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoLyons, M. J. (Et al.)188188:375
Commissioner in PartitiontoMadden, Martha188290:130
Commissioner in PartitiontoMayer, Theo.188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcClure, I. L.188288:522
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcClure, Jas. A.188288:522
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcClure, S. A.188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcClure, Sarah A.187997:18
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcClure, Wm. S.188288:522
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcDonald, R. T.188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcIntosh, B. (Et al.)188289:66
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcKeeman, M.188188:554
Commissioner in PartitiontoMcKeeman, M. (Et al.)188188:554
Commissioner in PartitiontoMercer, Nancy188188:554
Commissioner in PartitiontoMiller, P. A.188599:50
Commissioner in PartitiontoMills, M. M. (Et al.)188186:518
Commissioner in PartitiontoMurphy, Normanda188496:338
Commissioner in PartitiontoNeizer, M. M. & L. B.188184:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoObley, M.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoOhneck, A. M. (Et al.)188188:442
Commissioner in PartitiontoPailloz, Catharine187696:493
Commissioner in PartitiontoPailloz, Catherine187696:494
Commissioner in PartitiontoPlank, M. G. (Et al.)188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoPlatter, Martha J.188193:12
Commissioner in PartitiontoPoff, C. R.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoPotter, O. J.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoPowers, A. V. (Et al.)188186:128
Commissioner in PartitiontoRandall, P. A.188289:63
Commissioner in PartitiontoRauner, Geo.188393:440
Commissioner in PartitiontoRauner, Jos.188393:440
Commissioner in PartitiontoRidenour, Catharine188184:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoRidenour, Ephraim188184:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoRidenour, Esther188184:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoRidenour, Sarah188184:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoRieder, Rosanah188289:536
Commissioner in PartitiontoRuppert, A. A.188495:88
Commissioner in PartitiontoScherer, Mary C.188495:43
Commissioner in PartitiontoSchlatter, Malinda188289:536
Commissioner in PartitiontoShaffer, L. E.188184:59
Commissioner in PartitiontoShriner, M.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoShuster, Cora (Et al.)188496:601
Commissioner in PartitiontoSilvers, Elizabeth188393:175
Commissioner in PartitiontoSleugh, M.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoSomers, Jos.188391:177
Commissioner in PartitiontoSommer, Elizabeth188598:315
Commissioner in PartitiontoSordelet, E. M.187696:494
Commissioner in PartitiontoSordelet, Emma M.187696:493
Commissioner in PartitiontoSpangler, Mary187598:636
Commissioner in PartitiontoStratton, Robt.188288:522
Commissioner in PartitiontoThomas, C. R.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoThomas, D. W.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoThomas, E. M.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoThomas, F. J.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoThomas, Jas. G.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoThomas, M. C.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoThomas, N. J.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoThomas, W. S.188598:585
Commissioner in PartitiontoTownsend, Caleb188390:548
Commissioner in PartitiontoTownsend, W. S.188390:548
Commissioner in PartitiontoUrbine, Mary187696:493
Commissioner in PartitiontoUrbine, Mary187696:494
Commissioner in PartitiontoVanzile, Azariah188289:536
Commissioner in PartitiontoVanzile, Geo.188289:536
Commissioner in PartitiontoVanzile, Susanah188289:536
Commissioner in PartitiontoVoorhees, R. J.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWalker, Martha188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWaters, Jno.188288:448
Commissioner in PartitiontoWaters, Stephen188288:448
Commissioner in PartitiontoWebb, M. A.188184:348
Commissioner in PartitiontoWhyburn, M. C.188188:554
Commissioner in PartitiontoWilcot, Susanna (Et al.)188184:65
Commissioner in PartitiontoWoodward, Caroline M.188186:128
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, A.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, Albert188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, Clayton188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, D. E.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, Henry (Et al.)188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, P. H.188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, Robt. (Et al.)188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, Silas188184:259
Commissioner in PartitiontoWork, Wesley188184:259
Commissioners by CourttoZimmerman, Emaline187463:53
Commissioners by PartitiontoAnderson, Elizabeth188080:353
Commissioners by PartitiontoAnderson, Jno. D.188080:353
Commissioners by PartitiontoAnderson, Sarah188080:353
Commissioners by PartitiontoArndt, Mary188182:419
Commissioners by PartitiontoArnold, Albert187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoBailey, Mary187873:375
Commissioners by PartitiontoBaird, Maketable (Et al.)187976:140
Commissioners by PartitiontoBaker, A. J.188081:180
Commissioners by PartitiontoBaker, Catherine187975:445
Commissioners by PartitiontoBaker, Henry J.187975:445
Commissioners by PartitiontoBallard, Jennie M.187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoBarrett, Marian A.188079:551
Commissioners by PartitiontoBeers, Jennie F.187975:455
Commissioners by PartitiontoBegue, John187977:185
Commissioners by PartitiontoBird, Ann187571:192
Commissioners by PartitiontoBird, James S.187571:192
Commissioners by PartitiontoBird, Lydia E.187571:192
Commissioners by PartitiontoBird, Ocmig, Jr.187571:192
Commissioners by PartitiontoBond, Charles E.188079:551
Commissioners by PartitiontoBond, Evelyn L. & Clara D.188079:551
Commissioners by PartitiontoBond, Hugh W. C. S. D.188079:551
Commissioners by PartitiontoBonewitz, Esli188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoBonewitz, Mary188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoBonewitz, Wm. Lewis188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoBourie, Brutus187975:439
Commissioners by PartitiontoBranstrator, Andrew L.187872:437
Commissioners by PartitiontoBranstrator, Ida C.187872:437
Commissioners by PartitiontoBranstrator, Jas. M.187872:437
Commissioners by PartitiontoBranstrator, Jno. S.197872:437
Commissioners by PartitiontoBranstrator, Mary A.187872:437
Commissioners by PartitiontoBranstrator, Wm. B.187872:437
Commissioners by PartitiontoBraustrateer, Ida C.187978:206
Commissioners by PartitiontoBraustrater, Jas. M.187978:206
Commissioners by PartitiontoBraustrater, Jno.187978:206
Commissioners by PartitiontoBraustrater, Wm.187978:206
Commissioners by PartitiontoBulger, Eliza J.187571:192
Commissioners by PartitiontoBullard, S. L. (Trustee)187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoCartwright, A. W. & C. M.187875:29
Commissioners by PartitiontoCartwright, J. M. L. F. & W. M.187875:29
Commissioners by PartitiontoCartwright, Mary187875:29
Commissioners by PartitiontoChristen, J. R.187977:262
Commissioners by PartitiontoCrabs, Elizabeth187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoCurry, Jas. (Et al.)187975:447
Commissioners by PartitiontoCurry, Michael & John187975:447
Commissioners by PartitiontoDelagrange, Mary187976:540
Commissioners by PartitiontoDodain, Caroline187976:540
Commissioners by PartitiontoDodain, Edward187976:540
Commissioners by PartitiontoDodain, Francis187976:540
Commissioners by PartitiontoDodain, Joseph187976:540
Commissioners by PartitiontoDodain, Philomena187976:540
Commissioners by PartitiontoDodain, Rosa187976:540
Commissioners by PartitiontoDunfee, E.188081:123
Commissioners by PartitiontoDunfee, Emmet W.188081:123
Commissioners by PartitiontoDunfee, H. E. (Et al.)188081:123
Commissioners by PartitiontoEdsall, Lucy A.187571:192
Commissioners by PartitiontoEmerick, Matilda188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoEvans, Barbara B. (et al.)187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoEvans, Jos. R.187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoEvans, Robert187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoFair, Francelia187975:455
Commissioners by PartitiontoFaltz, Martha188080:353
Commissioners by PartitiontoFitch, David187975:455
Commissioners by PartitiontoFitch, Harvey187975:455
Commissioners by PartitiontoFitch, Mathias187975:455
Commissioners by PartitiontoFitch, Sarah187975:455
Commissioners by PartitiontoFitzgerald, Bridget187975:453
Commissioners by PartitiontoForthmiller, Alice187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoForthmiller, Catharine187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoForthmiller, Henry187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoForthmiller, Jacob187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoGerding, Frederick188080:353
Commissioners by PartitiontoGladis, Francis187976:124
Commissioners by PartitiontoGoheen, Catharine187975:329
Commissioners by PartitiontoGresley, Sarah A.188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoHartzell, Normand188079:577
Commissioners by PartitiontoHarwood, E. B.188081:74
Commissioners by PartitiontoHassler, Mary E.188182:419
Commissioners by PartitiontoHays, Matilda187978:206
Commissioners by PartitiontoHellmick, Caroline187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoHellworth, Agnes187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoHellworth, Cora187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoHellworth, Edward187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoHellworth, John187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoHellworth, Michael187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoHellworth, Nelson187873:509
Commissioners by PartitiontoHenderson, Eliza C.187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoHerrick, Mary187978:223
Commissioners by PartitiontoHoekemeyer, August187978:210
Commissioners by PartitiontoHoekemeyer, Christian187978:210
Commissioners by PartitiontoHoekemeyer, Frederick187978:210
Commissioners by PartitiontoHoekemeyer, Hannah187978:210
Commissioners by PartitiontoHogue, Jno.188080:353
Commissioners by PartitiontoHollopeter, C. A.187180:318
Commissioners by PartitiontoHollopeter, Calista187180:318
Commissioners by PartitiontoHollopeter, J. C.187180:318
Commissioners by PartitiontoHolmes, Margaret188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoHough, Sarah D.187980:253
Commissioners by PartitiontoHough, Sarah D. (Et al.)187977:185
Commissioners by PartitiontoHyndmann, Geo. B.187875:236
Commissioners by PartitiontoHyndmann, Geo. B.187875:324
Commissioners by PartitiontoHyndmann, Joseph187875:236
Commissioners by PartitiontoHyndmann, Joseph187875:324
Commissioners by PartitiontoHyndmann, Nancy A.187875:236
Commissioners by PartitiontoHyndmann, Nancy A.187875:324
Commissioners by PartitiontoHyndmann, Rachel A.187875:236
Commissioners by PartitiontoHyndmann, Rachel A.187875:324
Commissioners by PartitiontoIchor, Mary188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, Allen187975:329
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, Almina187975:329
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, Belinda187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, Chas. F.187975:329
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, David187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, George187975:329
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, James187975:329
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, Martha187975:329
Commissioners by PartitiontoJohnston, Wm.187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoKress, Ann Jane187875:97
Commissioners by PartitiontoLewis, S. J.188082:139
Commissioners by PartitiontoLillie, Mary E.187571:192
Commissioners by PartitiontoLoveall, Nancy184578:557
Commissioners by PartitiontoMaier, Amelia C.187771:219
Commissioners by PartitiontoMarquardt, Adam188082:22
Commissioners by PartitiontoMarquardt, Charlotta188082:22
Commissioners by PartitiontoMarquardt, Elizabeth188082:22
Commissioners by PartitiontoMarquardt, Fred188082:22
Commissioners by PartitiontoMarquardt, George188082:22
Commissioners by PartitiontoMarquardt, Louisa188082:22
Commissioners by PartitiontoMarquardt, Louisa Jr.188082:22
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcBride, Abner187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcBride, Brenton187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcBride, Polly187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcBride, Susan187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcCrory, F. M.188079:357
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcCrory, Geo. S.188079:357
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcCrory, Jno. W.188079:357
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcCrory, Rebecca188079:357
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcCurdy, Rebecca187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcIntosh, Emma B.187571:192
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcLain, Hannah (Et al.)188182:420
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcLain, Jas. P.188182:420
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcLain, Jas. P.188182:420
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcNabb, Fanny187873:375
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcNair, Margaret187875:97
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcNair, Mary S.187875:97
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcNair, Sarah187875:97
Commissioners by PartitiontoMcNair, Wm.187875:97
Commissioners by PartitiontoMesler, Mary187978:206
Commissioners by PartitiontoMiller, Emma187977:255
Commissioners by PartitiontoMiller, Jacob188081:414
Commissioners by PartitiontoMiller, Mary & Henry188081:414
Commissioners by PartitiontoMiller, Mathias Jr.188081:414
Commissioners by PartitiontoMiller, Seraphin188081:414
Commissioners by PartitiontoMiller, Wm. H. H.187977:185
Commissioners by PartitiontoMurphy, Dennis187975:439
Commissioners by PartitiontoMurphy, Ellen187975:439
Commissioners by PartitiontoMurphy, John187975:439
Commissioners by PartitiontoMurphy, Mary187975:439
Commissioners by PartitiontoNeiter, Sophia187978:210
Commissioners by PartitiontoNoonan, Josephine187471:197
Commissioners by PartitiontoOber, Mary E.187180:318
Commissioners by PartitiontoOberholtzer, Delphos187977:113
Commissioners by PartitiontoOberholtzer, Ida I.187977:113
Commissioners by PartitiontoOberholtzer, J. A. & W.187977:113
Commissioners by PartitiontoOberholtzer, Wm.187977:113
Commissioners by PartitiontoOhneck, Jno. J. (Et al.)188182:419
Commissioners by PartitiontoOpdyke, David F. & Wm. A.187976:140
Commissioners by PartitiontoOpdyke, Ellen187976:140
Commissioners by PartitiontoParent, Elida J.187977:241
Commissioners by PartitiontoParent, Elizabeth A.187977:241
Commissioners by PartitiontoParent, Jno.187977:241
Commissioners by PartitiontoParent, Matilda187977:241
Commissioners by PartitiontoParks, Volney188081:100
Commissioners by PartitiontoPerkins, Sarah Ann187977:246
Commissioners by PartitiontoReaser, Mary188081:416
Commissioners by PartitiontoRobinson, Caroline188081:39
Commissioners by PartitiontoRobinson, Geo. W.188081:39
Commissioners by PartitiontoRobinson, Mary188081:39
Commissioners by PartitiontoRockhill, H. C.188081:38
Commissioners by PartitiontoRockhill, H. M.188081:38
Commissioners by PartitiontoRothgeb, Margaret (Et al.)188082:21
Commissioners by PartitiontoRothgeb, Wm.188082:21
Commissioners by PartitiontoSaylor, Elizabeth188081:416
Commissioners by PartitiontoSchele, August188081:40
Commissioners by PartitiontoSchele, Catharine188081:40
Commissioners by PartitiontoSchele, Conrad188081:40
Commissioners by PartitiontoSchele, Frank188081:40
Commissioners by PartitiontoSchele, Henry188081:40
Commissioners by PartitiontoSchele, Julius188081:40
Commissioners by PartitiontoSchnelker, Mary G. (Et al.)187977:185
Commissioners by PartitiontoSchwartz, Elizabeth188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoShoaff, Irena187975:329
Commissioners by PartitiontoShuckman, Anna A.187978:398
Commissioners by PartitiontoStouder, A. H.188081:123
Commissioners by PartitiontoStudabaker, David (Trustee)187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoStudabaker, Harriet187572:438
Commissioners by PartitiontoThomas, Ada N. (Et al.)188079:578
Commissioners by PartitiontoThomas, B. C.188079:578
Commissioners by PartitiontoThomas, Calvin188079:578
Commissioners by PartitiontoThomas, Calvin L.188079:578
Commissioners by PartitiontoThomas, Chas. E.188079:578
Commissioners by PartitiontoThomas, Lewis A.188079:578
Commissioners by PartitiontoThomas, O. T.188079:578
Commissioners by PartitiontoThomas, R. O.188079:578
Commissioners by PartitiontoTilford, H. J.188081:100
Commissioners by PartitiontoTounsend, Caleb (Et al.)187977:220
Commissioners by PartitiontoTounsend, Geo. W.187977:220
Commissioners by PartitiontoTounsend, Sarah A.187977:220
Commissioners by PartitiontoTrainer, Rebecca187875:19
Commissioners by PartitiontoWarner, Jas.188081:7
Commissioners by PartitiontoWilber, Aaron188081:416
Commissioners by PartitiontoWilber, Avilla & Inez188081:416
Commissioners by PartitiontoWood, Orrin O.188079:44
Commissioners by PartitiontoWoods, James187873:464
Comotock, Jno. B.toTaylor, John187977:485
Comparet, D. F. (Et al.)toLindenwood Cemetery187978:383
Comparet, ElizabethtoMiller, John M.187358:488
Comparet, FrancisfromHolman, Jos.183586:368
Comparet, Jos. J.toSchnelker, Herman187461:279
Comparet, S. H.fromSheriff187878:381
Comparet, Sarah H.fromForce, Wm. M.187361:513
Compenhaven, JohntoHowe, Estis187159:407
Compton, A. E.toWorley, S. L.188598:475
Compton, A. E. (Et al.)toThomas, Hellen188079:568
Compton, A. E. (Et al.)toTrue, C. F.188080:480
Compton, Allice E.fromTrue, H. F.187875:253
Compton, Mary E.toArnold, Albert187874:432
Compton, S. H.fromStarkey, H. A.188080:510
Compton, S. H.toStarkey, O. L.188080:511
Compton, W. C. (Et al.)toBittinger, G. L. & A. M.188288:171
Compton, W. F.toJohnston, W. H.187876:324
Compton, W. F.fromJohnston, Wm. H.187874:431
Compton, Wm. (Et al.)toLutz, J. S.188082:117
Comrike, MargaretfromBauer, K.187978:106
Coms. in partitionfromGriebel, Amelia188598:315
Coms. in PastitionfromBaker, M. A.188599:50
Coms. in PastitionfromBaker, S. E.188599:50
Coms. W. & E. CanaltoJedkins, Jno.183593:381
Comstock, AnnafromTaylor, John187771:385
Comstock, AnnafromTaylor, John187771:386
Comstock, Anna M.fromJones, L. M.187771:387
Comstock, J. B.toHartsuff, Wm. D.187873:420
Comstock, J. B.toTaylor, John187771:260
Comstock, J. B.fromWhite, James B.187567:31
Comway, D. M.fromConway, Wm. (Et al.)188398:345
Comway, D. M.fromDaum, E. J.187877:466
Concordia CollagetoDuemling, F. F. H.188293:367
Concordia CollagetoHaurer, Charlotta188495:40
Concordia CollagetoSahmer, Marcus188293:366
Cond, C. E.fromBursley, G. E.188496:438
Conderat, AntoinetoMiller, Calvin A.187874:323
Cone, A. G.fromShilling, Daniel188597:292
Cone, A. G.fromTaylor, Mathias187978:506
Cone, Alvia Y.fromSaylor, Mathias187875:181
Cone, Alvin G.toBeardsley, James O.187771:3
Cone, Alvin G.fromCone, Reuben187668:391
Cone, Alvin G.fromSaylor, Mathias187773:329
Cone, CharlottefromHutch, F. J.187786:125
Cone, Geo.toDunten, Geo. W.187888:504
Cone, ReubentoCone, Alvin G.187668:391
Cone, ReubentoSaylor, Mathias187361:138
Cone, ReubentoWarcup, E. M.187668:150
Conely, ElizafromRowe, Melissa187772:351
Confare, BenjaminfromWoods, George187265:68
Confer, E. (Et al.)toCrighten, E.188185:280
Congdon, Joana L.fromUnited States187872:570
Congdon, JoannatoPaine, L. C.188495:295
Congleton, H. N.toHays, H. F.188081:559
Congleton, HiramfromArgo, Martin E.187772:242
Congleton, HiramtoTilmon, John187572:490
Congleton, M. M.fromRow, John A.187669:310
Conine, H. B.fromCumins, E. W.187770:382
Conine, J. B.toGreenewald, J. E.187670:32
Conino, H. B.toCummins, E. W.187874:102
Conklin, C. C.toTalbot, I. W.188185:375
Conklin, ElizabethtoBitter, Wm. & Mary188394:150
Conklin, ElizabethfromBittler, Wm.188393:575
Conklin, ElizabethfromBittler, Wm.188393:580
Conklin, ElizabethtoConklin, Frances187567:249
Conklin, ElizabethfromWeisell, David D.187567:99
Conklin, FrancesfromConklin, Elizabeth187567:249
Conklin, Mary F.toHough, Jessie W.187668:469
Conklin, Sidney A.fromTaylor, Robt. S. (Guard)187471:72
Conley, ElizatoRowe, M.187978:37
Connell, R. W.fromFort Wayne187668:250
Connett, CarolinetoFox, Valentine187668:163
Connett, D. S.fromConnett, Isaac188393:423
Connett, E. E.fromTower, B. H.188182:481
Connett, IsaacfromAuditor187771:115
Connett, IsaactoConnett, D. S.188393:423
Connett, IsaactoConnett, Mahlon T.187772:378
Connett, IsaactoFowler, B. B. & Jennie187673:256
Connett, M. T.toConnett, Martin187781:337
Connett, M. T.fromGreene, Mary M.187367:375
Connett, Mahlon T.fromConnett, Isaac187772:378
Connett, MarintoFox, A. W.188184:117
Connett, MartinfromConnett, M. T.187781:337
Connett, MartintoCraw, Charles187566:139
Connison, Jas.fromMackall, M.188286:453
Connolly, Wm. A.fromFinan, Edward187771:280
Connolly, Wm. A.toMonin, Francis187359:325
Connolly, Wm. A.toWorden, Emeline187565:275
Connolly, Wm. A.fromWorden, John B.187565:217
Connoly, William A.fromWorden, John B.187565:71
Connor, BridgetfromConnor, Hanora187978:313
Connor, HanoratoConnor, Bridget187978:313
Conntryman, WilsontoShutt, Geo.188082:448
Conover, A. E. (Et al.)toSkelton, B. W.188193:97
Conover, A.O. D. (Et al.)toMunson, Chas. A.187873:490
Conrad, C. (Et al.)toHeath, Stephen188292:363
Conrad, CaspertoBrudi, Carl187065:94
Conrad, Casper (Et al.)toGrover, A. T.187977:388
Conrad, CatharinefromStapleford, Julia M.187771:8
Conrad, D. J.toSantchi, Anna186195:606
Conrad, E. B.fromDreier, Henry187770:507
Conrad, E. B.fromDreier, Wm. H.187770:507
Conrad, E. B.fromPeters, J. C.187770:507
Conrad, Eli (dec.)toConrad, Laura188289:144
Conrad, EliasfromConrad, Jacob188081:321
Conrad, ElizabethtoWhite, James B.187771:165
Conrad, GeorgetoRump, Frederick187564:462
Conrad, JacobtoApostolic Christian Church188079:465
Conrad, JacobtoConrad, Elias188081:321
Conrad, JacobtoConrad, Jacob Jr.188097:558
Conrad, JacobtoConrad, Jno.188081:319
Conrad, Jacob Jr.fromConrad, Jacob188097:558
Conrad, Jno.fromConrad, Jacob188081:319
Conrad, Jos.fromLindsey, Elmira (Et al.)187876:567
Conrad, LaurafromConrad, Eli (dec.)188289:144
Conrad, MagdelenefromConrad, Mathias (by will)187684:567
Conrad, Mathias (by will)toConrad, Magdelene187684:567
Conrad, P. G.fromMcDonald, E. H.188391:346
Conroad, ElizabethtoDriocoll, Bridget187874:42
Conroad, ElizabethfromEarly, Cathrine187770:285
Conrody, J. G.fromStrauss, Henry188183:537
Conrood, ElizabethfromWhite, James B.187771:191
Conroy, J. & M.fromFort Wayne Organ Co.188185:22
Conroy, KatetoWalker, Wm. S.188494:508
Conroy, KatefromWolf, Oliver C.187872:433
Conroy, Thomas H.fromFinan, Edward187360:31
Conroy, Thos. H.toWolf, Oliver C.187872:433
Constant, Wm. W.fromMarquiss, Elizabeth186465:424
Continental Imp. Co.toMessler, T. D.187667:334
Convers, A. C.fromWalter, W. B.187463:373
Convers, A. C.fromWalter, W. B.187463:374
Convers, A. C.fromWalter, W. B.187463:375
Converse A. Carrie & Lyman P.toJones, Emma A.187464:283
Converse, A. C.toShurick, F. S.188182:536
Converse, A. C.toWalter, E. A.1874403
Converse, A. CarrietoWalter, Chas. W.187565:428
Converse, A. CarrietoWalter, E. Agnes187463:560
Converse, L. P.toHays, Chas. A.187463:468
Converse, L. P.fromWalter, Wm. B.187463:467
Converset, AugusttoGerardat, Anthony188184:573
Converset, AugusttoGerardot, Chas.187874:484
Converset, AugustfromGerardot, Chas.187874:525
Converset, AugustfromGerardot, Edward187361:606
Converset, AugustustoChevillot, Philibert & Augustus187566:408
Converset, AugustusfromChevillot, Philip187669:420
Converst, AugustfromHite, Margaret188184:534
Conway, CatharinefromQuinn, Bridget188496:535
Conway, D. M.fromBauseman, Mary187877:465
Conway, D. M.fromHoman, Mary E.187777:464
Conway, David M.toConway, F. O.188391:91
Conway, David M.fromRomy, Catharine A.187876:589
Conway, David M.fromSmith, John Wilson188079:237
Conway, F. O.fromConway, David M.188391:91
Conway, Wm. (Et al.)toComway, D. M.188398:345
Conzelmann, A.toDiederich, H. W.188288:576
Coohnan, Mary M.fromCoombs, Wm. H. (Comr.)187576:258
Cook, A. H.toLipes, C. H.188597:159
Cook, AmandafromCollier, Annie188287:457
Cook, C. E. & W. M.fromMason, Agnes187873:507
Cook, Charity & E. W.fromCarnrike, Margaret187978:107
Cook, Charlotte (Et al.)toHartman, C. & W.188598:451
Cook, Chas. E.fromArcher, D. R.187461:624
Cook, F. C.fromRissing, August188597:601
Cook, F. C.toRissing, R. J.188097:602
Cook, J. H.fromBrown, E. (Et al.)188185:227
Cook, JacobtoJeffries, Adam188289:541
Cook, Jno. H.fromColton, S. A. (Et al.)188185:227
Cook, Jno. H.fromGill, S. E. (Et al.)188185:227
Cook, Jno. H.fromGriswold, R. j. (Et al.)188185:227
Cook, Jno. H.fromPlank, M. G. (Et al.)188185:227
Cook, Jno. H. (Et al.)toAgster, Ann M.188494:118
Cook, Jno. M.fromMcNamara, W.188599:205
Cook, M. M.toKegg, Wm. A.187978:458
Cook, Margaret M.toBassler, Eliza R.187477:228
Cook, Margaret M.fromBossler, Henry H.187462:254
Cook, Margaret M.fromRekers, Bernard J.187360:309
Cook, PollyfromGrover, Alfred188289:138
Cook, ReubenfromGodard, Fannie187464:322
Cook, ReubentoMurphy, Geo.187574:182
Cook, ReubenfromPaullins, Rachael188497:246
Cook, W. P.fromStearns, W. L.188197:74
Cooke, Jay (et al.)toLewis, Edwin M. (trustee)187462:96
Cooke, PitttoHoover, James187171:444
Coolhan, AdamtoHofner, Wilhelmina188291:179
Coolican, E. B.fromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188090:212
Coolican, Ellen B.fromBond, C. D. & S. B.187079:107
Coolican, Ellen B.toLittleJohn, Wm. & Margaret188079:108
Coolman, Adam L.toFox, Philander187462:550
Coolman, Adam L.fromHubler, Mary M.187462:522
Coolman, Adam L.fromMcKinley, Clara J.187462:522
Coolman, Adam L.fromMenzes, Emanuel K.187462:519
Coolman, Adam L.toMenzes, Emanuel K.187462:523
Coolman, J. H. & M. J.fromJohnston, D. A.188288:135
Coolman, J. H. & M. J.fromMcCulloch, Hugh188391:542
Coolman, J. H. & M. J.fromNey, Patrick188290:58
Coolman, J. H. & M. J.fromUrbine, Casimere187976:82
Coolman, Jno. H.toBleitschan, J. E. (Etux.)188597:539
Coolman, Jno. H.toNulf, P. & A. E.188391:292
Coomad, PetertoNeine, Wm.188598:22
Coombs, AnntoReitze, Wm. F.187874:117
Coombs, AnntoRupp, John187874:92
Coombs, Ino. M.toMaroney, Henry187773:355
Coombs, J. M.toBlase, Louis188081:97
Coombs, J. M.fromNuttman, J. D.188391:225
Coombs, J. M.fromSeavey, G. W. 188287:523
Coombs, J. M.fromSheriff188288:192
Coombs, J. M.fromSkinner, F. H.188287:524
Coombs, Jno. M.fromChase, J. (Et al.)188288:511
Coombs, Jno. M.fromChilcote, R. (Et al.)188288:511
Coombs, Jno. M.toCoombs, W. H.188183:461
Coombs, Jno. M.toCoombs, W. H.188183:461
Coombs, Jno. M.fromEckert, Fred (Et al.)188289:301
Coombs, Jno. M.fromLocke, Josiah188391:575
Coombs, Jno. M.fromMcCulloch, C. (Et al.)188289:301
Coombs, Jno. M.fromMcCulloch, Chas.188289:302
Coombs, Jno. M.fromPaine, L. C.188287:522
Coombs, Jno. M.fromSchenck, H. B. (Et al.)188288:511
Coombs, Jno. M. & L.fromCombs, Wm. H.188183:462
Coombs, John M.fromBissell, Geo. P.187771:308
Coombs, John M.fromEdsall, Wm. S.187565:522
Coombs, John M.toFrohlick, Simon187565:425
Coombs, John M.toHedekin, Thos. B.188079:228
Coombs, John M.toMcDonell, Archie C.187260:513
Coombs, M. & (Et al.)toHutchinson, C. W.188185:279
Coombs, M. & L.fromCoombs, Wm. H.188183:462
Coombs, Morris & BellfromBowser, Jacob C.187669:242
Coombs, W. H.fromCoombs, Jno. M.188183:461
Coombs, W. H.fromCoombs, Jno. M.188183:461
Coombs, W. H. & Fisher, D. C. (Trustee)fromSheriff187770:336
Coombs, W. H. & Fisher, D. C.(Ex.)fromSwift, Alpheus187772:325
Coombs, W. H. (Com.)toHolmes, Ellenor188080:575
Coombs, W. H. (Coms.)toScoville, Hiram187977:547
Coombs, W. H. (Et al.)toHutchinson, C. W.188185:587
Coombs, W. h. (Trustees)fromSheriff188391:42
Coombs, Wm. H.toBell, Robt. C.187771:95
Coombs, Wm. H.toCoombs, M. & L.188183:462
Coombs, Wm. H.toKoenig & Wagner187462:600
Coombs, Wm. H.toMorris, John187771:95
Coombs, Wm. H.fromSheriff187771:446
Coombs, Wm. H.fromWasserbach, John187567:179
Coombs, Wm. H. & D. C. FisherfromBissell, Geo. P.187771:313
Coombs, Wm. H. & D. C. FisherfromSheriff187771:370
Coombs, Wm. H. & Fisher, D. C. fromSheriff187771:517
Coombs, Wm. H. (Comr.)toCoohnan, Mary M.187576:258
Coombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)toArautz, frank187977:154
Coombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)toBrenton, Marion H.187977:236
Coombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)toCrimmins, Margaret187474:225
Coombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)toStiver, S. J.187977:586
Coombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)toSugnet, Louis187977:149
Coombs, Wm. H. (Et al.)toCertia, Jacob188496:377
Coombs, Wm. H. (et al.)fromFairfield, Charles W.187771:188
Coombs, Wm. H. (Ex.)toBusking, Henry187669:276
Coombs, Wm. H. (Ex.)toLinden, Geo. W.187772:91
Coombs, Wm. H. Comr.toBegue, John187470:19
Coomer, EllenfromCoomer, S. C.187464:255
Coomer, EllentoHerrick, Horace187564:509
Coomer, H. L.toCommer, L.188288:257
Coomer, IsadoratoBittinger, G. L. & A. M.188495:467
Coomer, IsadorafromHettiagen, Henry188495:466
Coomer, IsadoretoHettinger, Henry188494:172
Coomer, IsadorefromStringfellow, J. W.188396:479
Coomer, LafayettefromHerrick, Horace187464:254
Coomer, LafayettetoHerrick, Horace187668:446
Coomer, LafayettefromHood, Henry G.187463:464
Coomer, LafayettefromMarquit, Alfred188194:153
Coomer, LafayettetoParent, John187463:466
Coomer, LafayettetoStringfellow, Jno. W.188394:154
Coomer, LafayettetoZees, Lewis187462:590
Coomer, NancyfromWells, Jos. C.187880:254
Coomer, S. C.toCoomer, Ellen187464:255
Coomer, Seymour C.toNewland, Elizabeth E.187772:537
Coomes, J. D.toBerleman, C.188288:383
Coomes, J. D.fromSheriff187669:233
Cooms, Jno. M.toDiether, L. & Campbell, I. W.188182:320
Coonrad, C.fromCoonrad, J. C.187463:364
Coonrad, CasperfromCoonrad, Peter187771:29
Coonrad, CaspertoCoonrad, Peter187771:31
Coonrad, CasperfromHuth, Erwein187771:29
Coonrad, CaspertoHuth, Erwein187771:30
Coonrad, E. B.toSchrage, Mary A.187978:245
Coonrad, ElizabethfromLillie, Mary E.187461:520
Coonrad, J. C.toCoonrad, C.187463:364
Coonrad, J. C.fromRomy, Robt. L.187667:301
Coonrad, JosephfromFay, James A.187565:531
Coonrad, Mathias C.toShores, George W.186965:79
Coonrad, PetertoCoonrad, Casper187771:29
Coonrad, PeterfromCoonrad, Casper187771:31
Coonrad, PeterfromFearstler, Maggie188288:17
Coonrad, PetertoHeine, Wm.188494:354
Coonrad, PeterfromHuth, Erwein187771:31
Coonrad, PetertoHuth, Erwin187565:307
Coonrad, PeterfromNichols, H. (Et al.)188287:158
Coonrad, PeterfromPooley, Emma187669:466
Coonrad, PeterfromRobinson, H. H. (Adm.)188390:534
Coonrad, PeterfromSnyder, Mary (Et al.)188287:158
Coonrad, Peter ExtoBecker, John B.187363:175
Coonrad, Peter G.fromHuth, Erwein187872:469
Coonrod, E. B.fromArmitage, Wm.188391:517
Coonrod, E. B.fromWhitaker, E. B.188182:204
Coonrod, Elizabeth C.fromLillie, Mary E.187464:43
Coonrod, EmmafromCoonrod, Peter187463:246
Coonrod, EmmatoCoonrod, Peter187463:247
Coonrod, P. G.toSchonefeld, H. & W.188392:217
Coonrod, PetertoCoonrod, Emma187463:246
Coonrod, PeterfromCoonrod, Emma187463:247
Coonrod, PetertoFrelan, E. H.188496:520
Coonrod, PeterfromHuth, Erwin187569:465
Coonrod, PetertoKnowlton, W. W.188495:425
Coonrod, PetertoRoussey, E.188391:360
Coonrod, PeterfromRoussey, Felix188391:359
Cooper, B. F.toMauk, F. M. & R. M.187980:215
Cooper, B. F.fromPickard, T. R.187578:45
Cooper, CalvintoKomfer, Martin187261:297
Cooper, EleanerfromSheriff188182:514
Cooper, EleanorfromCraw, Edward L.187873:443
Cooper, EleanortoMunson, C. A.188391:112
Cooper, EleanortoMunson, Chas. A.187874:571
Cooper, Geo. J.fromJacobs, Andrew188496:10
Cooper, J. P.toFisher, M. E.188182:405
Cooper, James P.fromMiller, Geo. W.187566:409
Cooper, James S.toAlbright, Jno.187979:138
Cooper, Jas. S.fromDoggett, A. J. 187874:120
Cooper, LewistoHoke, George W.187262:109
Cooper, Lois A.fromDawson, E. R.188083:182
Cooper, M.toWinch, C. J.188598:55
Cooper, Wm.fromCulver, Geo. W.188184:336
Cope, Abram.toCharleswood, E.188082:14
Cope, Abram. (Coms.)toSmith, Francis187876:83
Cope, AdamtoParent, John187260:463
Cope, D. C.fromFeigley, Matilda188190:434
Copenhaver, JacobtoHarter, W. H. (Trustee Springfield)188082:530
Copenhaver, M. E.toSnyder, Geo. R.188193:169
Copp, Isaac G.toSchoevpf, Jno.188598:412
Copp, MaryfromSheriff188394:463
Copp, Russele A.toGrice, Jesse187669:385
Coppens, Sarah M.fromWeikart, Wm.187565:253
Coppin, Sarah M.toPerkins, Lafayette188286:554
Coppock, Saml.fromSweet, Michael185586:289
Coquillard, AlextoTaylor, M. A.187999:10
Coquillard, AlexisfromTaylor, Melissa A.187462:143
Corbat, A. & F.fromMasson, J. b. (Et al.)188081:192
Corbat, MargueritetoGuibeler, Poirson & Pievert187461:545
Corbat, V. (Et al.)toNew York Chicago St. Louis R. W. Co.188184:135
Corbat, VandelienfromGuiblen, F. M.188079:180
Corbat, VandelienfromPievert & Poirson187461:543
Corbett, CharlesfromShaffer, Washington187874:487
Corbett, Chas.fromLocke, Josiah188496:125
Corbett, Chas.fromPrezinger, J. R.188496:124
Corbett, W. W.toBlackburn, Leroy188184:391
Corbett, Wm. W.fromStiver, Wm.187873:484
Corbin, GerolinatoSander, W. F.188392:410
Corcoran & SchrimfromBass, John H.187359:380
Corcoran, JohntoCorcoran, Patrick184966:59
Corcoran, JohnfromHanna, Samuel184866:58
Corcoran, MarytoDreibelbiss, C. G.188183:107
Corcoran, PatrickfromCorcoran, John184966:59
Corcoran, PatrickfromHanna, Samuel184866:58
Corcoran, ThosfromGreene, Mary M.187359:390
Corcoran, Thos.fromReed, Hugh B.187360:7
Cordaway, PeterfromRobinson, Sarah187873:280
Corderey, FrancisfromNeff, Rebecca188290:2
Cordery, Thos. P.fromPaul, Henry C.187567:421
Cordevey, MarytoLazzarini, A.188183:316
Cordevey, MarytoLazzarini, A.188183:316
Cordevey, PierretoFoley, Pauline187772:53
Cordevy, PeterfromPearson, Sampson187669:430
Cordeway, J. P.fromHarkless, Wm.187463:84
Cordeway, JohntoCordeway, Pauline187358:521
Cordeway, JohnfromWybourn, Robt. J.187258:521
Cordeway, MaryfromD'Isay, Isaac (Coms.)188183:111
Cordeway, PaulinefromCordeway, John187358:521
Cordrey, A. E.toCordrey, Francis187593:158
Cordrey, Annie E.toCordrey, Francis187566:244
Cordrey, Annie E.toCordrey, Jacob187567:61
Cordrey, FrancisfromCordrey, A. E.187593:158
Cordrey, FrancisfromCordrey, Annie E.187566:244
Cordrey, JacobfromCordrey, Annie E.187567:61
Cordrey, JacobtoNeff, Rebecca187874:299
Cordrey, Thomas P.toSmith, Annie E.187363:52
Cordrey, Thos. P.fromEdsall, Simon187567:422
Core, HenryfromRowland, Jno.188290:450
Corey, Jno. N.toHiler, Salatheil187595:248
Corey, Jno. N.toKelsey, W. A. (Trustee)188393:171
Corneilla, A. L.fromShaler, C. (Et al.)188496:447
Cornelius, Jno.fromCartwright, E. M.188494:115
Cornielle, EugenefromVuillemin, Eugenie187772:104
Cornielle, EugenefromVuillemin, Eugenie187772:105
Cornielle, EugenefromVuillemin, Julie187772:105
Cornielle, EugenefromVuillemin, Mary L.187772:105
Corning, ErastustoBarwiler, Mathias187667:371
Corning, ErastusfromChriste, John D.184867:86
CoronertoMunson, C. A.188185:38
Coroner (Wm. Goeffney) toMunson, Chas. A.187875:134
Corrigan, ElizatoFitzgerald, Henry187567:188
Corson, JohanfromMiller, Jno. D.188393:517
Corson, JohnfromBadiac, C. I (Et al.)188183:159
Corson, JohnfromCorson, Jonah188183:160
Corson, JohntoKinerk, Wm.187464:230
Corson, JohnfromWaters, R. (Et al.)188183:159
Corson, JonahtoCorson, John188183:160
Corson, JonahfromLeaisure, M.188079:418
Corson, MaryfromFrazier, Harriet H.187361:51
Corson, MaryfromFrazier, Oliver G.187361:50
Corson, SilastoLearsure, Marcellus187975:409
Corson, Silas (Et al.)toWhitten, Jno.187979:189
Cortelle, M. R.fromStager, Jos. (Dec.)187486:324
Corvell, JohntoStevens, William187875:354
Corvill, Lewis (Et al.)toMiller, J. D. & Lewis185976:209
Corville, B. (Et al.)toMiller, J. D.187980:420
Corville, Barbara (Et al.)toMiller, Lewis D.187976:411
Corville, Jas. H.toShookman, Augeline188183:103
Corville, Jas. H.fromShookman, Jno.188183:102
Cosgrove, BridgettoHogan, Timothy188289:96
Cosgrove, F. K.toAllen, D. M.188495:360
Cosgrove, F. K.toPattee, Mary188599:151
Cosgrove, F. K.toReichelderfer, John D.187360:254
Cosgrove, F. K.fromReichelderfer, Lewis185576:65
Cosgrove, F. K. (Adm.)toEvans, A. S. & Co.188187:372
Cosgrove, F. K. (Et al.)toBoulton, Henry187988:181
Cosgrove, F. K. Sr.toMinnich, Oliver188079:331
Cosgrove, F. K. Sr.fromSnyder, Susan E.187360:197
Cosgrove, F. K., Jr.fromAuditor187772:339
Cosgrove, Franklin K.fromBowser, Jeff C.187358:486
Cosgrove, Franklin K.toStiver, William187873:113
Cosgrove, Franklin K.toWebb, Joseph187873:376
Cosgrove, MelindafromShutt, Samuel S.187463:598
Coston, MartinfromWhite, Jas. B.187669:39
Cotten, JohnfromHoverstock, Wm.187567:43
Cotter, Jacob (Et al.)toSmith, John187876:25
Cottier, ClementinetoLeutwein, Jos.188392:163
Cottier, Jas. J.fromTrustees Ger. B. Church188080:527
Cotton, Eliza A (Et al.)toMiller, Jerry188296:75
Cotton, Jno.toMiller, Benj.188083:426
Cotton, Jno.toSlagle, A. P.188079:299
Cotton, Jno.toStevick, W. C.187787:425
Cotton, Jno. Hollopeter, M.fromMather, Roland187672:283
Cotton, JohnfromBoley, Marshal187669:454
Cotton, JohntoBoley, Marshall187976:217
Cotton, JohntoGuibeler, Jeremiah187462:390
Cotton, JohnfromHaine, Cynthia H.187976:503
Cotton, JohnfromHolladay, Jesse (Trustee)187772:515
Cotton, JohnfromHollopeter, Mathias187976:515
Cotton, JohnfromMcDowell, Hiram C.187462:82
Cotton, JohntoMiller, Benj.188083:426
Cotton, JohnfromMyers, Lewis M.187770:416
Cotton, JohntoNealcopeter, Matthias187976:433
Cotton, JohnfromOman, Geo. W.188079:27
Cotton, JohnfromOman, Geo. W.188079:27
Cotton, JohnfromSheriff187669:
Cotton, JohnfromSherwood, I. J.187770:264
Cotton, JohnfromSlagle, Aaron P.188079:99
Cotton, JohntoSmith, Sarah A.187362:15
Cotton, JohntoStevick, Wm. C.188083:229
Cotton, JohnfromStudebaker, P. E.187876:505
Cotton, JohntoWidner, Amos187770:265
Couerderey, HerminefromGirard, Jules187566:228
Couisin, JonahfromAuditor187358:221
Couladot, H.fromBanet, Clarice188288:386
Coulardot, E.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:59
Coulardot, F.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:59
Coulardot, H.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:59
Coulardot, H. S. & F. P.fromLewis, E. M. (Trustee)188184:480
Coulardot, J.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:59
Coulardot, Jos.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:59
Coulardot, M.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:59
Coulardot, N.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:59
Coulardot, S.fromLomont, C. F.187566:43
Coulardot, V.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:59
Coumbs, Jno. M.fromKimmel, R. (Et al.)188288:511
Countryman, W.fromVolkert, Saml.187873:261
County AllenfromGlynn, Mathias187462:196
County Commissioners toCarson, W. W.188393:297
County CommissionerstoDalman, Chas.188183:31
County Commissioners A. Co.toTurner, H. K.188289:296
County Commissioners Allen Co.toReiter, Mary188392:209
County Commissioners Vacating Lots Streets & Alleys in Fairport Allen Co. Ind.to188079:11
County Com's.fromSchmucker, S.187772:218
Cour, A. G. E.toBanet, Alex.188392:198
Cour, A. G. E.toBanet, Alex.188392:199
Cour, A. G. E.fromCour, F. E.188392:136
Cour, Ann G. E.toPierco, Willie M.187874:144
Cour, Ann G. L.fromTelford, L. P.187775:468
Cour, Anna J. E.toCour, Francis E.187465:334
Cour, AugustfromBobay, Ferdinand188288:108
Cour, AugustafromEdgerton, Jos. K.187679:175
Cour, AugustetoHermeler, E. F.188598:392
Cour, C. J. A.toBook, Israel187565:432
Cour, C. J. A.toCour, Francis E.187874:269
Cour, C. J. A.toEickhoff, C. A.187566:14
Cour, C. J. A.toHass, Magdalena187565:476
Cour, C. J. A.toHutcheson, H. H.187565:431
Cour, C. J. A.toSmith, Jas. C.187565:504
Cour, C. J. A.toStoneburne, Elias187565:400
Cour, C. J. A.toTelford, L. P.187568:131
Cour, Claude J. A.fromCour, Francis E.187465:334
Cour, EugenefromMoree, Eleanore187875:407
Cour, EugenetoMorel, Eleanor187977:287
Cour, EugenefromPequegnot, C. F.188183:527
Cour, F. A.fromFrance, J. E. K. (Coms.)188495:32
Cour, F. A.toHermeler, E. F.188495:33
Cour, F. A.fromLanoir, Louisa (Et al.)188494:533
Cour, F. E.toCour, A. G. E.188392:136
Cour, Francis E.fromCour, Anna J. E.187465:334
Cour, Francis E.fromCour, C. J. A.187874:269
Cour, Francis E.toCour, Claude J. A.187465:334
Cour, FranktoMcDerrmut, N. V.188393:107
Cour, FrankfromPequignot, C. F.188187:467
Cour, FranktoRandall, P. A.188289:183
Cour, FranktoZollinger, L. C.188598:390
Cour, Frank (Et al.)fromBond, H. R. (Et al.)188496:423
Cour, Frank (Et al.)fromEquitable Trust Co.188496:423
Courady, J. G.fromMeyer, Geo. M.188184:446
Courdavey, Phil (et al.)toKees, Frank & Polly187773:3
Courdaway, John P.toHolt, Andrew H.187463:624
Courdegras, AntoinefromMarchal, Peter187565:246
Courderey H.toBercot, Pauline187566:227
Courderey, H.toOddou, Louis & Philomen187566:229
Courderey, HermanfromBelot, James & Bercot, Pauline187566:228
Courderey, HermanfromOddou, Louis & Philomen187566:228
Courdevey, LewistoNinde, Jas. W.188598:519
Courdevey, LouisfromRumsey, Rebecca188599:125
Courdevey, MaryfromLazzarini, Amadeu188289:592
Courdevey, MarytoSheafer, Sarah J.188392:138
Courdeway, JohntoGocke, Frank A.187360:220
Courdeway, JohntoHolt, Orrin D.187361:214
Courdway, JohnfromStillwagon, George187361:220
Court (Superior) by DecreetoLocke, Josiah188494:410
Courter, MaryfromHire, Elias188495:238
Courtney, HonorafromColerick, Maria A.186759:510
Courtney, Lawrence F.toHedekin, Thomas B.187565:280
Courtright, S. W.fromBuell, A. W.188291:656
Coverdale, A. S.toCoverdale, Noah188288:250
Coverdale, A. S.toDidrick, Jacob188596:570
Coverdale, A. S.fromDidricks, Jacob188596:569
Coverdale, A. S.toKrumma, A. Jr.188082:37
Coverdale, A. S. & F. M.fromBarrett, J. M.188496:188
Coverdale, A. S. & M. F.fromKochel, Richard188287:202
Coverdale, AsabelfromWade, Geo. G.187773:313
Coverdale, Asahel S.fromCoverdale, John F.187876:211
Coverdale, E. G.toDormt, Jane187565:282
Coverdale, E. G.fromFinan, Edward188081:223
Coverdale, E. G.toHoffman, C.188081:224
Coverdale, E. G.toMaloy, Thos.188182:287
Coverdale, E. G.fromRollins, C. W.18769:373
Coverdale, E. G.fromRollins, Chas. 187669:311
Coverdale, E. G.toRollins, L. S.187669:369
Coverdale, Geo. W.fromCoverdale, Jno. F.187667:507
Coverdale, Geo. W.fromMaddux, S. (Et al.)188597:361
Coverdale, Geo. W.toNieodemus, Caroline188598:255
Coverdale, GeorgefromCoverdale, John F.187262:315
Coverdale, H. L.toMiller, Nancy188494:492
Coverdale, Harriet L.fromSwift, Alpheus187163:522
Coverdale, HenryfromHuss, E. O.187876:371
Coverdale, HenryfromHuss, Elisha O.187873:128
Coverdale, HenryfromSeibold, George187269:36
Coverdale, HenrytoWeaver, Benj.188079:582
Coverdale, HenryfromYagerlemmer, John187771:574
Coverdale, Jno. F.toCoverdale, Geo. W.187667:507
Coverdale, John F.toCoverdale, Asahel S.187876:211
Coverdale, John F.toCoverdale, George187262:315
Coverdale, John F.toCoverdale, Noah187876:260
Coverdale, NoahfromCoverdale, A. S.188288:250
Coverdale, NoahfromCoverdale, John F.187876:260
Coverdale, SarahfromBuskirk, Daniel187567:475
Coverdale, Sarah J.toYagerlenner, Mary E.187875:269
Coverdall, HenrytoVolz, Emanuel & Jacob Volz187669:37
Covert, Wm. C.fromPiepenbrink, C. D.188496:361
Covert, Wm. H. J.fromKarns, Michael186771:307
Covington, Thos.fromDavis, J. W.186475:442
Covington, Thos. Jr.fromCollins, S. A.185875:443
Cowell, Jno.fromRatlidge, Catharine (et al.)187668:456
Cowell, Jno.toStevenson, Wm.187985:448
Cowell, Jno. W.toClem, Adam188183:212
Cowell, JohnfromWadsworth, Henry G.187773:387
Cowell, M. (Et al.)toBottenberg, Daniel188185:356
Cowell, MaryfromRatlidge, Catharine (et al.)187668:457
Cowell, Mary (Et al.)toVizzard, Wm.187684:369
Cowgill, Isaac Jr.fromUnited States184067:538
Cox, BridgetfromCox, Thos.188391:274
Cox, GeorgefromMerch, W. H.187770:323
Cox, J. D.fromRuth, Ephraim188185:447
Cox, Jacob D. Comr.toEllis, John W. (et al.)187671:82
Cox, Jas. D.fromTryon, Jno. M.187978:525
Cox, JohnfromBrooks, Wm. H., Jr.187462:231
Cox, JohntoCox, Thomas187873:410
Cox, SimeonfromMonesmith, N.187781:357
Cox, SimeontoMoneysmith, H.188288:421
Cox, SimeonfromMorton, Geo. A. (Et al.)187781:357
Cox, Simion J.fromWells, Casandra187669:106
Cox, Simion J.fromWells, J. S.187669:105
Cox, ThomasfromCox, John187873:410
Cox, Thos.toCox, Bridget188391:274

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