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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Crabb, J. M.fromHyser, Wm.188391:90
Crabb, J. M.toSewell, Jno. W.188288:463
Crabbs, ElizabethfromAuditor1880A:174
Crabbs, ElizabethtoAyres, S. C.188392:71
Crabbs, ElizabethfromBullard, Jennie M. (Et al.)187874:591
Crabbs, ElizabethtoCressler, E. E.188495:341
Crabbs, ElizabethfromEvans, Barbara B.187771:460
Crabbs, ElizabethfromEvans, Robt. (Et al.)187874:591
Crabbs, ElizabethtoHeidbrink, F.188080:270
Crabbs, ElizabethtoHurnfer, Benj.188289:545
Crabbs, ElizabethtoNuttman, J. D. Jr.188183:320
Crabbs, ElizabethtoPearse, Jas. W.188494:147
Crabbs, ElizabethfromSheriff187875:204
Crabbs, ElizabethfromSheriff188391:318
Crabbs, ElizabethfromStudabaker, David (Guard)187874:590
Crabbs, ElizabethfromStudabaker, David (Guard, Et al.)187874:591
Crabbs, Elizabeth (Et al.)toBullard, Jennie M.187880:297
Crabbs, Elizabeth (Et al.)toEvans, B. B. Estate187880:295
Crabbs, Elizabeth (Et al.)toStudabaker, Harriet187874:87
Crabbs, Jacob M.fromAdams, Ambrose187461:218
Crabbs, Jacob M.toCrabbs, Wm. R.188396:235
Crabbs, JanefromHyser, Judson187978:473
Crabbs, Wm. R.fromCrabbs, Jacob M.188396:235
Crabbs, Wm. R.fromKelsey, H. S.188396:236
Crabil, Geo. W.fromCrabill, Levi188598:591
Crabill, D. H.toMyton, Jos.187978:181
Crabill, D. H.fromTefft, E. T.187976:470
Crabill, DavidfromSnider, Daniel186376:472
Crabill, David H.toPancake, George187464:494
Crabill, David H.fromPancake, George187464:499
Crabill, David H.toPancake, George187977:25
Crabill, Eliza (et al.)toCrabill, Jacob187771:422
Crabill, F. W. (et al.)toJohnson, Catharine187770:552
Crabill, F. W. (Et al.)toJohnson, J. M.187782:184
Crabill, F. W. (et al.)toJohnson, Nathan A.187770:550
Crabill, JacobfromBaker, Delila (et al.)187771:422
Crabill, JacobtoBarkley, Elias187979:453
Crabill, JacobtoBarkley, Elias & Mary187464:276
Crabill, JacobfromBarkley, Sarah187771:422
Crabill, JacobfromCrabill, Eliza (et al.)187771:422
Crabill, JacobfromCrabill, Sophia187771:422
Crabill, JacobfromFenton, Rebecca (et al.)187771:422
Crabill, JacobfromFredline, Mary187770:499
Crabill, JacobtoMartz, Phillip187464:460
Crabill, JacobtoShi, Peter187464:331
Crabill, JacobfromVineyard, Elizabeth187462:309
Crabill, JacobfromVineyard, Wm. (Heirs)187462:306
Crabill, JacobfromVinyard, David187976:355
Crabill, Jacob (et al.)toBarker, D. (et al.)187463:300
Crabill, Jacob (et al.)toCrabill, Levi187463:614
Crabill, L. & M. E.fromPape, Wm.188392:579
Crabill, LevitoCrabil, Geo. W.188598:591
Crabill, LevifromCrabill, Jacob (et al.)187463:614
Crabill, LevifromCrabill, Sophia187463:616
Crabill, LevifromFriedline, Emanuel188496:276
Crabill, LevitoFriedline, Mary188496:277
Crabill, SophiatoCrabill, Jacob187771:422
Crabill, SophiatoCrabill, Levi187463:616
Crabilt, JacobfromCrabilt, Levi187875:59
Crabilt, LevitoCrabilt, Jacob187875:59
Crabs, ElizabethfromCommissioners by Partition187572:438
Craft, ErastusfromUnited States183771:52
Craft, F. (Et al.)fromDittoe, M. G. (Et al.)188185:343
Craft, F. (Et al.)fromMoran, R. A. (Et al.)188185:343
Crafts, ErnstfromState of Indiana185386:563
Cragg, Chas. & KatefromCragg, Thos.187978:539
Cragg, Thos.toCragg, Chas. & Kate187978:539
Craig, AlextoHutchins, Permelia187461:540
Craig, AlexfromMcCurdy, Alex C.187360:304
Craig, AndrewfromRockhill, H. C.188185:288
Craig, Jno.toRuch, Saml.188596:612
Craig, JohntoMoffett, Hamilton187464:53
Craig, JohnfromMoffett, Hamilton187464:54
Craig, Mary E.fromBard, Samuel188184:442
Craig, P. H.fromJackson, I. C.187978:81
Craig, S. A.toKelsey, I. H.188185:138
Craig, ThomasfromRodeheaver, Wm. H.187465:27
Craig, William J.toBobilya, Geo. L.187874:44
Craig, Wm.toRight, Nathaniel186670:289
Craig, Wm. J.toBrown, George188182:517
Craig, Wm. J.toWilson, Barbara E.187567:293
Craig, Wm. J.fromYoung, Alpheus187349:415
Crall, MiltonfromBates, Lycurgus187565:343
Crall, MiltontoHolzworth, Henry187565:350
Crall, MiltonfromKeefer, Jeremiah187567:514
Cramer, AugustafromSheriff188598:143
Cramer, AugustafromSorg, Peter Sr.187564:390
Cramer, DavidtoAnderson, Thos P.187668:439
Cramer, DavidfromGerdhefner, E.188396:313
Cramer, DavidfromMatheany, Jno. M.187568:428
Cramer, DavidtoNoel, Upton188097:613
Cramer, DavidfromNoll, Upton188597:550
Cramer, DavidfromORourke, P. S. (Et al.)187893:535
Cramer, DavidfromORourke, P. S. (Et al.)187993:536
Cramer, DavidfromORourke, P. S. (Et al.)188393:537
Cramer, DavidtoPlatter, Geo. J. & E.188496:337
Cramer, DavidfromTam, Silas (Et al.)187893:535
Cramer, DavidfromTam, Silas (Et al.)187993:536
Cramer, DavidfromWren, Joseph187259:427
Cramer, DavidtoWren, Mary M.187359:428
Cramer, H. C.fromHillegass, Jeremiah188079:545
Cramer, HattiefromO'Rourke, Patrick S.187772:367
Cramer, HattietoPage, William D. (et al.)187772:453
Cramer, Jno. A.fromDarby, Jno.188080:373
Cramer, Jno. A.fromWhiting, A. J. (Et al.)188393:338
Cramer, Jno. A.toWhitting, A. J.188393:337
Cramer, JohnfromColle, John187564:483
Cramer, JohntoColle, John187564:485
Cramer, JohntoColle, Julia S.187564:484
Cramer, JohnfromKaringer, Andrew187979:109
Cramer, LouisafromBrook, Wm. H. J.187463:20
Cramer, MargaretfromColle, John187564:486
Cramer, Mathias & JohntoTaylor, John187565:319
Cran, CatharinefromMcLain, Mary187462:419
Cran, CatharinefromMorss, Samuel E.187669:181
Cran, Chas. & CatharinefromHayden, Jno. W.188494:107
Crance, A.fromPowell, Rebecca187668:71
Crance, ArtfromJustus, Lewis S.187770:350
Crance, ArtirniciatoThieme, John A.187770:349
Crance, G. & M.fromAlter, Geo. J.188287:280
Crance, Geo.fromCrance, Jas.187363:353
Crance, Geo.toCrance, Jas.187463:384
Crance, JamestoKaough, William187872:457
Crance, Jas.toCrance, Geo.187363:353
Crance, Jas.fromCrance, Geo.187463:384
Crance, M. E.fromSiemon, A. F.188289:104
Crance, MalindafromAlter, Geo. J.188287:279
Crance, PritchardtoStephan, Emilie188288:556
Crance, RitchardtoUrbine, Francis187566:235
Crance, Wm.fromPowell, John M.187567:101
Crance, Wm.toRiley, Sarah187667:512
Crance, Wm. M. Comr.toRaab, Frederick187567:266
Crane, E. (Guard)toDreyer, Chas.188288:514
Crane, E. (Guard)toKehuert, August188287:578
Crane, Ervin (Guard)toSalomon, Chas.188291:564
Crane, Geo. D.toBeck, Cecelia H.187977:41
Crane, Geo. D.toFults, M. J.187988:298
Crane, Geo. D.toLynn, Geo. H.187976:72
Crane, Geo. D.toRobbe, A. F. & Nobble, Thos.187979:589
Crane, Geo. D.fromSheriff187976:5
Crane, Geo. D. (Adm.)toYergens, Wm.188597:468
Crane, Geo. D. (assg.)fromHayden, Jno. W. (register)18779:523
Crane, Geo. D. (Assg.)toNuttman, J. D.187770:487
Crane, Geo. D. (Assigned in Bankruptcy)fromHayden, J. W. (Register)187811:117
Crane, Geo. D. (Assignee)toBond, S. B.187981:19
Crane, Geo. D. Comr.toHoffman, A. E. & W. H.187361:308
Crane, Geo. DawgneetoFlenning, Wm.187976:489
Crane, WilliamtoLockwood, Olonzo187672:497
Crane, Wm.toCollins, Isaac188393:362
Crass, C. W.toHenderson, S. C.188495:449
Crates, LevifromSnow, H. F.188597:16
Crau, CharlestoBird, Ann187465:175
Crau, CharlestoEbberwine, Christian187461:202
Crau, Chas., Jr.toMorss, Saml. E.187671:346
Crau, Edward L.toCuster, Edward187669:69
Crau, Edward L.toSiebert, Dorotha187464:551
Crau, Geo. D. (assignee)toFleming, Wm.187771:565
Crau, MariafromPaul, Henry C.187668:527
Craven, HiramtoBreniser, Wm.188290:173
Craven, HiramfromShell, Jacob H.187570:323
Craw, A. M.toBrooks, Robt.188185:350
Craw, A. M.toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188186:5
Craw, A. M. (Et al.)toFleming, P. E.188393:558
Craw, Ann M.toNelson, Wm. R.187465:520
Craw, Ann M.fromNelson, Wm. R.187464:220
Craw, Anna M.toLehman, J. D. & F.188184:332
Craw, CharlesfromConnett, Martin187566:139
Craw, CharlesfromEbberwine, Christian187461:203
Craw, Chas.toWhiteley, Louisa187461:235
Craw, E. L.toBickness, Frederick187770:56
Craw, E. L.toBickness, Frederick187770:55
Craw, E. L.toTolan, Thos. J.187772:225
Craw, E. L.toWaltermuth, Henry187770:55
Craw, E. L.toWaltermuth, Henry187770:56
Craw, E. L.toWiebke, Henry187668:344
Craw, E. L. & M. R. (et al.)toRohrs, Henry187772:295
Craw, E. L. (Et al.)toTyler, W. R.188091:414
Craw, Edward L.fromBurgess, Henry187361:60
Craw, Edward L.toCooper, Eleanor187873:443
Craw, Edward L.toRemmel, A. C. & H. L.187669:483
Craw, Edward L.toRemmel, A. C. & H. L.187669:482
Craw, Edward L.fromRockhill, H. C.187770:49
Craw, Edward L.fromRockhill, H. M.187770:49
Craw, Edward L.fromRockhill, J. D. B.187770:49
Craw, G. A. & E. L.fromThurston, D. P. (Gd.)186963:414
Craw, M. R.fromBittinger, Geo. L.187668:133
Craw, M. R.toFledderman, J. G.188081:378
Craw, M. R. (Et al.)toGreiner, Alvin188186:180
Craw, M. R. (Et al.)toRockhill, H. C.188294:278
Craw, Maria A.toWieoke, Henry187675:185
Craw, Maria P.toTefft, Erastus T.187668:237
Craw, Maria R.toBittinger, G. L. & A. M.187672:163
Craw, Maria R.toBittinger, G. L. & A. M.187772:164
Craw, Maria R.fromFry, Jacob187464:221
Craw, Maria R.toFry, Margaret187464:197
Craw, Maria R.toPaine, J. D.187874:482
Craw, Maria R.toPaul, Henry C.187668:495
Craw, Maria R.toRockhill, H. C.188598:487
Craw, Maria R.toRockhill, H. M. J. D. B. & H. C.187668:225
Craw, Maria R.fromRockhill, Hugh M. J. D. B. H. C. 187568:224
Craw, Maria R.fromRockhill, Hugh M. J. D. B. H. C. 187568:226
Craw, Maria R.toRumsey, Rebecca188289:564
Craw, Maria R. (et al.)toUnger, Barbara187772:277
Craw, S. B.toFlemming, Wm.188187:154
Craw, Sarah B.fromBurgess, Henry187361:59
Craw, Sarah B.toWebb, May H.187359:541
Crawford, A. & M.fromSwayne, Mary C.188297:58
Crawford, A. C.toFt. Wayne Lodge No. 14 I.O.O.F.187978:434
Crawford, A. C.fromMaple, Lewis S.187771:281
Crawford, AlberttoGouty, W. H.188495:445
Crawford, C. H.fromVaughan, Martin187771:441
Crawford, DavidtoCrawford, Thos. G.187567:49
Crawford, ElizabethfromLopshire, Leo. L.188394:62
Crawford, ElizabethtoMcBride, W. M.188599:121
Crawford, G. L.fromCrawford, R.188183:302
Crawford, G. L.fromCrawford, R.188183:302
Crawford, G. L.fromKelsey, E. J.188289:528
Crawford, G. L.toRobinett, Jas.188186:47
Crawford, G. L. (Guard)toKelsey, I. H.188186:275
Crawford, G. L. (Guard)toRobinett, Jas.188186:46
Crawford, Geo. L.toKelsey, E. J.188494:204
Crawford, Geo. L.fromKelsey, Eliza J.187979:155
Crawford, George L.fromCrawford, John T.187978:177
Crawford, George L.fromCrawford, Wm. H.187978:178
Crawford, H. A.fromEichhold, A. (Et al.)188394:179
Crawford, H. A.fromMayer, Theo. (Et al.)188394:179
Crawford, J. T.toNearn, C. & C.188392:41
Crawford, J. T.fromSeavey, G. W.188495:172
Crawford, J. T.fromWhite, Jas. B.188081:47
Crawford, Jno. T.toChallenger, J. W. & E. D.188495:131
Crawford, Jno. T.fromSeavey, G. W.188494:253
Crawford, JohnfromBittinger, George L.187772:385
Crawford, JohntoOpdyke, A. W.187985:173
Crawford, John T.toCrawford, George L.187978:177
Crawford, Jos.toSlagle, Geo. W.187668:504
Crawford, JosephfromAlter, Jacob187359:284
Crawford, L. J.toNelson, Henry188598:373
Crawford, Mary A.fromSlagle, Geo. W.187669:10
Crawford, R.toCrawford, G. L.188183:302
Crawford, R.toCrawford, G. L.188183:302
Crawford, Thos. G.fromCrawford, David187567:49
Crawford, W.toReiter, Frederick188392:228
Crawford, Wm. H.toCrawford, George L.187978:178
Creager, Jno. P.toSanders, Franklin187567:205
Creager, John P.fromBell, Geo. W.187463:574
Creckson, Jno.98:153fromBurkholder, Jos.1885
Creditor Edward, H. & E.fromMcNally, James187465:11
Creditor, Edward H.toReieman, Sylvester D.187465:16
Creditor, Edward H.fromShular, Lorenzo187165:18
Creditor, Edward H. & EmmafromDavis, Wm.187465:11
Creditor, Edward H. & EmmafromDeRome, Fredk. & Solomon187465:13
Creigh, A. M.fromMartin, Mary188598:279
Creigh, MichaeltoMartin, F. & M.188598:322
Creighton, Alex P.toSmith, Finley187565:436
Cremer, Anna (Et al.)toHare, Alva187977:164
Cremer, Jno. A.toGrosjean, E.188287:363
Cremer, Jno. A.toHare, Walter187977:163
Cremer, Jno. A.toHorn, Jno. P.188391:62
Cremer, Jno. A.fromKarriger, A.188184:24
Cremer, Jno. A.toOpliger, H. L.188187:169
Cremer, Jno. A.fromSheldon, C. A.188391:61
Cress, Wm. T.toFrantz, Febo187463:406
Cressler, A. D.fromAldrich, C. H. 188393:111
Cressler, A. D.fromDavenport, E. N.188598:477
Cressler, A. D.toFisher, Margaretta188495:264
Cressler, A. D.toGrove, Emma188496:258
Cressler, A. D.toOrr, Jos. H.188287:275
Cressler, A. D.fromWilliams, Jesse L.188184:193
Cressler, A. D. (Et al.)toMorganthaler, P. & E. G.188184:36
Cressler, E. E.fromCrabbs, Elizabeth188495:341
Cressler, E. E.fromHamilton, A. H.188082:176
Cressler, E. E.fromHamilton, A. H.188081:208
Cressler, E. E.fromHough, Sarah D.188082:268
Cressler, E. E.toKerr Murray Mcfg. Co.188183:386
Cressler, E. E.toKerr Murray Mcfy. Co.188183:386
Cressler, E. E. (Et al.)toKerr Murray Mcfg. Co.188183:387
Cressler, E. E. (Et al.)toKerr Murray Mcfy. Co.188183:387
Cressler, Eliza E. (Et al.)toAldrich, C. H.188393:110
Cressler, Eliza E. (Et al.)toDills, Thos. J.188393:109
Cretzer, H. B. (Et al.)toSovine, Mary A.188079:25
Cretzer, Henretta B.fromArcher, John H.187260:389
Cretzer, Henretta B.toMiller, Margaret E.187360:390
Cretzer, Jno. H.toSchroeder, J. H.187564:266
Cretzor, John H.fromSchroeder, John H.187362:51
Crick, R. W.fromHamilton Nat. Bank188183:210
Crickmore, HenryfromPowell, Aaron188597:71
Crighten, E.fromBushy, M. J. (Et al.)188185:280
Crighten, E.fromConfer, E. (Et al.)188185:280
Crighten, ElisabethfromSwartz, E. C. (Et al.)188185:280
Crighton, A. P.toTaylor, A. J.187874:95
Crighton, E.toSmith, O. C.188286:433
Crimmins, HenrytoRuppert, Elias187670:145
Crimmins, MargaretfromCoombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)187474:225
Crippen, A. & A. B.toCrippen, Jas. A.188195:464
Crippen, AchsahtoCrippen, Jas. A.188081:464
Crippen, Jas. A.fromCrippen, A. & A. B.188195:464
Crippen, Jas. A.fromCrippen, Achsah188081:464
Crisenbay, P. S.fromFarner, C.187566:172
Crisenberg, Peter S.toFarner, Cyrus187568:402
Crisenberry, Peter S.toHolcomb, James E.187873:61
Crisenberry, Peter S.toMayer, Lizzie C., Mrs.187872:464
Crisenberry, Peter S.toVordermark, Ernest187872:420
Crisenbery, Peter S.fromHolcomb, Barton J.187772:415
Crisenbery, Peter S.fromWhite, James B.187772:416
Crisenburg, Peter S.toBittinger, George L.187465:193
Crist, JamestoZuber, Frederick188082:331
Crist, JohntoArcher, David L.187566:371
Crist, JohntoZuber, Frederick188082:329
Criswell, A. J.fromSchrantz, Adella188392:32
Crock, JohntoRudolph, Wm.187771:2
Crofford, DavidfromKerns, S. C.187474:333
Crombs, Jno. M.toKayser, Fred188392:496
Cromwell, J. C. & M. C.fromEly, Geo. W.188391:432
Cromwell, J. W. & C. W.fromTolerton, Mary188288:123
Cromwell, Jos. C.toPfeiffer, Caroline188097:636
Cromwell, Jos. W.toHoffman, A. E. & Wm. H.187771:455
Cromwell, Jos. W.fromIdsay, L. D. Alida187567:262
Crone, AugustfromDryer, George187565:534
Croninger, C. A.toTaylor, Wm. B.188393:42
Cronkhite, BetseyfromSovine, Eugene188494:236
Cronkhite, BetsytoFelbery, L. C.188597:286
Cronkhite, BetsyfromStewart, Asbury188597:132
Cronkhite, J. J. (Et al.)fromHolladay, L. H. & J.188495:60
Crosby, Geo. T.fromSheriff187780:385
Crosby, Geo. T.fromWalls, Samuel S.187978:182
Crosby, Geo. T.toWalters, Jas. W.187780:384
Cross, Chas. W.fromHenderson, S. C.188495:448
Crou, Mary A.fromMcLaughlin, Daniel187668:291
Crouse, Charles F.fromWhite, James B.187462:372
Crouse, Chas. F.fromForce, Wm. M.187462:144
Crouse, Chas. F.toSaylor, John187361:141
Crouse, DavidfromCrouse, Henson187463:220
Crouse, Elizabeth (Dec. Will of)to187891:498
Crouse, Elizabeth (Dec.)toBabcock, M. A.187891:498
Crouse, HansenfromSweet, H. (Guard)187291:331
Crouse, HansonfromRobinson, Sarah187491:77
Crouse, HansonfromSweet, Hannah & G.187258:547
Crouse, HensonfromColes, James187462:363
Crouse, HensontoCrouse, David187463:220
Crouse, HensontoRobinson, James187463:628
Crouse, HensontoRobinson, Sarah187463:627
Crouse, JessefromKepple, L. (Et al.)188089:10
Crouse, JessefromKepple, L. (Et al.)188289:9
Crouse, JessefromKepple, Leah188290:26
Crouse, JessefromMcCoy, M. J. (Et al.)188289:9
Crouse, JessefromSheriff188290:27
Crouse, JessefromSteward, L. (Et al.)188089:10
Crouse, JessiefromSheriff188290:219
Crow, J. A. (Et al.)toSeavey, G. W.188391:30
Crow, J. F.fromShurick, F. S.188182:537
Crow, J. J.fromDriscoll, B. F.188289:461
Crow, J. J.fromDriscoll, B. F.188288:206
Crow, J. J.fromFitzpatrick, M. E.188288:232
Crow, J. J.fromKennerk, M. E.188288:205
Crow, JamesfromWallick, Henry188391:535
Crow, Jno. (Et al.)toWeaver, David188287:445
Crow, Jno. F.fromBrackenridge, Jos.188080:352
Crow, Jno. F.fromBrackenridge, Jos.188080:351
Crow, Jno. F.fromScheuman, Ernst188080:383
Crow, Jno. F.toScheuman, Erust188080:380
Crow, Jno. F.toScheuman, Erust188080:379
Crow, Jno. F.toShurick, F. S.188182:557
Crow, JohntoDennis, Joseph187770:252
Crow, Julian J.toPool, Jas. T.188496:267
Crow, Julian J.fromRobinson, Wm.188393:19
Crow, Julian, J.fromDriscoil, B. F. (Guard)188289:542
Crow, Mary A.fromDolan, Chas.187462:452
Crow, Mary A.fromMcMahon, G. W.188185:50
Crow, Mary A.toMiller, Jno. M. (Et al.)188496:210
Crow, Mary A.fromPalmer, Albert188392:549
Crow, Mary A.fromRiny, Bridget187770:267
Crow, Mary A.toRiny, John187668:499
Crow, Mary A.toThompson, N. W.188186:186
Crow, Mary AnntoLeykauf, N.187874:341
Crow, W. S.fromFiarfield, C. K.188185:489
Croy, EnochtoDesler, Alva C.188392:440
Croy, EnochfromRichards, William188292:439
Croy, Henry A.fromLadig, Christian186862:10
Croy, SarahfromCommissioner in Partition188495:328
Crozier, S. H.fromHite, George188598:288
Crozier, Saml. H.fromKelly, John187461:569
Crubbs, ElizabethtoNuttman, J. D. Jr.188183:320
Crumbley, GorhamfromRyan, Mary A.187567:129
Crummet, EbentoPreble, Caleb185179:515
Crummings, Mary I.toSimons, Oscar A.187875:94
Crumpacker, J. R.toBoston, Alex188287:378
Cruse, A. B.toCruse, D. E.188287:295
Cruse, A. B.fromLudlow, Wm.188287:232
Cruse, A. B.toSnyder, Lucinda187875:66
Cruse, Addia B.fromBurgess, Henry187358:558
Cruse, Adelia B.toEmbry, James S.187361:417
Cruse, Adelia B.fromEmbry, James S.187361:420
Cruse, Adelia B.fromJones, Levi M.187874:334
Cruse, Adelia B.toKline, Jacob187772:336
Cruse, D. E.fromCruse, A. B.188287:295
Cruthers, FranklinfromRinehold, Wm.187979:297

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